How Long Does Ground Beef Last: Answering The Burning Question

From good old burgers to fancy lasagna, ground beef is my first choice when it comes to delicious meals. But if you want to enjoy safely your favorite specialties, you’ll need to find out how ground beef lasts.

How Long Does Ground Beef Last

Beef is one of the greatest quality red meat (red meat is the meat of mammals, which contains higher amounts of iron than chicken or fish), and it is appreciated all around the globe because of its impeccable taste and health benefits.
Like any other red meat, it is rich in various vitamins and minerals, especially iron and zinc. Beef is subject to many controversies, but there is much evidence of its health benefits.
Rich in high-quality protein, beef may help maintain and grow muscle mass, improve exercise performance, and prevent anemia.
If you want to make the best of beef benefits, you’ll need to pick the right and fresh one. Before I answer how long does ground beef last, I have to share a little bit of knowledge on how to buy and store ground beef.

How to pick perfect ground beef

The most popular way to use this gorgeous meat is ground beef, ideal for enchiladas, stuffed peppers, and of course – burgers.
I like to make everything from scratch, so a few years ago, I bought myself a great meat grinder, and since then, I ground beef by myself every time I get it. That’s the perfect way of getting the freshest, highest-quality ground beef.

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If you don’t have one or don’t like all that trouble, my advice is to buy it locally – from your butcher shop.
This way, you can ask the butcher to grind something on the spot for you. Tell them what you will be preparing from this meat, their advice is golden.
Why? Well, beef can be ground fine, medium, or coarse. Depending on what you are making, different ground plates will give you the best results:

  • Fine ground beef is commonly found in grocery stores and butcher shops and will fit perfectly for most recipes.
  • Medium size ground beef has more meat texture while holding in more moisture, and it is ideal for burgers.
  • Coarse ground beef is ideal for recipes like chili – the meat will not break down as much as a fine grind, therefore producing a moist, chunky texture.

But this is not an ideal world, so sometimes you’ll have to pick your beef without help from the butcher. In those cases, the first thing is to check the sell-by date. The second thing you need to check is color.
Fresh ground beef has a bright pink color with visible flecks of meat and fat in it. Avoid pale and pasty one – it was probably ground too many times or sat on shelves for a long time.
Ground beef is the most perishable item in the meat case, so extra caution is essential.
Following these simple steps, perfect ground beef will be on your plate in no time! Now, let’s find out how long does ground beef lasts in the freezer and fridge.

How long does ground beef last in the freezer?

Cooking straight from the freezer turns me off since it typically requires defrosting, which takes time. However, in this instance, freezing beef means preserving the health of your family.
You may reduce health risks by storing meat at a cooler temperature, which will inhibit the growth of bacteria. My recommendation is to freeze ground beef if you won’t be using it right away. Ground beef keeps well in the freezer for three to four months.
When freezing meat, you must cover the original store package with freezer paper, aluminum foil, or heavy-duty plastic wrap. Use freezer-safe bags for storing freshly ground beef in the freezer to avoid freezer burns.

How long does ground beef last in the fridge?

Nobody likes to cook and suddenly realizes that there are no more required ingredients. It is a familiar story for every household, so most people buy more than they need. I do that very often, especially with ground beef.
The problem is that ground beef is prone to going bad very quickly; after a couple of days, it starts to change color. No matter how no one likes food waste, eating spoiled meat causes more damage than throwing it.
In foods of animal origin, pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, and others cause serious illness. Also, grinding allows any bacteria present on the surface to be mixed throughout the meat.
Fresh ground beef can usually stay in the refrigerator for 1-2 days, but that’s not something to rely on.
So if you want to be safe and enjoy that yummy burger, follow these instructions:

  • Use good quality ground beef with an extended shelf-life; if you grind the meat at home, the quality is surely unquestionable.
  • Maximize the shelf life of beef with proper storage – if it is possible, leave it in the original package. If not, use airtight plastic containers. Knowing the correct position in the fridge to store raw meat can also extend the meat’s shelf life.
  • Never leave raw meat at room temperature for more than two hours; bacteria start to grow rapidly at higher temperatures.

Important tip: If you grind beef at home, leave it in the fridge for a maximum of one day, then freeze it for ideal results.

If you are not sure that you’ll use ground meat within two days, it is better to put it in the freezer.

How long does cooked ground beef last?

Cooked meat lasts longer – this is a very wrong and very dangerous myth. Yes, it can extend the shelf life of meat but not as much as we think.
Cooked ground beef also has an expiration date and can only last long up to 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator and the freezer for 3 months.
Avoid another rookie mistake – never partially cook ground beef. The partial cooking of food ahead of time allows harmful bacteria to survive and multiply to the point that subsequent cooking cannot destroy them.

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Additional advice – How to thaw ground beef

When it comes to defrosting ground beef, you should stick to a proven and safe method – the refrigerator method.
Take your meat out of the freezer up to two days before you plan on cooking it, put it on a plate or in a bowl, and place it on the bottom shelf in your fridge.
This may seem like a slower way, but it’s far safer.


I’m glad I can help, answering the burning question and sharing a little extra knowledge. Answering how long ground beef last essentially to be safe and healthy.
Foodborne illness and bacteria on red meat are no joke; it is always better to be safe, not sorry.
If you are not sure that ground beef is still good, don’t risk it – throw it away.
I’m always open to discoveries, so feel free to share your experiences and ask tough questions!

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