Foods That Start With Z

Here’s an enjoyable stuff. See how many you can generate by making a list of all the meals that begin with the letter Z. Wow, not that many? You’ll be shocked at how extensive that list is, and these are only a handful of the more well-known ones!

1. Zoodles

Noodles, zoodles both have a similar ring to them. Zoodles, in essence, are zucchini noodles. They are a healthier alternative to ordinary pasta, considering zucchini is a vegetable. Flavor-wise, zoodles are mild and tend to be a little chewier. The good thing though, is that they soak up the pasta sauce so they taste refreshingly good.

2. Zucchini

What most people call a vegetable in the real sense is a fruit. Zucchini also commonly known as courgette, is summer squash. Appearance-wise it may easily be mistaken for cucumber but the two are different. The inside of the zucchini is more creamy white than pale green. It’s a great choice in salads and you could either choose to have it raw or cooked.

3. Zuppa Toscana

This is an Italian soup when translated it means “Tuscan soup”. It is thick and creamy, loaded with vegetables, Italian sausage, potatoes, and bacon. Whip it up and serve it on bread for a flavorful delight. The American version of this is not much different. You could also top it off with cheese and add some hot sauce for that extra kick.

4. Zuccotto

Here’s one for some sweet tooths. Zuccotto is a creamy Italian dessert shaped in a dome. The name originates from “Zucca” an Italian word meaning pumpkin (which is what the dessert somehow looks like). The cake has elements of ice cream, chocolate, and sweet liqueur in it and is best served chilled or semi-frozen.

5. Ziti

It’s an Italian American food quite similar to lasagna especially when you bake it. Ziti are tube-shaped pasta noodles that make a great substitute for lasagna when you don’t want to do the hard work. Simply add some tomato paste, sausage, favorite seasonings, and a generous cheese topping before putting it into the oven. The outcome is a yummy filling noodle meal.

6. Zapiekanka

The Zapiekanka is a very popular snack along the streets of Poland. It is an open-faced sandwich usually made with baguettes. Whichever bread you use doesn’t really matter, it’s the filling that makes the difference.

Sauté some mushrooms, onions, and preferred meat, add this combination on one side of the baguette and sprinkle cheese. Bake until ready and finish off with some ketchup drizzling. Yum!

7. Zwetschkenknödel

The name sounds like a tongue twister so you can simply call it ‘plum dumplings’. It’s a common dessert in Germany and Austria where plums are stuffed into dumpling dough. Different variations exist and you’ll see dough made from semolina, yeast, or potatoes. As for the center, go for fresh tasty plums whereby Italian prune plums are a great choice.

8. Zopf

In Swiss, Austria, and Bavaria, zopf is a popular bread type. Locally it is called “Sunday bread” because this is when it is mostly eaten. The bread is made from white flour, milk, eggs, butter, and milk, and is braided to create a unique outlook. Finally, it is brushed with egg yolk before baking to give it a nice golden-brown crust.

9. Zeppole

Zeppoli (plural) is the Italian version of American doughnuts. They are light, fluffy and you’ll love sinking your teeth inside. Zeppoli are made from pate chox dough which unlike yeast, doesn’t require time to rise. It, therefore, takes lesser time cooking and produces very tender doughnuts. After deep-frying, serve with powdered sugar, chocolate or fill some pastry cream inside.

10. Zucchini Fritters

A Zucchini fritter recipe combines a simple batter of zucchini, green onions, eggs, flour, lemon, and herbs. Stir well and pour into a pan of hot oil to fry. The fritters almost resemble pancakes only that most of the ingredients are vegetables. It is relatively filling and a great idea for breakfast or a midday snack. Plus, they are low in carbs and calories, making them ideal for people watching their weight.

11. Zig-Zag Vine Fruit

The zig-zag vine is indigenous to parts of eastern Australia and produces berries that may be eaten. However, rather of being consumed whole, they are frequently utilized to make liqueurs or as a component of a recipe. A zesty sweet-sour flavor might be used to describe it.

12. Zander

Weird name to call a fish, however, this is one of the freshwater species in Europe. Zander is said to have a taste very similar to perch and it is highly sought after for its superior taste.

Its tender meat and lack of bones are part of the qualities that make it so popular. The fish also has a rather mild flavor, not too overpowering. You could choose to fry it, grill it or bake – either way, it tastes delicious.

13. Zucchini Bread

Evidently, there are so many ways you could use zucchini, and making bread just happens to be one of them. The loaf has a sweet cinnamon taste to it more like a crossbreed of banana bread and raisin bread. Usually, you’ll see a lot of recipes incorporate nuts or seeds to give the bread a crunchy finish. Walnuts are a good place to start or you can switch it up with pecans.

14. Zimtsterne

Back in Germany, these are simply cinnamon stars. They are star-cut cookies made with ground almonds and flavored with cinnamon; a very popular treat during the holiday season. It’s a quick and easy snack ideal for both kids and adults. Plus it is gluten-free and without dairy. As a finisher, the cookies are topped with some frosting and left to chill before serving.

15. Zwieback

Zwieback can mean a lot of things depending on where you come from. The most common definition, however, is a rusk or biscuit made by baking a small loaf then toasting the slices until dry and crisp. In other cases, it is a type of double-layered roll.

16. Zwiebelrostbraten

In Austria, this is a steak dish complemented with roasted onions and a warm gravy sauce to the side. It is the perfect meal for meat lovers and a common one for that matter. The beef is seared in a hot pan to a medium before garnishing with fried onion rings. Occasionally, a side of potatoes will accompany this main meal.

17. Zebra Cakes

As you may have guessed, the cakes resemble the zebra pattern. That is, moist cake layered with crème, covered in white icing, and then decorated with delicious fudge stripes. There are also further variations such as the inverted zebra with chocolate icing and white stripes.

18. Zereshk Polo

This is Barberry rice with Saffron chicken. A portion of the rice is spread at the bottom of the pot to turn crispy golden brown while the rest steams evenly. The outcome is a nice blend of color, not to mention a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Its taste can best be described as sweet and tangy.

19. Zest of Citrus

Zest is a food ingredient made from scrapping off the covering of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and oranges. Typically it serves as a flavor boost rather than a food item in itself. The ingredient tastes sweeter than juice squeezed from the fruit.

20. Zingers

Depending on where you come from zingers could mean either one of two foods. The first, is a strawberry cake covered in coconut and filled with cream. Or, the KFC Zinger, a spicy chicken breast fillet burger topped with creamy cheese and salsa.

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