Does Soda Go Bad? How Long Does Soda Last?

Do you like to stock up on your favorite soda? If so, you may be wondering whether soda can go bad, how to store it properly and how to tell whether it has perished.
Sodas have best-by dates, but as with other products and beverages, this means until which date the soft drink will be at its best quality.
Since they are made of carbonated water with some sweeteners and flavors, soft drinks will not go bad when packed and stored well.
So even if you have expired soda, the chances are that it’s still suitable for drinking if the bottle or can isn’t damaged and is stored properly.
Read more about how to store the soda. You will also find out its shelf life and how to determine whether the soda has gone bad.

What is The Best Way to Store Soda?

The guidelines for storing soft drinks are the same since most of them share many of the same components and container or can designs.
Soda cans that have not been opened can be kept in the refrigerator, pantry, or at room temperature. The sole requirement is to store the unopened soda cans in an area with steady, little-variable temperature.
If you’re keeping soda in a plastic bottle, you should put it somewhere out of direct sunlight, like the pantry.
Only space will be consumed if the soda is kept in the refrigerator. It is best to chill the soda in the fridge for several hours before drinking it.
However, you should store the soda bottle or can in the refrigerator once it has been opened. Be careful to use some aluminum foil or plastic wrap to cover the can’s opening and fasten it with a rubber band. By doing this, the soda won’t immediately get flat.

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What is Soda’s Shelf Life?

Just about every soda has a printed best-by date on the packaging. This is the manufacturer’s estimate until when the drink will retain its best quality and freshness.
But as long as the can or bottle are not opened, the soda inside is protected and can last for long.
On average, you can expect the soda to last well after the expiration date. Some claim that it will be fresh and good even 6-9 months after the best-by date expires. We agree that this is a valid estimate.
Still, there can be cases when you drink expired soda which doesn’t taste well, so the shelf-life depends on the specific case.
To prevent soda from losing its carbonation and becoming flat, it is best to drink the content of the can or bottle in one sitting or as soon as possible after opening it. But if you can’t, seal the bottle tightly or cover the can’s opening and store it in the fridge. It can keep its fizziness for 2-4 days.

How to Determine Whether Soda Has Gone Bad?

If the soda has not been opened but has been sitting in the pantry or elsewhere for a long time, the easiest way to determine whether it is good for consumption or needs to be thrown out is to examine the bottle or can. If you notice rust, leaks, bulging, deformities, or other damage, then it is safer to discard it.
In case there is no problem with the packaging, you can open the expired can or bottle of soda and inspect it too.
While it is not likely, you should check the color and smell of the soft drink for any signs of spoilage.
If it looks and smells ok, you can taste it to determine whether it is fresh, fizzy, and tastes as expected.
If the carbonated drink has gone flat or is tasteless, then you can throw it away.
The same goes for opened soda which has been sitting out or in the fridge too long.

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