How to Use Kitchen Knives Safely: Follow Some Steps

Can you imagine, what would happen in the catering industry if the cutting tool was not invented? Thus, the knife is the most important part of culinary. If you visit any aristocrat or commercial kitchen, you will observe that they use a different kind of sharp knives efficiently. Moreover, in the present day, knives are much sharper than the old ones. It may cut your part of the hand if you do not know how to use it. By correctly training yourself and your staff, you can cut the risk of handling knives. For this reason, you and your staff need to know how to use kitchen knives safely.

How to use kitchen knives safely

Do you want to know how to use kitchen knives safely in the kitchen? You should following a few steps below, and then you can easily check kitchen cuts:

Step 1: Always use a sharp knife

At the very beginning of your cook, a sharp knife is essential to cut your vegetables and other materials. Properly sharpened knives reduce the risk of cuts. This is because a blunt knife needs more pressure to cut and it may slip. So it will be better if you keep always a quality knife sharpener beside you. It is cheap and easy to use.


  • Sharpen your knives frequently and balance way.
  • Need to lower angle sharpen for a soft material cut.

Steps 2: Choose the right one for the right task

There is a different type of knives for different jobs. For example, chef’s knife for chopping, filleting knife for fish, carving knife for the slice, etc. You should select right knife for your specific job. So, choose a specific knife and lessen kitchen cuts by handling it efficiently.


  • Check before using the knife to ensure that it’s perfect for the right job.
  • Don’t use knives as a screwdriver or opener.

Steps 3: Exact holding and cutting techniques

Proper holding techniques of the knife can minimize the kitchen cuts. If you are a first-time user you need to take proper training from who are more efficient. Otherwise, it may cause an accident. For instance, you must hold the blade with your index finger and thumbs. Besides, hold the item you are cutting with the other hand and make sure to tuck your finger. Thus, save your finger when the blade comes down. For this reason, you should know how to use kitchen knives safely in the kitchen.


  • Keep in touch with the experienced user.
  • Don’t try to hold the knife when it drops down.

Steps 4: Always use a cutting board

It is wise to use a cutting board instead of your hand. It will save your palm scratching by the knife. You will find different kinds of cutting board in the market. But the wooden cutting board is the best for your kitchen. It saves your blade edge from being blunt or dull.


  • Always use a wooden board.
  • Never cuts item in your palm.

Step 5: Cleaning practice

After using knives, it’s essential to clean immediately. If you show apathy to clean, it will go slippery of the handle. It also increases the chance of cross-contamination. So, it needs to be cleaned as soon as possible to save yourself and tools.


  • Use hot water and dish soap for cleaning.
  • Do not sink the knife in soapy or dirty water.

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Steps 6: Be careful and pay attention

When you work with a sharp tool, you must be careful. If you get distracted please stop your work and start again carefully. Do not take off your eye from the line of work. If you don’t do this, the accident might occur in the twinkling of an eye. So, be careful.


  • Keep the blades pointing downwards when you carry a knife.
  • Don’t carry it with other objects.

Steps 7: Store in correct place

You should store the knives in the safe and proper place. You must use knife rack, knife kits, magnetized holders, etc for safety. Besides, storage areas need to be cleaned as knives. But, if you scattered it here and there, it will be harmful to children besides you and others.


  • Don’t put in a drawer with other tools.
  • Keep it out of range of the children.

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Final Verdict

The accident may happen anytime. You might get cut yourself while working with the knife in the kitchen. In that case; you will put down your cutting place or part under cold and clean water. After stopping the bleeding, dry the part with soft towel or cloth and cover it with a bandage. So, you should know how to use kitchen knives safely. You should follow the simple steps above to save yourself. So, be careful and pay attention to work while handling the sharp knife in the kitchen.

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