Best High-End Grills in 2022 – [Buying Guide]

Are you willing to splurge out for a shiny high-end grill?

Well, if you are ready to spend at least $2,000 or much more for a top-of-the-line grill, we have selected the top-rated grills for you.

Not only are they shiny and good-looking, but these luxury grills are built with the highest quality materials. They are equipped with some of the latest technologies for the best performance ever, similar to or equal to the ones used in professional kitchens.

Read on about the best high-end grills, as well as what makes them so unique and worth spending so much money on.

Best overall

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790S Gas Grill

For a multitude of reasons, this amazing propane gas barbecue has taken the #1 rank on our list.

Although it is very small, it has a large primary cooking area (792 square inches) and additional shelves for keeping condiments, preparing food, preparing sides, and holding equipment.

It is a very adaptable outdoor cooking station that may be used as a grill, smoker, or rotisserie.

The high-end propane gas barbecue is made completely of lifetime-quality 304 stainless steel.

Simply by looking at the Echelon Diamond E790S’s sleek and contemporary appearance, one can tell that it is an expensive grill.

It has three main cast stainless steel burners with a powerful heat output of 90,000 BTUs and an added 15,000 BTU side burner for even more space and for preparing sauces, soups and sides while grilling the main dish.

The burners are lit with a touch via the reliable hot surface ignition. The temperatures can be adjusted effortlessly through the LED-backlit touch knobs on the front.

You can buy this grill in options with a combo of cast steel and an infrared burner, or with all infrared burners, depending on your needs. Infrared burners reduce the cooking time and produce a better sear without drying the meat.

The high-end grill by Fire Magic has a digital thermometer display that will show you four different zone readings and can display the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking.

You can also set the cooking time, switch the internal halogen lights of the grill on and off and even select the color for the display with a touch of a button on this state-of-the-art grill.

The grill has backup flash tubes for the ignition and flavor grids which ensure that the heat is spread evenly and that the grease and juices are directed away from the burners to prevent flare-ups.

You can adjust the different parts of the Diamond Sear cooking surface into different temperature zones. The patented grids will prevent the food from sticking and will ensure there are no hot or cold spots.

There is an added warming rack that can be moved away when not in use and an added charcoal smoker basket that will help add that smokiness to the food, which most gas grills cannot produce.

This high-end grill also comes with a Quantum infrared backburner using stainless steel foam, which is compatible with the included 13,000 BTU rotisserie kit.

Cleaning the grill is easy thanks to the specially designed large drip tray and a disposable pan system.

The cart-style grill has multiple storage options, including two large storage drawers, two large side shelves, and a slide-out compartment for the propane tank.

The grill is set on locking casters and is 79.25 (W) x 30.5 (D) x 52.5 (H) inches in size and weighs 425 lbs.

Fire Magic backs its luxurious grill with a lifetime warranty for the stainless steel burners, grids, and housing. The other parts are backed by warranties ranging from 3 to 15 years, so you can rest assured that your investment is well protected in the future.

The runner-up

Napoleon Prestige PRO 825 Propane Gas Grill

This stunning luxurious grill by Napoleon will grab the attention of the entire neighborhood, and we are pretty sure it will become the favorite place to spend time cooking and relaxing, as well as for showing off to friends.

The beautiful propane gas grill has an impressive number of burners and a set of features, making it a highly versatile cooking station.

It has four stainless steel tube burners with a total of 48,000 BTUs and an added rear infrared burner for slow rotisserie cooking with an output of 18,000 BTU. Aside from these, there are two ceramic Sizzle Zone infrared burners with a BTU of 24,000 on the main cooking area, which are perfect for quick heating and searing. The grill also has an added power side burner with 8,000 BTU, and if this is not enough, the grill also comes with a dedicated 8,000 BTU burner for the included wood chip smoker tray.

The total heat output of this top-of-the-line propane gas grill is 123,000 BTUs.

The total cooking area of this premium quality propane grill is 1,245 square inches, including the 825 square inch main cooking area and the added 420 square inch warming area.

The burners can be turned on in a second via the flame thrower ignition.

The cooking grids are made of stainless steel and feature the trademark Napoleon Wave style, which leaves amazing restaurant-quality sear marks.

The grill’s hood has a built-in AccuProbe temperature gauge and can retain the heat in the grill providing an oven-like cooking experience.

The shiny stainless steel grill has eye-catching and useful LED control knobs that you can adjust to any color you want and a SafetyGlow red warning feature that will let you know which burner is on at any given moment. There are interior lights that make nighttime cooking safer and easier.

The grill is fitted with a large removable grease pan, making it easy to clean up after use.

The cart-style propane grill offers multiple storage options, including a double door cabinet, two pull-out drawers, and two side shelves.

The Canadian-made luxurious grill comes almost completely assembled, so you won’t need to spend time, effort, and money for assembly and can get going with the cooking right away.

The dimensions of the Prestige Pro 825 are 94.25 (W) x 25.5 (D) x 51 (H) inches, and it weighs 469 lbs.

All of the major components are backed by a lifetime warranty by Napoleon, and the other parts come with a 15-year warranty.

Top natural gas grill

Alfresco ALXE 42-Inch Natural Gas Grill

This luxurious natural gas grill is another impressive appliance that will bring joy to your eyes and will further inspire you to cook delicious food whenever you get the chance.

It is made of 304 stainless steel in the USA and comes with a built-in beast of a rotisserie that can easily support meat weighing up to 120 lbs. It has a ceramic infrared burner of 18,500 BTUs paired with a whisper-soft motor.

The cart-style grill by Alfresco has three main burners made of stainless steel and titanium alloy with an output of 27,500 BTUs each, which add up to a total of 82,500 BTUs for all three.

It also has a dedicated smoker burner with an output of 5,000 BTUs. The smoker drawer can be used for wood chunks, herbs, peppers, and even liquids such as water, cider, juice, beer, or others which will add a fantastic flavor to the food on the grill at 200 degrees.

You can add an infrared one sear zone as an added option offered by the manufacturer.

The high-end grill utilizes unique ceramic briquettes shaped like pyramids which help deliver the heat throughout the cooking surface evenly and help maximize the flavor of the food.

The total grilling area of this superb natural gas grill is 770 square inches and a removable and adjustable warming rack.

The cooking grids are made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

The cart-style grill has LED-lit front lights on the control panel for easy visibility in low light conditions. The ignition is performed via stainless steel push buttons. Its hood is equipped with torsion springs for easy opening and secure closing.

Even a grill cover is included in the package.

The size of this impressive natural gas grill is 66.06 (W) x 26.81 (D) x 51.18 (H) inches, and it weighs 395 lbs.

The stainless steel burners, grates, and other parts made by Alfresco are backed by a lifetime warranty, and the rest of the components are backed by warranties from one to five years by Alfresco.

The leading pellet grill

Memphis Grills Elite

If you have decided to invest in a high-end pellet grill, we strongly recommend the Memphis Grills Elite wood pellet grill.

This multifunctional grill can be used not only for grilling but also for smoking, low and slow barbecuing, searing, and even for baking, roasting, and making pizza like you would in a convection oven or a pizza oven.

This excellent pellet grill has a huge cooking area of 1,274 square inches with the optional grates (or 6, 345 cubic inches). Its dual pellet hopper has a capacity of 24 pounds of wood pellets, which means that you won’t need to keep refilling it even during a low and slow cooking session. It has a dual bin hopper with a dual auger for easy pellet feeding.

This high-end pellet grill provides very precise temperature control, and you can set it to temperatures ranging from 180 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and set it to direct and indirect flames and has dual convection fans for convection cooking. So, practically, you can use the Elite pellet grill for cooking just about anything.

The Intelligent temperature control system is equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can set, control and monitor the temperature of the grill from your phone or via another remote device.

The grill itself is made of double-wall insulated 304 stainless steel. The grill chamber has powerful fans and an oven-grade gasket to ensure that the heat circulates evenly and remains inside the grill.

There are two side shelves and a large storage cabinet under the grill.

It comes with a direct flame insert, one meat probe, and a genie tool.

The grill is 69 (W) x 29 (D) x 47 (H) inches in size and weighs 283 lbs.

The Elite grill is covered by a 7-year limited warranty by Memphis Grills and a 3-year warranty for the electrical and electronic components.

Greatest design

Kalamazoo Gaucho

This one-of-a-kind grill by Kalamazoo looks like a piece of art, and it can actually be considered one.

It is handcrafted from 304-grade stainless steel, but if you live by the sea, the Company offers to custom make one made of marine-grade stainless steel for you!

This grill is made in a Gaucho Argentinian barbecue style. It has a 30-inch wheel for positioning the grilling rack exactly where you want it to be. This means that you can cook your food at the exact temperature and as close or as far away from the flame as you want to. Plus, the wheel looks absolutely stunning and will become the accent of your outdoor space.

It has two gas-powered burners, which can be used to easily and quickly start the charcoal or wood in the grill via the cast bronze starter.

Handcrafted in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Kalamazoo Grill is an Argentinian-style grill and rotisserie that is also akin to a working piece of art.

It has a motorized integrated rotisserie with a 33-inch spit and the capacity to hold and cook an entire animal.

The total grilling surface of this gaucho-style grill is 726 square inches, and the two gas burners have an output of 45,000 BTUs, which makes lighting the wood or charcoal easy and fast.

It comes as a built-in or as a free-standing version with a side burner.

This handmade grill is among the most expensive ones on this list, but if you want a showstopper in your outdoor space – this is the one to go for!

The most expensive grill ever

Gold-plated BeefEater Grill

If you were wondering how expensive could the most expensive grill in the world costs – we have it here for you.

While it is not available for sale, it is interesting to take a look at this ridiculously luxurious gold-plated grill.

It is made by the Australian grill-making company named BeefEater, which decided to gold-plate with 24 carat gold one of its own grills – the 6-burner LS4000s.

The fact is that every single component of this grill is gold plated, including each nut and bolt which holds it together!

Interestingly enough, gold does have a much higher melting point (2,000 degrees Fahrenheit) than stainless steel. Still, you will hardly need to heat up any grill to this kind of temperature anyway.

The estimated price of this gold-plated grill was about 155,000 Australian dollars when it was shown at a Home Show in Sydney in 2007. Today, the price will be different and depends on the current price of gold.

As noted, this grill is not for sale, but keep in mind that for this kind of money, you can buy about 50 of the manufacturer’s regular gas grills, about 180 Big Green Eggs, or a whole 950 high-end Weber charcoal grills.

Still, this extravagant gold-plated grill is definitely something you do not see every day!

Are high-end grills really worth it?


You may be wondering why someone would spend so much money on a grill instead of buying a car, for example. But grills are like cars – there are inexpensive sedans, and there are high-end sports cars.

The truth is that if you can afford one of these grills and are serious about grilling, you will receive exactly what you are paying for.

The top-of-the-line grills are built from the best and most durable materials. They are made with great attention to detail and are usually backed by lifetime or very long warranties.

If you buy any of these high-end grills, you will get features and extras which you can’t find in any of the other mass production grills.

As you have seen from our list, these luxurious grills come with some amazing features such as powerful built-in rotisseries, infrared burners, built-in smoker boxes, convection fans, state-of-the-art digital controls, added burners, and more.

So, instead of comparing buying a grill like this to buying a car, the more suitable comparison is buying a regular car to buying a high-performance sports car.

Plus, most of these high-end grills are handcrafted in the USA by artisans, so you can support the local crafters who are working hard to make products that will last forever and are striving for high quality instead of supporting imported cheap goods.

We suggest – if you can afford it – go for it!

Leading luxury grill brands

Alfresco Grills


Alfresco has been making commercial kitchen appliances and equipment for decades. The Company launched the Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems line in the late 1990s. The Company began producing top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen equipment with the same materials and methodologies used for making high-end professional restaurant equipment.

It is a company based in southern California, where all of its grills, including their professional Artisan grills, are made from premium grade materials. The factory has some of the latest and most advanced equipment for the precise cutting and use of stainless steel in the world.

The Company claims to have more “industry firsts” than any other company in the business of outdoor kitchen appliance production.

Some of their industry firsts include the built-in motorized rotisserie, infrared burner combined with stainless steel burner, first to make the largest 56-inch professional grill, and many more.

The Company offers a wide range of amazing high-end grills and other cooking and kitchen equipment and offers design services and custom-made outdoor cooking appliances based on their customer’s ideas and dreams.

Fire Magic Grills


Fire Magic is another grill maker famous for crafting some of the finest, high-performance grills made in the USA.

The Company has been in the grill-making business for more than 75 years and is among the leaders in the industry of high-end outdoor grilling equipment.

The luxury grill maker is specialized in making versatile luxury grills with trademark Flavor grids and special nonstick Diamond Sear grill grids, generous cooking areas, and with high BTU outputs, which can be used for all types of outdoor food cooking, including grilling, rotisserie cooking, smoking, searing and charcoal barbecuing. All of the Fire Magic gas grills are field convertible from propane to natural gas.

All of the grills are constructed with heavy-gauge, top quality, kitchen appliance grade 304 stainless steel, which resists corrosion, oxidation, and the highest temperatures. They are made with incredible attention to detail. The Company backs its products with a lifetime warranty for most main components (the stainless steel housing, burners, and cooking grids) and up to 15 years of warranty for the other parts. It offers its customer helpful and readily available customer support so that you will know that your investment is well made and is protected for life.

DCS Grills


DCS has been offering exceptional and high-performance grills which can be used for rotisserie, smoking, baking, and low and slow cooking since the 1980s.

The DCS grills are constructed from premium quality materials and are handcrafted to the last detail – with pro chefs in mind.

This ensures the perfect cooking results and the durability and reliability of these outdoor cooking appliances.

The Company also makes grills that are suitable for ambitious amateur pitmasters and chefs who want to match the performance of the pros.

You can also buy one or more of the wide range of outdoor accessories and components offered by DCS to create a complete outdoor kitchen just like you have ever wanted it, and even better.

The grills are backed by a 2-year warranty which includes service covered for any part of the grill within those first 24 months of use of the grill.

Napoleon Grills


Napoleon is a grill and outdoor heating and cooling company situated in Canada that offers a stunning array of different grills, including gas, charcoal, portable, electric, and built-in appliances. It also makes top-of-the-line outdoor fireplaces and equipment for cooling and heating your outdoor spaces, and other kitchen components

There are grills of all sizes and suitable for all budgets and needs in the product list of the Canadian-based grill-making Company.

Its premium grill line includes the Prestige and the PrestigePro series, which offer great value for the money, and are beautifully crafted from stainless steel. The luxury Napoleon grills come with all of the latest technology and features, including up to 10 main, infrared, side, rear, and bottom burners, with up to 12,300 BTUs, Sizzle Zones, rotisserie burners, built-in wood chip trays for smoking, and feature the patented

Wave cooking grids that leave exceptional-looking grill marks on the food.

The Napoleon premium grills have beautiful and eye-catching RGB spectrum control knobs, interior grill lights, and everything an amateur or professional outdoor cook has ever dreamt of. When you are cooking on one of these grills, you will be providing your guests not only with deliciously prepared food but with an impressive colorful light show as well.

They are backed by a lifetime warranty and are quite reasonably priced when compared to most other high-end grills.

Memphis Grills


Memphis Grills began making high-end wood pellet grills back in 2009 and has gained a reputation as one of the best in the field.

The premium pellet grill manufacturer also produces and sells natural wood pellets for its luxury grills.

The grills offered by the Company are versatile and can be used for grilling, wood-fire searing at temperatures from 500 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, low and slow cooking, smoking, and convection roasting and baking with a remarkably precise intelligent temperature control system.

Overall, when you buy one of these premium grills, you will have an entire cooking station and another oven outdoors, which we are pretty sure you will prefer to use whenever possible.

The grills from Memphis Grills are also famous for all the state-of-the-art technologies incorporated in them. Some of them include built-in Wi-Fi temperature control, large bright displays, intuitive controls, and more.

The grills are made of premium grade stainless steel and are backed by a 7-year warranty for the material and workmanship and 3 years for the electrical and electronic components.

Memphis Grills have won numerous awards, including Number One Luxury Grill at the Pitmaster Awards.

Saber Grills


Saber makes luxury gas grills that all feature the proprietary Saber infrared technology for moisture removal, flare-up reduction, and fuel efficiency (30% less propane) while cooking faster.

The Company also offers a wide assortment of accessories for its grills and components for setting up an entire outdoor kitchen.

All of the Saber grills are built of top quality 304 stainless steel, and the Company prides itself on its most affordable options on the high-end grill market.

They can easily be converted from propane to gas and have built-in halogen interior light and LED backlit control knobs.

Each of the high-end Saber grills is sold with a rotisserie kit, a rod, and a marine-grade protective cover.

What about a mid to high-end grill?

Since this article is focused on the high-end grills, we have not included some incredible grills which are situated between the mid to high-end mark and cost from $1,200 to $2,000.

If you are interested in saving money for a high-end grill and investing in one of these excellent mid to high-range ones, you can find some great choices offered by Weber, Yoder, Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg, and more, which are all still high-performance and premium grills.

In conclusion

Hopefully, we have helped you get an idea of what the best premium grills that money can buy can offer for the steep prices asked.

One thing that we have no doubt about is that each of these grills is built to last and has features that you cannot find in any other less expensive grill on the market.

Consider buying one of these top-of-the-line grills similar to buying a Ferrari when choosing a car.

Our truthful recommendation is that you buy one of these high-end grills if you can afford it and if you are serious about outdoor cooking and grilling.

As you can see from our list, some of these grills are incredibly high-priced, but others come with reasonable price tags, so you get to choose according to the budget you have set for buying a high-end grill.

We are pretty sure that you will never regret this investment and will be using your new grill for years and decades, and all your friends and neighbors will be talking about it for years as well.

Good luck with your purchase!

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