List of Foods that Start With R

Today, we explore the wonderful world of R to find the number of foods that start with the letter R. Maybe you will be able to name them by the time we are through, and even if not, you will have learned something new. So, let’s get to it.

1. Radish

Radishes are root vegetables with the perfect bite. Some prefer to eat them on their own, some add them to salads, and some do both, either way, they are delicious. Radishes are not only colorful and crunchy, but they also have tons of health benefits. They are rich in vitamin C, have low calories, and possess anti-fungal properties.

2. Raisins

They are dried fruits that are, in reality, dried grapes. They boast of being the most consumed dried fruit in the United States and are also popular worldwide. You can use them on so many other foods such as bread, oatmeal cookies, fruit cakes, and so much more

3. Raspberries

Raspberries, dubbed a “super fruit,” are a sweet berry with juicy qualities. They may be used with a number of different meals, such as juices, smoothies, pastries, and even as a standalone snack, and they are high in vitamins and antioxidants. They are available in a variety of hues, including black, red, and purple.

4. Ramen

This is a Japanese dish almost as popular as sushi. It is made using noodles served in a thin broth filled with meats, vegetables, and soft-boiled eggs. You can find it in instant packs all over the world.

5. Ranch

A staple in any kitchen pantry, the ranch is a dressing used in many dishes, such as salads and the ever-controversial ranch on pizza. You can make your own homemade ranch using buttermilk, mayonnaise, onions, garlic, salt, and herbs of your choice. You can also buy it pre-made in any grocery store.

6. Ratatouille

Yes, the movie ratatouille features an actual dish of the same name. It is exactly like Remi made; it is a vegetable dish made up of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini/courgette, eggplant. It is normally served as an antipasto, a salad, or a side.
Presentation is key with ratatouille whereby you should form a beautiful serving that showcases all the colorful vegetables.

7. Red Cabbage

Cabbages are not just white; there are other colors like green and our main star today, red cabbage. This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.

Fun fact: red cabbage contains the most antioxidants out of the whole cabbage family.

8. Red Potatoes

There are so many things you can make from potatoes, and red potatoes are some of the best you can use. They are low in starch but rich in moisture which makes them hold their shape. You can roast or skillet cook these babies, where they have such thin skin that you don’t have to peel them.

9. Red Velvet

A sweet dessert that comes in many red forms is Red Velvet. You can get it as a cake, ice cream, beverage, or cupcake. Red velvet is made of cocoa with a little chocolate and a supply of acidity from vinegar and buttermilk.

10. Reuben Sandwich

This is a pretty rich sandwich made of Swiss cheese, corned beef, sauerkraut, and dressing. You can serve it with rye bread or as a side. Its origin is traced to New York, made by a restaurant owner called Arnold Reuben of German-Jewish roots.

11. Rhubarb

This is a vegetable with large stalks and a sour taste. Rhubarb is usually cooked with sweeteners to even out its sour taste. It is used in medicinal practices in Asia.

12. Rice

This must be the most popular food in the world. It is easy to grow and is rich in carbohydrates, helping fill you up fast. There are many rice groups and a variety of ways to make them.

Rice is used in famous dishes such as paella, jambalaya, and sushi.

13. Rice Noodles

There are many kinds of noodles throughout Asia, and rice noodles are one of them. These are a kind of noodle that has a chewy texture and is transparent in appearance. Rice noodles are thin or flat and are usually used in broth or stir-fry dishes, such as pad thai.

14. Rice Pudding

It is a treat that you can make from leftover rice. This is a delicious and filling dish that you can make using rice, milk, water, sweetener, raisins, cinnamon, and whatever ingredients you want.

15. Ricotta Cheese

This is the fluffiest cheese in the world. It is made from sheep, cow, or goat milk. Ricotta, meaning re-cooked in Italian, uses re-purposed liquids from different cheeses.

16. Rigatoni

It is a type of pasta with a tube shape. It is larger than penne and is sometimes slightly curved. You can use rigatoni in pasta dishes with thick sauces because of their sturdiness and ability to hold shape well.

17. Rocky Mountain Oysters

This is an appetizer made using bull testicles coated in salt, pepper, and flour. It has its origins in the Americas.

18. Rocky Road Ice Cream

This is a popular ice cream flavor. It is made of chocolate ice cream with lots of fun toppings like marshmallows, nuts, or even chocolate chips.

19. Romaine Lettuce

Also called cos lettuce, this is a variety of lettuce commonly used in sandwiches. It has a crunchy texture and can be sautéed and grilled then used with thick dressings.

20. Rum Cake

Yet another cake on our list, rum cake is a golden buttery dessert with a boozy flavor. The best rum cakes are found in the Caribbean, where they are a holiday treat.

21. Rye Bread

Rye bread is a high-fiber bread made using rye grain. The bread comes in both light and dark colors. You can add cocoa powder or molasses to add more color and flavor.

The bread is tasty, and dense, and is one of the best bread used to make sandwiches.

Final Thoughts

There you go, 21 foods that start with R. we hope this has been a fun and educational experience. How many of them did you know before, and how many can you name off the top of your head right now? Leave a comment below.

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