Camp Chef vs Traeger: Which is the Best Pellet Grill

The pellet grill is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It allows you to try various cooking styles where you can use it for grilling, smoking, and roasting food. As its name suggests, the pellet grill uses hardwood pellets as fuels.

The pellet grill market has several manufacturers, each of them bringing their best. Camp Chef vs. Traeger debate focuses on two of the finest brands that you may encounter. So, which one should you go for?

If you have this query, you are in the right place as we take a comprehensive look at each of them.

Traeger Grills


Traeger Grills, a business with over three decades of experience, starts the discussion. It was established in 1985 and was given Joe Traeger’s name. The next year, Joe received a patent for the pellet grill. By taking this move, Traeger Barbecues became the exclusive manufacturer of pellet grills.

This lasted up to the patent’s 20-year expiration date.

Following the patent’s expiration, new players entered the market and began to rival Traeger. The business still holds the top place despite the intense competition in recent years. You may discover a wide product catalog on their website.

While Traeger mainly deals in grills, it also has other products. The products include wood pellets and grilling accessories, like BBQ tools. If you want a grill, several models may impress you.

Some of the models you will encounter include the Pro, Timberline, and Ironwood series. Additionally, there are portable grills.

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Camp Chef Grills


On the other hand, we have Camp Chef. The company has been around since 1990. Its establishment banked on the idea of providing excellent ways of outdoor cooking. It relied on output from outdoor enthusiasts like campers and hikers. Camp Chef then came up with several cooking utilities suitable for the outdoors.

The first products produced by the company include BBQ boxes, ovens, and grills. As Camp Chef grew, it diversified to more cookers to serve different market needs.

At the moment, it has an impressive collection of kitchen and outdoor cookers. On its online store, you find pellet grills, propane grills and smokers, and plenty of add-ons.

Under the pellet grill selection, there are several models including Woodwind, S-series, Pursuit, and XXL grills. You can also get pellets and attachments from its online store.

Camp Chef vs Traeger-Grill Reviews

Back to the Camp Chef vs. Traeger discussion, it is prudent that we look at each of their models. Below is a review of their standout models, focusing on various attributes.

The Best Camp Chef Grill

Camp Chef 36 In. Wi-Fi Woodwind Pellet Grill and Smoker with Sidekick

The Camp Chef 36 in. Wi-Fi Woodwind pellet grill and smoker is a premier model from Camp Chef.

Highlighted below are some of its features that make it take the top spot.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

An amazing this about this Camp Chef model is its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. It has a PID controller that you can connect to via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You should have the Camp Chef app downloaded to your phone to access the grill remotely.

The connectivity allows you to keep tabs on what is cooking on the grill. You can adjust temperature and smoke levels from your phone. This feature is very convenient, giving you space for multitasking.

Ease of Use

This pellet grill is trouble-free to use, even if you are a novice. Learning how to use it is effortless, and within a short time, you will be a pro. Furthermore, assembling it is hassle-free, with the user manual coming to your aid. On cleaning, the Ash Kickin’ cleanout system lets you clear ash and other dirt after using the grill.

The grill is pretty heavy at 193-pounds. To deal with this problem, it has wheels for movement.


This Camp Chef model is very flexible. A hint of this attribute is its wide temperature range of 160-500-degrees Fahrenheit. This range is ideal for various cooking methods, like smoking, grilling, and roasting.

The griller sports the Slide and Grill technology that allows for direct-heat cooking. It is ideal for roasting meat, where temperatures can reach 650-degrees Fahrenheit.

Still, on its flexibility, the grill’s sidekick is compatible with many accessories.

Cooking Space

The Camp Chef Woodwind pellet grill provides you with a 1236-square inch cooking area. This is large enough to accommodate large meal servings, like a whole turkey.

Searching for a specific Camp Chef grill? Check our comprehensive review for the Woodwind series.


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows for remote control.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Ample cooking space.
  • It has wheels for easy movement.
  • Stress-free assembly, use, and maintenance.
  • It can perform many cooking functions.
  • The grill comes with four meat probes.


  • The Camp Chef pellet grill is bulky.

The Best Traeger Grill

Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 Pellet Grill and Smoker with Alexa and WiFiRe

Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 pellet grill and smoker with Alexa and WiFIRE is the top pick from Traeger Grills. The following are some of the characteristics of this pellet grill.

WiFIRE Technology

This grill has the WiFIRE technology that connects to your home Wi-Fi network. When connected to the Traeger app, you can control the cooker from any place. It can also connect to Alexa, making it more convenient. It’s Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity gives an edge on functionalities, like temperature control.


This appliance’s assembly is effortless. If you encounter a problem when fixing it, its user manual comes to your aid. The convenience attribute receives a boost when it comes to cleaning. The porcelain coat on the grill racks makes cleaning a walk in the park.

Its pellet sensor monitors the fuel level and notifies you via the app. Upholding the convenience attribute, the grill has a digital meat probe. This add-on aids you in checking the cooker’s internal temperature.


The Ironwood 650 supports six cooking functions. With this cooker, you can grill, smoke, roast, braise, bake and barbeque your meals. This appliance works in both cold and hot weather, courtesy of its double insulation.


The Camp Chef Ironwood grill is a stainless steel build. Stainless steel is very sturdy and is not prone to staining and degradation. As such, it will serve you for a long time.


  • Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity.
  • A high-quality construction.
  • It supports six cooking functions.
  • Double insulation contributes to its all-weather functionality.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Adequate cooking space.
  • It has wheels for translocation.


  • At times, connecting to Alexa is a problem.

Traeger Grills Budget Pick

Traeger TFB57GZEO Pro Series 575 Grill and Smoker

Traeger Grills’ budget selection is the Traeger TFB57GZEO Pro Series 575 Grill and smoker. The pellet grill has several key attributes, some of which are as follows.

WiFIRE Technology

A standout feature of this Traeger Grills model is the WiFIRE technology. WiFIRE technology, with the support of the Traeger app, connects to your Wi-Fi thus enabling you to remotely monitor the grill.

Multiple Cooking Functions

The Pro Series 575 can handle several cooking functions. You can use it for grilling, baking, roasting, and barbecuing.

Cooking Area

A 575-square inches cooking area is big enough for a small family or gathering. It is decent enough to cook up to 24 burgers or four chickens. If you want to prepare larger dishes, you can remove the upper rack to create more space.


When looking at this grill’s usability, you will understand why it makes it to the list of the finest. Using it is an effortless process as it lights and heats fast. If using it for smoking, you will benefit from the high-quality smoke it produces.


  • Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • A decent cooking area.
  • It supports several cooking functions.
  • The wheels enhance its movement.
  • Stress-free cleaning.
  • Efficient smoke production.


  • After extensive use, you may notice paint coming off in some parts.

Portable Option

Camp Chef Pursuit Portable Pellet Grill PPG20

If you move around a lot with your cooker, you understand the significance of portability. The Camp Chef pursuit portable pellet grill PPG20 is a great portable pick. It comes with many features, which include:


The selling point of this Camp Chef product is its portability. The pellet grill is pretty light, weighing 100-pounds. This feature receives a boost from its compact shape and wheels.

When not in use, you can fold it and tow it like a suitcase.

Temperature Control

The Camp Chef portable grill has a temperature range of 160-500-degrees Fahrenheit. A PID controller ensures you have consistent heat. With this implement, you have temperature control on your hands.


You won’t encounter much of a hurdle when learning how to use this grill. The digital display is clear, allowing you to operate it.

The Ash-Cleanout System will have your back when cleaning this implement. The folding design works towards its storage, where it takes a small space.


  • It is portable.
  • The folding design makes it economical in space.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • A durable construction.
  • A wide temperature range.
  • It comes with two meat probes.


  • The auger may have some problems, though you can easily sort them.

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Camp Chef Budget Pick

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill w/New PID Gen2 Digital Controller

Your budget is a crucial factor to consider when looking for a kitchen appliance. The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX pellet grill w/New PID Gen2 digital controller is an excellent pick if you want the best value. A look at its features will show you why it is the budget pick.

Ease of Use

If you are new to using a pellet grill, this model is a perfect starting point. Its controls are simple; as such, you won’t have a hard time operating it. The same applies to assembly and maintenance.

Cooking Space

This Camp Chef cooker has a decent cooking space of 573-square inches. While this seems average, it is ideal for a small family or gathering of up to six people.

Wheels for Movement

At 127-pounds, this implement is relatively heavy. The good thing is that it comes with wheels; hence, moving it is effortless.


The Camp Chef utility comes with a meat probe for checking on your foods’ temperature. Its sidekick works with several Camp Chef attachments.


  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • A reasonable cooking space.
  • Wheels ease its movement.
  • It comes with a meat probe.
  • The sidekick will accommodate many Camp Chef attachments.
  • Adequate smoke production.


  • There are times when smoke production is too much.

Camp Chef vs Traeger: Head to Head


Warranty is the responsibility that a company takes on its products in case of any defects. When looking at the two brands in terms of warranty, you can say it is a tie. Both have friendly warranty terms, covering you for three years.

If you want to follow up on the warranty, you can call the company you got the grill from. You will receive proper instructions on how to present your problems.

Temperature Control

On temperature control, Camp Chef has an advantage, thanks to the PID controller present on most of its models. This component aids in providing consistent temperatures.

Traeger lifts its weight in this aspect, courtesy of the double wall insulation on some of its products. The insulation prevents heat loss, making the appliances suitable for different weather conditions.

Pellet Hopper Capacity

Pellet hopper capacity is an essential thing to look at when picking a grill. The larger the pellet holding capacity, the better as you do not constantly need to refill the fuel.

Most Traeger Grills and Camp Chef models have 18-pound pellet hoppers. However, some Camp Chef models can hold up to 22-pounds. As such, Camp Chef takes the upper spot when looking at pellet hopper capacity.

Clean Out

Camp Chef has the Ash Cleanout system to deal with leftover ashes. On the other hand, Traeger Grills has porcelain-coated racks. The racks are less prone to stains and easy to clean.

Camp Chef also has porcelain-coated grill racks, hence has an upper hand when it comes to cleaning, courtesy of the ash removal system.

Customer Service

While both brands do their best in customer service, Traeger has an advantage due to its experience. Traeger’s lengthy stay in the scene gives it a lead as it knows what its clients need. The customer support team is available for 16-hours each day for calls.

Camp Chef’s support team is accessible for around 11-hours each day. You may fail to reach the support on weekends and holidays.

Wi-Fi/App Experience

Some of the Camp Chef and Traeger models are compatible with Wi-Fi. Additionally, they have supporting mobile applications. On this, the Traeger app is more flexible as it can connect to Alexa.

Both apps allow for remote control.

Extra Features

Pellet grills come with plenty of extra features. Camp Chef is the winner in this case, as it has more features than its competitor. Some of the major areas include portability and inclusions like the PID controller.

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If you love smoked foods, you should get a pellet grill. In this piece, we bring you two notable brands of pellet grills, Traeger and Camp Chef. We look at the features of some of their standout products to see the finest. The better brand will depend on your needs and preferences. Use this article to pick the most preferable, guaranteeing you perfectly prepared meals.

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