Best Traeger Grill Reviews: Are Traeger Still King in 2022?

Traeger grills are one of the best pellet grills in the market. They entered the market in 1986 after Joe Traeger invented the Traeger grill series. Currently, most barbecue lovers still go for Traeger grills as they have superior features and produce quality results when it comes to grilling.

Why Choose the Traeger Grill Series?

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Traeger grills are the most versatile pellet grills ever made. They can roast, bake, cook and braise every meal placed on them. Traeger grills also give you a chance to enjoy barbecues matching up to restaurant standards at a much cheaper price. You simply buy your food supplies and cook them on the grill at the comfort of your patio.

They also come with features like the Traeger app that provides hundreds of recipes which you can try on the grill. Apart from cooking tips and resources featured in the Traeger grill app, you can control various settings of the grill remotely via WiFi. These include the temperature, timer, and keep-warm setting to help maintain a consistent temperature even in extreme weather conditions like winter.

Read on to find out more about the features accompanying some of the best Traeger grill models reviewed by satisfied customers.

1. Traeger Pro 575 Wood Pellet Grill

The Traeger Pro 575 Wood Pellet Grill is the most popular brand in the Traeger series used by several customers across the United States. It’s a top-selling brand that’s easy to set up and use. Just like its name, its cooking area measures 575 square inches and can fit five racks of beef or pork ribs, a couple of sizable chicken pieces, several burgers, and vegetables. All you need to do is plug it into a power source, turn it on, set your desired temperature, and let it sit for about 10 minutes, after which it’s ready for use.

It has a pill-shaped barrel that gives enough room for cooking between the main grate, the bottom grate, and the top grate. It has an auger system that automatically pulls wood pellets from the hopper into the grill chamber. The rate at which pellets are delivered into the grill chamber depends on the set temperature. A higher temperature will increase the rate at which the auger delivers the pellets and vice versa.

To ease maintenance of the auger, prime the auger the first time you want to use it. Also, prime it every time you flush out wood pellets from the hopper. This Traeger Pro 575 also comes with a WiFIRE feature that allows you to control the temperature and the cooking time remotely using the Traeger app installed on your cell phone.


  • Assembling the entire product is easy.
  • The grill picks high temperatures fast
  • Its price is affordable
  • It has a Hopper dump


  • Its temperature range is limited
  • Sometimes difficult to clean it out
  • It doesn’t have wheels. You’ll need to carry it to move it to a different location

2. Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill

The Traeger Pro Series 34 is a sister version of the Pro Series 22 but has a larger cooking space. Setting it up is also simpler and more straightforward. This pellet grill falls in the category of “set it and forget it” pellet grills in which you add wood pellets in the hopper, turn on the grill, set your desired temperature, and let it cook.

The startup is fast, only taking about 2 minutes to get the smoke up and running. For higher temperatures, you’ll only need to wait for about 3-4 minutes after igniting the grill. This is unlike conventional charcoal grills which take a lot of time to achieve their set temperatures.

The hopper can hold up to 18 pounds of wood pellets and has a loading capacity of 2 pounds per hour depending on your set temperature. This gives you room to grill for up to 10 hours continuously though you’ll still need to add the wood pellets periodically. The wood pellets also come at an affordable price thus won’t eat up much of your budget compared to a gas grill.

This Traeger pro 34 series has a large shear space measuring 41 by 27 inches. It can accommodate up to 6 racks of ribs and 20 pounds of bacon in one grilling session. It’s a great option if you’re hosting a big party in your backyard.

Its entire structure is well constructed, strong, and sturdy, and is made of durable steel with a smooth powder coat finish. The digital control system has two in-built temperature probes you can use while grilling. It has a huge temperature range of 150 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it a highly versatile pellet grill. You can cook food that requires low and steady smoking such as bacon and reverse sear steak that requires up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat.

Below the grill grate is a tray sitting above the firebox that collects all grease and drips it down to the bucket set beside the grill chamber.


  • Assembling the entire package is simple.
  • Comes with liners for wrapping the grease tray which you can clean after 2 or 3 grilling sessions. This makes cleaning and maintaining the grease tray quite effortless


3. Traeger Pro Series 780 Pellet Grill

Do you want something that’s bigger, better, and can serve a huge party? The Traeger Pro Series 780 is for you. It’s more pricey than the common Pro 575 series but has room for more chicken breasts, sausages, pork butts, and vegetables. It has a sleek design that comes with non-stick porcelain-coated grill grates that are easy to clean.

It has a digital WiFIRE feature that allows you to adjust the cooking time and control the internal temperature of the grill remotely. This feature is enhanced by the Traeger app which you install on your cell phone. The app also has several recipes you can try out with your Traeger Pro Series 780 pellet grill.

This Traeger can also accommodate a meat probe if you have one. It will help you get accurate temperatures without the need of opening the grill lid as you cook.


  • Setting up and using the grill is simple. Most beginners can navigate through its controls with minimal assistance.
  • The temperature control system is stable, reliable, and convenient.
  • The Traeger WiFIRE app has many easy-to-follow recipes to try out.
  • Suitable for huge meal servings for large gatherings.


  • The wood pellets may not be that cheap.
  • The WiFIRE app may sometimes function slowly due to poor connection.
  • The front shelf is sometimes sold exclusively which is an added cost.

4. Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill

This Traeger Ironwood 650 model has superior qualities closely matching the Timberline 1300 Traeger series. It’s much more versatile and bigger than all Traeger pro series and is slightly cheaper than the Timberline 1300.

It has a huge cooking space of 650 square inches, with a sufficient storage area for cooking utensils and a side shelf clamped with hooks that you can use to hang your spoons, spatulas, and tongs. Inside the cooking chamber, two sturdy racks can fit your large cooking.

The stainless steel body is heavy-duty making it a highly durable grill that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and storms. It also has good insulation properties just like Timberline 1300. Winter seasons have a minimal effect on the consistency of set temperatures in the pellet grill.

The Traeger Ironwood 650 also comes with digital controls in which you can set your cooker to work according to your preferred settings. The hopper has a sensor that alerts you when the pellet supply is running low. It also indicates the percentage of wood pellets available in the hopper.

The digital panel has a timer and a temperature control system in which you can view the temperature of the grill chamber. Furthermore, this digital panel is a side port where you can plug in your meat probe for accurate temperature measurements.

One set of its sturdy legs has wheels that make it easy to move around if you want to maneuver it around your patio or balcony. It also has a stainless-steel handle with which you can safely open the grill cover.

The grill can heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in a short time meaning it’s suitable for searing barbecues and steaks. It also has the super smoke option on the digital panel that gives you the liberty of adding some extra smoke whenever you feel like it. It also has a keep warm option that helps in maintaining consistent temperatures during cold winter seasons.

Like most Traeger grills, the ironwood 650 series features the Traeger WiFIRE app that allows you to control the settings of the grill remotely. This app also allows you to turn on and shut down the grill at the convenience of your phone or iPad.


  • Has a sturdy structure
  • Has great insulation properties just like the Traeger Timberline 1300 series.
  • You can easily control its functioning remotely using the WiFIRE app


  • Quite pricey
  • May need more than one person to assemble the entire package
  • The WiFIRE app at times gets faulty

5. Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Lil Tex Elite is among the oldest Traeger models currently not sold directly by Traeger. However, it’s a great grill model with a large cooking space of 418 square inches. Its entire body is made out of cold-rolled powder-coated steel and stands on two-inch sturdy stands with one side having wheels for mobility.

It comes with a grease bucket which you can place on its side to collect all dripping grease coming from the grill. The hopper can hold 18 pounds of wood pellets which when ignited, emit up to 20,000 BTU of heat.

It also has a digital control system where you can control its cooking temperature and set the cooking time. Next to the digital panel is a rubber grommet from where you can stick out your meat probe to get accurate cooking temperatures while grilling or smoking.

Lil Tex Elite pellet grills always come with cookbooks besides their manual. Despite these great features, several customers mention that its manual is not user-friendly. Even though it has a cooking space large enough to fit two grilling racks, it only comes with one grilling rack when purchased. If you’d like a second grill, you’ll have to buy it.



  • Quite small. It may not be suitable for a backyard party
  • Doesn’t have extra storage space for utensils and other grilling accessories
  • Manual is not user friendly
  • Only comes with one grilling rack. You’ll be required to purchase a second rack if you need one.

6. Traeger Timberline 1300 Wood Pellet Grill

This is the latest and the most expensive model existing in the Traeger grill market. It has a massive cooking space of 1300 square inches with two additional racks you can use to prepare a big meal. This cooking space can accommodate up to 10 pork butts, 2 big briskets, 1 whole chicken, and your mix of vegetables.

It also comes with a drip tray on its side that traps all grease dripping down from it. On top of the hopper is a magnetic cutting board which you can use to make beef or pork slices or even set your food before and after grilling. For the newer versions, the hopper has a connected drive system that feeds the wood pellets into the grill chamber.

Just like any other Traeger series, the Timberline 1300 has a digital control system that hosts a keep-warm setting, super smoke setting, a timer, and a pellet consumption monitor. You can also run a meat probe from the digital control system for monitoring the temperature of your steak. When plugged into a power source and turned on, it picks up high temperatures within minutes and consistently maintains the set temperature for as long as you’re cooking.

It has a double-insulated heavy-duty stainless steel covering that provides 100% insulation. Temperature changes during such extreme conditions may only range between 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which is tolerable. These are some of the few grills that can maintain set cooking temperatures during the winter season. However, searing temperatures that can go beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit may eat up the wood pellets fast. This may be an added expense in case you want to sear your steaks. However, the wood pellets are still affordable.

When closed, the grill cover’s integrated gasket completely closes the grill, preventing smoke produced by burning wood pellets from escaping. This makes certain that every food item grilled in the cooker takes on the full flavor of the smoked wood pellets.

A sturdy stainless steel shelf on one of its sides may be utilized to store tools and food for prepping. Some Traeger Timberline pellet grills include hooks for hanging tongs, heat-resistant gloves, spatulas, and other kitchen tools.

According to several customer evaluations, it produces excellent recipes for everything from chicken pot pies to steak, chicken, and numerous veggie salads.


  • It’s easy to set up and use. The manual is user-friendly.
  • It’s able to provide 100% insulation during winter. The temperature may vary between 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a tolerable range.
  • It’s easy to clean.


  • It was expensive.
  • Searing temperatures i.e. above 400 degrees Fahrenheit increases the wood pellet consumption rate. This may require you to buy more pellets which is an added expense.
  • Most Timberline 1300 series don’t come with accessories like hooks and extra grilling grates. Buying them exclusively is also an added cost.

Final Thoughts

Traeger pellet grills are a top brand in the market and can be a great investment if you’re planning to buy a pellet grill. They have superior features such as the WiFIRE app, high-tech digital control panels, and amazing built-in accessories like a side cutting board that make barbecuing an enjoyable experience.

Some like the Traeger Timberline and Ironwood series are expensive but are worth the price. If you’re looking for a grill brand that will last, give you an easy time while cooking, and bring out amazing recipes from your cook-outs, Traeger Pellet Grills are ideal.

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