Can You Microwave Cookie Dough?

Do you want to bake cookies faster by using the microwave? Or maybe you don’t have an oven?
You are probably asking yourself whether you can microwave cookie dough, and if so, how to do it to make the best-tasting cookies.
After performing some tests and after several interviews with professional bakers and cookie dough manufacturers, we have summarized the answers to these questions for you.
Read on to learn how to microwave cookie dough, what types of dough can be microwaved, the pros and cons of using the microwave for making cookies, some helpful tips, and more pertinent information.

Can You Microwave Cookie Dough?

While it is safe to microwave store-bought cookie dough, the taste and shape of the cookies will not be as good as normally baked ones.
The resulting cookies are still edible but lack that delicious crispiness on the outside and the chewiness of the middle.
The main reason for this is the difference in technology. While ovens cook the food from the outside inwards, the microwaves will do the opposite and cook the middle first.
So, even though it is possible to make cookies in a microwave, the chances are that you won’t be as impressed with their texture or flavor as you would if you baked them in a conventional oven.

Results from Microwaving Store-bought Cookie Dough

Our tests with ready-made dough from the store resulted in very flat and unappetizing cookies.

Results from Microwaving Homemade Cookie Dough

When we prepared the cookie dough ourselves and proceeded to make cookies in the microwave, the results looked much better. At least the cookies were not so flat, but we used taller dough balls to make them.

What the Leading Manufacturers of Cookie Dough Say?

After contacting many of the leading cookie dough manufacturers regarding microwaving, we received negative answers from most.
Pillsbury, Aunt Kath’s, and Annie were all entirely against the use of microwaves for making cookies from their cookie dough.
On the other hand, Nestle Toll House told us that while its cookie dough was designed and made for baking in the oven, it still may be possible to use a microwave instead, but the company hasn’t tested this option and cannot offer instructions.
The only cookie dough manufacturer who said it was absolutely ok to microwave the cookie dough was Sweet Loren’s. The instructions are to microwave their dough for about 20 to 25 seconds for the best gooey consistency of the cookies.

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The Pros of Using a Microwave to Make Cookies

While most of cookie dough manufacturers do not recommend it, and our tests showed some disappointing results, there are still some benefits of using a microwave instead of an oven for making cookies. These include:

  • There is no need for preheating the microwave
  • The cooking time is less than a minute
  • A small-sized microwave-safe plate is easier to clean than a large baking sheet
  • It is more energy saving
  • You can make small test batches quickly and easily

Steps for Making Cookies in a Microwave

  1. Choose a store-bought cookie dough or make one yourself, using your favorite recipe
  2. Slice ½ inch piece of ready-made dough from the tube, or place a taller ball of dough in a microwave-safe plate
  3. Place it in the center of the microwave, and cook on high heat for 20 seconds
  4. If the cookies don’t look ready, cook them for another 20 seconds
  5. Keep in mind that the center of the cooked cookie is piping hot, so consume it with caution

Tips for Making Cookies in a Microwave Oven

When you take it out of the microwave, the cookie may seem slightly underdone. Let it sit out of the oven for 1-2 minutes, and it will harden.
Always use microwave-safe plates, trays, or others.
Try using a ramekin. Add the dough inside of it so that it keeps its shape better. You can serve it with some added sauce or ice cream on top.
Keep an eye on the cookie and perform some tests so that you determine the right time for making cookies in your particular microwave oven.
Be careful when adding ingredients such as M&Ms or oats to the cookie dough. They can become tough and inedible. The suitable add-ons for microwaved cookies are chocolate chips and other softer ingredients.


Is it safe to use a microwave for cookies?

Microwaving cookie dough is safe as long as you monitor the cooking time closely and then let the cookie cool out before eating it.

Can you microwave Pillsbury cookie dough?

The manufacturer does not recommend its cookie dough for cooking in a microwave.

Can you microwave Nestle cookie dough?

Nestle Toll House has not tested cooking its dough in a microwave and recommends using an oven for baking the dough.

Can you defrost or soften the cookie dough in a microwave?

If you want to soften your frozen or chilled cookie dough, it is better to leave it on the countertop at room temperature than to use the microwave.
Read the instructions of your store-bought cookie dough because some manufacturers recommend baking it frozen without the need of being thawed.

Microwaving store-bought cookies – is it possible?

If you decide to refresh, rejuvenate or heat store-bought cookies in the microwave, make sure to use concise bursts of heat for only up to 10 seconds.

Is it possible to bake the cookies on a stovetop?

Yes, but make sure to line them in a tin and then place them on a wire rack in a pot with a lid. This will help prevent them from burning from the heat.

Is it possible to microwave the cookie dough using a mug?

Yes, but make sure to use short bursts to prevent it from burning. Also, wait for the mug cake cookie to cool down entirely because its center will be sweltering.

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Final Words

While it is possible to microwave cookie dough, and it is also faster and easier than baking them in an oven, we recommend using the oven when you can.
Making the cookies in a conventional oven will ensure that their texture is better, and they are more delicious than when made in the microwave.
Still, if you don’t have time or feel like experimenting, you can try microwaving cookie dough and making some quick cookies. It will take you less than a minute to do so!

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