How To Soften White Sugar: 7 Super Easy Methods Tried & Approved

Hot tea is necessary on chilly mornings, and as a genuine tea connoisseur, I appreciate this wintertime custom.

However, a few days ago, I sprung out of bed in a chilly sweat, excited to usher in the hot-tea season. I was eager to savor a sweet and soothing cup of chamomile tea when I was dismayed to find rock-hard sugar in my chic ceramic sugar dish.

Oh boy! To say I was frustrated would be an understatement!

In fact, this horrible situation had occurred so frequently in the past that it finally snapped this time.

I’ve made the decision to quit eating rock-hard sugar and now I can have sweet tea and coffee anytime I want! I was aware that I needed to learn how to rapidly and efficiently soften white sugar. Seven really simple techniques were what I looked for.

Check out what I found if you’re upset with stiff white sugar as I am!

How To Soften White Sugar?

It’s crazy how little it takes for white sugar to harden! As soon as the cold weather kicks in and the level of moisture in the air raises, my sugar turns to a rock!

I know that giving up on my old ceramic sugar bowl and replacing it with a modern air-tight container might help with this issue, but I cannot bring myself to do it! My granny gave me my sugar bowl when I moved into my new home, and it is such a dear memory! I remember her every time I open the bowl, and that is priceless!

Therefore, instead of preventing the problem, I have turned to resolve it, and as a result, here are seven super easy methods you can use to soften white sugar.

7 Super Easy Methods to Soften White Sugar


1. Food Processor Method

This method is a great quick & easy solution to the question of how to soften white sugar, as long as you have a food processor (and most of us do), and has, therefore, earned first place on my list.

You will need:

The procedure:

  • Put the hardened sugar into the large storage bag and seal it well.
  • Use the meat tenderizer to soften the hardened white sugar. Be careful not to damage the bag! Use the meat tenderizer’s flat side and slowly break the hardened sugar into smaller pieces so that it becomes easier to process with a food processor.
  • Finally, it is time to use your food processor. Start by placing the sugar in it (do not skip the previous step, as big chunks of sugar can otherwise damage your food processor), and switch it on to pulse for a couple of moments.

This method is almost effortless, but do not overdo the food processor part, or you will end up with powdered sugar!

2. Wet Paper Towel Method

This method might not be as aggressive as the first one and will definitely be of no help when you are in a hurry, but it works and should, therefore, be mentioned as well.

Before you start, you should also know that this sugar softening method works only for small amounts of sugar. Let’s now check out how to soften white sugar using a paper towel:

You will need:

  • Paper Towel
  • Some Water

The procedure:

  • Moisten the paper towel with a little bit of water, little being the keyword! If you wet the paper towel too much, it might fall apart and ruin the whole procedure.
  • Next, put the wet paper inside your sugar bowl, close it, and leave it to sit overnight. Slowly but surely, the moisture will work its way into the sugar and soften it.
  • The following morning, simply use a spoon or a fork and crush the softened sugar. Have a sweet cup of tea and enjoy the rest of your day!

3. Pestle Method

You can use the pestle to soften white sugar, but be sure to expect a big mess whenever you use this method! On the bright side, it is quick and easy and relieves the built-up stress!

You will need:

  • Pestle
  • Dish Towel
  • Deep Bowl
  • Some Water

The procedure:

  • Put the hardened white sugar into a deep bowl and sprinkle it with some water. Little is a keyword again! If you overdo it, you will worsen the situation instead of repairing it!
  • Use a dish towel to cover the bowl and prevent sugar from flying all over your kitchen.
  • It is time for the aggressive approach: take your pestle and pound the dishtowel in order to crush the sugar underneath it.
  • Once your sugar has regained its original form, clear the mess, and relax with a sweet cup of tea!

4. Apple Method

It might sound strange or even funny, but an apple a day keeps hardened sugar away! The good news is you will only need a couple of slices while you can enjoy the rest of the apple and refresh yourself!

You will need:

  • Few Slices of Apple

The procedure:

  • Slice the apple, and remove the core part. Take four pieces.
  • Put the apple slices into the sugar bowl. Distribute them on top of the sugar.
  • Close the bowl and store it in a pantry. Let it sit overnight.
  • In the morning, just like the wet towel, the apple will have worked its magic and moistened the rock-hard sugar.
  • Finally, take a fork and break down the sugar into its original form!

5. Food Steamer Method

You might think that your steamer serves only to prepare healthy steamed veggies and meat, but boy are you wrong! Food steamer can come in very handy in the case of rock-hard sugar as well. Read on and find out how!

You will need:

  • Food Steamer
  • Microwave-Safe Bowl
  • Two Cups of Water

The procedure:

  • Pour two cups of water into your steamer.
  • Place the hardened white sugar into a heat-resistant bowl.
  • Put the bowl with sugar into your steamer pot and make sure that the water does not cross half of the height of the container.
  • Close the steamer and make sure that all the heat is trapped inside so that it can circulate without problems.
  • Let the water boil for about seven minutes. Oversee the process, and do not allow for all the water to dry up.
  • Take the sugar out and use a spoon or a fork to break down the sugar until you restore it to its original form.

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6. Microwave Method

The microwave method is last but not the least! It is actually a cherry on top of the cake! Why? Well, it is quick, easy, and mess-free! Enough said, let’s see how it works:

You will need:

  • Microwave
  • Microwave-Safe Container
  • Some Water

The procedure:

  • Place the hardened white sugar into a microwavable container. Sprinkle some water onto it (LITTLE!).
  • Put the container into the microwave, set the heat to high, turn it on, and let it work its magic!
  • After five minutes or so, take the container out and use the spoon or fork to break it down. If it does not break easily, allow it to cool off a bit, and try repeating the whole process!

7. Coffee Grinder Method

If you own a coffee grinder, you can soften white sugar in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, I do not have a coffee grinder, and this is the only method I have not tested for you. I do know that it works well!

You will need:

The procedure:

  • Place the hardened sugar into the coffee grinder. Mind the capacity of the machine, or otherwise, you risk damaging it. The sugar mustn’t be too hard either.
  • Turn on the grinder as you normally do and allow for a few moments for it to grind the sugar back to perfection. Once again, be careful not to produce powdered sugar!

My Final Thoughts

I now know how to soften white sugar, and nothing can stop me from enjoying my sweet cup of tea on an early cold morning! I do not need to give up on my nanna’s old sugar bowl either! Life is good!

Spread the knowledge, and let all the sweet tea lovers be as happy as I am today! No more rock-hard sugar!

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