Grohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews of 2022 [Complete Buying Guide]

Are you thinking of buying a Grohe Kitchen Faucet for your home but can’t decide which to get? According to the US EPA, a typical American home uses up to 88 gallons of water a day. But they can also save up to 20% water use if a quality faucet is installed.

That’s why it is vital you install the best faucet in your home, and few brands are as notable as Grohe. To help you decide what to buy, I’ve put together this detailed review of the top Grohe faucets you can purchase right now.

Grohe Kitchen Faucet

All right, let’s take a closer look at 7 of the finest faucets that Grohe has to offer.

Grohe K7 Semi-Pro Standard Kitchen Faucet

The K7 has the Grohe SilkMove cartridge that allows for full control of water temperature and volume. These cartridges have ceramic disks with a special Teflon coating, so it is friction-free. Like the rest of the Grohe faucets, the K7 is built to last since it doesn’t use plastic. The StarLight finish gives the K7 a beautiful finish that won‘t fade or rust as the years go by. The K7 is also available in SuperSteel InfinityFinish, which also gives the surface a nice glossy finish. By using the latest technology, the K7 can withstand dirt, grime, and corrosion.

The K7 has special plating that keeps it from getting tarnished, so even with years of usage, the brilliance doesn’t come off. And with its SpeedClean technology, the nozzles get full protection from dirt and limescale buildup.

Highlighted Features

  • The K7 SpeedClean allows you to get rid of limescale with a single finger swipe
  • The faucet has a pull out dual spray that lets you switch between spray and standard water flow
  • The StarLight finish makes the faucet resistant to stain and scratches
  • The SilkMove mechanism ensures the K7 runs smoothly and consistently
  • The spray head can be rotated 360 degrees, so it’s convenient to use
  • The K7 has a heavy-duty pull out spray head with full protection against the buildup of limescale
  • The spray head goes back in place when not in use via its 140 swivel arm

Grohe LadyLux3 Café Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The 32298DC1 is built to ensure you get clean and consistent water flow. The faucet has a gooseneck for your convenience and pulls down a single handle spray head. Functional as it is convenient, the 32298DC1 is 14 3/4 inches high and has a spout that can be extended by 8 1/8 inches. Its high arc swivel spout makes the faucet simple to use.

You can also switch between spray and standard flow with a button press. Its locking spray mechanism is well designed and complements the 360-degree swivel radius.

At a height of 14 and 3/4 inches, the faucet is suitable for a lot of kitchen sinks, as is the aerator. The faucet and the rest of the body are constructed from brass, so it is solid and built for long-term use.

By far, the most convenient feature of the 32298DC1 is its dual spray toggle. With a simple press, you can go from a stream to spray and back. The backsplash protection works very well, as the forward rotating lever does what it should.

Lastly, the 32298DC1 is very easy to install. No need to call a plumber as you can do this yourself.

Highlighted Features

  • SilkMove for dependable operation
  • Forward rotating handle with anti-splash
  • 75 GPM for a powerful but efficient flow rate
  • CALGreen compliant and conforms to industry standards
  • RealSteel construction with stainless steel for durability even with extensive use
  • With its SpeedClean system, limescale can be removed quickly
  • Single lever handle allows for intuitive operation

Grohe 30213DC0 Parkfield Kitchen Faucet

The 30213DC0 is a no-frills faucet that does what it’s supposed to do. Installation is easy, and the handle feels good. The water flow is consistent and helps you get things done quicker. Switching from regular water flow to stream is easy and simplifies a lot of common kitchen tasks. The 30213DC0 shares a lot of features with other Grohe faucets, including being easy to operate.

The faucet and aerator height is standard, so your back won’t get stretched while you’re using it. The hose retracts easily, and it doesn’t splash the way other faucets do.

There’s a locking mechanism for the two water flow modes that works seamlessly, and the handle rotates smoothly. The neat part is you can rotate the 30213DC0, and you’re not going to get splashed with water. The SpeedClean technology incorporated in the faucet also accelerates cleaning after use.

Highlighted Features

  • The 30213DC08 sports a single handle pull down design for easy operation
  • The faucet is available in three finishes, Super Steel, StarLight Chrome, and oil rubbed bronze
  • Its 1.75 GPM flow rate assures you get the amount of water you need without wasting any
  • A simple swipe of your finger is all it takes to remove limescale, thanks to its anti-lime mechanism design
  • A forward rotating lever allows you to use the faucet without worrying about backsplash
  • There is a button that enables you to switch between regular water flow and spray
  • With SilkMove, you’re assured the faucet is built to operate for years

Grohe Concetto High Arc Kitchen Faucet-Starlight Chrome

The 32665001 is a high-performance faucet that combines functionality with efficiency.  This faucet has a height of 15 1/16 inch height and a reach of 8 9/16 inches, ideal for most kitchen sinks. CALGreen compliant, the 32665001 has a 1.75 GPM, so the flow rate is strong but efficient. The variable handling means you can move it around with ease. Couple this with a 360-degree swivel radius, and you’ve got a solidly made faucet. The body is made of solid brass, so it is low maintenance and should last for years.

The 32665001 dual spray mechanism has a push button so you can switch between spray and regular water. With its SilkMove cartridge, you get full control over the temperature and volume. The gliding disks on the cartridge have a Teflon coating, so there is no friction. The 32665001 is also complemented by its handles. These are built for long-term use which is why they are built of ceramic and not plastic.

Highlighted Features

  • The pull-down high arc design makes the faucet convenient to use
  • It has variable handling position options for your convenience
  • The 32665001 dual spray system makes it easy to go from stream to regular water flow
  • There is an anti-lime buildup that makes the faucet simple to clean
  • It is available in StarLight Chrome and silver finish
  • The tarnish-resistant finish means it needs very little maintenance
  • The non-return valve is integrated and, with SilkMove operates smoothly

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Grohe Eurodisc Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

The 33 330 DC1 is a single lever pull-out faucet designed to work with different types of kitchen sinks. The swivel spout provides a good deal of accessibility, and the 7 3/16 inch height makes it compatible with most kitchens.

There is a pull-out spray at the end of the spout and has a button for switching between spray and regular mode. The 33 330 DC1 also has the SpeedClean technology for full protection against limescale accumulation. By using the lever handle, you can manage the volume and temperature. The design also allows for easy one-finger control so you can wash, clean, and rinse with ease. The StarLight finish also means you’re assured the surface is going to last.

The 33 330 DC1 also has SilkMove handling and durability. This feature goes along with the others, provides extra convenience. The installation is straightforward, and the specs are compatible with most kitchen sinks. With a 2.5 GPM flow rate, you don’t have to worry about not having enough water for washing and food preparation.

Highlighted Features

  • The faucet comes in two finishes, chrome, and stainless steel
  • The 33 330 DC1 has a system built in that allows for quick limescale removal
  • With its tarnish and scratch-resistant finish, you’ll be able to use this for years
  • The cartridge ensures consistent operation
  • The 33 330 DC1 is 100% CALGreen compliant
  • The single lever handle allows you to operate the faucet hassle-free.
  • You can toggle between spray and regular water flow

Grohe Concetto High Arc Kitchen Faucet- SuperSteel InfinityFinish

The Concetto combines functionality with ease of use. The highlight on the Concetto is its dual spray pull-down that makes it easy to adjust the faucet. The Concetto is available in SuperSteel and StarLight chrome finish, both of which are stain and corrosion-resistant. The faucet is 15 1/16 inches high, so it installs fine on most kitchen sinks. With a reach of 8 9/16 of an inch, you don’t have to stretch.

The 1.75 GPM is standard for most Grohe faucets, and it suits this model perfectly.

The single lever handle is nothing fancy, but it works, and it complements the dual spray mechanism. With an 8 5/8 aerator, the Concetto is ideal for a lot of users, and the 360-degree swivel radius means you don’t have to struggle when washing dishes.

Grohe faucets are known for their durability, and this is no exception. The brass body doesn’t just look good but also provides assurance that it is going to last even with extended use. The Concetto is also CALGreen compliant.

Highlighted Features

  • Pull down high arc design for easy operation.
  • SilkMove construction for durability and guaranteed smoothness
  • Anti-lime system to prevent buildup and accumulation
  • The variable handle lets you set the position to where you’re most comfortable
  • The dual locking spray makes it easy to switch from regular to spray water flow
  • The finish is scratch-resistant
  • The body is made of solid brass

Grohe Ladylux Plus Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

The 33 759 SD0 is a versatile faucet that’s built for those who don’t want to compromise. It is equipped with an 11 11/16 inch high faucet and is fully CALGreen compliant. The faucet also comes with a forward rotating lever to prevent backsplash from interfering with you. As part of the Ladylux series, the 33 759 SD0 is equipped with a dual spray function that allows you to toggle between spray and stream.

You could start with regular water flow, and with the press of a button, switch to stream. There’s no need to turn off the faucet as you just press the toggle button and the flow rate changes.

Its spout has a 360-degree swivel radius, so you can rotate the 33 759 SD0 and set it at the angle you’re most comfortable. It doesn’t have a regular gooseneck like those found on other faucets, and there is no need for it. Since the spout can be turned 360 degrees, it’s more than capable. The spout has a 9 1/8 inch reach.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of RealSteel stainless steel that’s designed for lifetime use
  • Comes with SpeedClean for quick removal of limescale
  • The faucet has the Grohe StarLight finish, which makes it resistant to tarnish and stain
  • The 33 759 SD0 incorporates SilkMove for reliable operation
  • Double-check valve design
  • The faucet is optimized for efficient water flow
  • The faucet comes with a 360-degree swivel spout for easy use

Things to Know about Grohe Faucet

If you’re going to buy a faucet, one of the first things you need to do is read a Grohe Kitchen Faucet review like the ones I’ve posted here. But in addition to that, you’ve got to take the following into consideration as well.


Most kitchen sinks have mounting holes as well as dispensers for soaps and other features. Look up the Grohe faucet you chose if it is compatible with your current kitchen setup. You need to make sure the faucet and sink are compatible otherwise, you won’t be able to use it.

Styles, Sizes, and Shapes

Grohe manufactures a wide range of faucets, and they come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Some are compact and meant for small sinks. They also have gooseneck models if you’ve got a deep sink. Some of their faucets have special cleaning systems to ensure come out pure.


Grohe has earned a reputation for making faucets that are easy to install. This is true, but you have to make sure that the faucet is the right one for your kitchen. And while these products are easier to set up, you should still read the installation manual for details.

Types of Faucets Available

If there is one thing that Grohe is known for, it is that they make a lot of different kitchen faucets.

Their kitchen faucets are divided into collections:

  • Water and filtration systems
  • Premium Lifestyle Collections
  • Performance Lines

Each of the three collections comes with several product or series so you can customize your kitchen sink the way you want it.

Because there are a lot of kitchen faucets to choose from, you can pick and choose the one that is appropriate for your needs. At the same time it can be overwhelming just going through all of them. That is where you’ll want to use this review or prepare a list of the features you want and use it as a guide.


Grohe faucets usually get a lot of positive feedback, but you need to go a bit deeper. That is, look for hose reviewers that have the same sink setup and needs as you. By checking these out you’ll know which one is ideal. The customer feedback also tells you how well the faucet holds up to real-life use.

The Benefits of Grohe Faucet


Grohe has become the standard by which faucets are measured, and that’s in part due to their affordable prices. But more than the low cost, Grohe comes with a lot of features that other faucet manufacturers cannot match.


There are different types of Grohe faucets, but they do share one thing in common, durability. They’re all built for long-term or lifetime use. Once you’ve installed the faucet you can use it for years to come. Grohe products come with a long warranty but chances are you’re not going to need it.

Easy to Use

These faucets are very easy to use. Once they’re installed you can go about your business and not worry about anything else. A good faucet is one that doesn’t get in your way. You turn it on to wash, clean, rinse and prepare food, then turn it off. That’s what Grohe faucets do for you.

Low Maintenance

These faucets don’t need extensive maintenance like those from other brands. Their surfaces are stain and tarnish-resistant so you don’t need to do a lot of cleaning. Their connections are also solid so you don’t need to constantly keep an eye on it.

All-Purpose Faucets

The trademark of a good faucet is you can use it in different ways. Grohe has made a name for itself doing just that, as many of their faucets are retractable and can be turned in different directions to suit whatever directions you want it to go.

Simplifies Cleaning

One of the many benefits of using a Grohe faucet is they take the drudgery out of cleaning. Now you don’t have to waste time and water. Their faucet has built-in mechanisms that speed up cleaning. Once you’re done using the faucet you can go on to your other tasks.


These products come with several features that make them stand out. Some models, for instance, have a dual sprayer that you can pull out easily. You can choose to spray or stream and they don’t move around. Unlike other kitchen faucets the ones made by Grohe are meant to be used extensively without breaking.

Final Verdict

The kitchen faucet is such an integral part of our home, but most people don’t give it a second thought until there’s a problem. Hopefully, the reviews here were able to help you decide. With a quality kitchen faucet you’ll save a lot of time and avoid water leaks.

If you’re wondering which of the 7 is the best Grohe Kitchen Faucet, I can honestly say that all 7 of the highest quality. You can buy any of these products and you can be certain they’re going to provide the results you want: quiet, smooth operation.


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