MAPP Gas vs Propane: Which One is Better for Grilling?

Gas grills have been increasing in popularity among users in the USA due to their ease of use and maintenance, convenience, and speed.

If you are wondering which gas is better, though – MAPP gas or propane for grilling, then you can read on through our detailed MAPP gas vs. Propane comparison.

Learn more about MAPP gas

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MAPP gas used to be a trademarked name, and today is a generic name and acronym for UN 1060 stabilized methyl acetylene propadiene propane.

MAPP gas was originally used for welding, soldering, and heating due to its very high flame temperature of up to 2,925 degrees Fahrenheit and a high combustion temperature in the air of 3,670 degrees F. Later, it was recognized as a suitable for fuel for cooking which requires a scorching flame. It is still used for most kitchen blowtorches for browning and searing food.

MAPP gas can withstand temperatures that are far greater than those of propane and other LP substitutes.

The last MAPP-producing facility in the USA shut down in 2008. As a result, MAPP is no longer produced in the nation. Even though they are alternatives and are often produced of propylene, certain fuels on the market are still classified as MAPP.

Learn more about propane

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Propane is a liquid petroleum gas that is a common fuel for heating, grilling, and other domestic, transportation, and industrial uses. It is a by-product of natural gas processing with petroleum refining.

Propane is in a liquid state when stored and has a low boiling point which causes it to vaporize as soon as it is released from the pressurized tank.

It is safe to store, affordable, readily available, and is among the most popular choices for fuel for fans of gas grills.

Benefits of MAPP gas

The benefits of MAPP gas include:

  • Higher flame and combustion temperatures – for quicker cooking and for high heat searing and grilling. MAPP can reach up to 3,730 degrees while propane burns at a maximum of 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It doesn’t add any flavor or odor to the cooked food, unlike some other types of gas
    MAPP is safer to transport than propane when it is in liquid form
  • Its high-intensity flame is suitable for blowtorches used in kitchens

Benefits of propane

Propane gas grills are becoming a more popular choice than traditional charcoal ones because propane has multiple advantages when compared to charcoal as well as to MAPP gas, including:

  • It is a convenient choice, as you can find propane tanks in any store
  • Propane gas grills are very fast to set up and preheat, unlike charcoal
  • Propane is an inexpensive fuel, especially when compared to MAPP gas, which is no longer made in the USA
  • LP gas grills are easier to set to a specific temperature and to hold a continuous temperature
  • It is easier to control and less likely to burn your food than MAPP gas, so it is suitable for grilling and smoking delicate foods such as poultry, fish, and others
  • Propane gas is less likely to reach temperatures that can melt your aluminum grilling tools and equipment, so it is safer to use than MAPP
  • Propane can be stored safely indoors
  • It can vaporize and thus is more efficient for cooking, especially in the colder seasons

Which one is better for grilling?

While MAPP’s impressive flame temperatures are excellent for searing steaks and for bone-in pork chops, it is harder to control these temperatures, which can be a problem, especially among newbie grillers.

Propane is more suitable for grilling fish, chicken, and other delicate ingredients.

Propane is also a better choice for regular grillers and smokers, while MAPP is better for occasional sears.

MAPP gas can make the cooking faster if you know how to handle it.

But propane is more popular and can be found in just about any store, while MAPP is hard to get, more expensive, and is no longer made in the USA.

On the other hand, MAPP will not affect the flavor and odor of the food, while some users find that propane does affect it when used for grilling and cooking.

A few tips for smoking on a gas grill!


Grilling on an open gas flame is always a safety issue.

Propane flames are easier to manage and do not reach a temperature as high as MAPP gas flames, which can melt aluminum and other metals. As such, propane has a higher safety rating than MAPP gas.

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MAPP gas, on the other hand, is safer for transporting when it is in its liquid form.

Final thoughts

While MAPP gas has some definite advantages when compared to propane, we still recommend the more popular propane gas when it comes to everyday grilling needs.

It is less expensive, easier to find, safe to store, and easier and safer to manage and control.

If you still want to take advantage of the extremely high burning flame temperatures of MAPP gas, you may want to buy a blowtorch for your kitchen, which runs on this type of gas. Unless you sear steaks daily, the blowtorch will be sufficient for your needs, while the propane gas can be used for the rest of the grilling and cooking.

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