Kamado Joe Classic III Review

Grilling involves experimenting, experiencing, and having fun at the same time. More so, it allows you to play with fire, quite literally. Maybe you are a grilling aficionado who enjoys staying close to your ancestral heritage of cooking on an open fire. If that is the case, then this Kamado Joe Classic III Review will prove useful.

Kamado Joe is a premier manufacturer of the best-in-class grills and cookers. With a wide variety of cooking ranges, this classic line comes with numerous impressive and coveted options. The Kamado Joe Classic III is no exception. It has revolutionized the grilling experience and is worth the hype around it.

The model comes with fantastic extras. For instance, it provides a bigger cooking space and is more efficient with an in-built, instead of a separately bought, SloRoller Hyperbolic chamber. Furthermore, it features other essential extras like an up-to-date heavy-duty cart and a charcoal basket built with durable stainless steel.


This review will highlight the stats, features, pros, and cons of the Kamado Joe Classic III grill. We’ll also look at the real-life response on how these top-rated kamados perform, to assist you in determining if it’s the right fit for you.

Let’s dive in!

Kamado Joe Classic III Overview


Functions: searing, baking, roasting, smoking, grilling
Cooking space: 18 inches diameter (256 square inches), 510 square inches with divide and conquer
Fuel type: charcoal
Temp range: 225°F- 750°F
Dimension: 46.5 inches width by 50.5 inches height by 30 inches depth
Grill grate material: stainless steel
Weight: 262.5 lbs


  • Extra cooking space since the Divide and Conquer cooking unit increases the capacity and offers flexibility on the way you cook
  • The SloRoller Hyperbolic smoke converts this magical grill into a smoker, providing unmatched versatility
  • Has an innovative Kontrol Tower top vent that makes temperature control easy
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Detachable stainless steel charcoal container that allows you to organize coals while filtering ash
  • It features a gasket with a stainless steel latch for a safe seal
  • Innovative multi-panel firebox lessens the chances of cracking because of high heat
  • It features everything you require to begin smoking and grilling
  • It features an Air Lift Hinge that reduces dome weight by 96 percent


  • Costly
  • The changing temperature tends to take longer than other models

Kamado Joe Classic III In-depth Review

The Kamado Joe Classic III is the 3rd generation of Kamado Joe’s famed, innovative model – the traditional kamado grill. It is constructed from a similar thick-walled and high-fired ceramic shell as its precursor. For this reason, the Classic III locks in smoke, heat, and moisture to offer your food a complete 360° treat.

Unlike the majority of grills in the market, the Kamado Joe is versatile. You can use it to grill, bake, and smoke any meal you want. It, especially, does a great job in preparing Boston butt, brisket and ribs, wood-fired pizza, and roasted chicken.


Like we’ve mentioned above, Kamado Joe leads the industry when it comes to innovation. Let’s have a look at the things that make this brand stand tall.

1. SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber

Kamado grills have always been utilized for smoking. However, the SlōRoller utilizes Havard science to change the Kamado Joe into an optimally combined barbecue.

The hyperbolic smoke chamber insert transforms the air pressure, to force it back to the cyclonic smoke ring focused on the cooking grate. That means that the food will get better smoke circulation and heat distribution. So, the food will have a fantastic wood-fired flavor with zero hot spots.

It’s important to note that you should keep the temp below 500°F when you want to use the SlōRoller safely. The coating will degrade if it is run too hot since it is made from Teflon-coated cast aluminum. You should, therefore, keep the heat low and slow to allow the SlōRoller to convert the Kamado into a great smoker.

2. 3-Tier Divide & Conquer Cooking System

Another significant improvement seen in the Kamado Joe Classic III is the Divide & Conquer Cooking System. This half-rack split system is a great addition since it gives you extra room and additional flexibility.

More possibilities are available with the newest Classic III 3-tier Divide & Conquer. The grill provides you six half-moon cooking grates, four half-moon grates with a SlRoller hyperbolic chamber, or two half-moon heat deflectors thanks to its redesigned and extended shape.

This enables you to establish different heat zones so that you may sear the meat over open flames while cooking the veggies on a dish next to it using indirect heat. It may be put together for multiple-level, slow grilling. Additionally, you may create pizzas with the optional pizza stone and the heat deflectors.

There are various options available!

The Kamado Joe Classic III features an accessory rack, 3-tiered cooking racks, 2 half-moon heat deflectors, SlōRoller, and 2 half-moon cooking grates. However, to get full advantage of the upgraded Divide and Conquer, you must also fit 2 accessory racks and 4 half-moon plates. Some of the extra available options for the Kamado Joe Classic III include:

However, it’s not a must you acquire all these extras with your first purchase. You can get them gradually, as per your arising needs.

3. Kontrol Tower

The Kontrol Tower is another great feature that makes the Kamado Joe Classic III stand out among its competitors. This rust-proof and easy-to-use aluminum vent lets you have precise temp regulation. It remains where you left it, whenever you open and close the lid.

4. Air Lift Hinge

This device the weight of the ceramic kamado lid by 96 percent. The hinge’s counterbalance mechanism makes the lifting of the lid ultra light and smooth. The airlift hinge will not only protect your arms but also lessens the chances that the ceramic lid will be cracked or broken if it is accidentally slammed down.

5. AMP Firebox

The majority of kamados come with a single-piece firebox which is vulnerable to cracking due to high heat. Therefore, Kamado Joe paid attention to that common complaint and solved it.

The AMP(advanced multi-panel) firebox ingeniously separates the firebox into five ceramic parts. This offers them space to contract and expand, with changes in temperature, without cracking. So, you can increase the heat without worrying about spending cash on replacement parts.

6. Wire Mesh Fibreglass Gasket with Stainless Steel Latch

Wire Mesh Fibreglass Gasket is designed to last ten years longer than the ordinary kamado seal. With the stainless steel latch, the Classic III will give you an air-tight seal, locking in heat smoke, and moisture for a better outcome, and enhanced fuel efficiency.

7. Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket

The Classic III features stainless steel that allows you to separate the charcoal and put less or more on either side while utilizing the Divide & Conquer unit. It automatically sifts the ash between the basket bars for easier cleaning. The moment you are done with the cooking, you slide out the ashtray and discard the ash.

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Other Extras Available for the Kamado Joe Classic III

JoeTisserie Classic Joe

This extra insert connects to the electric source to convert your Kamado Classic III grill into a spit. It is tailored to fit precisely. This means you can close the stopper, locking in the moisture and heat while the steak is continually turned for a naturally roasted, and basted to perfection delicacy.

Since cast aluminum is used to make this device, it offers the superior quality you would anticipate from Kamado Joe. It is easy to assemble and operate and comes with adjustable forks that allow you to balance any chunk of meat of up to 50lbs.

iKamand Smart Temperature Control

While kamados offer a conventional type of cooking, it does not translate to low technology. The iKamand Smart Temperature Control proves this. This natty little device links up via the bottom vent in the Kamado Classic III, to allow you to prepare your meat probes and monitor your food via remote control.

With the help of advanced fans, this iKamand Smart Temperature Control will regulate temp and smoke levels for perfect outcomes, without struggle.

DoJoe Classic Joe

The Kamado Joe Classic III comes with heat deflectors, a pizza stone, and an accessory rack that allows you to make a delicious pizza.
However, if you like making pizzas now and then, the DoJoe Classic Joe will do a better job. The wedge-shaped insert forms a slit for putting or removing the pizzas. This means you don’t have to open the entire lid and lose heat in the process.

It has a support system for holding the pizza stone and heat deflectors at the perfect height, to prepare perfectly cooked crispy and crusty toppings.

Effective and easy, the DoJoe Classic Joe is famous for the right reasons.

The Kamado Joe Big Joe III

Even though the Kamado Classic III provides a decent cooking area, the Kamado Joe Big Joe III offers more than what you need.

To add to the almost similar specs and benefits as the Kamado Classic III, the Kamado Big Joe III comes with 354 sq. in more cooking space. This is made possible on its 24 inches grates.

Utilizing the highest number of extras with the three-tier Divide & Conquer Cooking unit, you will have a whole 864 sq in of space to smoke and grill your meals.

Bear in mind that the Big Joe III is extremely big,  hence it’s not portable even with wheels. Nevertheless, you can push it around the backyard or into its storage space.

Features of the Kamado Big Joe III

Material: glazed ceramic
Dimensions: 58.4 inches width by 53.7 inches height by 35.8 inches depth
Cooking capacity: 864 square inches with 3 tiered David & Conquer system
Type of fuel: charcoal
Weight: 487lbs
Heat range: 225°F to 750°F and maximum of 500°F with SlōRoller.
Warranty: 5 years warranty on metal components, lifetime warranty on ceramics, one year on gasket and thermometer, and 3 years on the pizza stone and heat deflector



Does the Kamado Joe Classic III come with any add-ons?
Yes! The Kamado Joe Classic III has every accessory you require to start grilling your food. They include:

  • A premium 18 inches ceramic smoker with Kontrol Tower, Air Lift hinge, in-built thermometer, and AMP FireBox
  • SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber Insert
  • Ash tool
  • Grill gripper
  • Foldable aluminum side shelves
  • Heavy-duty cart with locking casters
  • Divide & Conquer cooking system

What duration can the Classic III grill while running on a single charcoal load?
You can get up to 18 hours of grilling time with a single charcoal load, during hot or warm weather conditions. The period may significantly reduce in cold weather.

Is it easy to get rid of the ash?
Cleaning the grill is easy. As the charcoal burns, the ash will drop to the basket, accumulating in the tray at the bottom. You can slide the tray out for emptying.

How can you add charcoal while grilling?
The classic III does not come with hinged grates. Therefore, you will have to move the heat deflectors and racks out of the way to add more fuel. Fortunately, with an approximated burn time of up to 18 hours out of a single charcoal load, you won’t need to add more fuel while smoking or grilling.

Do purchases of Kamado Joe Classic III from amazon qualify for a lifetime warranty?
Yes, most buyers have done an effective registration of warranty after buying the product.

Final Thoughts

Kamado Joe has built an impressive reputation, making them the leading manufacturer of efficient grills. The company is known for its user-friendly designs, high innovation, and also the highest value for money.

The classic III series has been a market stealer in kamados with the latest invention, the Kamado Joe Classic III offering everything you need to have an incredible grilling experience. Its ease of use and versatility among other unique features, make the equipment a perfect addition to your events.

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