Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill Review

Traeger is the Company that first introduced and patented the concept of a pellet stove and grill and was the sole manufacturer of these appliances from the 1980s to 2006. So, it is no surprise that it is still a leader in the industry and offers one of the broadest assortments of these cooking appliances.

If you are contemplating investing in a Traeger pellet smoker and grill, but the pro range and the flagship Timberline grills are out of your price range, then you may want to consider the Traeger Ironwood 885.

Even though the grills from the Ironwood series are less expensive than those from the Timberline series, they have all of the crucial modern characteristics that the more expensive grills offer.

The biggest grill in the line is the Ironwood 885. It has more bells and whistles than the company’s flagship grills, including a cutting-edge brushless DC motor, an improved controller, double-wall insulation, Super Smoke mode, wireless connection, and app compatibility.

To learn more about the Traeger Ironwood 885 wood-fired smoker and grill, continue reading our in-depth review. In order for you to decide if this pellet grill is the best option for your needs, we have covered its key features, performance, pros, disadvantages, and more.

Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill and Smoker

Main features of Traeger Ironwood 885

  • Overall cooking space: 885 square inches
  • The capacity of the pellet hopper: 20 lbs.
  • Temperature range: 165 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Overall assembled size: 54 (W) x 47 (H) x 27 (L) inches
  • Total weight: 175 lbs.
  • Wireless connectivity: WiFire enabled and a very useful Traeger app for remote monitoring, control, recipes, and more. It is also Alexa compatible for voice control
  • Construction: powder-coated steel and double-wall insulation
  • Temperature control: upgraded direct-drive D2 controller
  • Grate material: porcelain coated
  • Easy magnetic cleanout of the hopper
  • A low pellet detector
  • Tru Convection smoking vortex
  • SuperSmoke option for boosting the smoky flavor
  • TurboTemp for fast preheating
  • One included meat temperature probe and app notifications for the doneness on your phone

Traeger Ironwood 885 full review


The Traeger Ironwood series includes the smaller and less expensive Traeger Grills Ironwood 650, and the larger-sized Ironwood 885. The sole difference between the two wood-burning grills and smokers from this new series is their dimensions and total cooking area sizes.

So, what we have included in the 885 review goes for the smaller model from the same series, sans the dimensions and cooking surface available.


Just like the other top-of-the-line grills made by Traeger, the Ironwood is very sturdily built, with a body made entirely of durable powder-coated steel. Its saw-horse design ensures that the smoker remains very steady without any wobbling during use.

Thanks to the double-wall insulation of the grill, you will save fuel and time because the temperature retention is improved, and the heat and smoke loss is minimized even in colder weather.

The top-quality pellet grill has porcelain-coated steel grates, which are non-stick and very easy to clean.

The handle on the lid, as well as the side shelf of the smoker, is made of stainless steel.

There is a convenient side shelf with BBQ tool hooks for food prep and storage as well.


The Traeger Ironwood 850 provides an amazingly satisfying performance due to its ease of use and the fact that it has been so well thought out and made. It is an excellent choice if you want a high-quality pellet smoker with reliable temperature control, thanks to the new D2 direct drive controller and the variable speed auger.

Plus, you won’t need to wait long to start cooking your food, thanks to the convenient TurboTemp feature, which ensures that the desired temperature is reached as fast as possible.

The smoker has an efficient Tru Convection, which will create a smoke and heat vortex in the chamber for even cooking and improved smokiness, complimented with a nifty downdraft exhaust system.

Thanks to the SuperSmoke mode, you can achieve delicious results with a more pronounced wood-fired smokiness whenever using the Ironwood, unlike with other pellet smokers.

You can easily adjust the temperature of the smoker from 165 up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but keep in mind that the grill relies on an indirect grill, so if you are looking for a grill that you can use for searing, this one may not be the most suitable option for you. It is more of a smoker, so if wood pellet smoking is your primary priority, Ironwood is among the best money can buy in 2022.

It even has a Keep Warm setting, so you can keep the food warm and ready to serve without drying it out, even if you are ready with the cooking long before the guests have arrived.


As mentioned earlier, the sole difference between the two models in this series – the Ironwood 650 and the 885 is in their cooking areas and overall dimensions.

The Ironwood 885 has a total cooking space of 885 square inches, which can fit 10 chickens, or 7 rib racks, or 9 pork butts at the same time. This makes it a perfect choice for large families and for backyard pitmasters who love entertaining large groups of guests.

Even though it has an extensive cooking area and capacity, the Ironwood 885 is not a very large smoker thanks to its double-rack design.

If you are worried that the food will not be cooked evenly on both of the cooking racks of this smoker, then don’t. Thanks to the Tru Convection system of fans and its Downdraft Exhaust System, the smoke and heat will be evenly dispersed throughout the cooking chamber at all times.

This pellet grill by Traeger has a hopper capacity for up to 20 lbs. of pellets, which can last for at least 20 hours of continuous cooking. Even better, this outdoor cooking appliance has a nifty low pellet sensor that will alert you and even send you a notification on your phone when it is time to feed in some more pellets.


The Ironwood 885 has WiFire wireless connectivity and can easily be connected to your home network, phone, or another device.

Thanks to the useful Traeger app, you can keep an eye on the cooking temperatures, the meat temperatures, the doneness, the time and control it remotely via your phone. There is one included meat temperature probe. You will receive notifications when the desired doneness or ambient temperature is reached when you need to add more pellets in the hopper, and more.

The Traeger app also includes hundreds of great recipes to try out on your smoker. And most importantly, it is user-friendly, easy to connect, and so can be of use even for those who are not so tech-savvy.


Here are some of the included and optional extras for the Ironwood 885 pellet smoker and grill:

• Included

The Ironwood 885 comes with just about everything you will need to start smoking and grilling. There is an included meat temperature probe with a probe port, which can be connected to the WiFire app and into the D2 controller, so you can monitor the doneness of the meat on your phone at all times and adjust the smoker’s temperature when necessary without actually going to the grill.

• Optional

You can add some optional accessories for your Ironwood 885 smoker and grill, such as a full-length grill cover, a foldable front shelf, or a pack of grip tray liners by Traeger.

Of course, you can buy Traeger pellets of all types and blends, as well as different BBQ tools, sauces, rubs, and other accessories sold by the Company.


Traeger offers a 3-year warranty for its Ironwood smoker, and its customers have access to useful customer support 365 days a year.


The smoker has an easy-to-access magnetic door for cleaning the hopper and emptying it with minimal effort.

The ceramic coated grates are very easy to clean especially while the smoker has not cooled down completely. All you need to do is wipe them and the interior of the grill with a cloth after use.

The grates and the drip tray can be removed for easy cleaning and for access to the bottom of the cooking chamber, which you can clean with a vacuum.

You can ensure that the smoker stays clean by using Traeger liners and the specialized degreasers and cleaning products and tools offered by the Company.


  • A generous cooking capacity of 885 square inches and a space-saving design
  • An upgraded and improved D2 direct drive controller for consistent and even temperatures and easy temperature control
  • A large temperature range of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • WiFire wireless connectivity and a useful mobile app
  • Compatible with Alexa-enabled devices
  • Fast preheating with the TurboTemp mode
  • Even cooking and smoking with the Tru Convection fans and the Downdraft exhaust system
  • Sturdy construction which is entirely made of durable powder-coated steel and which will not rust or wobble
  • Double-wall insulation for improved heat and smoke retention and fuel-saving even during the winter
  • Easy to clean, non-stick porcelain-coated grates
  • A more enhanced smoky flavor than other pellet smokers, thanks to the SuperSmoke mode
  • A low pellet sensor and alert
  • Easy to clean pellet hopper
  • A meat thermometer is included, and there is a probe port on the grill
  • There is a side shelf, tool hooks, and an option for adding a front shelf
  • The appliance is backed by a 3-year warranty


  • Since it uses indirect heat for grilling and smoking, it is not the best choice for hot and fast searing and grilling
  • There are only two sizes of grills available from the Ironwood series (650 and 885)
  • It lacks some of the high-end features of the flagship Timberline series, including the new grease management system, stainless steel grates, and others

Specifications summary

Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with WIFI Smart Home Technology, Black
  • NEVER USE GAS OR CHARCOAL AGAIN: Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste; The Ironwood 885 takes it to the next level with precise temperature control. 500 °F Max Temp.Locking Caster Wheels. All-Terrain Wheels.
  • CONNECTED HOME TECHNOLOGY: WiFIRE technology connects your grill to home WiFi and the Traeger app allows the user to control the grill from anywhere.
  • VERSATILE BARBECUE COOKING: The Ironwood 885 pellet grill offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ all on the same grill; The Porcelain grill grates makes clean up a breeze
  • THE MARKET LEADER IN PELLET GRILLS: The Traeger Ironwood is the best-selling pellet grill; The upgraded the Ironwood with D2 drivetrain starts quicker, heats up faster, and puts out better quality smoke
  • BUILT FOR FAMILY COOKING: 885 sq in of grilling space that can accommodate ten chickens, or seven rib racks, or nine pork butts effortlessly; The built-in meat probe allows you to cook to perfection
  • Construction material: powder-coated steel
  • Grates: porcelain coated steel
  • Overall cooking area: 885 square inches
  • The capacity of the pellet hopper: up to 20 lbs.
  • Fuel: wood pellets
  • Connectivity: WiFire wireless, Alexa enabled
  • Total weight: 175 lbs.
  • Assembled size: 54 (W) x 47 (H) x 27 (D) inches
  • Warranty: 3 years


Q: Does it have Wi-Fi, and do I need internet connectivity to use it?
A: Yes, it comes with WiFire wireless connectivity, which can be used for connecting the appliance to an app on the phone or on another device and can be controlled via Alexa-enabled devices and voice commands too.

Q: Is the hopper easy to empty?
A: Yes, thanks to the magnetic hopper door.

Q: What are the differences between the Ironwood 650 and the Ironwood 885 smokers?
A: The only difference is in the total cooking areas and the overall dimensions of these two pellet smokers from the same ironwood series.

Q: Where is the Traeger Ironwood made?
A; They, like most other pellet grills, are made in China but under the close scrutiny of the US-based Company.

Q: Can it be used in cold weather?
A: Yes, the smoker has double-wall insulation, which will retain the heat and thus save fuel even in cold weather.

Q: Does it work with other pellets than Traeger pellets?
A: You can use any type and brand of wood pellets you want with the ironwood 885. But remember that the cooking results and smokiness of the food depend largely on the quality of the wood pellets you use.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Traeger Ironwood 885 is one of the best options if you want a fire-burning wood pellet smoker and grill, which is easy to use and offers excellent results.

It is not from Traeger’s most expensive flagship lines, but this smoker still has some of the latest and most useful features, which are available in the higher-end models.

So, if you are looking for a great smoker and grill for preparing all types of smoked, grilled, braised, BBQ, roasted and baked food outdoors, then the Traeger Ironwood 885 is definitely worth considering.

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