How Long Do Oranges Last? Storage, Shelf Life, Expiration

Can Oranges Go Bad?

Have you bought a lot of oranges and are wondering how long they can last and how to store them?
Read on for the answers to these questions and more tips for preserving oranges.
Like all other fruits, oranges will go bad after time or if stored in the wrong way.
The chances are that if you enjoy drinking freshly made orange juice or like to add some natural vitamin C and potassium to your daily diet you want to stack up on oranges.
The question is – how long can you store them until they start going bad?
The answer is in about 10 to 14 days if you store them at room temperature. When kept in the fridge, oranges can last for 21 days and up to a month.

How To Tell Than the Orange Has Gone Bad?

Usually, it is pretty straightforward to determine if an orange has started to spoil.
You should immediately discard the orange if it has green mold on the surface.
If an orange feels mushy and squishy to the touch and when held, the fruit has also likely gone rotten.
Also keep an eye out for any variations in the oranges’ hue. A patch’s discoloration or color change is never a good indication.
Use your sense of smell to detect any fermentation or rotting on the orange. An off or sour smell means that you should dispose of the orange immediately.

The Best Way to Storing Oranges

There are several ways to store oranges.
The first is to leave them at room temperature in your kitchen or pantry. This will keep the oranges nice and juicy and ready to be squeezed or otherwise consumed. But the problem is that they will start going bad in about 10-14 days at these temperatures.
If you choose to keep your oranges in the refrigerator, you can expect them to last for up to a month.
If you have cut or peeled an orange, you should keep it in the fridge.
As for freezing, since oranges have a high water content, you should not attempt to freeze them whole. If you are determined to store the oranges in the freezer, you will need to peel and section them, remove any seeds, and then place them in airtight containers or bags for storage.

What Is The Shelf Life of Oranges?

The average shelf life of oranges kept at room temperature is about 10 to 14 days.
When stored in the refrigerator, these citruses can last for up to a month.
Peeled and cut oranges will last for about 2-4 days, only if stored in the refrigerator.

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Final Words

Oranges are among the favorite fruits for young and older people.
But just like with any other fruit, they will eventually go bad over time.
To save money and prevent food wastage, make sure that you buy only as many oranges as you need and will use them.
When you buy a reasonable amount of oranges that you plan on consuming within the next 10 to 14 days, you can safely store them at room temperature.
If you have excess oranges, you can store them in the refrigerator for 21 days to up to a month.
For longer-term storage, you will need to peel, deseed and section them first.


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