Best Woodchips for Smoking

Smoking is a way of cooking that you should try if you want a diverse taste. Earthy, woody, or smoky is the range of savor that you get from the food, especially when dealing with meat dishes.

If you choose to smoke your meal, you will require a smoker and the appropriate kind of smoking wood. There are several types of smoking wood, including chips, chunks, and pellets.

What distinguishes wood pellets from wood chips? Wood chips resemble huge bits of sawdust and are made of wood that has been processed via a wood chipper. Biomass from ground hardwoods makes up wood pellets, which are then bonded with a binder.

Large hardwood pieces known as chunks have the appearance of cut logs. Your selection will determine the type of wood you choose to smoke. Wood chips are the main topic of this article. We’ll examine some of the top smoking wood chips.

Jack Daniels Oak Wood BBQ Smoking Chips

(Most Convenient)

Ease of use is an attribute to look at when getting wood chips. Using chips is a straightforward process, easier with Jack Daniels oak wood BBQ smoking chips. Let us look at the attributes of this Jack Daniels product.


If you are a beginner in the art of smoking food, this bag of wood chips is a great starting point. It comes with instructions on the back of its package. There is also a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone to get video instructions.

The woods produce smoke fast upon exposure to heat. This enhances the food preparation process. Cleaning after use is stress-free. It does not leave a lot of residue after burning.


The Jack Daniels oak wood has a distinct flavor that goes well with meats. The hardwood comes from the barrels used in processing Jack Daniels whiskey. In the process, the whiskey moves into and out of the woods. This gives Jack Daniels whiskey its unique woody essence.

The wood, with a hint of whiskey, gets used for making the wood chips. Oak is a mild smoking wood, ideal for beef, chicken, and pork. The whiskey essence promotes its savor and allows it to sink deeper into your meals.

It is a perfect bag of wood chips if you want a woody and smoky tang.


This wood chip package is versatile, and you can use it to smoke several foods. Oak is mild, making it compatible with meats, veggies, cheese, and even cocktails. The touch of whiskey makes it ideal for meat, cheese, cocktails, or dry drinks.

The other edge of its adaptability is where you use it with charcoal, electric, and gas grills.

What to Like

  • Easy to use.
  • Distinct smoky and whiskey flavor.
  • The wood chips do not leave much residue.
  • The chips are compatible with a variety of foods.
  • You can use wood with gas, charcoal, and electric grills.
  • Comes with a set of instructions.

The Downside

  • The initial scent when you open the bag may be overwhelming.

Oklahoma Joe’s Mesquite Smoking Chips

(Best for Red Meats)

Red meat like beef and mutton are common in most smoking chambers. Ideally, many people will go for mild smoking woods. However, if you are experimental and want an impeccable smack from the meat, go for mesquite. This wood type has a strong essence, perfect for such meats.

Oklahoma Joe’s mesquite smoking chips is a great pack for red meats, especially if you love a spicy taste. Highlighted below are some features of this Oklahoma Joe’s product.


Smoking with mesquite is like an art and needs keenness for the desired results. If you are a pro in the kitchen, try smoking with Oklahoma Joe’s mesquite chips. It will give the meal an intense savor, which can complement its rub or marinade.

Natural Hardwood

The wood is 100% natural hardwood. Natural hardwood chips have a great flavor and are safe to use. They have no artificial components; as such, it won’t affect your foods’ savor or mess up the smoker.


Oklahoma Joe’s mesquite chips are versatile, as you can use them for smoking various foods. While the chips are ideal for red meats, you can mix them with other chips to smoke other meals. Chicken, pork, and fish are some dishes to smoke with these chips.

Additionally, the mesquite wood pieces can be used in charcoal, gas, and electric grills.


These wood chips are easy to use, taking a short time to light up and produce smoke. As such, they will save you time when preparing your meals on the smoker.

What to Like

  • Delivers an excellent smack to your meals.
  • It is perfect for wood blends.
  • The woods take a short time to light.
  • The woods are compatible with several foods.
  • You can use the chips on charcoal, gas, and electric grills.
  • 100% natural hardwoods.

The Downside

  • The fast burning rate means they get exhausted quickly, which is not economical.

Western BBQ Wood Chip Variety Pack

(The Most Versatile)

When getting wood chips, be keen on their flavor. You will get various flavors, and you need to get the right one depending on the food you are preparing. The Western BBQ wood chip variety pack contains different hardwood types. It is ideal for smoking several dishes.

Here are some of the things you need to know about these bags of wood chips.


A noticeable feature of the Western BBQ wood chip variety pack is its versatility. It comes in four bags featuring popular hardwood chips. The chips are apple, peach, maple, and cherry.

This is a diverse pack, which allows you to smoke beef, fish, pork, chicken, and vegetables. You may mix the wood chips in the right proportions for a unique smoky smack.

Another touch of the flexibility of this wood chip package is evident in its usability. You can fill the chips into a gas or electric grill.

100% Natural

The Western BBQ wood chip packs are 100% natural. It means they do not feature any artificial additives; hence, safe for use. The smoke produced is clean and won’t give your food an off-taste.


The wood chip pack is also user-friendly, as it is easy to use. You do not need to be pro to use the chips. Place them in a smoking tray or aluminum foil and let them heat gently to produce smoke.

The chips do not produce a lot of ash; as such, you won’t have a hard time cleaning up. The bags are durable and less prone to tearing.

What to Like

  • A versatile pack containing four different wood flavors.
  • Easy to use.
  • A durable bag.
  • The woods do not produce a lot of ash.
  • 100% natural with no artificial additives.
  • Suitable if you love mixing smoking wood chips.

The Downside

  • The chips may chafe and become dusty.

4. Camerons Alder Wood Smoking Chips

(Best for White Meat)

Many people are going for white meat due to its associated health benefits. White meat refers to meat that is pale before and after cooking. Chicken and fish are some examples of this type of meat.

Alder wood is a suitable choice for smoking wood when handling white meat. Its mildness is a contributing element. In this case, Camerons alder wood smoking chips are perfect for fish and chicken. Below is a sneak peek of these wood chips’ features.

Its Savor

A thing to love about Camerons alder wood smoking chips is their savor. The wood is mild, which goes well with chicken and seafood. Additionally, the wood will enhance pork cuts put in the smoker.

You will get a tangy to sweet taste if you marinate the meat or food in honey or brown sugar-based marinade.

Suitable for Many Meals

Camerons alder wood pack goes well with pork, cheese, vegetables, and fruits courtesy of its subtle essence. You can use it for preservation purposes, where it won’t bring much of a contrast to your meal’s smack.

100% Natural

The Camerons brand of wood chips is 100% natural hardwood. Natural hardwoods are fit for smoking as they do not have an off-tang. Furthermore, they do not produce a lot of smoke, which can be choking or mess up your smoker.

Smoker Compatibility

It is advisable to get smoking chips compatible with your smoke. For instance, if you have an electric grill, get wood that will work well with it. In the case of Camerons alder wood smoking chips, you do not have to worry about compatibility.

The chips will work on charcoal and gas grills and smoker boxes. The wood lights quickly, which makes their use a hassle-free engagement.

What to Like

  • They bring an excellent smack to your food
  • Easy to use.
  • The wood lights up quickly.
  • Compatible with smoker boxes, charcoal, and gas grills.
  • Natural hardwood derivatives.
  • You can use the chips to smoke several dishes.

The Downside

  • Over time, the chips lose their weight. You may find a 2-pound bag weighing less.

Weber Apple Wood Chips

(Best for Providing a Fruity and Sweet Flavor)

Some foods like beef, pork, and chicken need a fruity and sweet taste to make them suitable for your palate. This is the case if you use a lot of spices, with the sweetness being a neutralizer.

If you want woods that will give your food an edge of sweetness, Weber apple wood chips are the ultimate pick. Stick on as we go through its other features.

Excellent Taste

Apple wood has a sweet to mild taste, which goes hand in hand with spicy food. For instance, if you marinated meat in a spicy mix, a sweet smoke will level its savor.

The sweetness is perfect for smoking fruits and cheese. You may also use the chips to smoke vegetables and intense sauces.

A Heat Source

The chippings can work as a heat source in place of charcoal. It serves two purposes in this case, providing relish and heat.


Weber apple wood chips work well with several grill types. You may use them in electric, charcoal, and gas grills. Regardless of the grill type you pick, the chips will bring a desirable tang.

What to Like

  • The chips give a fine taste to your food.
  • Minimal residue in the form of ash.
  • Suitable for gas, charcoal, and electric grills.
  • You may use them as a heat source.
  • The chips can prepare meat, veggies, cheese, and fruits.

The Downside

  • The smoke may be overpowering on some foodstuffs, like pork.

Jax Smok’in Tinder Smoke Gun Wood Chips

(Best for Use with Smoking Gun)

There are various ways of smoking food. Using a handheld smoker or a smoking gun is one of them. When using a smoking gun, you need the right chips. The to-go wood chip pack is the Jax Smok’in Tinder smoker gun wood chips. Below is a look at its features to show you its appealing factors.

Compatible with Smoking Guns

If you use a smoking gun to infuse smoke, then Jax Smok’in Tinder wood chips are a great pick. Smoking guns need fine wood chips that light fast and produce ample smoke in a short time. The chips also work with gas and charcoal grills.

Diverse Flavors

The wood chips come in a package of five, featuring the most popular types of wood. The chippings’ tins are post oak, apple, cherry, hickory, and pecan. With the tins, you have no limit on the dishes that you can prepare.

Pork, beef, fish, veggies, fruits, and chicken are some foods to smoke with the collection of wood chip tins. You can mix the different flavors for outstanding smoke quality. The containers are reusable, courtesy of their robust construction.


The flexibility aspect comes to play when you use the woods to smoke many foodstuffs. Among the foods to smoke with the Jax Smok’in five-pack are alcoholic drinks and sauces. Also, you may smoke beef, chicken, and seafood.

What to Like

  • The smoking wood pieces are easy to use.
  • Ideal for preparing many dishes.
  • The chips can work with smoking guns, gas, and charcoal grills.
  • Ideal for blending.
  • Durable tins.
  • The wood pieces light up quickly.

The Downside

  • The chips lack aroma in the tins.

Things to Note When Using Wood Chips for Smoking

Photo credit: kingsfordcharcoal

When smoking your food in the smoker or grill, there are essential things to keep in mind. First of all, you cannot overlook the safety aspect.

When handling food, you should ensure that you are safe. HOMWE silicone oven mitts can help prevent accidental burns. They are non-slip mittens and washing machine-friendly.

Be keen on the woods to use, as the wrong wood chips can affect the taste of your food. Take note of sweet, intense, fruity, and mildly-flavored woods and their suitability to different meals.

To Soak or Not to Soak Wood Chips Before Smoking?

Is it advisable to soak wood chips before smoking? There is the notion of soaking chips before smoking for ample smoke production. While there will be more smoke, most of it is steam. As such, you do not get the most out of the wood’s flavor. It is more like diluted smoke.

For the best results, do not smoke the wood chips when you want to smoke food.

Final Words

Smoking is a mode of food preparation that has been around for ages. It helps preserve food and gives them a unique taste. Above are wood chips that you can use for smoking. Always be keen on the wood flavors, ensuring that they will work well with your food.

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