How To Reheat Biscuits And Make Them As Good As New!

Catherine’s Kitchen Tips: Top Methods for Your Biscuits to Taste Like Fresh!

My kids love my home-baked biscuits, and I love making them for my little angels. This way, I know that the biscuits I give them are made from high-quality ingredients and do not contain any harmful additives.

Unfortunately, I am a working mom, and I lack time to bake fresh goods every single day. For that reason, I usually bake on weekends and make a true spectacle out of it!

How To Reheat Biscuits?

My kids help me, and we make a mess of the entire kitchen. Flour flies around us, and dirty dishes pile up in the sink, but believe me, those are some of the happiest moments of my life. 🙂

how to reheat biscuits my kids

Make your reheated biscuits taste like you just took them out of the oven!

In the end, we all glare into the oven, excitedly anticipating the completion of our golden biscuits so that we may sit on our couches and eat them while watching a cartoon or a movie. We don’t even give them time to calm down!

We always prepare considerably more food than we can consume, at least two days’ worth. My kids will be able to have a nutritious snack in the future thanks to this. The only issue is that they have developed an addiction to hot biscuits, which taste far superior to cold biscuits that have been refrigerated for a few days.

So, how can you reheat biscuits while still making them taste fresh from the oven?

I have found some great methods! Read on, and find out!

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How to Store Your Biscuits?

how to store your biscuits

If you want to preserve the taste and texture of your biscuits, you first need to store them properly. There are three ways you can store the biscuits before reheating them:

In the cupboard

  • It is possible to store biscuits for 3-5 days in your cupboard. You first need to put them in an appropriate container, of course. For the best result, you should choose an airtight container.
  • As an alternative, you can store them in ziplock freezer bags. If your biscuits are large, you can put each one in a separate bag so that you would not let the air in every time you open the bag.
  • You should generally avoid opening the container or the bag too often, as that will make a great difference in terms of how long your biscuits will stay fresh.
  • Choose a cool and dry cupboard. If the cupboard you store your biscuits in is quite humid, that will speed up the degradation process and perhaps even spoil the biscuits before you even try to reheat them.

In the fridge

  • Storing your freshly baked biscuits in the fridge is another great option as that will provide them with a consistently cool temperature they need to stay good to eat for longer.
  • Once again, first, place the biscuits in an airtight container, or they will absorb the smells from your fridge. You do not want your biscuits to end up smelling like greek salad leftovers, don’t you? Well, do not simply place your biscuits on a plate before you store them in the fridge!
  • The biscuits can be stored in the fridge for about a week. You can even store the unbaked biscuits in the fridge, but only for a day!

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In the freezer

  • Your biscuits will stay fresh the longest if you freeze them. Once frozen, your biscuits will keep their current state, and you will thus significantly prolong their shelf life.
  • However, you should know that frozen biscuits are very fragile and prone to breaking. You need to be extra careful when you take them out from the freezer if you do not want to end up serving broken biscuits to your guests.
  • To avoid such a scenario, you can wrap every biscuit separately and then freeze them together. You can use foil, cling wraps, or wax paper.

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How to Reheat Biscuits?

top methods to reheat biscuits

All of these methods provide satisfactory results! Try them all and choose your favorite one!

Use a non-stick pan and some butter

  1. Heat a non-stick pan (or a cast iron pan). Keep the heat low.
  2. Glaze your biscuits with some butter (or olive oil)
  3. Put the biscuits in the pan and flip them every 15 seconds or so. (in this way, they will heat evenly and not end up toasted)
  4. After a minute or two, remove the biscuits from the heat and serve them right away. (Refrigerated biscuits might need some more time!)

Use a pan and some aluminum foil

  1. Preheat the pan to medium heat.
  2. Wrap the biscuits in foil.
  3. Put the biscuits in the pan and cover them.
  4. Reduce the heat to low.
  5. After a minute or two, flip the biscuits to the other side.
  6. Wait a couple of minutes, and then remove the pan from the heat.
  7. Unwrap the biscuits and serve them immediately.

If you use this method to reheat refrigerated biscuits, you should first lightly glaze them with some butter or quality olive oil as that will help generate more heat inside the foil but also keep the biscuits moist.

Use the microwave

  1. Wrap the biscuits in a moist towel (it should be wet, but not dripping wet!). In this way, the biscuits will not dehydrate but rather stay moist.
  2. Place your biscuits in a microwave-safe container that has a lid.
  3. Simply place the lid on top of the container. There is no need to lock it because locked containers can explode in the microwave.
  4. Set the microwave to medium heat.
  5. Turn it on and set the time to two minutes.
  6. Take the biscuits out, unwrap them, and serve them while they are hot.

Refrigerated biscuits retain more moisture than the ones stored in a cupboard, and therefore they will taste better once heated in the microwave.

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Use the oven

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 F.
  2. Take a baking tray and line it with a baking sheet.
  3. Lightly glaze the baking sheet with some butter or olive oil.
  4. Place the biscuits on the tray making sure there is enough space in between them.
  5. Put the tray with biscuits into the oven for about three minutes (or 6-8 minutes for refrigerated ones).
  6. Take the tray out and immediately serve the biscuits.

How to Reheat Frozen Biscuits?

how to reheat frozen biscuits

Frozen biscuits are a bit trickier when it comes to reheating them. Although the methods require the same equipment, the process somewhat differs, so make sure you read the instructions carefully.

On the bright side, they taste fresher than the ones which have been stored in a cupboard or a fridge.

Use a pan and some aluminum foil

  1. Preheat the pan.
  2. Wrap your biscuits in foil.
  3. Put your biscuits in the pan and cover them. (If you have wrapped your biscuits into foil prior to freezing them, there is no need to unwrap them.)
  4. Wait a minute. The heat needs to stay low, or the biscuits will dehydrate.
  5. Flip the biscuits. Wait another minute.
  6. Repeat the process three times. Do not hurry, or the ice inside the biscuits will not defrost completely.
  7. Remove the biscuits from the foil and serve them while they are still hot.

Use a non-stick pan and some butter

  • The method is the same as for the biscuits stored in the fridge and cupboard, with one little exception – the flipping part needs to last longer so that you can be 100% sure that all the biscuits have thawed completely.

Use the oven

  • The biscuits that have been frozen need to be covered (on top) with a baking sheet and another baking tray prior to putting them into the oven. The time they need to spend in the oven is considerably longer as well – it will take them about a quarter of an hour to thaw and become hot inside out.

Use the microwave

  • Once again, the method is almost identical to the biscuits stored in a cupboard or a fridge, but you need to set the microwave to the higher heat and four minutes time.

Extra Tip: Your biscuits can be reheated only once, so make sure you heat only the amount you need at that time!


ways to reheat biscuits

I bet most of you do not have the time to bake fresh biscuits every single day. I, therefore, hope that you will find this article and the easy methods offered usefully.

Have you some additional advice on how to reheat biscuits?

Maybe you know some easy tricks to reheat the biscuits and have them taste as fresh and as tasty as when you just took them out of the oven. Feel free to comment and share! 🙂


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