Does Baileys Go Bad?

Nothing compares to Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur on a chilly winter’s night, snuggled up close to a roaring fire. It was created in 1973 and introduced a slew of innovations to the world of alcoholic beverage manufacturing.

If you buy a 750-milliliter bottle of Baileys, you’ll have enough to make a lot of great drinks! A full bottle may not be consumed over the course of a single night or perhaps several months.

So, what do we do with all Bailey’s Irish Cream we stock up on the holidays? Do we worry that it may go bad? Does it have an expiration date since it includes Cream?

Tequila and vodka will remain in your liquor cupboard forever, but does Baileys? There is actual milk and Cream in Bailey’s even though it is an alcoholic beverage, and the alcohol preserves its flavor. Whether or not it has been opened, a bottle has a shelf life of around two years after it is made when stored appropriately.

Learn how to detect if your Baileys is still fresh, how to read the expiry date on the bottle, and how to store it safely so that you may enjoy it for as long as possible.

Yes, Baileys Has An Expiration Date!

The Baileys brand is the only one that promises that its Irish Cream liqueur will taste great for at least two years after it is opened.

Each bottle has a best-before date that is exactly two years after the batch was created.

This isn’t quite the same as an expiration date, but quality, texture, and flavor begin to deteriorate after two years.

There will be a loss of taste, and the Cream and the alcohol will separate over time, which will have a detrimental effect on the texture.

The consistency of your Baileys may be restored temporarily with a shake of the bottle, but over time it will thicken and curdle.

Is It Safe To Drink Baileys That Has Expired?

However, it is generally okay to consume Baileys that has been over its expiration date, although it would be wise to conduct a quality check before doing so.

Your liqueur may still be safe and delicious to drink a few weeks or even months beyond the best-before date. You should be able to detect when it has gone bad.

If your Baileys is over its expiration date and has clearly gone bad, it is best not to consume it. Curdled Cream can make you ill, but it’s not likely to cause any lasting harm to your body. It’s likely to be sour and unpleasant to drink, though.

Is There A Way To Detect Whether Baileys Has Gone Bad?

When you toss away your Baileys, it’s usually not because it’s expired; rather, you do it because the flavor and texture have diminished to the point that you no longer like them.

At this point, you’re not only avoiding a faulty batch of Baileys, but you’re also avoiding the possibility of accidentally downing it when it’s gone bad.

There are three things to look for to determine if it has gone bad and curdled:

The Way It Looks

There will be a separation between the Cream and whisky if it has gone bad or is about to go bad, and this will cause the drink to turn black.

Coagulation is just around the corner if it’s dark, so toss it out as soon as possible.


It is like checking the milk’s fragrance first.

It may have a sour or custardy fragrance, similar to milk if it’s gone bad.

The smell will merely have altered from the previous time.


Baileys should be creamy and smooth, which is why we all adore it in the first place. If it’s past its expiration date, on the other hand, it’ll be thick, lumpy, or congealed in texture.

It will be completely out of whack. In the same way, you would check for lumps in milk or Cream; you should do the same with this.


If your Baileys has passed the previous tests, then you may proceed to the color test.

There will be a separation between the Cream and whisky if it has gone bad or is about to go bad, and this will cause the drink to turn black.

Coagulation is just around the corner if it’s dark, so toss it out as soon as possible.


You know what it should taste like, and if it doesn’t, it’s likely on its last legs.

Make sure your Baileys is up to these standards, and then give it a try. When it comes to food and drink, your taste senses will be able to tell you all you need to know. If it doesn’t taste the way you expect it to, it’s probably past its prime.

You don’t necessary have to throw it out if the flavor is starting to fade, as long as you aren’t upset by any tiny changes in taste, you may keep it.

What Happens If You Consume Baileys With Curds?

How do I answer this? Surprisingly, a curdled Baileys does not necessarily indicate that the drink is unhealthy or harmful to consume. Yet, it’s possible that you won’t like the flavor.

Your Baileys is most likely past its best before date, has been improperly kept, or has been infected by an outside agent, as seen by the liqueur’s curdled consistency as you pour it into your glass.

In the presence of acid, any dairy product will coagulate. Adding citrus juice or soda to your Baileys might cause the drink to curdle.

Making an Irish Soda without curdling the Baileys is easy for a seasoned mixologist, but a beginner might end up with a lumpy cocktail.

If you’re doing it for yourself and don’t mind the strange texture of a curdled drink, you’re good to go.

Because several popular mixers, such as coffee and hot chocolate, wouldn’t curdle the cream alcohol in Baileys, it is most usually served with those.

Factors to consider while consuming expired Baileys:

  • It is important to notice that when Baileys is mixed with other beverages, it should be fine and fresh.
  • Notably, acid will curdle Baileys. Citrus and sodas are heavy in acid and will curdle Baileys.
  • However, a skilled bartender or mixologist may know how to combine Baileys with soda to produce an Irish soda without curdling the cream component of Baileys.
  • If you are a rookie or inexperienced drink mixer, you will likely serve a cocktail with lumps if you use this ingredient. However, experimenting on your own is not frowned upon, so long as you are ready to bear a lumpy drink.
  • Due to the ease with which Baileys may curdle when coupled with many popular mixers, it is most commonly used with coffee or hot chocolate. These are not acidic enough to cause curdling, yet they are also tasty.

Does Baileys Last Long?

As stated earlier, Baileys guarantees its goods for two years from the manufacturing date. However, it is quite rare that the product would suddenly spoil the day after the best before date has passed.

When stored at temperatures no higher than 25C or 77F and out of direct sunlight, you might be able to consume Baileys years after the expiration date printed on the bottle.

Some folks are unlucky and their Irish Cream is unfit for consumption just a few weeks after the bottle has been opened.

How Long Does Unopened Baileys Last?

A properly preserved, unopened bottle of Baileys should survive for months, if not years, beyond the best before date. The alcohol is an efficient enough preservative to maintain the Cream’s freshness in an airtight container.

Ensure that your bottles are stored in a cellar, a cold, dark room, especially if you intend to save the drink for a date in the far future. Keep in mind that exposure to heat can and probably will affect the outcomes.

How Long Does Opened Baileys Last?

Many more factors might affect the freshness of your Baileys once it has been opened. The manufacturer continues to guarantee the goods for two years, but you must be extra careful with storage and usage.

Once the seal has been broken, the beverage within will be considerably more susceptible to temperature variations; thus, you should always keep it chilled. After pouring your beverage, reseal the bottle and place it in a cold, dark spot.

Protecting your Baileys from outside contamination is a vital aspect of preserving its freshness.

Never consume directly from the bottle. Drinking from the bottle can allow germs to proliferate and curdle the beverage.

Additionally, you should avoid keeping the bottle uncapped or unopened for an extended time.

The alcohol destroys any germs that may penetrate your bottle, but the cream remains a rich and enticing food source for various microorganisms.

The longer your bottle is exposed to air, the greater the potential that it will grow mold or otherwise spoil.

Does Baileys Almande Expire?

The two-year guarantee applies to all kinds of Baileys Irish Cream. If you keep your bottle carefully, it will survive longer than the “best before” date marked on the bottle.

There is a possibility that Almande may go bad more rapidly than the original taste because of its reduced alcohol concentration. Almond milk, on the other hand, has a far longer shelf life than regular milk.

The best way to ensure your Irish Cream liqueur doesn’t go bad before serving it to guests is to check every bottle to see whether it’s past its best-before date.

How To Keep Baileys

Each bottle of Baileys will have storage instructions, and it is always better to adhere to the manufacturer’s suggestions.

The statement “refrigerate for optimal flavor” appears in large, bold text at the top of the reverse label. However, it also specifies that the bottle should be refrigerated between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius (32 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit).

As long as your home does not become very warm during the summer, many individuals may store their Baileys in the liquor cabinet without issue.

So, Does Baileys require refrigeration once opened?

No, refrigeration is not required even after opening. However, “refrigeration is suggested for optimal flavor.”

Since most cocktails containing Irish Cream are served cold, storing Baileys in the refrigerator would be advantageous for serving temperature.

Once opened, the majority of other kinds of Irish Cream and cream-based alcohols require refrigeration. As the name suggests, the mixture contains perishable dairy products if not properly preserved.

If you’re concerned about the safety or quality of your bottle, refrigerating it will never hurt and is likely a good suggestion, albeit it’s not necessary for the Baileys brand.

Several Fascinating Facts About Baileys

  • The whiskey and cream combination alone was insufficient, so a hot chocolate powder mix was added, ending up being a crucial component.
  • The concoction was modified significantly before its release.
  • During the testing of Baileys, focus groups were utilized, and males who drained their glasses referred to it as “a girl’s drink.” When presented to women, they found the drink’s appearance unappealing, believing it resembled medication.
  • After a period of failure, two police officers drank a whole test bottle of Baileys, and the alcoholic beverage was soon made available to the general public.
  • Although drink magnates predicted upon its introduction that it would never sell in the United States, it swiftly became the most popular liqueur in the world.
  • It is part of the well-known “prank shot,” which consists of two shots, the first of Bailey’s and the second of lime. When you hold the Bailey’s in your mouth and take the lime shot, the Bailey’s will curdle in your mouth. Ew! How vile!
  • Irish cream is identical to Bailey’s cream. Each year, 220 million liters of fresh milk are utilized to produce the cream that makes Baileys so smooth and delicious. This milk comes from 38,000 dairy cows on 1,500 family-owned farms primarily located on Ireland’s eastern coast. Those cows merit gratitude!

A Few Non-Curdling Ingredients You May Use With Baileys Irish Cream!


Baileys and coffee are like long-lost lovers. If you enjoy coffee, you undoubtedly already know that cream is a delightful addition.

Well, Baileys is no exception; it has both the creamy richness you adore and whiskey to give you the additional kick you need.

English Or Earl Grey Tea

Similar to your coffee, you could add cream, but why add cream when you can add Baileys Irish Cream instead?

It has a great flavor and provides your tea the additional smoothness we’re all seeking.

Warm Chocolate

Baileys and hot beverages are a match made in heaven; it seems impossible to go wrong when mixing Baileys with a hot beverage.

Baileys combines particularly well with darker, richer hot chocolates since the Baileys will balance out the sweetness and prevent it from becoming overbearing.

If you have a sweet craving, there is no rule against mixing sweet with sweet; it’s like sipping the world’s most delicious dessert!

Ice Cream

Would you believe that it’s a good match for ice cream? Well, it does. Consider it a little boozy ice cream sundae. If you had one of those 1950s-style ice cream sundae glasses, that would be even better!

The finest method to serve Baileys with ice cream is by scooping out the ice cream and then drizzling Baileys over it, as if it were a beautiful creamy sauce.

It will enhance the meal’s overall creaminess and work well with most ice creams. However, we recommend pairing it with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and sherbert.


 What type of alcohol and how much of it does Baileys contain?

Triple-distilled unmalted barley whiskey and grain whiskey make up the alcohol in Baileys.

It has a reputation for being a very easy-drinking brew. Cream, chocolate, and various flavorings and sweeteners are used to flavor it. Alcohol by volume (ABV) is 17 percent for the original Baileys.

Is There Caffeine in Baileys?

Baileys may contain trace quantities of caffeine due to chocolate flavorings, although it is unlikely to have any effect on a youngster.

Caffeine content is somewhat higher in the Espresso flavored Irish Cream from Baileys, which has 37 mg per 8 ounces of product. On the other hand, an 8-ounce cup of coffee can contain up to 180mg of caffeine.

When Baileys Irish Cream is added to alcoholic coffees, the caffeine concentration rises to match that of the coffee itself.

Other Irish Cream liqueur brands may have various quantities of caffeine. However, they are unlikely to contain more than traces of caffeine unless they are coffee-flavored or premixed with coffee.

What Other Drinks Go Well With Baileys?

The last thing you want to do when learning how to make cocktails with Baileys is to experiment. You don’t want your drink to curdle in front of you because you assumed it could be treated the same way as other spirits like rum or brandy.

Baileys is often paired with coffee or hot chocolate, but it can also be paired with other spirits. However, there are a number of additional choices that you may choose to explore.

Here are a few ideas to get you started if you’re feeling really imaginative:

  • Black tea Kahlua and cold milk or cold coffee with a pint of Guinness
  • Ice cream sundae
  • Kahlua, rum, cocoa powder, and banana extract are all used in this cocktail.

Is Baileys Lactose-Free?

Baileys Irish Cream uses both milk cream and modified milk proteins.

For the first time in 2016, Baileys Almande, a vegan variant of the brand’s signature booze, was released. It is currently available in most regions of the world through major liquor store operators.

Baileys Almande employs Irish Whiskey, but the almond milk taste is more prominent, and the vanilla flavor is more pronounced than in the original Baileys.

In addition to being thinner and gentler, the Almande version is also far less potent. Even though it’s an excellent vegan substitute, it’s not a carbon copy of the original liqueur.

Is Baileys gluten-free?

However, Irish Whiskey is mentioned as one of the supplementary ingredients in Baileys, which is gluten-free. The grain used to make Irish Whiskey contains gluten, but the distillation process is supposed to eliminate it.

As a precaution, if you are extremely sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease, you may want to avoid Baileys and other Irish Cream products or, at the very least, try one to see if it causes an adverse response.”

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