Do White Claw Expire?

The demand for Mark Anthony Brewing’s White Claw Hard Seltzer has grown in the United States and Canada since it was initially made available.
As a result of a Trevor Wallace viral video, which caused a scarcity and hundreds of percent increase in beverage sales, “the summer of White Claw” became popular in 2019.
Since then, the malt-based beverage has consistently won national awards for best hard seltzer.
Because of the various fruity variants, the refreshing flavor, and the fact that it is typically seen as a healthier alternative to beer, it is liked by many.
But what if you have stockpiled White Claw and are concerned that it may spoil before you can consume it?
The good news is that White Claw won’t spoil if it is kept in a cool, dry place and is not opened. The only possible outcome is that some carbonation is lost over time.
Continue reading to learn what the White Claw expiration code signifies, how long it will last, how to store it, and what will happen if you consume expired White Claw.

How to Decipher the White Claw Printed Code?

You will find a code printed on the surface of each can of White Claw. This code contains all the information you need to ensure the freshness of the beverage.
Unlike with other beverages and foods which have printed expiration codes, this one is a batch code. In other words, it represents the place, date, time, and batch of your drink.
Inspect the code, which contains a string of letters and numbers, which indicate where the drink was made, and when it was made and canned or bottled.
For example, if the expiration code has FL at the end, this means that this particular can of White Claw was made in the Florida facility of the company.
The first five letters and digits represent the exact date of the production. So if it says A0120, then this can of White Claw was produced on January 1st, 2020.
The letter A stands for January, B is February, C is March, D is April, E is May, F is June, G is July, H is August, J is September, K is October, L is November and M is December.
The digits after the production date in the form of XX: XX XX represent the production time, and the last two are internal batch digits.
The manufacturer recommends that the beverage is best enjoyed when consumed up to one year after this production date. After this, it will not go bad, but its carbonation or overall quality may suffer.

How Long Will Unopened White Claw Last?

As mentioned previously, White Claw will rarely go bad if it is adequately stored and remains unopened even one year after its production.
This is thanks to the alcohol in it, which helps prevent the contamination of microbes.
Still, due to the aging, the carbonation will decrease, and the overall flavor and color of the beverage may start diminishing after years of storage.
While, unlike wine which becomes better with age, White Claw will not mature or get better. So if you want the best taste and experience, try to drink the malt drink within the first year following its production date, which is printed on the bottom of each can.

How Long Will it Last After Opening?

Once you open the White Claw, you will expose it to air and oxygen. This will immediately start impacting its carbonation, flavor, and color.
If you cannot drink it immediately after opening it, you can try sealing it and keeping it in the refrigerator. It will remain good from two to up to four days after opening it.
After that, it will become flat, and its color and taste will diminish quickly and noticeably.

What is the Best Way to Store White Claw?

Like any other malt and carbonated beverage, White Claw can be affected by the ambient temperature. To store it correctly, keep it away from direct heat at a consistent temperature.
Avoid refrigerating it, then letting it warm-up, and then cool it down again.
For the best results, stock up the fridge with as many cans as you will drink or serve, and keep the remaining White Claw inside the refrigerator until you drink it.
If you are not planning on drinking it in the near future, you can save fridge space and store the cans and bottles in a cool, dry, dark pantry or other storage space.
If you have purchased it chilled, you will need to put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible.
Drastic changes in the ambient temperatures will affect its quality.

What Will Happen If You Drink White Claw Which has Expired?

Whether you open the White Claw way after the recommended one year following the production date, or you happen to drink leftover opened White Claw from the fridge, you don’t need to be afraid of consequences to your health.
It may become flat and dull in taste and color, but expired White Claw will not make you sick.
The worse that can happen is that you get a mild stomach ache or a more intense hangover than usual if you drink White Claw which is beyond its expiration date.

Final Thoughts

While the good news is that White Claw will not go bad, it is still better to drink it within a year after its production. This will ensure that it is at its best taste, carbonation, and appearance.
You can easily check its exact production date, time, and place of production, which is printed on the bottom of each can.
For the best results, store the White Claw at consistent temperatures and only refrigerate it if you have purchased it chilled or right before you plan on drinking it!
Cheers and enjoy your refreshing White Claw reasonably!

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