6 Best Chocolate Tempering Machines Of 2022

You can use chocolate to prepare several foods, to get its distinct flavor. One of the ways to appreciate chocolate as a food additive is by tempering it. Tempered chocolate will make food stand out, with a unique and tasty glossy appearance.

What Does Tempering Chocolate Mean?

Tempering is a process where you heat chocolate until it melts. You then cool it until it becomes shiny and firm. You can use tempered chocolate to make brownies, fruit dipping, and candies.

The process is not complex but needs immense keenness to pull it successfully. If you mess up at any stage, you may end up with flaky chocolate that looks dull. Additionally, it may be too brittle. This is something you do not want as it may interfere with your culinary art.

How to Perfectly Temper Chocolate

To heat chocolate, you will need bars of your favorite chocolate and a bowl large enough to hold them. You should then break the bars into sizeable chunks and follow the steps highlighted below.

Step 1

Put a glass or metal bowl over a saucepan with simmering water, ensuring that the bowl does not touch the water. Place around two-thirds of the chocolate chunks in the bowl and stir with a spatula.

Step 2

Keep tabs on the chocolate’s temperature using a candy thermometer. If you are using dark chocolate, the maximum temperature limit should be 120-degrees Fahrenheit. For white chocolate, the maximum heat value is 105-degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperatures exceed the indicated levels, the chocolate’s fats will separate. The outcome may be a waxy or gooey and dull look.

Step 3

When completely melted, remove the bowl of chocolate from the heat and add the remaining chocolate pieces. Continue stirring gently until you get a paste of uniform thickness. Let the paste cool to about 80-degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, reheat the paste by putting it back in the saucepan with simmering water. This time around, you should keep the temperatures lower. The heat levels should be roughly 91-degrees Fahrenheit for dark chocolate and 87-degrees Fahrenheit for white chocolate.

Step 4

The last step is testing the chocolate to see if the tempering was a success. Take a teaspoon of the chocolate and spread it on wax paper. If the chocolate dries fast, with a shiny look, it means you pulled the process like a pro.

If it appears grayish and a bit dull, you should repeat the tempering. Use the melted chocolate when melted before it completely dries up.

You may also use a microwave to temper chocolate, setting it at 30-second intervals for stirring. However, the most reliable solution is by use of a temper chocolate machine.

What is a Chocolate Temper Machine?

As the name implies, this appliance comes to your aid when you want to heat the chocolate. With it, you have maximum temperature control, and you do not need to stir the chocolate. It has a spinning mechanism that ensures the chocolate breaks down to a smooth paste.

Using it is simple, requiring you only to add candy bits to the machine’s vessel. Once the chocolate begins to melt, you add more. Repeat the process until you get the desired results.

There are two types of chocolate tempering machines, automatic and manual. The former does not need much monitoring. You set the temperature and wait for the outcome. It is an ideal pick for beginners who are still learning the art of tempering.

The manual type is ideal for experts who can adjust the temperature settings to get a detailed outcome. This appliance comes in various sizes. The smaller ones are suitable for home use, like when preparing dessert for dinner. The larger types are suitable for commercial settings, as they can handle bulk processing.

Are you looking for the perfect tempering machine? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We present you with a review of the finest selection of this appliance.

The Best Chocolate Temper Machines

ALDKitchen Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine

The other impressive thing about the ALDKitchen tempering machine is its capacity. You can use it to prepare up to 1.2-kgs of chocolate. This is ideal for home use or small candy stores.

Additionally, the ALDKitchen utility will serve you for a long time, as it is stainless steel construction. The material is robust and less prone to deterioration.

The pan has a nonstick coating, which prevents the chocolate from burning and sticking. This translates to stress-free cleaning and maintenance.

Other than chocolate, you can use this tempering machine to melt other foodstuffs, like candy and butter.


  • Easy to use.
  • A sturdy construction.
  • It is powerful and will prepare your chocolate within a short time.
  • A decent tank capacity, supporting up to 1.2-kg of load.
  • A nonstick coat on the pan prevents burning.
  • The tempering machine can melt candy and butter.


  • The power cord can be loose at times, leading to random shut-offs.

ChocoVision Revolation 17-Pound Chocolate Tempering Machine

If you want large-scale chocolate and candy processing, you need a large-capacity tempering machine. Our next entry is a 17-pound appliance suitable for commercial applications. It is a fully automatic machine, making it friendly for novice users. Using it is straightforward, as you key in the controls and let it work its magic on the candy.

The other fantastic feature of the ChocoVision Revolation is its extended temper time. It can stay in temper mode for up to 18-hours, ideal when handling a huge workload.

The ChocoVision utility is durable, owing to its heavy-duty stainless steel frame. Moreover, it is safe to use, with NSF and UL certifications.

This appliance is pretty efficient, as it can handle the maximum 17-pound capacity of chocolate in roughly an hour.


  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly.
  • A large load capacity of up to 17-pounds.
  • A durable frame built from heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Extended temper time going up to 18-hours.
  • Safe to use.
  • Fast and efficient.


  • The machine is noisy when it runs.

GorillaRock Chocolate Melting Pot

The GorillaRock chocolate melting pot will be an excellent companion if you are a pro when dealing with chocolate. It is a powerful utility that will have your processed candy ready in 10-20 minutes. Plus, it is versatile, and you can use it to melt butter and cheese.

It has two tanks, translating to double preparation. You will, therefore, appreciate this implement’s practicability when you want a lot of tempered chocolate. Each tank has a 1.2-kg holding capacity; hence, its total handling capacity is 2.4-kgs.

The GorillaRock chocolate melting pot’s primary material is stainless steel. It is a robust material that guarantees you longevity. Furthermore, cleaning and overall maintenance are hassle-free engagements.

As an expert in chocolate tempering, you have maximum control over the temperature setting. You manually adjust the heat levels of this appliance via a knob.

This product has an energy-saving design; thus, it does not consume much power. The pan has a nonstick surface that prevents the chocolate from burning or sticking.


  • Availability of two tanks with a holding capability of 2.4-kgs.
  • A powerful machine that will temper chocolate in 10-20 minutes.
  • A heavy-duty stainless steel body.
  • Effortless use and maintenance.
  • An energy-saving design.
  • Its nonstick surface prevents the chocolate from sticking.


  • The digits on the dials wear off fast.

VEVOR 17-Lbs Chocolate Tempering Machine and Food Warmer

Picture having a tempering machine and food warmer in one implement. While it may seem unbelievable, it is the case with the VEVOR 17-lbs tempering machine and food warmer. It is a flexible implementation that performs multiple tasks, supported by three reservoirs.

It is a large-capacity utility, allowing you to use it for both commercial and domestic settings. Also, it is very powerful and will have your chocolate or food ready in a short time.

The other thing to love about the VEVOR tempering machine is its material. It is a 304 stainless steel build and is resistant to rust, heat, and other corrosive agents. It will have your back for a considerable time without breaking apart. This utility is safe and effortless to clean.

Also, it is a rapid heating machine, which saves on energy consumption. Using it is hassle-free as you can easily grasp the controls.


  • Multiple applications. It can heat chocolate and warm food.
  • A large holding capacity.
  • Built from top-grade materials.
  • Safe to use.
  • It is friendly on energy consumption.
  • Fast processing speeds.


  • It is kind of bulky and needs a large storage space.

ZXMOTO Electric Chocolate Melting Pot

Onto one of the most functional chocolate machines, we introduce the ZXMOTO electric chocolate melting pot. It has two melting reservoirs, each with separate controls.

The pot allows you to melt chocolate and other items like butter and cheese. You will delight in its efficiency as each pot can accommodate 2-kgs of chocolate. The melting process is fast, and you will get your glossy tempered chocolate in a short time. In addition, there is the heat preservation feature, which prevents the molten candy from cooling.

The appliance is easy to use, and you won’t have difficulty learning its ropes, even as a novice. To add on, it is energy-friendly and won’t shoot up your electricity bills.


  • You can use it to melt candy, butter, and cheese.
  • It has two melting pots.
  • The appliance’s pots can each hold 2-kgs of chocolate.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • An energy-friendly implement.
  • It has a heat preservation feature to prevent molten candy from cooling.
  • A durable construction.


  • The on-off switch may occasionally feel hard to press.

TWSOUL Chocolate Tempering Machine

Tempering machines with two tanks are some of the finest as they provide adequate processing space. The TWSOUL chocolate tempering machine is a good example. Its two pots can hold a maximum of 2.4-kgs of chocolate; thus, ideal for home and commercial uses.

While the appliance is mainly for preparing chocolate, you may use it for cheese, beef products, coffee, and soap. The materials used in this appliance’s construction are of high quality, meeting food-grade standards.

The TWSOUL tempering machine is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a befitting choice if you are into environmental conservation efforts.


  • Hassle-free use and maintenance.
  • The appliance is energy efficient.
  • You can use this tempering machine to prepare cheese, coffee, and wax.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Safe to use.


  • The device might start producing noises after prolonged use.

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What to Look for When Getting a Temper Chocolate Machine

There are several things to be on the lookout for when getting a chocolate heating machine. Price is the number one factor where you should work within your budget. Pick an appliance that offers you the best value at a reasonable cost.

The other element to look at is the application, whether domestic or commercial. If you want a utility for home use, a small one will serve you well. On the other hand, you will need a bigger and more powerful tempering machine for commercial applications.

Also, be keen on warranties on the safe side should the machine develop some hitches. Other things to look at are the number of pots, holding capacity, and durability.


If you love chocolate, you should invest in the proper utensils to enjoy it in different ways. Among the must-have utilities for a chocolate lover is a temper chocolate machine. It heats the chocolate, transforming it into a sauce or a dip for sweet foods.

While you can temper chocolate at home, it is pretty challenging, and a slight mistake might spoil the fun. It is, therefore, advisable to use a chocolate heater for excellent results. Go through the highlighted top selection in this review and pick a preferred one.

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