The 40 Budget Food Blogs You Absolutely Need To Know About

My passion, my motivation, and more than just a pastime, food. Life is centered around food.

It brings us together, makes us joyful, and gives us a justification for taking more time to have fun. We foodies ought to cooperate and support one another.

And the powerful Internet is the ideal tool for doing so. There are several recipes, how-to guides, and other fascinating items released every day since the fantastic community of foodies has expanded so much.

Many of us acquire daily inspiration and a new wave of supper ideas in this way. On the other hand, I suppose there are occasions when engaging in our favorite activity might become extremely pricey. At that point, thrift and intelligence are put to use.

Budget Food Blogs

Today I’m bringing you the sophisticated group. The handpicked few from the wild online herd that is focused on the regular people: The Budget Food Blogs. Places that will help you make some incredible dishes while not breaking the bank.

Hearty and welcoming people who run those are (mostly) just like you and me, an ordinary family/couple/single blogger on the road to better yet cheaper eating.

You simply won’t make a mistake following them all. Here they (randomly numbered) are:

Budget Bytes

Beth is a foodie and a self-proclaimed “number cruncher,” meaning that she likes to calculate and be rational with her money. Her blog offers a plethora of cheap, simple, and tasty recipes which prove that eating on a budget doesn’t have to be all “ramen and canned beans.”

Stone Soup

If you like to keep things simple in your life, then you will also love Jules is a cook, writer, and blogger who is here to help others improve their lives by cutting out the unnecessary. On her website, you will find a bunch of 5-ingredient recipes, as well as other cool stuff related to real food.

Not Eating Out in New York

Steph is a cook, writer, blogger, and podcast host who shares her love for cooking in her home (eating in). She’s a master of making great food with minimal investments, and on the website, you can find many of her original, budget, delicious meal recipes. Oh yeah, she also has two books out!

Well Plated is a blog about wholesome food that is transformed into amazing meals. Erin is the mastermind behind this website, and here she shares amazing recipes and travel stories with the world. If you’re into comfort food (who isn’t!?) and like reading about globetrotting couples, I highly recommend this blog.

The 99 Cent Chef

Billy is a guy on a mission, and his is literally about 99 cent ingredient recipes! He is a creative and interesting chef who writes about affordable and delicious recipes that anyone can make. If that’s not enough, he also makes entertaining cooking videos for you to enjoy.

5 Dollar Dinners

Erin Chase is a mom, chef, blogger, and price-conscious shopper. She literally can’t make a meal that costs more than $5. On her blogs, she offers recipes, meal plans, tutorials, videos, and great tips on how to save up a fortune by buying food the smart way.

Broke-Ass Gourmet

Ever wondered if it’s possible to eat gourmet, fine dining foods for cheap? You bet it is, and Gabi Moskowitz is here to show you how. On her blog you will find recipes, books, and instructions on how to make amazing dishes for less than $20. Worth knowing!

Thrifty Lesley

Lesley is a lady who lives in the peaceful southeast of England, and she successfully transfers that atmosphere onto her website. On the blog, you can find recipes, budget meal plans (her slogan is one person, one day, 1ВЈ), and all kinds of interesting writings from Lesley’s daily life.

Frugal Queen

Being frugal is a virtue, and this website definitely proves it. The blog is a collection of budget recipes, smart meal plans, and plain day-to-day life articles. If you ever wondered how it feels like to live in the English and French countryside, Frugal Queen offers a snippet of that experience.

A Girl Called Jack

Jack is a sales manager living in Bali who loves travel, food, and writing about it! The blog offers incredible recipes with vivid photos and clear instructions. Besides this, you will also find travel and Bali-related articles that all Southeast Asia enthusiasts are going to enjoy. Simple, cool, and inspiring website.

Budget Savvy Diva will appeal to all the money-savers from around the globe. Sara writes amazing tips, recipes, DIY stuff, life stories, and much more, all with the intention of showing you how to spend as little as possible and lead a quality life as well. Do not skip on this gem.

Creme de la Crumb

CrГЁme de la Crumb is a collection of wonderful recipes and great pictures of mouthwatering meals, all prepared by Tiffany, the website’s founder. From classic recipes to ingenious dishes, anyone who enjoys cooking or just browsing cooking websites will definitely love this one.

New Leaf Wellness

If healthy, sustainable, and price-conscious eating is your thing, then you mustn’t skip on New Leaf Wellness. This is a family-run website that turned into an Internet giant that offers cookbooks, meal plans, and most of all, freezer/crockpot dish recipes. It is just amazing and innovative.

Eazy Peazy Meals

Rachel is a mom of four, a writer, cook, and all-around amazing person. Her website focuses on cooking, but there is so much more to it. Besides great family recipes, you’ll find travel articles, internet business tips, and many other goodies. Oh yeah, she also has a nice YouTube channel.

Pocket Change Gourmet

Liz and Doug are family folks, and through their 25 years of marriage, they’ve learned how to cook delicious food for the whole family while staying frugal. They kindly share their knowledge on the blog in the form of recipes, meal plans, and all things kitchen-related. All great advice, all budget-friendly.

Eating Richly

Eating richly is a passion project of two spouses – recipe developer and cooking instructor Diana and her husband, web-implementer Eric Johnson. A perfect combination for a charming, family food blog.

And a charming family blog it is. Each post is oozed with creators’ love for food, their kids, and, of course, for each other.

Vegan Family Recipes

Vegan food blogs sometimes tend to be quite stale – the offered variety simply can’t compete with traditional food blogs. Here, that’s not the case, and it seems that Vanessa, the young woman who runs the blog, is capable of squeezing every possible topic out of this limited niche.

See our suggestions for Delicious Greek Dessert Recipes

Graceful Little Honey Bee

Ok, this might just be the blog with the cutest name in existence. But is that all? Of course not. There are a lot of good things here to be learned about crafting, stretching the budget, gardening, and even personal faith.

The reason why I mentioned Graceful Little Honey Bee on this list is tons of delicious and frugal family recipes you ought to spend a lot of time researching.

Good Cheap Eats

Good Cheap Eats is a blog with a bit of agenda. According to Jessica, the founder of this interesting website, the USDA claims that an 8-member family can expect to spend at least $1310 per month on food and groceries.

Jessica wants to prove that this number can be cut bellow $1200, and you know what – if someone knows about frugal food and affordable eats, that would be a mother of six. So, I say it’s definitely worth checking out.

Cheap Cooking

This is one of those blogs that seem to stand out from the competition mostly due to the charisma of its author. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good articles to be found here – if you’re looking for anything ranging from salad to grilled lamb, you’ll find it.

But the author, Ellen, seems like an incredibly interesting person, and fortunately, her personality is showing through her writing. It is easy to get hooked.


CulturEatz is a blog whose sole purpose is to bring people around the world closer by exploring the food recipes from different countries, which is an incredibly appealing idea.

Why idea? Well, although it features dozens upon dozens of interesting recipes, the blog is still far from unleashing its full potential. But, keep an eye on this website. It may show you a whole new world very soon.

In Praise of Leftovers

What makes this blog special is the effort its author Sarah Murphy-Kangas puts in running the extra mile of everything that just so happens to be in her fridge.

And this topic does require special attention. Buying cheap food is one thing – making the most of the leftovers is an entirely different level of frugal.

Mish Delish

Mish Delish is a very cute blog that does a great job in presenting simple and easy-to-make recipes for everyone’s pocket. If you have even the slightest idea of how kitchen looks, you won’t have any problem finding something here.

If there is something to take away from the website, that would be the typewriter font. It looks nice, but it becomes incredibly strenuous after some time.

Cheap Recipe Blog

As you’d probably guessed by reading the title, Cheap Recipe Blog deals with exactly that – cheap and simple recipes. So, what’s makes it so special?

The answer is – How-To’s. A lot of interesting how-to’s often go outside the kitchen and dwell deep into the territory of frugal living. Small tricks that make all these recipes not only possible but also a lot of fun.

Food Renegade

Though its name has a very strong rebellious ring to it, when it comes to recipes you can find here, Food Renegade is as traditional as it gets.

However, if you love butter, red meat, dairy products, and other traditional foods, and you think our ancestors were healthier because they weren’t graced by pre-packaged food, you are in for a treat.

The Frugal Hausfrau

This blog has a lot of good things working for it (its name is certainly one of them). But if I would have to cherry pick only one of them, that would be the sheer scope of content you can find here.

Even something as simple as checking the appetizers will require a scroll or two. And those are only the appetizers. There is a lot of hard work at play here.


Skinnytaste is something filmmakers like to call a four-quadrant product – in short, it has something for everyone. Recipes for vegans and recipes for meat-lovers. Recipes for summer and recipes for winter. Recipes for kids and recipes you can fit into your Whole30 program.

What’s also important is that all this colorful content is incredibly well organized and even better presented. An instant bookmark!

Eating from the Ground Up

Eating from the Ground Up is a website with a very strong background. Its author, Alana Chernila, is the author of two books about cooking and is a collaborator of Martha Stewart Magazine and websites like The woman knows what she’s doing, so expect a ton of great content here.

Don’t Waste the Crumbs

Don’t Waste the Crumbs is a blog that is a dream come true for all of you busy moms trying to run your household on a budget. You’ll be glad to hear that, besides quick and easy recipes that range from simple smoothies to Chinese food, the website is laden with tips about gardening, cleaning, and home remedies.

More or less, everything you need to keep your house from falling apart.

Frugal Foodie Mama

Life taught Carrie how to be frugal. As she spent almost nine years being a single mom, she developed her financial skills and resourcefulness. Being a mother and a foodie are the most important roles in her life.

If you want to learn cooking on a budget from somebody’s experience, this blog is the right place for you.

Plant Based on a Budget

Behind the Plant-Based on a Budget stands a whole team of wonderful people.

Their main goal is to prove that everyone can cook healthy, delicious food without spending a fortune. They are promoting the idea of plant-based nutrition while staying out of any political agenda.

Frugal Feeding

Nick lives in Bristol. This cheerful lad is half man, half hobby. He is obsessed with cycling while he believes anyone can cook beautifully and economically! Also, he is surprisingly well organized, which you can tell by the looks of his blog!

If you want your food to look good on a plate, consult Nick’s blog!

Penny’s Recipes

Penny lives in Scotland, where she runs a holiday let business with her husband. Half of her family are vegetarians, while the other half are carnivores. Cooking in that situation while on a limited budget is quite a challenge, which gives her credibility!

She encourages you to try her recipes but stay creative and propose your own ideas.

Utterly Scrummy Food for Families

Michelle lives in England with her husband and their four children. She has many wonderful hobbies, from knitting and sewing all the way to gardening. Cooking healthy and on a budget for a family of six seems extremely demanding, but Michelle manages it well.

Hungry Healthy Happy

Dannii, Dave, and baby in Dannii’s belly are masterminds behind this blog. You’ll see HHH is not the regular budget food blog. It cares about your health and psychological wellbeing, too. They are proud to say their recipes are not restrictive.

This blog has many interesting sections unrelated to food, which you should definitely check!

Cooking on a Budget

Patty Anderson is determined to teach you how to cook homemade meals on a tight budget. Some of her recipes are inspired by the food of her childhood, while others are her original creations which she made while she was running a restaurant.

Two Lucky Spoons

If you are interested in learning how to cook on a budget from an ex-catering company owner and cooking class teacher, you should meet Jodie. She knows that people have different tastes, so her recipes leave you the freedom of choice when it comes to spices.

Jodie’s blog will provide you with gardening on budget tips, too!

I Love Vegan

If you are planning on shifting to veganism but you are afraid of the financial and nutritional part of the story, this blog is the right place for you. Brittany and William are offering plenty of vegan on budget recipes for beginner cooks.

Frugal Recipes

Shannon is a freelance writer and single mother of two. She concentrates on writing healthy, frugal recipes as she tends to lose weight while staying on the budget. However, promoting health is her highest priority.

She had written five ebooks on frugal cooking so far, and you can purchase all of them through her blog.

Frugality Gal

Jazmin is the real frugality girl. In that manner, she offers not only recipes on budget-friendly cooking but advice on frugal living in general. This means she’s big on budget plans and tips & tricks on how to save money.

She usually offers more than one way of cooking the same dish, which is incredibly practical!

There you have it, folks, the 40 budget food blogs you should definitely know about.

We all sometimes have a tight budget or lack of ideas about what to prepare today. With these fabulous blogs listed, a lack of inspiration for food creation will be a thing of the past.

Check them out, bookmark your favorites, and always have a fresh dose of frugal tips, the finest recipes for low budget, and an endless stream of quality stuff!

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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