How to Wash Dishes in a Farmhouse Sink?

How to Wash Dishes in a Farmhouse Sink

Recently, farmhouse sinks are gaining popularity rapidly. The sinks were previously used in farmhouses, but in the modern world, you can use it in any home or setting. One great thing about the sink is that you can use it as a single or double bowl. You can mount it on your laundry or the kitchen, and it will still function efficiently.

Since the sinks are large, it means you can wash a huge amount of dishes at once because they are deeper and convenient. Before you start working on the sink, it’s good to know that there is a learning curve. Get ready for some wetness for the first time from its spray.

However, a consistent guide on how to wash dishes in a farmhouse sink will introduce you to the routine. You will also know the time it takes, the amount of water to use, and how to avoid the sprays. Read on to enjoy the sink.

How to Wash Dishes in a Farmhouse Sink

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Preparing before washing

Avoid sprays

As much as you try to avoid spraying water around the sink or your clothes, you may not succeed. Unlike with most integrated sinks, the farmhouse sink doesn’t come with edges. To avoid more splashes, place the faucet lower, and you can still use a stream. You can also choose to get a floor mat or an apron. However, if you use less pressure, water is less likely to get to you as you clean the dishes.

Get a drying zone

When washing dishes, it is good to get a drying zone. Since farmhouse sinks come with a deep basin, you need to choose a drying zone to make sure the dishes will dry after you finish washing them. Alternatively, get a microfiber mat to place your dishes.

Attention is important

If one fails to pay close attention when using a sink, it is possible to break dishes or damage the sink. Since the sink is deep with no edges, your utensils may fall from your hands or from the sink to hit the bottom. That is why everyone must pay attention when doing so. Other than breaking the utensils, if you put them all in the sink, you may get hurt by knives or folks facing other utensils. To clean safely, keenness is crucial as most accidents occur out of ignorance.


Even though you do not stand for long as you wash the dishes, posture is still crucial since the wrong posture may end up harming your back. Posture is crucial since farmhouse sinks are deep, and one may bend more, especially the taller people. Make sure you adjust your posture until you get comfortable. For the right posture, stand close to the sink, which may help you avoid bending a lot, especially if washing dishes for a larger family.

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Start washing now

Step 1: Removing the food remains

Before you begin washing the dishes, turn on the water on the sink to scrape your utensils. By doing so, you remove leftover foods to avoid blocking the sink with debris. The process also keeps the debris out-of-the-way as you fill the sink. With that, you can clean more dishes without draining the water. The step is also crucial, especially when working on a single basin as it makes the washing easier.

Step 2: Sorting and stacking the dishes

No one wishes to damage the sink or to break the dishes. To avoid doing so, sort them and place them aside plates on one stack, cutlery on the side, and pans on the other. If your utensils include glasses, place them apart to avoid breaking them. In short, let everything stay in its designated place to make the cleaning process smoother. Always remember that if water hits any dish, it will splash back and so it is good to leave enough space where the water should hit.

Step 3: Setting up the drying area

Farmhouse sinks are single bowl units, which means they lack a drying area. To make the cleaning simpler, make sure that the drying area is ready. You may choose to use a drying rack that you can set on your counter beside the sink. Always leave one part of the drying support dangling on one side near the sink to make sure that the water from the dishes goes into the sink. In case one does not have a drying rack, a towel or a mat will work well.

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Step 4: Add soap to the sink

One can choose to leave the sink empty or leave the first set of utensils in the sink and add some soap inside. Wash your first set of dishes, mostly non-fatty ones like cups and mugs, and scrub them with a soft rag one by one. As you do so, pass them through the soapy water, turn the faucet on low and rinse the dish as you pass them through.

For those with very dirty utensils, it’s good to switch off the water as you wash and rinse to save both the detergent and the water. It will also help in making sure that the sink does not fill fast.

Step 5: Set the utensils to dry

Now that the dishes are clean make sure they will dry effectively. As soon as you rinse them, place them in the area you wish to dry them, whether on a mat or a drying rack. Alternatively, you can dry every dish with a towel as soon as you clean it. Repeat the processes with every stack of dishes until you finish with all of them.

Step 6: Cleaning the sink

Most people ignore the step, and it is a crucial one. Even after you finish with your today chores, you still need the sink tomorrow. That is why it is good to keep it up for better performance days to come.

After finishing washing the utensils, make sure you leave the sink clean. Pull its plug to drain the dirty or soapy waters. Once the water drains, rinse out any dirt as you clean the drain. Some people choose to leave the sink to dry alone while others wipe off the water using a towel. Whichever way you feel comfortable, it’s suitable for the sink.

All you need is to make sure not to leave any dirt on the sink. If you notice that the sink is blocking, you can remove the faucet to clean it. If you find it hard, you can seek professional help, just to make sure your sink is in good condition for the next washing.

Washing dishes is a simple task that everyone can enjoy, as long as they do it rightly. However, with so many instructions out there, many are in a dilemma thinking of the right way to go about it. However, with the above steps, washing dishes in a farmhouse sink is easy and fun once you learn the tricks.

The sink offers enough space to stack the dishes or dip large pots as you fill in the water. With the sink, you always get enough water to clean huge pots for a thorough cleaning. As long as you follow the simple steps, you will still enjoy cleaning the dishes on this great sink.

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