The Best 5 Vacuum Sealers in 2022

Did you know that up to 40% of the entire food supply in the US is going to waste every year? This means that you could be losing up to $2,000 per year from food that has gone bad and has ended up discarded in the landfill.

If you want to put an end to these worrying statistics, you should get a good-quality vacuum sealer like the Mooka 2-in-1 sealer.

With the help of one of these devices, you can save your groceries and foodstuffs for up to 5 times longer and keep them fresh and tasty for a much longer time, using much less storage space.


Best Vacuum Sealer

Read on to see which are our top favorite vacuum sealers for 2022 and why we strongly urge you to add one to your household now.

Best overall

MOOKA 2 IN 1 Vacuum Sealer

Our favorite vacuum sealer for 2022 is the Mooka 2-in-1 sealing system. This money and food saving system comes with a cutter, a pumping hose, and 10 FDA-approved sealing bags and will help save your foodstuffs and keep them fresh for up to 5 times longer.

Mooka claims that if you use this nifty vacuum sealing system, you can save up to $2,700 per year from preserving foods that would otherwise end up in the bin.

The vacuum sealer has a heat-resistant mica sheet that can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius, and the sealing function can be used consecutively up to 40 times without risking any damage to the sealer.

The sealer also has an external pumping feature which is useful for the preservation of wine, canning, vacuum packaging, food storage bags, and others.

Thanks to its simple and user-friendly design, you won’t have trouble adjusting the vacuum sealing degree in accordance with your specific needs. You can stop the operation at any time with a simple press of the Cancel button.

The sealer works with Mooka rolls and bags and is very simple to use.

All you need to do is fill the bag, lock it, vacuum and seal it, and then unlock the sealer and you are done.

You can also seal jars by attaching the pumping hose to the unit so that the content is vacuum closed.

The Mooka sealer can be used to preserve and pack not only dry but moist foods too.

Thanks to its long sealing length, you can seal all quantities of foods in different-sized bags.

The versatile sealer comes with 5 small and 5 large vacuum bags, so you can experiment and choose the size which is most suitable for your needs and your storage space.

Thanks to this clever appliance, your food will be safe from bacteria, mold, or fungus and thus will retain the taste, texture, and appearance of the food.

You can use the Mooka vacuum sealer to prep your weekly meals and keep them stored in the fridge, which is not only very convenient but will also help you save money and time.

So, if you want a vacuum sealer that is so easy to use that even elderly people can handle it and which is so efficient that you will never again have to throw away food gone bad, the Mooka vacuum sealer is the option for you.

Best runner-up

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

The NutriChef automatic vacuum sealer is the runner-up in our list and is the perfect utensil to help preserve your food for a long time, as well as for the better organization of your freezer and for making prepping meals a breeze.

The sealer is available in black, silver, and stainless steel, so there is one for every taste.

With the help of this kitchen tool, you can keep all of the ingredients fresh in the freezer, and they will retain their fresh taste and appearance, unlike when you freeze food in a regular zipper bag or box.

The design of this sealer is perfect even for those of you who are not too tech-savvy. The operation is completely automatic, and the touch digital buttons are easy to read and set.

You can choose the different vacuum sealing settings depending on the type of food you are packaging.

Lab tests have shown that by using this method of preserving you, you are expanding the food’s shelf life and usability about 5 times longer as compared to the traditional zipper bags and other freezing methods. Plus, there will be no freezer burn like when you use the traditional freezer storage methods.

You will receive a full set of all the tools you will need to preserve the foods and beverages in your home for a long time. These include the sealer itself, along with a suction hose, a wine stopper cork, 5 medium-sized vacuum bags (11.8 x 7.8 inches), and a long bag roll (7.8 x 79 inches) which are all waterproof and reusable.

The sealer itself is very light and easy to move and store. It has a stain-resistant design to keep it looking nice and sanitary.

You can use the sealer for marinating meats and for other cooking preparations as well.

Given its reasonable price and the huge amount of money you will save from keeping your food from spoiling, the NutriChef vacuum sealer is a must for every household!

Best budget choice

KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer Machine for Preservation

If you are not ready to break the bank for a vacuum sealer, then you should check out the KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer Machine.

This reasonably priced automatic preservation machine is easy to use, compact, and yet safe and durable.

The vacuum sealer comes with 20 sealer bags.

It has sturdy, heat-resistant, and fire-resistant V0 level ABS plastic housing, so you can use it for sealing large batches of food continuously without worrying about your safety or the safety of your home.

The housing is further protected with an added smooth piano mirror coating which adds to its longevity and its stylish looks.

Despite costing less than most of the other vacuum sealers on this list, the KitchenBoss sealer has multiple useful functions. One of them is an Inching option for sealing bread or other fragile, soft, or moist foods. Another is a Vac Seal option, which will allow you to seal both dry and wet foods, including veggies, raw or frozen meats, and others.

With the Seal Only function, you can seal leftovers or other foods without vacuuming them when needed.

The Individual Vac Hose feature will allow you to preserve canister foods for 8 times longer, as well as to marinate foods, seal wine, and use for sous vide cooking by sucking the air out of the canisters, bottles, or other containers via a hose.

The appliance has strong suction power thanks to the powerful vacuum pump and motor. It can produce a -60kpa of suction in order to ensure that all of the air is sucked out of the sealed bag, and there will be no oxidation of the sealed and vacuumed food inside.

This affordable kitchen vacuum sealer is only 15 (L) x 5.3 (D) x 2.7 (W) inches in size, and it weighs 3.6 lbs., so you can easily store it when it is not in use.

It can seal bags that are up to 11.8 inches wide.

Using the KitchenBoss sealer is a breeze. All you need to do is position the vacuum sealer bag into the vacuum chamber, press the lid down and then press the Vac Seal button. After it is done, you can open the lid by pressing the Open button, and voila!

The vacuum sealing takes only about 10-20 seconds.

Overall, this budget-friendly vacuum sealer is a very good investment to make because it will help you preserve food from spoilage, reduce food and beverage waste, and will also allow you to prepare and preserve meals for the week or month in advance.

Our other top picks for the year

FoodSaver 4800 Vacuum Sealer

With the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 2-in-1 System, you will get everything you need to start preserving your food properly, as well as for prepping your meals easily and organizing your fridge space and kitchen space better.


  • The sealer comes with one 11×10 inch vacuum seal roll, three 1-quart vacuum seal bags, two 1-gallon seal bags, three 1-quart zipper vacuum seal bags, and two 1 gallon zipper vacuum seal bags.
  • Can be used for fast and efficient vacuum sealing of fresh containers and zipper bags
  • Perfect for marinating meat and for sous vide cooking, the bags are all safe for simmering.
  • The sealer detects the vacuum bad automatically and starts vacuum sealing it immediately.
  • Will help you preserve your groceries and meals for up to 5 times longer and will also help you organize your freezer space better.
  • The sealer has a drip tray that is easy to pull out and is dishwasher safe to keep the unit clean and sanitary easily.
  • It has a built-in handheld sealer which eliminated the need for using any additional attachments when you are vacuum sealing containers, canisters, or zipper bags.
  • You can purchase a Foodsaver Wine or Jar sealer to preserve your wine or jarred foods for longer as well.
  • A perfect tool for prepping tomorrows breakfast, or the meals for the next several days

GERYON Vacuum Sealer

With the affordable Geryon vacuum sealer, you can preserve food in the freezer for up to 3 years, in the fridge for up to 8 months, and in the cupboard for up to 42 days.


  • Available at a very reasonable price
  • Sold with 5 heat seal bags sized 7.8 x 11.8 inches and a 7.8 x 8-inch roll.
  • It can be used for food sealing, as well as for marinating, sous vide, and meal prepping.
  • You can keep your valuables safe from dampness, oxidation, and dust with the help of this vacuum sealer too.
  • Works with all vacuum sealer bags or rolls up to 12 inches wide
  • The very compact and light unit
  • The vacuum sealing is completely automatic.
  • It Will help you store more food in your freezer and also save a lot of money from throwing away food gone bad.
  • A lifetime warranty and customer support by the manufacturer

Final Words


Not only is wasting so much food hurting our budgets, but it is also a shameful fact given that part of the world is starving.

With one of these vacuum sealers, you can help save time and family, as well as help the environment as well.

Every single one of our top picks for the best vacuum sealers can be used for preserving all kinds of foods and beverages for up to five times longer than regular storage methods, which are used traditionally.

A sealer will remove all of the air from the food bag, roll, canister, or other, which will eliminate its contact with germs, mold, fungi and will keep it fresh, tasty, and as good looking for a very long time.

A sealer can also be used to help you prep your weekly or daily meals quickly and easily, as well as for marinating or sous vide cooking too.

You can also vacuum seal your jewelry and valuable documents to keep them safe from humidity and oxidation and preserve them for a long time.

Overall, buying one of these vacuum sealers is an excellent deal because it will help you save a ton of money, prevent you from throwing away tons of food, and will help keep your meals tasting perfect no matter when you decide to cook or eat them.


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