Weber Smokey Mountain Mods

Smoked food has a way of warming people’s hearts. Many appreciate this cooking method and get smokers to test their culinary skills.
Weber Smokey Mountain smokers are some of the most popular in the market. They give you an edge in all-rounded functionality, and they are also easy to use.

Human nature always wants the best. It means even with the Weber smokers in our hands, we wish they could be better.
The good thing is that it is possible to improve your smoke. In this piece, we focus on Weber Smokey Mountain mods that will make your cooker more efficient.

A Front Door Gasket

One of the major complaints on Smokey Mountain smokers is leaking smoke from the front door. It is a problem that mainly affects novice users, as they do not know the basics of temperature control.

Smoke leakage can be quite uncomfortable to those around. In severe cases, it may affect the doneness of your food. In such a situation, you may want to replace the door. It is a great move, only that there is a cheaper way to go about it. Get a gasket for the front door.

The door and smoker frame will be tightly sealed with this add-on. You can manage the amount of heat by offering a solid lock. If you run into trouble using this component, you may refer to its user manual for assistance.

Because it is tough, the gasket won’t come off easily. It is also heat resistant, which ensures its endurance. Get the gasket before you see smoke coming from your smoker. For a wonderful cooking experience with no danger of heat loss, get it in advance.

Hinge for the Lid

Smokey Mountain products have removable lids. When smoking your food, you have to lift it each time and place it in a safe place. Constant removal and replacement of the lid can be a nuisance, especially if it is hot. Coupled with looking for a safe spot to put it, it is a draining affair.

A solution to this problem comes in the form of a hinge for the lid. The stainless steel hinge is very durable and less prone to corrosive agents. Fixing this part to the Weber smoker is a walk in the park. It comes with hardware, such as bolts and nuts. Drill holes on the lid and frame to install this part.

The hinge has a quick-release mechanism, making it easy to handle. Its robust design allows it to firmly lock the lid, preventing accidental opening. If you want to clean the lid, remove the latch on the hinge to detach it.

The hinge is available for the 18-inch and 22-inch models. With this part, you bid goodbye to the hassles of looking for a place to put it as you check on the grill. It also enhances safety, as you do not have to handle a hot lid.

A Dome Thermometer

Temperature is a crucial variable when preparing food. Most smokers come with a thermometer for you to keep tabs on the heat level. The problem is that these instruments are prone to errors. Even with no errors, you may want an upgraded dome thermometer for accuracy.

The dome thermometer goes to the lid of the smoker. The area of installation can some deviations due to movement. If you remove the lid and place it on the ground, the readings may fluctuate.

With the upgraded instrument, you get accurate readings, perfect for smoking. Installation is an effortless process, where you can refer to its manual for help.

An attribute to love about this add-on is that it is compatible with all the Smokey Mountain smokers. If there are problems fixing it, you can use the provided hardware for a firm fit. It is also easy to read, as it uses color codes. Its heavy-duty stainless steel construction makes it a robust accessory. It is resistant to various corrosive agents and high temperatures.

The outer part features 304 stainless steel, with the lens offering an airtight seal. The seal makes it waterproof. Its stem is a 316 stainless steel construction. It is resilient against high temperatures and other degrading agents.

The upgraded thermometer has an adjustment screw on its back which you can use to make fine tunings for accuracy.

Extra Charcoal Grate

When using a smoker, you should ensure that you have a good fuel economy. Here, the focus is on charcoal consumption. Sometimes, the charcoal pieces may fall off through the charcoal grate which reduces heat and smoke production. In other cases, you find you do not have enough fuel.

To beat such a scenario, have an extra charcoal grate. This add-on is ideal for the 18-inch model. The extra charcoal grate prevents charcoal pieces from falling through the gaps and is a good option if you are using lumps.

Installation and maintenance are effortless. With its stainless steel build, this charcoal grate will serve you for a long time. The material also helps in heat transfer. Fix this grate to the factory one and enjoy a fulfilling session preparing your dishes.

Automatic Temperature Controller

As earlier mentioned, you have to be keen on your smoker’s temperature settings for best results. A modification to monitor this variable is the automatic temperature controller. With this device, you can remotely monitor heat levels and even do other things as the smoker runs.

You install it on the intake damper, which is at the bottom of the Weber smoker. You have to seal off other intake dampers for maximum airflow control. Some are Wi-Fi compatible, and you can connect to them via Alexa.

A suitable heat controlling model is the Flame Boss 400 smoker controller. This device has the backing of the latest technology. It supports Wi-Fi and can work with Alexa and Google Home for voice control. You can also appreciate its variable-speed blower for heat regulation.

You may control this device from your phone. It makes it convenient, as there are features like an alarm for alerts. Accessing the online dashboard is straightforward, requiring you to have a browser. You do not need to install the software.

Its steel construction adds to its resilience. If you want to multitask, set the forget mode, and this device will ensure a uniform cooking heat level.

Smoker Jacket for Cold Weather Smoking

Cold weather is one thing that most smoker users dislike. It gets in the way of food preparation, which may take a long time to get ready. The dipping temperatures may also affect fuel economy whereby the smoker burns more charcoal to beat the external conditions.

There is a solution to this problem. It comes in the form of a smoker jacket for cold weather smoking. The Weber smoker cover is an excellent pick. There are options for both the 18 and 22-inch Smokey Mountain models.

When it is cold, you cover the smoker with a jacket to conserve heat. It is a heavy-duty PVC vinyl build and also an insulator, thus, it prevents the loss of heat to the surroundings.

The smoker jacket sufficiently covers the cooker, allowing space allowance for the temperature controller. You do not have to be afraid of the wind blowing the cover away. Secure it to the smoker with its Velcro straps on the legs.

While its main purpose is for use in cold conditions, you can also use it for storage. When you are not using the smoking implement, cover it with the jacket. It protects the smoker from destructive agents like moisture and dust.

Water Pan Cover

A water pan cover is another accessory to have to modify your smoking grill. The water pan is a crucial part of the smoker, holding water to provide humid conditions. The problem comes when cleaning it. Oil drips and other mess make it hard to clean.

You place the pan cover atop the water pan. It will act as a shield against the dirt in the cooking chamber. Cleaning this part is simple, at times requiring just a quick scrub. The Burnt End Paper water pan cover is a suitable choice.

It is an aluminum build, meaning it is robust and resistant to degrading agents like rust. With this mod, you bid goodbye to the use of aluminum foil to cover your pan.

Rib Hanger

Cooking space is an issue that you may encounter with most cooking appliances. If you have a small smoker, you may not be able to prepare large meal servings. If you want to maximize space use, you can use a rib hanger.

The WSM stainless steel rib hanger is a great pick. It is a circular rib hanger, with six hooks, that will give you ample space to hang meat for smoking. A middle piece increases the cooking area.

The rib hanger is compatible with the 18 and 22-inch varieties. Setting it up is a hassle-free process, where you fit it onto the smoker’s lid. It entirely features stainless steel. The material is very robust and won’t wear due to heat or rust. Furthermore, it is easy to clean.

If you have several cuts of meat, like beef, you can place some on the racks and others on the grates. This smoker extra gives you a touch of flexibility, as it supports cooking various meals at once.

More Useful WSM Accessories

Besides the mods listed above, there are more that you can have on your smoker. The following are other useful accessories for your Weber Smokey Mountain smoker.

Rib Rack


If you are a ribs person, you know how tasty smoked ribs can get. To cook up this dish, an original rib rack will have your back. It is a stainless steel utensil, which can hold five ribs. Its design ensures that the meat cuts get ample smoke infusion.

The rib rack elevates the ribs; hence, there are minimal chances of the meat getting charred. It also protects the grates from an oily mess. This utility is dishwasher-safe, saving you from the hassles of cleaning.

A Chimney Starter


Lighting a charcoal grill is one hurdle many people want to avoid. It is draining and consumes a lot of time. However, with the Rapidfire chimney starter, you have an easy time starting the cooker.

It sports an aluminized steel construction, making it durable and easy to handle. Aluminum is light; thus, carrying it is strain-less. A stay-cool thermoplastic handle upholds its safety, with minimal chances of burns. Moreover, it has a heat shield that protects the handle from too much heat.

This chimney starter has a conical base that aids in a quick start. Its two-handle design is convenient when pouring charcoal into the smoker.

Remote Thermometer


You can up your temperature monitoring game by investing in the remote BBQ alarm thermometer. This thermometer has a separate pre- paired receiver, allowing for remote operation. It comes with two probes; one for the pit and the other for food.

From the pre-paired receiver, you receive accurate heat readings of the WSM smoker. The display is large enough for comfortable viewing.

The heat checker’s molded-in seal gives it splash-proof qualities. Additionally, you can view the thermometer in dark conditions, courtesy of its backlight.

Caster Wheels


Caster wheels will improve the mobility of your WSM utility. While it is not too heavy or bulky, wheels make movement easy, particularly on rough terrain.

Wrapping Up

Weber Smokey Mountain smokers are industry leaders, evident from their usability. Readying your food on them is easy, with a guarantee of delicious food.

You need certain modifications to use WSM equipment in a satisfying way. This article examines some of the adjustments that should be made to this kind of cooker. As you can see, the most of the improvisations are to the temperature.

You may be certain that your meals are well-made if the temperature is controlled. Purchase WSM smokers, fill them with the mod, and take pleasure in effortlessly smoking your food.

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