Foods That Begins With O

There are numerous foods that start with the letter O. They include ingredients, treats, and meals. In this article, we shall go over some of the most popular.

1. Oat Milk

This is milk that is produced from oat grains. It is available in different flavors including chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. You can also pick between unsweetened and sweetened to fit your diet.

Oat milk is suitable for daily use as it offers a plethora of health benefits.

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2. Oatcake

The cake is a type of bread that is baked with oatmeal being the main ingredient. However, it can include wholemeal or plain flour. Traditionally, these cakes are made on grills, but they can be baked in an oven also.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is produced from either milled or steel-cut hulled oats. Making oatmeal is simple and fast where you only need to add some milk to it. You can add also add other preferable ingredients to make a delicious breakfast.

The food contains fiber which helps in improving digestive health. You can add nuts and fruits to oatmeal if you want more fiber content. Note that you can buy oatmeal flavored or plain.

4. Oats

The oat is a species of cereal that is cultivated and grown to produce oat milk and oatmeal. Nevertheless, oat is also used as livestock feed.

There are numerous ways to eat oats, whether it is oat milk for coffee, oatmeal for breakfast, or adding some oats to your cookie recipe for better texture.

5. Octopus

The octopus’ body parts are cleaned and then served in various ways. Sometimes, it can be prepared and eaten raw. Even though an octopus may not look appealing when ready, it is one of the most delicious meals that is served on its own, fried, grilled in a broth, or in a salad.

6. Oeufs en Meurette

This is a traditional Burgundian dish that features a meurette or bourguignon sauce and poached eggs. Oeufs en Meurette can be eaten as an appetizer or a main meal. If you want to get extra crunch, you can serve it on crisp routes. Besides the poached eggs, the meal has bacon lardons, baby onions, and mushrooms.

7. Ogbono Soup

Ogbono seeds that have been dried and powdered are used to make this Nigerian dish. Depending on the location you live in, there are several varieties of the ogbono soup.

After being crushed, the ogbono seeds are used to create a thick soup, and they have a tendency to give the soup a black appearance. You may add meat to the soup if you’d like to give it more flavor.

8. Oil Palm

This is a palatable vegetable oil that is extracted from the fruits of the palm tree. While it is used as cooking oil, oil palm is widely utilized in food processing where it makes bread, pastries, peanut butter, chocolate, and cereals. It can also be used in cleaning products, shampoos, and cosmetics, among other personal products.

9. Olallieberry

This is one of the species of berries found in the western US. It is a mixture of youngberry and loganberry. Olallieberry has a high calcium content that can strengthen your bones and improve bone health.

It has a similar taste to blackberry, with a perfect balance between sweetness and tart. It doesn’t feature a hollow center, and the entire berry stays intact once it has been picked. The fruit is juicy and tender.

10. Olive all’ascolana

Also known as olive ascolane, Olive all’ascolana originated in Marche. It is one of the best antipasti meals served up as an appetizer. The meal consists of olives satiated with a meaty filling that is deep-fried and breaded.

It can be made from multiple types of meat and might contain white wine, butter, and parmesan.

11. Olive Oil

Olive oil is extracted from olives. The oil is available in various purities like extra virgin oil, oil blend, and olive oil. It is one of the largest components of the Mediterranean diet, with a high content of antioxidants. The oil is used in cooking and making sauces and dressings. It can also be drizzled on top of salads and pizzas for additional taste. Extra virgin oil is one of the healthiest, as it is purer.

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12. Olives

These are tiny fruits that are known to be part of stone group species, which comprise mangoes, almonds, peaches, and cherries.
The fruits have a high content of antioxidants and vitamin E. While you can eat them raw, they are usually spiced and brined.  Olives are also used to make olive oil that is a popular ingredient in most kitchens.

13. Olivet Cendre

This is a French cheese that originates from Olivet. The cheese is made from cow milk collected during Spring while cows are grazing along the grassy banks of River Loire. People believe that their milk has the most taste at this period. Once the cheese is produced, it is allowed to ripen for 30 days and is coated in mold and ashes, which offers the Olivet Cendre cheese a spice smell.

14. Ollie

This is a French potee or soup that is made using meat and different vegetables. It can also be made using sausages, beans, and bacon.

15. Omelet

This is a meal made from beaten eggs that are then fried in oil or butter on a frying pan. In most cases, the omelet can be folded into two parts while cooking. It can be folded around various fillings like chives, mushrooms, meat, cheese, or vegetables.

16. Onion

This is a popular vegetable that serves as the main ingredient in almost all foods. It comes from the same family with shallot, garlic, chives, and scallion. Onions come in different flavors, shapes, colors, and sizes.

Cooked or raw, onions will add flavor to your meal. Raw onions tend to have a spicy taste and add some tangy flavor to the meal. Cooked onions tend to have a sweet taste that compliments most meals well.

17. Onion Bhaji

This is a spicy snack that resembles a fritter. Sliced onions are added to the batter made with baking powder, spices, salt, and flour. The slices are then deep-fried where you can change the heat level of this dish by adding less or more chill powder. They are deemed ready when they are well-browned.

18. Onion Kulcha

This is a leavened bread that resembles naan. The meal is leavened with soda and baking powder then deep-fried or cooked. Onion is added to the dough to offer it a better texture and flavor. Onion Kulcha can be served with a side dish like curries or eaten alone.

19. Opera Cake

This is a traditional cake from France. It is prepared with almond sponge cake layers that are pre-soaked in coffee soup. They are layered with buttercream, and the entire cake is covered in a chocolate glaze.

The outcome is an elaborate sponge cake that is delicious and comes in all the flavors you desire; cream, chocolate, and coffee.

20. Orange

This is a fruit that comes from the citrus family. As its name suggests, this fruit is orange both outside and inside. Oranges are a perfect source of vitamin C, and they can be squeezed to produce juice or eaten fresh. The fruits can also be preserved to make preserves and jams such as marmalade.

While oranges were first grown in East and South Asia, they are now cultivated all over the world.

21. Orangelo

This is a hybrid fruit that is a mix between orange and grapefruit. Orangelo spontaneously developed by itself in shade-offering trees cultivated on coffee farms in Puerto Rico.

It has a round or pear-shaped shape, with a citrus flavor and yellow rind.

22. Oregano

Also known as wild marjoram, Oregano is a flowering plant that comes from the mint species. It has small leaves that are harvested and utilized as a herb.

While it is always used in flavoring meals, the plant has significant medicinal value like potent antibacterial properties. Orangelo contains carvacrol and thymol that help in fighting against infections. Its antioxidants help in preventing cell damage.

The plant is also rich in iron, vitamin K, vitamin E, calcium, fiber, and manganese.

23. Oregon Grapes

Contrary to their name, they are not essentially grapes as they taste more like berries. Oregon grapes have a high content of vitamin C and a tart flavor. Its stem is used in making medicine, and the berries are used in treating reflux, stomach ulcers, and stomach upset.

Most people use these fruits to improve their bowel movements. Others use the root and the bark of this plant to treat scaly, itchy skin, eczema, among other conditions.

24. Oreos

This is an American sandwich cookie that comprises two chocolate wafers that feature a sweet crème filling. The taste of the wafers doesn’t have to be chocolate, there is a broad range of flavors including mint, vanilla, pumpkin pie, and strawberry. However, chocolate is the most commonly used one.

Oreos are arguably the most loved cookie brand in the USA. They can be used in making desserts and as bases for various sweet treats.

25. Oroblanco

Also known as Oro Blanco, it is a sweet, seedless fruit that is a hydride fruit resembling the grapefruit. You need to peel and segment the fruit before you start eating it. You can also divide it into two pieces and scoop the fruit out.

Its flesh has a sweet flavor that can be compared to a mixture of white grapefruit and acidless pomelo.

26. Ossobuco

Also known as osso buco, it is a traditional meal from Lombard. It comprises cross-cut veal shanks that are braised for a couple of hours with broth, vegetables, and wine.

When cooked, the Osso buck is garnished with gremolata and can be eaten with risotto alla Milanese or polenta.

It is considered a make-ahead meal since it tastes better the following day after the taste has settled and blended together.

Ossobuco is traditionally made with veal shanks and beef shanks can be used as well – provided there are marrow-filled shine bones to boost the flavor.

27. Ovos Moles de Aveiro

This is a Portuguese meal made from sugar, egg yolks, and chocolate. These sweet treats feature a paper-thin shell that has a creamy mix of sugar and egg yolk. Its shape was inspired by Aveiro’s close link to the sea life and ocean as the shapes represent fish and shells.

28. Oxtail

The tail of a cow is known as an oxtail. The oxtail can weigh between 7-8 lbs and is skinned and chopped into short lengths before being taken to the market.

Oxtail is commonly used to make oxtail stew that comprises tomatoes, broth, vegetables, and wine. It is allowed to cook for many hours to soften the tail such that the meat separates from the bone. If cooked well, the meat is soft, rich, and flavorful. It is used for stews, soup, and main meals.

29. Oyster Sauce

As the name suggests, Oyster Sauce is prepared from oysters. The sauce is made with a combination of caramelized oyster juice. This juice is a byproduct of cooking oysters for many hours in sugar, salt, soy sauce, and water.

The sauce tastes like a mix of barbecue sauce and soy sauce, and it is sweet and salty. It also possesses an umami flavor. Its saltiness comes from the brine of the oysters, and the sweet taste is complex.

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30. Oysters

People have been eating oysters since prehistoric times. They are mostly used as aphrodisiacs. They can be served over ice or eaten raw. Rather than swallowing the entire oysters, you can chew them to savor their taste. You can also enjoy the oyster juice in the shell, so do not throw away that thing. Ensure the oysters are chilled and served on ice such that they stay fresh.

Final Thoughts

The list of foods that start with the letter O is extensive. From products of daily consumption to exotic foods from across the globe, there is no shortage of foods starting with O. we believe that this comprehensive list has enlightened you on different foods that you didn’t know existed.

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