The Best Grill Spatulas in 2022 – [Buying Guide]

You should always have a grilling spatula on hand for your barbecue needs. It appears to have a long handle and a wide blade. It is used for turning meat or hamburgers on the grill. Similar to a serving spoon, you can also use it to inspect the condition of your meal and even take it out of the cooking area.

You may already be an expert at grilling and know which spatula to use. However, it is more of a hit-or-miss situation for newbies. The review that follows introduces top picks in order to meet the demands of the latter group.

Best Overall

Imperial Stainless Steel Super Spatula-Broil King

For our number one pick, we have a reliable grilling accessory. Its selling appeal is its resiliency, thanks to its sturdy stainless steel construction. The material is responsible for its shiny hue that upholds its aesthetic factor.

The Imperial super spatula is wide, ideal for flipping large pieces of foods, like burgers. A long handle makes it safe to use, maintaining a reasonable distance away from the cooking area. Still, on the handle, it is comfortable to hold, courtesy of the high-density resin coat. The coat gives it insulating properties, further enhancing its safety.

Besides using this utensil for flipping food, you may use it as a bottle opener. Cleaning is a straightforward affair as it is dishwasher-friendly. When not using it, you can hang it by its integrated hook.


  • A durable construction.
  • It is dishwasher-friendly.
  • A resin-coated long handle makes it safe to use.
  • The spatula sports a bottle opener.
  • Ideal for handling large pieces of meat or burgers.
  • Amazing looks.


  • The spatula has a flat design, which can be messy when handling food dripping with oil or juices.

The Runner-Up

Premium Stainless Steel Wide Spatula- Weber

The spatula’s head size is a factor to consider when getting one. Your pick should have a decently sized head. This is for versatility in handling various dishes. The Weber Premium wide spatula fits this definition. At a width of 7.2-inches, you can use this implement for cooking fillet or steak.

It has a slotted design, allowing for juices and oils to drain. As such, it is less messy to use. The spatula’s primary material is stainless steel, an assurance of longevity.

This Weber model has an ergonomic handle that feels natural on your hands. A plastic covering insulates it, upping its safety.

Cleaning is not a problem with this stainless steel wide spatula. You may put it in the dishwasher without the risk of degradation or damage. At the tip of the handle is a hanging hook for storage.


  • A large spatula head, suitable for large pieces of food.
  • Its slots allow for the drainage of juices and oils.
  • A sturdy stainless steel construction.
  • It is dishwasher-friendly.
  • A comfortable and safe ergonomic shaft.
  • The spatula has a hook for hanging when not in use.


  • The handle is relatively short and may present a problem in flipping some foods.

The Budget Option

Chef Craft Stainless Steel Spatula

This selection is user-friendly. There are several areas where you will note this attribute, starting with its handle’s design. The Chef Craft stainless steel utensil has a 13-inch shank. This length keeps you safe from the hot grill. The plastic coat offers insulation and makes it comfortable on your hand. The design allows for the effortless flipping of food.

You cannot overlook the sturdiness of this stainless steel craft. It is a heavy-duty grilling accessory that will serve you for a long time. Additionally, it is rust-resistant.

The thinly angled edges also up this spatula’s convenience. You can easily slip the head under your food, preventing it from sticking on the grates. Fluids like oil will drain through the head’s slits. As such, you won’t have a messy experience.

For sanitation purposes, you can put this appliance in the dishwasher. The Chef Craft utility has a hanging hole for storage.


  • This add-on is convenient to use.
  • A dishwasher-friendly utensil.
  • It has a hanging hole for storage.
  • Thin angled edges to easily slip under food.
  • A robust build with rust-resistant properties.
  • Safe to use.
  • An ergonomic handle.


  • There are two sharp edges at the back of the shaft, which can be a hazard.

Most Good Looking

New Star Foodservice Extra Large Grill Spatula

At times, when getting a kitchen implement, you look for one that matches your style. If you are into accessories with striking looks, the New Star Foodservice spatula is a nice option.

It has a rustic look, ideal if you love simplicity. The large blade is shiny, contrasting the wooden shaft’s dullness.

A blade width of 4-inches is versatile in handling meals of different sizes. It is an ideal accessory for commercial grilling. Still, on the head, you may use one sharpened side like a knife. It comes in handy when grilling meat, where you make some cuts for fast cooking.

The New Star spatula’s wooden shank is stable; thus, safe to use. The wood acts as an insulator, with the rivets firmly securing it in place.

Durability is another feature of this spatula due to the quality of its materials.


  • Amazing looks.
  • A large head, which is flexible in cooking both large and small food pieces.
  • Safe to use.
  • The blade can work as a knife.
  • It is a long-lasting utensil.


  • This spatula may be pretty uncomfortable to use.

Best Set

Weber Deluxe Stainless Steel Set Of Tong And Spatula

When getting kitchen items, a set is better as you get plenty of utensils in one package. The Weber Deluxe stainless steel set is a recommendable pick. It has a spatula and a tong, two essential add-ons for a successful grilling session.

The two barbecuing accessories have a fantastic look. This is from the shiny stainless steel that also contributes to their durability. A rubber grip on the shafts of the tongs and spatula makes them comfortable to use.

The spatula is long, with a slotted head. The length upholds safety, while the slits on the head allow for fluids to drain; hence, a clean working environment. The tongs have a grooved clipping area for a firm grip on your food.

The set sports a hanging hook for convenient storage.


  • The package features a spatula and a pair of tongs.
  • The two accessories look amazing.
  • Comfortable on your hand.
  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to clean, as they are dishwasher-friendly.
  • A hanging hook on each of the add-ons for storage.
  • They are long-lasting.


  • The locking mechanism on the tongs may break or fail to lock.

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Factors to Consider When Getting a Quality Grill Spatula

Photo credit: robbreport

From the spatula reviews, you see that there are attributes that stand out. We will look at these attributes and what to consider to get a fine grilling add-on in this part.


When discussing building, the quality of the material is a consideration. You can tell stainless steel is a typical material from this article’s choice. It is so because of its toughness, which translates to prolonged service.

Wood is another substance that you could come upon. Wood is prone to cracking or splintering, thus some individuals don’t like it. Others assert that the wood could alter how your meal tastes. Heavy-duty plastic spatulas are also available. They function just as well as stainless steel equivalents.

Make sure the handle is stable by giving it another glance. To avoid burns, the material on the shaft should be a poor conductor, such as wood or plastic.

Size of the Head

The head is the blade and comes in various sizes. For adaptability, go for a spatula with a big head. You may use it to prepare small and large food pieces on the grill. At times, a smaller head is convenient, especially if you have a small grill, as handling it is stress-free.


The spatula length plays a crucial role in aspects like safety and comfort. A longer implement is safe to use, as it maintains a good distance from the cooking surface. This prevents you from getting burnt.

Furthermore, the longer ones are comfy, with minimal chances of wrist strain.

Shorter ones prove useful when dealing with heavy food, like steak or large burgers.


The grip is the material on the handle allowing for a firm grasp. Most of the time, the material is rubber or plastic. They offer a firm hold, giving the spatula anti-slip properties.

Materials like wood have a natural grip, though it may be rough to make it better. For efficiency, ensure that the utensil on your mind has a grip. Additionally, see that it is firm and won’t wear out with prolonged use.

Drainage Holes

The spatula’s head comes in many forms. You may find it has a flat appearance or it has drainage holes. The latter is excellent as it allows fluids from the food like juices to drip off. This is less messy compared to the one without holes.

The slots also boost the grasp of the spatula; hence, food won’t easily slip from the head. A situation where you use one without drainage holes is like when preparing burger patties. Here, this utility will help squeeze excess oil and shape the patties.

Final Words

A spatula is a must-have accessory when barbecuing. In this piece, we review some of the standout pieces that might interest you. Pay attention to features like durability and blade length, among many more, to get a reliable spatula.

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