Weber Q1000 vs Q1200 vs Q2200 – Battle of Q Series

Weber’s Q Series is easily one of the best tools for any homeowner in search of a portable gas-powered grill for everyday use or a specific event.

Whether you want to have a barbeque party in your backyard, a small picnic in the park, a party on the beach, or simply to eat healthy home-prepared meals with your family, a Q Series small LP grill by Weber can provide you with the perfect portable barbecuing experience.

There is a variety in the Weber Q Series, but all the models feature a compact and contemporary design.

The lids and bases of these portable gas grills are made using cast aluminum, and they feature drip trays or catch pans at the bottom to make sure your grill does not create a mess. These portable gas grills use an LP container or a tank connection for fuel like most of the Weber grills.


Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200 vs. Q2200

The Weber Q1000, Weber Q1200, and Weber Q2200 are the three most popular models in the iconic Q Series. The question is: Which Weber Q Series model should you go for? We thought we would make things easier for you by doing this comparative review of the Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200 vs.Q2200 models.

Bear in mind that all three of these models by Weber boast many similarities. Still, there are a few subtle differences that are key factors in creating a unique barbequing experience for homeowners.

Let us take a closer look at all three models before we can compare them and determine which one is the best option and why.

Weber Q1000 Gas Grill

This is the one with the lowest price of the three grills from this series, so it is a great budget option.

Like most Weber gas grills, the Q1000 uses liquid propane to fuel the burner that creates a consistent flame for a high-quality cooking experience. You can use a disposable LP container or connect the grill to a larger LP tank with an adaptor hose which is sold separately.

It features porcelain-enameled and cast-iron cooking grates with a cast aluminum lid and body.

It features a single burner that produces 8500 BTU per hour and has a cooking area, which is a total of 189 sq inches in size, and is sufficient for you to comfortably barbeque a variety of food items.

The firm ships the finished, complete product. You don’t have to go through a drawn-out assembly process when you take it out of the box. It makes putting together and operating the grill quite convenient.

The grill has a push-button ignition that makes starting it simple. Additionally, it has unlimited control burner valve settings that simplify running the grill under careful supervision.

One thing about the grill is that you need to preheat the grill on the highest setting for around 15 minutes before you can begin cooking on it.

The dimensions of this grill are 14.5 (H) x 27 (W) x 12 (D) inches, and it weighs 26.6 lbs., which makes it the most portable and compact of the three.

Weber Q1200 Gas Grill


When it comes to style and design, the Q1200 seems pretty much the same as the Q1000 with slight alterations. The portable grill comes with a single stainless steel burner that produces 8500 BTU per hour to heat a spacious grilling area of 189 sq inches.

This gas barbecue from the Weber Q series also features porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates with a cast aluminum lid and base.

The grill uses a disposable 14.1 or 16.4 oz LP cylinder or a larger tank connection to fuel the stainless steel burner to produce a consistent flame for you to properly cook a variety of meals on the barbeque grill.  Thanks to the D-burner, the heat produced is distributed evenly throughout the cooking area for even grilling, for perfect doneness of the meat, and no cold or hot spots.

Like the Q1000, this model comes fully assembled by the manufacturer. You simply need to set it up with a gas connection and begin cooking.

When it comes to the differences in a side-by-side Weber Q1200 vs. Q1000 comparison, there are a few worth noting.

Unlike the Q1000, which has an easy-start push-button ignition, the next in the line of the famous Weber Q models has an electronic ignition, which makes starting it even easier, and helps you fire up the grill without the need to look for any matches or lighters. The infinite control burner valve settings allow you to control the temperature of the flame for an optimal cooking experience and for even heating the entire cooking surface.

It also has a glass-reinforced nylon frame that makes using it more manageable. Plus, with the easy-to-clean drip tray, your grilling sessions will be much less messy.

The Q1200 also features folding side tables that provide you with more space for preparation, which is something that the less expensive one lacks.  You can use the folding work tables to hold your beer can, chicken, hot dogs, or any other food you are using for the grill.

The lid of the Q1200 is higher than that of the previous model, allowing you to cook a variety of foods you might not be able to make with the more basic variant. Its electric start ignition makes it much easier to start up the grill as compared to the previous model.

The size of this premium model from the Weber Q grill line is 15.5 (H) x 40.9 (W) x 16.5 (D) inches and weighs 35.3 lbs.

It is the model that is available in most color options in this series, and you can get it in black, blue, green, orange, red, or titanium colors.

Weber Q2200 Gas Grill


The newest of all three models, the Weber Q2200, is the most powerful of them all. It is an excellent quality grill with a single stainless steel burner with a 12,000 BTU.

This grill from the Weber Q famous grill series also has a larger cooking space than the other two. It provides 280 square inches of grill space as compared to the 189 square inches cooking area of the other two.

The difference in the total cooking size is 91 inches, which on average hamburgers means a total of 11 or three more burgers or steaks than can be fitted on the other two grills simultaneously. Also, the Q2200 has a taller and larger lid, so more types of food like roasts or whole turkeys and chickens can fit underneath it comfortably.

In a direct Weber Q1200 vs. Q2200 comparison, the Weber 2200 is larger in size than the other and is 15.5 (H) x 51.4 (W) x 19.5 (D) inches with the lid closed and side tables retracted. It weighs 42.5 lbs. This superb LP-fueled grill is available in only one standard color option.

Its 12,000 BTU single burner is a D-burner that helps provide even heat distribution throughout the grilling surface.

It has an easy start electronic ignition system and an infinite control burner valve. And like the other grills in the series, this one features Weber’s porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate, a glass-reinforced nylon frame, folding side tables for food prep and for plates, and a built-in lid thermometer.

The catch pan is removable for easy cleaning from grease and crumbs or other pieces of food. It has convenient and ergonomic side handles.

It can run on 14.1 or 16.4 oz LP disposable liquid propane cylinders but can also be connected to a 20 lbs. tank with an adaptor hose which is sold separately as an accessory for the grill.

Overall, the Weber Q2200 is the largest of all three of Weber models we have covered in this comparative review.

It is suitable for feeding larger families or preparing whole birds or roasts but is not as portable as the other two grills on the list.

Weber Q1000 vs. Q1200 vs. Q2200 – The Final Verdict

Looking at all three of the Weber Q propane grill series, you will notice there are plenty of similarities among them.

The Q1000 and Q1200 feature the same grilling area with stainless steel burners that have a maximum of 8,500 BTU per hour output. They have porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates that distribute the heat evenly in the cooking area of 189 square inches, and they are excellent at retaining the heat for a more fuel-efficient cooking experience.

There are, however, three key differences between the Weber Q1000 and Q1200.

The Q1200 boasts an electric ignition system that uses AAA batteries. The Q1000 features a push-start ignition. This subtle difference allows you to start the 1200 model with more ease compared to the 1000.


The second difference is that the Q1200 has a higher lid compared to the Q1000. While it may seem like a simple change in design, the taller cover is an advantage because you can fit larger food items on top of the grill and cover them with the lid.

The third difference that makes the Q1200 better than the Weber Q 1000 is the folding side tables that come with the model. It offers you more volume in the cooking area even though technically, both models have the same cooking surface area for square footage.

Another difference between the two is that the Q1200 comes in over five different color options.

When it comes to a Weber Q2200 vs. Q1200 or Q1000 comparison, there are several main differences worth noting.

The Q2200 is the most expensive of the three. It is also the largest of them all, with a total cooking area of 280 square inches, and with the highest and largest lid, allowing for cooking more food at the same time, and for cooking large pieces of meat and whole birds on the larger and more spacious grilling space.

Also, the Q2200 has a more powerful stainless steel burner with a 12000 BTU output as compared to the 8500 BTU output of the Q1000 and Q1200.

So, if you are looking for the least expensive and basic option, then you should opt for the Weber Q 1000. It has the same cooking area and BTU as the Q1200 but lacks the electric ignition and the side folding tables.

The Q1000 is also the smallest and lightest of the three, so it is a great option if you want to take it camping or elsewhere with you.

The Q1200 triumphs over the Q1000 as the best Q Series Weber gas grill if you’re searching for a grill that you can use to prepare a barbecue with two to four friends or family members at once, want a dependable product that makes cooking simpler, and do not want to sacrifice mobility.

If you want a bigger grill that can accommodate more and larger portions of food, the Q2200 is your best choice.

The largest and bulkiest of the three, it also has the greatest cooking surface and is the most powerful.

Overall, whichever one you choose to purchase and set up in your garden, backyard, patio, or use for camping or tailgating, you will be making a wise decision, as the Weber Q1000, 1200, and 2200 are among the top gas grills being offered on the market in 2022.

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