How to Select Quality Kitchen Knives?

Select Quality Kitchen Knives

A quality knife is a must for your kitchen accessories. You have to use kitchen knives for your daily cooking days. So, selecting a good quality kitchen knife is quite an important thing that can ensure endurance, strength, durability, and good handling quality.

Unfortunately, not all of the kitchen knives available on the market are equal. However, some fashionable brand sells poor-quality knives even at a high price. On the other hand, there is a possibility to get a better quality knife at a cheaper rate if you can select the perfect one.

Steps on How to Select Quality Kitchen Knives

You can easily select a perfect knife for your kitchen by following the below steps:

Step 1: Consider the type of kitchen knife you need

First of all, to select a new kitchen knife, you have to decide which type of knife you need actually. There are several types of knives are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and purposes which may vary according to your habits and cooking styles.

A good kitchen knife set includes:

  • An all-purpose utility knife for a range of foods and can do many things.
  • A vegetable or paring knife for cutting, peeling, and trimming small items of food.
  • A chef’s knife for chopping, mincing, dicing, and cutting.
  • A bread knife for bread, fruit, cake, and tomatoes.
  • A filleting knife helps to fillet fish. Only buy if you need filleting.
  • A clever for meat, and a smaller version for chopping herbs, etc.
  • A carving knife for getting thin and even slices of meat from roasts, roasted poultry, etc.


  • Find your main purpose for using a knife
  • Don’t choose the wrong knife

Step 2: Hold the knife in your hand before buying


If you are going to use a knife, the grip should be comfortable and fit well in your hand. On the other hand, one person finds which one is comfortable may not certainly mean it will be comfortable for you also. So, have a first-hand test for yourself and examine the feels, balance, and weight of the knife.


  • By holding a knife, ensure how it feels to you
  • Don’t go for one particular knife which is comfortable to another

Step 3: Consider the material of the blade and handle

Good quality blades are normally made of non-stainless steel (carbon steel), which gives you a good edge, but care should be taken so that they will not rust. These knives are easy to sharpen at home. However, inexpensive stainless steel will be a good choice if you can’t afford a high-carbon stainless steel knife.

Generally, the handle of the knife is made of plastic, toughened resins, wood, and other strong materials. But, the old-fashioned bone-handled knives won’t be a perfect choice as the bone will become brittle after time. Similarly, softwoods or other low-density materials are not recommended for the knife handles.


  • Make sure about the material of the blade and handle
  • Avoid knives that claim to never need sharpening

Step 4: Check the width of the cutting edge

Check the width of the cutting edge and the smoothness and thickness of the blade. The good knives are very smooth without any sign of pitting in the metal. Without cutting edge at all, the knife might be useless for heavy cutting purposes i.e. carrots. For this reason, larger knives are more preferable for daily use.


  • Avoid serrated chef’s knives for general use.
  • Remember your purpose of use before selecting the proper width of the cutting edge.

Step 5: Focus on quality than brand

Definitely, you will desire a good quality product at a cheaper price. Maybe it is from the low brand or from the high brand, you have to pay the expense. But, carefully select the product quality whether it’s from a low brand or high brand. So, don’t focus on popular brands only but also on the best product quality.


  • Some low brands also offer a good quality product.
  • Check the best quality within your budget.

Final Verdict

As there are a wide variety of knife types, you have to need to decide the purpose of your use. Then, from the above steps, make sure about which one you should select considering types, feels, materials, etc. And most important thing is that don’t select a knife by hearing from another cause that one may not be comfortable for you. So, check out all of the steps by yourself and select your required kitchen knives which will be absolutely perfect for you.

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