3 Best Smokey Hollow Smokers – A Comprehensive Guide

Smoke Hollow is a brand that was first introduced by Outdoor Leisure Products in 2005. Since its acquisition in 2017, it has been owned and grown by Masterbuild Manufacturing. The current owner is known for its high-quality and easy-to-use smokers, grills, fryers, and other products.

Ever since they were first released on the market, Smoke Hollow smokers have been a preferred brand by beginners and experienced pitmasters alike.

Here is our review of the top best Smoky Hollow smokers you can buy in 2022 We have also included some tips which can help you choose the most suitable one for your needs and budget.

Best Smoke Hollow Smokers Available in 2022

Our Top Pick

Smoke Hollow 30164G 30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker


  • Fuel: propane
  • Total cooking capacity: 1.7 cubic feet
  • Grates: 3 removable and adjustable
  • Total BTUs: 10,000
  • Overall size: 21 (W) x 18 (D) x 39.5 (H) inches
  • Internal size: 16 (W) x 14 (D) x 30 (H) inches
  • Weight: 45 lbs.

This is our number one suggestion if you are looking for an affordable propane smoker which is large enough to feed your family and group of friends and yet will take up minimal space in your backyard.

This reasonably priced and top-quality propane gas smoker by Smoke Hollow has a generous cooking capacity of 1.7 cubic feet. Yet it has a small footprint.

Thanks to its vertical design and its three removable and height-adjustable chrome-plated cooking racks, you can cook and smoke large meat cuts or line up multiple small food items for even and flavorful smoking.

This space-saving and yet large-capacity smoker has a durable stainless steel burner with a power output of 10,000 BTUs.

With a push-button ignition, starting the smoker is simple. This implies that lighting it up and waiting for it to achieve the right temperature do not require a lot of time or effort.

You can check the internal temperature in the smoking chamber without opening the door or letting the heat and smoke escape because of the pre-integrated temperature gauge on the door.

For enhanced security and convenience, the spring wire handle incorporates a stay-cool function and a sure lock hatch. For improved portability and movement, there are two handles on the side.

Despite being small and light, this propane gas smoker is incredibly sturdy and well-made. Its one-piece, fully welded design reduces the likelihood of leakage at weak seams.

It comes with a porcelain-coated water pan and a powder-coated wood chip pan

This is an excellent choice for someone looking for a smoker for a limited outdoor space that is sufficient for preparing food for the entire family or a large group of guests.


  • Small footprint, medium-sized cooking capacity
  • Easy instant start and quick preheating
  • Made of durable powder-coated welded steel with minimal heat and smoke loss


  • It doesn’t have wheels

Best Propane Smoker

Smoke Hollow PS40B Propane Smoker

  • Fuel: propane gas
  • Cooking area: 860 square inches
  • Cooking grates: 4 chrome-plated, adjustable in height, removable
  • BTUs: up to 15,400
  • Overall size: 29.1 (W) x 21.26 (D) x 43.5 (H) inches
  • Internal size: 29.2 (W) x 21.25 (D) x 35 (H) inches
  • Weight: 84 lbs.

The Smoke Hollow PS40B is among the bestselling products from this brand. It is easy to use even by newbies and has a large cooking capacity and a powerful steel burner.

This is the best Smoke Hollow propane gas smoker for backyard BBQ enthusiasts who would like to prepare all kinds of foods – from the most delicate fishes to large meat cuts like briskets.

Its stainless steel burner has a powerful heat output of 15,400 BTUs and a total main cooking area of 860 square inches. The four 19.7 x 12.2-inch chrome-coated cooking racks are easy to clean and can be removed or adjusted in height to fit small and very large meat cuts and other food types.

To give you an idea of the quantity of food you can fit in the PS40B, then imagine smoking 20 whole chickens or 4 average-sized turkeys at the same time. Or you can comfortably fit and smoke up to 16 pork butts or 8 racks of ribs in it at the same time.

You can fit both the largest meat cuts and birds or smoke multiple smaller meat cuts or other food items on the four chrome-plated removable cooking racks. The racks can also be adjusted in height as needed.

The smoker is very easy to start with the press of the ignition button.

The temperature can be adjusted from 130 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit for smoking all types of food – from the most delicate to the biggest cuts. You can keep an eye on the temperature inside via the built-in thermometer on the door.

One of the features which we like most about this Smokey Hollow propane smoker is its adjustable air damper for better temperature and smoke control.

The smoker’s insulated steel construction is powder-coated for added durability and weather resistance.

The cool-touch handle will keep you safe while cooking. And thanks to the convenient size of the smoker, you can access each rack and each piece of food with minimal effort.

You will also receive a water pan and a wood chip pan with the smoker.

In conclusion, we must say that this is our top recommended option if you want a large-capacity propane smoker which is easy to use.


  • A space-saving vertical design and large capacity
  • Fast and easy starting via the electric ignition
  • Easy and accurate temperature control


  • The smoker doesn’t have wheels

Best Upgrade Pick

Smoke Hollow 30″ Pellet Grill

  • Fuel: wood pellets
  • Cooking area: 996 square inches
  • Pellet hopper capacity: up to 16.5 lbs.
  • Cooking grates: two cast iron, porcelain-coated and reversible, and two warming racks
  • Overall size: 25.39 (L) x 55.51 (W) x 50.79 (H) inches
  • Weight: 160.5 lbs.

If you are planning on investing in a high-quality pellet smoker and grill, then this one is among the best you can buy in this price range in 2022.

Many BBQ enthusiasts are turning to pellet smokers and grills due to this convenience, ease of use, and versatility.

With this particular Smoke Hollow 30-inch pellet grill, you can prepare just about anything in your backyard, including baked, roasted, seared, grilled, and smoked foods.

Plus, the wood pellets will give the food an unmatched and authentic smoky flavor, which will wow your guests every time.

This premium quality grill has a cooking surface of 996 square inches, which is enough to cook food for a very large group of people. The cast-iron grates are porcelain coated and reversible for smoking or searing.

Thanks to its automatic auger, you don’t have to worry about feeding the pellets one by one. Plus, its wood pellet hopper capacity is 16.5 lbs. so you won’t need to keep refilling it with fuel even during a long cookout.

The grill has a temperature range of 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can use it for low and slow smoking and cooking as well as for fast and high searing and grilling.

The temperatures are easy to set even by beginners, with the help of user-friendly digital controls for the temperature and the cooking time located on its front. There is a smokestack that can be adjusted for better smoke and temperature control.

Plus, you will receive one meat temperature probe when you buy this pellet grill.

Because of its cart-style design with wheels, you can easily move it from one place to another when needed.

It comes with a convenient pellet ash clean-out system and an easy-to-remove slide-out drip tray for quick and easy cleaning after use.

Another huge plus is that this cart-style pellet grill has various storage space options. These include a side shelf, a front storage tray, and several tool hangers, so you can easily turn it into an entire outdoor kitchen station.


  • A large cooking area
  • It is a versatile outdoor cooking station
  • Easy cleaning
  • Many storage options
  • Made of sturdy powder-coated steel
  • Cons:The smoker takes up more space than the vertical ones on our list

Things to Think About When Choosing Smoke Hollow Smoker


Still not sure which Smoke Hollow smoker is the most suitable one for your needs? Please, read on to find out the main features to keep in mind when shopping for one.


The first decision you will need to make is the type of smoker you want to buy. There are various types of Smoke Hollow cookers on the market. Some rely on propane (LP) gas, others on pellets, electricity, or charcoal.

There are also vertical, cart-style, and portable smokers, which you can choose from.

Propane smokers are convenient thanks to the availability and low price of propane and due to their portability. Plus, they are easy to start and preheat quickly to the desired temperature. These smokers are perfect for beginners and those who like the convenience and ease of maintenance of these appliances.

Pellet smokers and grills are more versatile, as they can be used not only as smokers but can reach higher temperatures suitable for grilling, searing, baking, roasting, and other cooking needs. The wood pellets also help infuse the meat or other food with the authentic smoked flavor.

Charcoal grills are the most traditional ones. They rely on charcoal but require more skills and experience to set up and to use for smoking and other kinds of cooking. They also require more effort and time for cleanup and maintenance.

Portable smokers and grills are perfect for people with limited space. They are also great for those who want to take their cookers camping or elsewhere with them.

Vertical smokers are an excellent choice for smaller outdoor spaces. They have smaller footprints, and yet their vertical design allows for smoking large cuts of meat or large quantities of food.

Cart style smokers are more comfortable to access and use and usually come with casters making them easy to roll from one spot to another. Plus, they come with more storage spaces and options for condiments, food prep, grilling tools, and other needs. But they take up more space.

Cooking Area

You should check the cooking capacity or cooking area of the smoker before deciding on buying it. Choose one that has enough space to feed the type and quantity of food you plan to prepare usually.

Some of the smaller smokers are perfect for feeding your family. But if you like to entertain large groups of guests, then you may consider investing in a larger capacity smoker. This will allow you to prepare larger batches of food simultaneously.

Temperature Range or BTU

If you want to buy an appliance that you will use as a dedicated smoker only, then you can opt for a smoker with a lower BTU output and temperature range.

But if you want to buy a more versatile cooker for grilling and searing, you may want to choose one with a bigger temperature range and an ability to reach and hold higher temperatures.

The Smoke Hollow 30-inch Pellet Grill has the widest temperature range of all of our top picks. The heat can be adjusted to temperatures from 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dedicated propane smokers we have selected for you have heat outputs of 10,000 to 15,400 BTUs. They can hold temperatures of 130 to up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which are perfect for smoking meat, fish, and other foods.

Number of Grates

When buying a vertical smoker, it is recommended that you check the number of grates it has. The Smoke Hollow vertical smokers we have included in this list have 3 and 4 cooking grates. This means that you can smoke a lot of smaller food items simultaneously. Their height can be adjusted when needed. And when you are cooking a larger meat cut or other food, you can remove one or more of the racks to make more space and ensure better airflow as well.

As for the pellet grill we have chosen for you, it has reversible grates, which can be used for smoking on one side and for searing on the other. Plus, there are a couple of warming racks to keep the food and side dishes warm during use.


Take the time to measure the space you have allocated for your smoker before choosing the most suitable one for your needs. Make sure to include enough space around the appliance itself to ensure that you can use it safely and comfortably when needed.

Vertical smokers have smaller footprints than cart-styled ones. This makes them a better choice for people with smaller yards, decks, or patios.

Also, if you are planning on moving or transporting your smoker often, you may want to choose one which is lighter, more comfortable, and portable.

If you will be storing the smoker somewhere else when it is not in use or when the weather is bad, then consider the storage space you have available before purchasing one.

Additional Features

While some Smoky Hollow smokers come with only the most basic entry-level features, others come with some extras that you may find useful. This can also help save you money for having to buy additional accessories and tools.

Almost all smokers from the brand come with wood chip trays and water pans, which are essential for the best results when smoking food.

The different cookers come with grates made of different materials, each of which has its pros and cons. You can pick a smoker with porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates, stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, or cast iron ones.

There are more features such as built-in thermometers and even included meat temperature probes with some of the products. These are great for keeping an eye on the smoking temperature and the doneness of the meat in the smoker without opening the door or lid and letting the heat and smoke out. Plus, you won’t have to buy a separate thermometer.

Other features to look for are safe stay-cool handles of the lids or doors. You may also want to check for other safety features to protect you and your family from burns or other hazards during smoking.

If you need more storage space for your grilling tools, food prep or condiments, or other needs, you may want to opt for a cart-style smoker. These have shelves, side and front tables, and trays and hooks included.

The pellet grills come with automatic augers and easy-to-use clean-out systems. This will make the smoking and cooking as well as the maintenance of the cookers easier.

You can buy a cover, additional racks, meat probes, warming racks, or other accessories offered by the manufacturer to customize your smoker to your liking as well.

One other essential feature to look for before investing your hard-earned money is the guarantee and the customer support service offered by the company.


Are Smoke Hollow integrated thermometers correct?

A temperature gauge incorporated into the smoker’s lid or door is a big convenience. It is uncommon for them to be entirely accurate, especially in chilly and windy weather. For this reason, purchasing a special thermometer for your grill or smoker is advised. This will enable you to use it as a separate thermometer for peace of mind or to regularly verify the accuracy of the integrated one.

Although the built-in temperature meters in Smoke Hollow are accurate, they can change based on the outside temperature and the weather.

How to season Smoke Hollow smokers?

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer when pre-seasoning the smoker before its first use. The seasoning process depends on the type of smoker or grill you choose. The purpose of this pre-seasoning is to get rid of any residues from the factory oils. By seasoning the smoker, you will also prolong the longevity of your appliance and ensure that the flavor of your food is better.

Are Smoke Hollow smokers weather-resistant?

While the Smoke Hollow smokers are made of durable powder-coated steel, and as such, are water and weather-resistant, it is recommended that you store them in a sheltered and dry place when the weather is bad, and they are not in use. You can also purchase a weather-resistant cover for your smoker to protect it from the harmful UV rays, rain, wind, and snow.

Final Thoughts

Whichever Smoky Hollow smoker you choose, you can be certain that you are making a wise long-term investment. The smokers from this brand are very sturdily built and easy to use. They will ensure that you impress your family and guests every time you decide to smoke a delicious rack of ribs, a brisket, or anything else.

The good news is that there are smokers and grills of all types from this reputable brand. So there are ones suitable for every need, capacity, and budget, which means that it shouldn’t be too challenging for you to find the right one.

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