Does Tequila Go Bad? How Long Does Tequila Last?

Are you pondering if an old bottle of tequila that has been hidden away in the cabinet for months would still be suitable for producing some delectable Margaritas?

The good news is that even if tequila has been sitting for months or years, there’s a decent chance it’s still tasty and safe to drink.

Continue reading to learn more about the shelf life of tequila, how to store it properly, and how to recognize when it has lost its quality.

The Best Way to Storing Tequila

Like all other distilled spirits, such as whiskey, rum, or vodka, tequila must be stored away from direct sunlight and heat. You can also keep it out at room temperature but away from the sunlight. A dry, dark, and cool cabinet or a pantry are perfect storage spaces for your distilled spirits.

Keep in mind that when you open the bottle of tequila, and the beverage comes into contact with the air, the oxygen will start affecting the alcohol’s compounds and flavor.

You may have noticed a difference in the taste of tequila or another alcoholic beverage once it has been poured in a glass and left out for a longer period of time than when you pour it directly out of the bottle.

To make sure that you prevent or limit the exposure to oxygen, always seal the bottle cap tightly after use.

To increase the shelf life of the tequila, you can pour the leftover beverage into a smaller bottle. This will limit the amount of air and oxygen which comes into contact with it.

This, though, is a good idea only if you are not planning to finish the bottle in the next several months.

If you drink tequila regularly, you can safely keep it in its original bottle. Just make sure to close the cap tightly every time.

What is Tequila’s Shelf-Life?

Bottled tequila will not improve over time. In fact, spirits do not improve and age after being removed from the casks and are bottled.

So, unfortunately, if you think that storing the tequila for longer will make it better, you are wrong.

The fact is that the quality and taste of the tequila will remain the same over time once it is bottled and has not been opened.

This means that unopened tequila can last indefinitely.

But once the seal is broken and the bottle is open, its quality and flavor will start deteriorating. It is recommended that you drink the open bottle within one year. This will ensure that you enjoy drinking it while it is of its best quality.

Following that, its flavor and the aroma of the tequila will begin deteriorating over time, especially if you don’t close it and store it as advised above. The speed of this deterioration also depends on how much tequila is left in the bottle. The lesser there is, the more the air, which will affect the quality of the beverage.

How to Determine Whether the Tequila Has Gone Bad?

As mentioned above, the shelf-life of tequila is indefinite when it’s not opened and when it’s stored away from direct sunlight and heat.

Once you open it, it will still last long if you seal it well after use and keep it in the dark and cool cabinet.

To check whether the tequila is still good to drink, you should smell it first, and if it smells ok, take a sip to try it. If you have any experience with drinking tequila, you should know if it is still good or not.

It is always a good idea to trust your instincts when determining whether the tequila is safe and good to drink.

In case you suspect that something is wrong with the liquor, then it is best to throw it away instead of risking food poisoning and other problems!

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