How to Clean a Kitchen Knife

A day without a knife is impossible to imagine. Yeah, that’s true. Knives are essential equipment for the household chore. From ancient civilization to the modern world, knives usage is undepictable.

So, proper maintenance is visible for this important object. People use this not only for kitchen work but also for surviving. Not to mention, a knife with dirt and rust will never serve you a smooth cut.

Eventually, you have to reject the product along with your money.  If you don’t want to waste your money, you must know how to clean a knife.

How to Clean a Kitchen Knife

Cleaning Essentials

To keep your knives clean and rust-free, you will need some necessary cleaning materials and utensils. In fact, proper cleaning equipment will make the erasing and washing task more comfortable. Let’s have a look at what do you need to buy for this purpose:

  • Nylon Pad
  • Scrubber
  • Mild dish wash (liquid or powder)
  • Enough water supply
  • Lubricant
  • Gloves for safety
  • Sponge or soft brush for pocket knives.

All utensils as mentioned earlier are available at your nearest stationery or hardware shop. Hence, you just need to gather them before you start your cleaning activity.

5 Ways to clean a knife

As the knife is a piece of daily equipment in home and out, right maintenance is necessary for the best output. Most of the time, we keep knives carelessly for one or two days without removing the debris.

Then it results in dry waste and rust which may trouble you for later washing. Hereafter, a question blows your mind unconsciously how to clean a knife. For this, five ways to clean a knife are written below:

Way 1: Make Sure Enough Supplies Storage

Before you start, check your kitchen stock whether all the essentials are available or not. It’s such a matter of annoyance if you find your washing material finished after starting the work. In fact, you have to apply the different procedure for kitchen knives and pocket knives. Again, you can clean the kitchen knives simply.

But for a pocket knife, you must use cleaner, sponge, and lubricant additionally. Again, you should collect rust-removing spray for better protection of your knives from oxidation. Store additional blades, if you need to replace the old one.


  • Check all the essentials twice.
  • Store different utensils for different knives.

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Way 2: Clean After every use


You just cut a lemon and left the knife uncleaned due to laziness. You just made a major mistake.

Though It’s a very typical scenario, you should be more careful about this. After every use, wipe your knife with wet cloths. If any food grain sticks to the blade, wash it off carefully with mild soaps. Then you can use a sponge for removing the debris and other wastes. Don’t use the sponge randomly. It will result in a cut in your hand by slipping.


  • Don’t leave your knife unwashed.
  • Use scrubber for food grains.

Way 3: Wash and Dry out

If you leave your knife uncleaned for days, the food will remain hard and stick to the blade. Sometimes, it may leave dark stains to the knife. Then, you have to soak the knife for few minutes into water. When it is soft enough to scrub, you should remove it by rubbing. Again, you have to dry out the knife using a dry kitchen towel.


  • Use scrub of wire and soak it in a water bowl.
  • Don’t emerge the knife more than two minutes in water.

Way 4: Use lubricant for Pocket knives

Of course, pocket knives are two sided knife. Always open your pocket knife entirely and wash it with water and mild soaps. Further, don’t use the powerful dishwashing for it. After using a pocket knife, you have to close it unwashed for the inconvenience. So, you can use lubricant spray for cleaning it in anywhere.


  • Wear a pair of gloves for cleaning pocket knives
  • Then, spray the oil gently and wipe it with a wet towel and then with a dry cloth. Finally, leave it to dry completely.

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Way 5: Never leave it in sink to rust

Please don’t leave the knives in a sink or water source. If you emerge your knife for a long time into water, it will oxidize and get attacked with rust. Perhaps, you won’t want to see your favorite knife as a scrap. For this, make sure that you left the knife dry after washing.


  • Always keep the knife blade dry and clean.
  • Place the knives in a fixed place away from water.
  • Additionally, sharpen your knives regularly for better performance.

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Final Verdict

Cleaning a knife is an easy task. But for a clean knife, you must give more efforts. Again, you should choose the knives of stainless steel for keeping it rust-free. Lack of cleanliness turns your knife into the dirt. So, proper guidance is needed for how to clean a knife.

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