3 Ways to Use a Boning Knife

How to Use a Boning Knife

A boning knife is a cooking accessory. It is a thin, sharp, flexible, unique knife. A boning knife is used for removing skin and bones from fish and meat. The flexible curved blade measuring 5 to 7 inches long allows you to cut any joint as well as bone. It cuts the meat away cleanly. Besides, its flexibility allows you to make thinner cuts. I’ll show you here 3 ways to use a boning knife.

How to choose a great quality boning knife?

Boning knives have flexible blades with sharp tips. So, it can pierce meat easily and safely. The blade can also cut through the connective tissues and ligaments. Thus it removes raw meat from the bones.

At the time of choosing a boning knife, pick an extremely sharp and sturdy blade. It will be better if the blade is long. The longer blade maintains the sharpness of the blade.

Avoid using dull blades as dull blades rip meat from the bones. It affects both your cooking and its presentation. Moreover, using dull knives are risky because they need more force to cut through the meat. So, you may lose control while using the knife.

Ways to Use a Boning Knife

1. Removing Bones:

Removing bones is one of the primary use among the 3 Ways to Use a Boning Knife. You can use the same boning knife on different types of cuts of meat. Follow the steps to remove bones from the meat and fish –

  • At first, locate the meat in the cut of the flesh.
  • Slice down through the meat to the bone. Also, expose it if the flesh surrounds the bone, or the bone is in the center of the meat.
  • Use the knife on the bone and fat and flesh of the cut of the meat.
  • Hold the boning knife making a slight angle with the bone. So, the knife can slip around the bone.
  • Slightly turn the knife to continue the sliding around the joints and bones.
  • Use the knife in a sawing motion from side to side till you free the meat from the bone completely.

2. Removing skin from meat:

To remove bones from the meat boning knives are also used. For removing bones follow the steps –

  • Keep the cut of the meat on the cutting board and put the skin on top.
  • Make a small slit in the meat using the tip of the boning knife. Do it at the start of the skinning.
  • Grasp hold of the skin.
  • Now pull the skin of the meat upward as you slide the knife under the skin and against the flesh.
  • Cut back and forth of the skin with the knife, while the skin is tugging.
  • Till you remove the skin, move the boning knife back and forth.

3. Removing skin from fish:

Among the 3 Ways to Use a Boning Knife, removing the skin is the main use. The steps include –

  • Put the fish skin side down on the board.
  • Hold the fish with your non-dominant hand to the cutting board.
  • Tease apart some skin and fish from one end of the fish by the knife.
  • Move the knife from side to side and press down on the tip. So, it makes the way from one side of the fish to the other side and removes the skin.


A boning knife is an incredible cooking tool. You can cut the meat and fish entirely with a boning knife. Thus it helps to make your food perfect. I recommend you follow the above 3 Ways to Use a Boning Knife and make your cooking fish and meat complete.

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