How Long Do Bell Peppers Last In The Fridge?

Bell peppers are versatile vegetables that you can use in various dishes. There are also various kinds and colors of bell peppers that you can make use of.
However, when it comes to these bell peppers, how long can you expect them to last in the fridge? What do you do with some bell peppers that you found in the fridge and don’t quite know how old they are?
How long the bell peppers can last in the fridge can depend not only on how old they are but also on how you have stored them.
To figure it out and ensure that you do not eat bell peppers of poor quality, you can go through the following guide to learn about their shelf life, storage conditions and how to tell whether or not they have gone bad.

Shelf Life Of Bell Peppers In The Fridge

How long bell peppers can actually last in the fridge can depend on several factors. You can sum these up under the three C’s that you can go through below.


The color of the bell peppers can make a difference when it comes to the shelf life, although this difference is not that huge and only applies to those bell peppers that are green in color.
Generally, if your bell peppers are yellow, red and orange in color, then you can expect them to last for around two weeks in the fridge. After this point, they will begin to spoil and develop a chilling injury, so make sure you use them up within two weeks.
Green bell peppers can last for around 3-4 days longer than the other colors because they still have some extra time to ripen up and are firmer.


Keeping the bell peppers whole as opposed to cutting them can also impact how long they will last in the fridge.
Keeping them whole can ensure that they retain their quality and safety for longer. They can last for up to two weeks in the fridge.
However, if you have already cut the bell peppers up, don’t worry! You can still expect them to last for around four days if you store them in a paper towel or in an airtight container.


The shelf life of bell peppers can also be impacted by whether they are cooked or stored uncooked. As we’ve previously shown, keeping the bell peppers uncooked can extend their shelf life to up to two weeks. However, they will last for about four days if you chop them up but leave them uncooked.
Make sure you eat the bell peppers within this time frame since if you prepare them, you might be able to store them in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.
You can also freeze raw or cooked bell peppers after cutting them up and keeping them in a container, in which case they can last for several months up to a year.

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Have The Bell Peppers Gone Bad?

If you notice some bell peppers sitting around in your fridge, you should first check if they have gone bad or are still safe to use. To figure out whether or not they have gone bad, make sure you look for the following signs.

  • Color: If the bell peppers become discolored or develop patches of color on the skin, this is a sign that they have gone bad and that you should throw them out.
  • Smell: If the bell peppers happen to have a strange, odd, or downright foul smell, then this is a sure sign that they have gone bad. Make sure you chuck them out immediately.
  • Texture: Touch the bell peppers and see if they feel too soft and squishy. If they do, you should simply throw them out.
  • Appearance: If the bell peppers look dark in color and also have signs of mold and browning due to rotting, then it is time for you to throw them out.
  • Taste: If the overall appearance and texture do not reveal anything, you can try tasting the bell peppers to see if they taste sour or feel overly juicy in your mouth. If they do, throw them out.

Storage Conditions And Requirements

Keep the raw bell peppers in a plastic bag or another refrigerator-safe bag. Keep this bag in the vegetable crisper drawer of your refrigerator to ensure that they stay fresh, safe, and crisp for up to two weeks.
However, if you have already chopped up and/or cooked the bell peppers, make sure you wrap them up in a paper towel or place them in an airtight and sealed container before placing them in the fridge.
Do not leave these cut or cooked bell peppers out at room temperature; otherwise, bacteria may grow, develop and spoil them.

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