How to Maintain Your Kitchen Knife: 5 Steps

Are you worried about how to maintain your kitchen knives? Then this article will be definitely helpful for you!

How to Maintain Your Kitchen Knife

Knives are the most common and important thing for every commercial and home kitchen. The good quality knives provide you with great durability. If you will follow some maintenance tips, you can keep your kitchen knives sharper for a longer time.

If you know how to maintain your kitchen knives properly then it means that they will work efficiently, last longer, and safer to use. The unkempt or dull knives may slip and can get you in an accident. So, keep your knives clean, dry, sharp, and ready for using those at all times.

Steps on How to Maintain Your Kitchen Knives

You can easily know how to maintain your kitchen knives by following the below steps:

Step 1: Try to keep the edge of the knife’s blade aligned

The position of handling a knife is a very important thing. If you aren’t concerned about that, the knives may lose sharpness very quickly. By using a knife regularly, the blade will lose its sharpness because the cutting edge of the knife always takes on a wavy shape. So, it’s important to re-align the edge of the blade frequently with honing steel and oil to maintain its sharpness.

However, honing of knives helps to keep the blade sharp. When you will hone the knife’s blade, you will remove spurs, nicks, and re-calibrate the angle that the blade had initially.


  • Check the blade frequently and re-align the edge of the blade.
  • Be aware of handling the blade of our knife.

Step 2: Use of proper cutting board

The use of the proper cutting board is another important issue for maintaining the knife’s sharpness. Hence, try to use wooden, bamboo, or composite plastic cutting boards only.

However, don’t use ceramic, glass, porcelain, steel, or marble cutting boards. These materials can damage the edge of the blades of your knives. So, it’s better to avoid these types of materials for selecting your cutting board.


  • Use the dull side to transfer or remove your foods from the cutting board.
  • Keep your cutting board fresh and clean.

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Step 3: Keep your knives sharp

Sharpening your kitchen knives on a periodic basis is a very remarkable issue to keep in mind. It not only extends the durability of the blade but also ensures safety. Probably, it will be great if you can sharpen your knife about once a year.

Furthermore, you can test whether your knife needs sharpening or not by slicing a sheet of printer paper. If it can easily slice the paper, you don’t need to sharpen it.


  • Always sharpen blades in the same direction.
  • Test time to time whether you need to sharpen your knives or not.

Step 4: Keep the knives clean and dry

Always, keep the knife clean and dry for keeping it away from rusting. Keeping your knife clean is mandatory during and after use. Rinse off the knives with hot water and mild soap. But don’t dump your knives into a sink containing soapy water. After that, wipe your knife dry several times. Let it dry properly after washing it every time.


  • Never wash your knives in the dishwasher
  • Wash the knife carefully.

Step 5: Store your knives with safety

Certainly, storing a knife is another important thing to consider. Never store your kitchen knives open in a drawer. Use a magnetic strip, block, edge guards, or slotted hangers. So, for keeping your knife blades protected, store it with complete safety in a special container or knife block. Finally, make sure that the children and kids are safe from your knives.


  • Never store your knives lose.
  • Keep your children away from your knife.

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Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, kitchen knives are one of the most important kitchen tools for every kitchen setting. So, you should buy a good quality knife that you can afford. Moreover, every knife needs to be maintained properly.

So, if you don’t know how to maintain your kitchen knives properly, just follow the above steps. It will help you in maintaining your knives for better cutting performance and durability.

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