List of Foods That Start With K

Has cooking become boring and monotonous? So, why not explore new foods? You will be surprised at the numerous options of foods that you didn’t even know existed.  To get you started, we explore different kinds of food that start with the letter K.

Let’s dive in! Shall we?

1. Kabobs

Kabobs are formed by skewering veggies or meat cubes onto sticks and then pan-fry or grilling them. There are numerous ways to make kabobs, with various variations of vegetables and meat that you can utilize. Conventionally, they should be cooked over an open fire.

2. Kit Kat

This is a famous chocolate bar that comprises wafers covered in chocolate. These crispy wafers immersed in milk chocolate are loved by many. They have a stunning orangey-red package that is identified from a far distance. You can easily share the kit kat since you can divide the bar at a time.

3. Kiwi

Kiwi is a plump round fruit that comes with a soft green interior and tiny black seeds. The fruit tastes sour and sweet. It originates from New Zealand and is now available in almost every farmer’s market or grocery store. While most people prefer adding kiwi to meat as a tenderizer, you can eat it plain.

4. Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime leaves sometimes referred to as citrus hystrix or makrut limes, are a crucial component in Thai cuisine. They taste and smell delicious. Additionally, the leaves go well with fish meals and stir-fries.

Southeast Asia and Southern China are home to the kaffir lime. The leaves may also be utilized to create essential oils in addition to cooking. The lime and fruit are typically added to Asian dishes to enhance the flavor and add a tangy, citrus flavor. The leaves may be purchased from organic and Thai food outlets.

5. Kahlua

Kahlua is a coffee liqueur that originates from Veracruz, Mexico, and is popular across the globe. It contains sugar, coffee, and rum, and is also part of cocktails, including the espresso martini and White Russian martini.

You can use a stick to stir the Kahlua in ice to cool it a bit. If you want to improve the taste, add some orange zest to introduce a citrus flavor. Consumers can purchase Kahlua in any liquor shop or some grocery shops.

6. Kale

Kales are a type of vegetable that has gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of years. It is recognized as a superfood whereby you can it in various ways including adding it to a salad, putting it in burgers, making kale chips, or making a smoothie. It is a great addition to your meals as it has a high content of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

You will find kales in any organic store or grocery shop.

7. Kasha

This is a buckwheat groat that is roasted. You can make them in your kitchen by roasting the buckwheat groats in the oven. Kasha gets a beautiful nutty taste once the buckwheat is roasted. It is then simmered until smooth.

When well cooked, kasha has an incredibly firm texture, with a gummy consistency and nutty flavor.

8. Kava

This is a drink that is extracted from the aromatic root of the kava plant and originates from the Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is considered a depressant drink since it slows down communication between the brain and the whole body.

You can attempt making the drink at home or get one at a specialty shop. The effects of kava include sleepiness, feelings of well-being, and relaxation. Note that, you should not take the drink often as it can cause weight loss and health issues.

9. Kecap Manis

Kecap Manis is widely known as a sweet soy sauce that is part of Indonesian cuisine. It contains garlic, star anise, and palm sugar. It is darker than ordinary soy sauce and has a molasses-like taste. Palm sugar is the main ingredient, which offers it an excellent thick consistency and sweet flavor. You can prepare it in your kitchen or find it in the Asian food market.

10. Kedgeree

This is a convenient meal made with flaked, cooked fish, a serving of hard-boiled eggs, boiled rice, curry powder, parsley, butter or cream, and sultanas. You can enjoy it when it is cold or warm. Haddock is commonly utilized to prepare the meal, but you can use other types of fish like tuna or salmon.

While the meal traces its origin in colonial India, it has become a famous delicacy in Britain.

11. Ketchup

This delicious and sweet tomato sauce has become a staple ingredient in American food. It can be used to add some flavor to a range of foods, the most common being fries.

In the past, ketchup was made using mushrooms, oysters, grapes, white eggs, and other ingredients. However, no one makes them that way anymore. Most varieties come from soy and mushroom sauce. Note that ketchup is not made of tomatoes.

There are numerous brands of ketchup on the market, but many households have their preferred type. It can be utilized as a dip on burgers, for chips, or as a relish. You can purchase this sauce at any grocery store or convenience store.

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12. Ketembilla

Ketembilla is a gooseberry that originates from India and Sri Lanka. It comes in a maroon-purple color.

This fruit from the ketembilla tree is mostly eaten fresh or transformed into a delicious jam. It is sweet, tart, and a little bitter, qualities that make it extremely versatile and a perfect food preserve.

Note that you might not find Ketembilla easily. However, you can check it out at organic stores or Indian food markets.

13. Kettle Corn

This is a sweet popcorn that is seasoned with refined sugar, oil, and salt. Initially, the corn was made in a cast-iron kettle, hence its name. Currently, more traditional pans and pots are utilized. It has a sweet flavor that is accentuated with salt. It’s one of the sweetest treats, and many people love it.

14. Key Lime Pie

This is an American dessert pie that is prepared from key lime, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. The combination of the condensed milk sweetness and sour key lime makes it a perfect dessert.

It is served with meringue toppings made from egg whites. This can be served with cream. The Key Lime Pie’s crust can be a pie crust or the graham cracker crust.

15. Kidney Beans

Do you love Latin American delicacies? Then you will love kidney beans. You can get them in a local grocery store. However, you need to soak them overnight to make them fresh. You can as well purchase them pre-cooked.

Note that they must be cooked well, or their harmful lectin can cause vomiting and stomach pains.

16. Kielbasa

This is a meat sausage that originates from Poland and is considered among the country’s staple foods.

For many people, Kielbasa is a coarse, U-shaped, smoked sausage made from any meat. However, traditionally, Kielbasa was only made from pork or a mixture of beef and pork. The sausage is liked for its tasty, smoky flavor.

17. Kimchi

Kimchi is a Korean meal that comprises cabbage that is fermented with spices, salt, and other veggies. These vegetables are Korean radish and napa cabbage. Different varieties of seasonings are used, including ginger, gochugaru, garlic, and spring onion.

Kimchi is prepared through the Lacto-fermentation procedure. It is made the same way that dill pickles and sauerkraut are made. The end result is a spicy and sour taste.

You can find this food in any grocery stores and organic stores. It’s a healthy food that is prebiotic and aids in digestion.

18. King Crab

It is seafood with a fantastic flavor and offers excellent health benefits. For instance, King Crab is high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and heart-healthy unsaturated fat. The meat possesses a sweet flavor and has the same texture and taste as lobster meat. You can eat King Crab while cold or hot.

19. Kingfish

Also known as King Mackerel, Kingfish is a white fish that is subtle and soft. You can find it in grocery stores, especially if they are in season. You can obtain large and thick fillets from kingfish. Since it is oily, it is good for cooking at a low temperature for a long time.

The best way to make delicious kingfish is to season and cook it over hickory, oak wood, or lemon. It is amazing when it is grilled. Note that it is essential to cook the fish well to make sure that it doesn’t dry out or lose its taste.

20. Kipper

This is a salted or smoked herring that is split into a butterfly shape. It is a traditional breakfast meal in Ireland, England, and parts of North America.

You can have a Kipper in a hotel or make it at home.

21. Kirsch

Also known as kirschwasser, Kirsch is a clear brandy that is prepared from a double distillation of Morello cherries. It can also be made from other kinds of cherries that are fermented. Unlike cherry brandies and liqueurs, Kirsch isn’t sweet. It features a refined cherry flavor that is completed with a bitter almond flavor.

22. Kiwi Berries

These are bite-sized fruits that resemble little kiwis mixed with grapes. They also taste like grapes. They have leathery, smooth skin, and the inside flesh is soft. They contain vitamin C and E and are low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol.

23. Knish

This traditional Jewish meal consists of baked or fried turnovers filled with potatoes, cheese, or meat. This meal is typically a snack, but it can serve as a side dish or appetizer. You can find it in a deli or Jewish hotels.

24. Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi comes from the cabbage, Brussels, and turnip sprouts family. It is mild and sweet. You can prepare Kohlrabi in different ways, including steaming, stir-frying, and roasting.

The vegetable can be found in organic stores.

25. Kosher Pickles

While Kosher Pickles resemble dill pickles, they have some garlic that dill pickles lack. They are also zesty and crunchy. You can buy them in an organic store or some grocery stores.

26. Koshihkari Rice

This rice is considered the best when it comes to making delicious and fresh sushi. It’s a short-grain rice that retains moisture for longer. This helps in shaping the sushi.

27. Kudzu

This is an edible root that resembles ginger and is common in Japanese meals. The root is perfect for digestion and can be used in tea. You can buy kudzu in some health stores or Asian food markets.

28. Kumera

Kumera originates from the West Indies and tastes and looks like a sweet potato. The food is available in purple, white, and orange. You can make kumera the same way as sweet potatoes.

They can be found in organic markets or grown at home.

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29. Kumquat

This is an oblong-shaped citrus fruit that can be sweet but also bitter and sour as well. It comes with a punch of flavor, and the flesh is sour. However, the rind is sweet to refine the taste.

Kumquat is ideal for making marmalade, cocktails, flavor citrus dishes, and liqueurs.

30. Kung Pao Chicken

The spicy stir-fried meal is made of peanuts, chili papers, cubed chicken, and other veggies. It contains Sichuan peppercorns that add a great taste to the food. The food is an everyday takeaway meal from Chinese restaurants.

31. Kvass

Kvass is a Slavic, Baltic, and Bavarian fermented drink that is made from rye bread. Since other variations are brewed with spices and fruits, the taste will vary from sweet, bitter, or tart.

You can find it in a bar, specialty store, or restaurant.


As you’ve seen, the list of foods starting with K is varied and extensive. Therefore, it will be an excellent beginning to get some of these varieties in your meal plan. Have fun exploring!

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