Quick & Healthy Tuna Pasta: This One Cures Common Cold

Did I mention how much I detest February?

My bellowed Patriots lost this month, and as usual, nearly everyone in the family was ill. It was a terrible start to the month for me. You wouldn’t believe me, but I’ve been caring for my sick boys and husband for my third straight February.

Viruses or the common cold may be to blame, but we are unable to resolve this problem. (Fortunately, I make it through it without any health problems; simply exhaustion.)

This year it began with my child coughing on the way home from school. Later on that day, my husband also started coughing.

All three of them quickly transformed into whiny, cranky crybabies.

You can probably guess how my last few days have been.

Tuna Pasta Recipe

Still, I managed to do something good for this blog and incorporate something healthy and fresh at the same time while spending the minimum time possible.

I used an old trick – a healthy recipe I learned about two years ago, which is insanely quick and easy, requires minimum ingredients and can help a sick person to recover faster.

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Could you believe I made this dish in 7 minutes?

As you can see, this looks completely simple, right?

The best thing about it is the lemon behind the bowl; the juice is the one that makes this meal a bit sour while synergizing with oregano and a tiny bit of cream to create the semi-transparent sauce.

The tuna is just a regular canned one (I think it was StarKist, can’t remember), dried out, and covered with this simple coating.

Low mercury, proteins, and Omega-3 fats combined with a lemon sauce and oregano create a Mediterranean sensation, and the health benefits of tuna are well-known.

Depending on the lemon-to-cream relation you use in the dish (depending further on the amount of tuna & pasta, of course), the meal can be salty or a bit sourer.

As we all know, lemon is rich in Vitamin C, and I’m all about getting it in as much as possible to fight the flu/cold /virus.

So if you have a bunch of sick boys in the house, this meal is an ultra-quick, ultra-easy solution for situations when you’re tired and have to make something for cry-babies.

I made around eight portions of this dish, so I could leave the leftovers for tomorrow (remember, pasta can last around three days in the fridge), and this one isn’t strong on the sauce while lemon extends its lifetime.

A triple win, you might say, right?

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Ingredients (for four servings)

  • One bag of pasta – Whichever you have at home
  • Two cans of tuna – Dried (low mercury is important)
  • Two lemons – If someone at home is sick, you’ll probably have a lot.
  • Oregano – I used Greek oregano I got from my trip to Greece (you can use any type, and even enhance it with fish spices if you have them)
  • Two spoons of whipped cream – You can experiment with this as long as you’re using a decent amount of lemon and oregano.


  1. Cook the pasta – standard procedure; boil the water (make sure you season it with salt) and cook it with an occasional stir until al dente. Dry it out in a large colander and let it stay there for a minute or two while you perform the following steps. (Leave a tiny bit of starchy water from cooking. It will be great for blending the pasta with the sauce.)
  2. Dry the tuna from oil – this is not mandatory if you use olive oil canned tuna and want your pasta moist.
  3. Combine lemon juice with cream and oregano, and mix with the starchy water in the pot where you cooked the pasta – simple whisking and combining. My younger son does this sometimes while I’m taking care of pasta. Mix well, and try it after you’re done. It should be salty and a bit sour, but that’s what you’re after.
  4. Combine pasta, tuna, and sauce in the pot. Mix well.
  5. Serve in small cute bowls or anything you like.
  6. Enjoy!

There you have it!

I can’t believe how quick and easy this meal is and how good and happy I felt when I fed my sick boys & my hubby.

The combination of sour and tuna went significantly better than I supposed! 🙂

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What do you think about this dish?

Let me know if you tried it and how your family reacted!

Until our next meet! 🙂


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