Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill Review

Are you searching for a simple and easy-to-operate grill? Then buying Traeger Pro 575 is a smart move. This innovative grill comes with several user-friendly specs that let you smoke or grill mouth-watering meals any time.

This post explores the main features, performance, and functionality of this model. We will examine how the Traeger Pro 575 operates and its abilities, to enable you to determine if it is a suitable alternative for you.

Main Features


The Traeger Pro 575 can grill 24 hamburgers or five racks of ribs thanks to its large capacity. This would be sufficient for a typical Sunday BBQ. The ability to accommodate the needs of a family reunion function is the most exciting aspect. It has two racks so you can keep your vegetables and proteins separate. As an alternative, while some meals are still cooking, you may keep other foods warm on the higher rack.

The model has a lovely finish that comes in both traditional black and rustic bronze. In order to avoid stopping to add wood pellets, it also has an 18-pound capacity hopper.


  • Serves as both smoker and barbecue
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Sensational grilling outcome
  • Even heat distribution
  • It heats up fast with an excellent temperature supply
  • Solid construction


  • Has a limited temperature range
  • Requires an electricity source

Our Opinion

While Traeger Pro 575 might be in the higher price section for many homeowners, it will offer value for your money. It’s not only an amazingly capable grill but is a conventionally reliable way to cook fish, meat, and veggies without scorching. This model can cook satisfactorily, not just for the household but also for visitors.

Traeger Pro 575

Things We Like

Traeger Pro 575 is one of the best-selling pellet grills in the market. This model has evolved from the original pellet grills created. At least one version or another of this appliance is available in thousands of homes today. So, it’s safe to say that this is the version that made the company successful. Available at around $800, this is an affordable and simple grill. They even added WIFI capability.

So, what can you get from $800? Traeger is known for focusing on technology. The Traeger Pro 575 features the company’s 2D drive unit that uses a brushless DC motor. This results in better torque at low speed and few auger jams. Furthermore, the smoker features a Traeger grilling app and a complete WIFI-enabled temperature control unit. Temperature accuracy and monitoring are also top-notch. Also, the Traeger Pro 575 can communicate with Alexa gadgets.

Things We Don’t Like

As you can see, this is a simple pallet grill. It features a metal grease container that hangs off the side. The lid is extremely thin and doesn’t hold in heat properly. The grill can only attain 450 degrees F on warm days.

During winter days, Traeger Pro 575 tends to struggle to keep warm. So, you need to smoke slowly and low. However, you can wait for warm days if you want high temperatures.

Overall Performance

The Traeger Pro 575 features 575 square inches of cooking area, hence its name. This appliance comes with a vast storage hopper for putting fuel pallets. It also features a motorized auger that moves the pallets to the electric-powered furnace.

There are numerous types of wood pellets made for Traeger grills and smokers. Therefore, you can design the fuel pallet mix to create an ideal smoke for a specific flavor. You’ll need at least a 20-pound bag of fuel pellets to benefit from this smoker fully. You will also need to use electricity.

Nevertheless, the moment you have fired up your Traeger Pro 575 grill, you will enjoy the best grilling experience with numerous features that improve usability.


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Cooking Area

The Traeger Pro 575 offers a perfect cooking space for home grillers. It features 575 square inches of grilling area. That’s enough space for grilling 24 burgers, 4 chickens, or 5 ribs. The smoker has amazing flexibility since you can cook your vegetables on the upper rack and use the main rack for cooking proteins. You can also use the upper rack to keep the meals warm.

With the upper grill measuring 22 by 7 inches and the main grill measuring 22 by 19 inches, Traeger Pro 575 offers sufficient cooking space. This allows you to BBQ for the entire family frequently. This grill can also feed a moderate number of people at your outdoor get-together.

Fuel Source

The Traeger Pro 575 is designed to use wood pellets. However, this appliance comes with a temperature controlling unit that resembles the oven in the kitchen. The thermostat allows the regulator to detect if the temperature reduces below the set level. The regulator feeds the pellets to the fire space until you attain the required temperature.

Traeger introduced pellet grills in the market, and they’ve dominated in this field. The best aspect about utilizing pellets is their uniform size, which creates a uniform cooking temperature. As mentioned above, pellets are available in numerous types, so you can attain the desired delicious flavor for your meal.

In comparison to charcoal, pellets are easy to clean and hassle-free to use. The Traeger Pro 575 comes with a hopper that is designed with an 18-pound capacity. Therefore, once you load it, you won’t have to refill the pellets constantly – as that can cause temperature discrepancies and cooking issues.

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The Traeger Pro 575 comes in a beautiful solid shape. You can get it in either rustic bronze or classic black. This design comprises a huge hopper that holds up to 10 pounds of pellets.

The grill has two all-terrain wheels to aid movement and enhance durability.

Cooking Grates

The cooking grates are coated with porcelain. This makes it easy to clean your Traeger Pro 575 grill. You can use a damp fabric or scrape down the grates to remove food debris or grease that sticks after the grilling session.

Ease of Use

Traeger Pro 575 grill is easy to use and comes with numerous contemporary features that are useful. You can regulate the temperatures using a smartphone, and the grill shall work as per your commands. With its incredible capacity, you can cook enough meals for your family get-together without making people queue for a burger.

The moment you complete your cooking, cleaning the grill is easy. Let the grill cool down for a couple of minutes and scrape off the grates. After this, you are set for the next cooking session.

Safety Features

The meat probe is the primary safety feature available in Traeger Pro 575. Among the risks of using a grill is serving yourself or your visitors undercooked and harmful meat. The meat probe lets you measure the exact temperature inside the meat. You can rest assured that your meat is well cooked without cutting it.

An automated hopper is another safety feature. A thermostat is put in place to automatically detect any temperature drop and trigger the auger to push more pellets to the firepot. That means you won’t have to open the grill to put more fuel pellets into the hot device.

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Other Important Features


Even though we’ve looked at some of the Traeger Pro 575 grill features, there is more. Here are some of the unique additional features:

  • WiFIRE Regulator

The WiFIRE technology is incorporated to offer you ease when using the Traeger Pro 575. This grill is designed for your comfort and incredible grilling experience. The technology allows you to control the smoker from anywhere you want.

To use it, you need to install the Traeger app on your phone. Once the installation is complete, you can command your smoker as you relax on the couch. It allows you to set the time, adjust heat, and regulate pellet levels.

  • D2 Regulator

This feature plays a vital role in controlling the temperature of the grill. Being a PID regulator, the D2 is accurate when it comes to maintaining the desired temperatures. It makes the fan utilize variable speed, letting the smoke and temperature levels be lower or higher than required. It features a monitor probe that monitors the internal temperature of the meat from the regulator interface or through WiFIRE.

  • Directive Drive

Traeger Pro 575 comes with a brushless DC motor with a powerful drill. This helps in avoiding frequent blockage. The brushless motors feature a couple of moving components to make the auger motor flexible.

  • Turbo Temperature

With the PID regulator and brushless motor, you can attain the required temperature in the grill. Also, combined with the barrel’s pellet shape design and speed fan, smoke moves around the barrel to make sure the food is evenly coated with a smoky and delicious flavor.

  • Portability

This grill weighs around 120 pounds, hence, even if it’s fitted with wheels, it’s not easy to move. Because of the weight, Traeger Pro 575 isn’t ideal for camping or road trips. Nevertheless, the all-terrain wheels make it easier to move around your patio.


The Traeger Pro 575 is delivered with a 3-year warranty. This means that you are guaranteed to enjoy using the grill, within these years, stress-free. In case any issue occurs Traeger is just a call away. The customer support crew will help you solve any arising issues as this warranty covers maintenance and normal use.


The Traeger Pro 575 comes with dozens of specifications that improve the ease of maintenance. It comes with a magnetic hopper cleaner that allows you to remove excess particles easily. The lower section of the smoke chamber is created to drain the condensed grease, thus making cleaning easy.


Take your grilling skills to the highest level with Traeger Pro 575. The grill has an accurate temperature regulation, rugged all-terrain wheels, solid body, and D2 direct drive. So, it will give you real value for your money. The device is available on Amazon at $899USD.

Final Thoughts

The Traeger Pro 575 is a competent smoker, grill, and slow cooker. It provides a great way to BBQ without scorching your fish, veggies, and meat.

If you are a newbie griller or want to spend time with your family, instead of standing next to the smoker as your food cooks, Traeger Pro 575 is the best device.  It is also a fantastic appliance for a seasoned chef who wants to display their grilling skills.

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