The Farberware Air Fryer – The Full Review in 2022

Are you looking for a versatile and healthy cooking air fryer at a price lower than $100? The Faberware Air Fryer is probably the perfect option.

Multi-functional Powerful and Versatile No Oil Smell

This means that once you start using this appliance, you will cut down the intake of calories and potentially harmful trans fats by over 80 to 100 percent if you are used to consuming deep oil fried food.

The result will be – tasty and delicious meals for you and the family and, at the same time, a loss of any extra weight and the reduction of the risks for your health due to being overweight or consuming too many trans fats found in most vegetable-based oils.

So, get ready to eat those crispy and delicious French fries and onion rings and not gain any weight from the added fat.

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Farberware Air Fryer

The Faberware oil-less fryer cooks all kinds of food with the help of a powerful hot air frying technology and a rapid air circulation system. This cooking system distributes and circulates the hot air around the food, and this results in an even and deliciously crispy finish.

At the same time, the inside remains succulent and delicious for you and your family to enjoy.

You can also roast potatoes and veggies and cook steaks or do some baking with the help of the Faberware hot air fryer.

This reasonably priced, clever kitchen utility is very easy to use, and best of all doesn’t cause a mess or spills when you are cooking in it. You will not have a sink full of greasy pans and pots, as well as oil spills and splatters throughout the kitchen once you start using it for your everyday cooking.

You will also be happy to know that you won’t have to deal with a smelly kitchen or clothes when you use this wonderful innovative hot air cooking device.

Features of the Faberware air fryer


It is an affordable, well-made, and multi-functional compact, countertop cooking device which will complement any kitchen and can perform the functions of a variety of other kitchen appliances. You can easily use it as a faster, healthier, and less messy alternative to using a deep oil fryer, an oven, a convection oven, microwave, or other. It can be used for air frying, baking, roasting, or grilling.

The powerful rapid hot air circulation system will ensure that your food is cooked consistently and evenly on all sides. Also, it is a much faster way to cook any kind of meal as compared to conventional cooking appliances.

The adjustable timer can be set to up to 30 minutes of cooking time, after which it will automatically shut off. So, no need to worry about overcooking or burning the meal. You can go ahead and spend your time doing something else as your meal is being prepared in this hot air frying appliance.

If you are not sure how to use an air fryer, you don’t need to worry. The Faberware air fryer is very intuitive to use, plus it comes with a detailed recipe book with more than 25 tested recipes for you to choose from.

The capacity of the removable food basket is 3.2 Quarts, which is perfect for cooking for 1-2 people. The recommended capacity to cook at once is 2lbs.

It is also coated with a non-stick coating and is very easy to clean after use. You can wash it by hand or use a dishwasher for the food basket and the basket holder.

The handle and housing do not heat up so there is no need to worry about getting painful burns while you are checking your food or taking it out of this superb air fryer.

The compact hot air cooking unit is very compact so you can place it even in the smallest kitchen or RV. It has non-slip feet, so there is no risk of accidentally spilling it over and making a mess or burning yourself.

The food basket has a safety cover that is released by a dedicated button, so you don’t accidentally spill the food while you are taking it out.

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How to use the Faberware air fryer

This hot air fryer is a lot easier to use than some of the more complex and expensive models available on the market.

Place the food in the removable food basket without oil or spray a tiny bit of oil on it, depending on your preference. Place the food basket inside the unit and set the time and temperature for cooking it.

The control system is perfectly simple, which is a very useful feature for people who are not tech-savvy, as well as for senior citizens or people with impaired vision. It includes the manual setting of two rotating knobs only. One is for the temperature level, and the other is the timer which can be set from 1 to 30 minutes. After you are done selecting your preferred settings, you just need to press the ON button and you are set to go.

Yes, it doesn’t have any pre-set cooking programs, which many of the other air fryers have, but as we noted  – this makes it very simple to use by just about anybody without any previous experience with hot air frying multi cookers.

How the Faberware air fryer works


This versatile cooking appliance features an intelligent heating element system, made of top-quality components that provide durability and insulation for more effective, fast and odorless cooking.

The rapid hot air circulation system used to cook the food is sufficient to properly air fry, bake, roast, or grill any kind of food with less than a tablespoon or no oil or fat added.

The hot air cooks the food in a consistent manner, so the fried foods are crispy outside and nice, soft, and delicious on the inside.

All this is done much faster than in a deep fryer or oven, and it uses 80% less fat, which means 80% fewer calories and trans fats.

The food basket and the holder for it are covered with a non-stick coating and can easily be removed and washed in a dishwasher.

Since the unit is closed during the cooking, there are no spills or splatters of oil and grease around it or on it. You will be happy to have a clean and odor-free kitchen even after frying fish or other traditionally smelly dishes with the Faberware air fryer.

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Pros and cons of the Faberware air fryer


  • It is very compact and with a small footprint – suitable for small spaces, RVs, and others. 26.6 x 14 x 13.2 inches and a weight of 11.75 pounds
  • 2 Quarts capacity
  • 1400 Watts of frying power
  • No pre-heating necessary for cooking
  • Features dishwasher safe parts, such as the food basket and the holder for the basket
  • Sold with a detailed cookbook with more than 25 recipes
  • Adjustable temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Provides a very consistent heating output for fast and even cooking
  • The convenient timer of up to 30 minutes, with an auto shut-off function allowing for safe inattentive cooking
  • Very easy and intuitive to use – only 2 knobs for the temperature and timing controls
  • Has great safety features including a safety lid for the food basket, a cool handle for the basket, as well as non-slip feet to keep the unit safe from getting tipped over or spilled
  • Sold at a very affordable price
  • 2-year warranty


  • No pre-set cooking programs
  • Relatively small capacity of 2 lbs. of food which can be cooked at once

Why you should use the Faberware air fryer

This versatile air frying appliance will become an irreplaceable piece of equipment in your kitchen. It can easily be used instead of a traditional oven, a convection oven, a toaster, microwave, BBQ, and other similar kitchen appliances that you have been using throughout the years.

You can easily cook just about any kind of meal with it.

Also, it requires very little or no oil to air fry, roast, grill or bake your meals. This means eating a much healthier, low fat, and low-calorie menu from now on.

The Faberware air fryer doesn’t cause a mess or any fried oil smell during cooking. You can easily clean it out, and wash the removable food basket and its holder safely in the dishwasher.

There will be no more spills, smells, greasy utensils, aluminum foil, and constant flipping and turning of the fried food once you start using the Faberware air fryer.


It is relatively small and will not take up too much space in your kitchen. Also, you don’t need to worry about accidentally tipping it over or dropping the food from the food basket, thanks to the slip-resistant feet of the device, and the safety protection cover of the food basket.

This reasonably priced hot air cooking unit is very simple and straightforward to use. It is suitable for elderly people and those who don’t feel comfortable with modern touch controls and digital displays.

The Faberware cooker is very versatile, quite powerful and can cook at temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The rapid air circulation system will keep the temperature consistent and will also ensure that every side of the food being prepared is evenly cooked and delicious.

This particular air frying device is sold with a 2-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is sound and safe for at least 2 years after you purchase it.

You can experiment with the various recipes available in the added cookbook, or look up the numerous air fryer recipes available online. This is definitely a kitchen appliance that you will be using on a daily basis once you get the hang of it.

It is relatively small, with a capacity of 2lbs for food, but this is enough to prepare a meal for 1 or 2 very quickly and in a healthy manner.

In conclusion

The Faberware air fryer is a budget-friendly versatile cooking device that is suitable for any kitchen. It requires very little oil or other fat to cook delicious meals of all kinds. You can use it for frying, roasting, grilling, and baking, so you can easily use it instead of your oven, deep fryer, or other cooking appliances.

It will save you time, money from electricity bills, as well as the hassle of having to clean up all the grease and grime which is associated with traditional cooking. You will also have a nice smelling kitchen and house no matter what you are cooking in this air frying appliance from Faberware.

It is a healthy choice, very simple to use, and is available at a great price with a 2-year warranty. So, it is definitely worth every cent.

The Faberware air fryer is especially suitable for people with little or no experience with air fryers, as well as for those who dislike complicated gadgets with multiple digital dials and options.

This one is straightforward to set and use, and at the same time provides superb results when it comes to the dishes which come out of it.

We highly recommend this small and powerful air fryer to anybody who wants to eat healthier, low fat, delicious meals cooked without any difficulty, and without the usual mess or smell associated with frying and cooking different foodstuffs.

You will start losing those extra pounds, and you will also limit the intake of trans fats and excessive fats which are very harmful to your health and wellbeing.

Get your Faberware air fryer now and start trying out those recipes – you will never want to go back to traditional deep oil frying again once you try this wonderful appliance out!

Go ahead and order one today and start making those healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones!

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