Best Sushi Knife Reviews 2022: Top 5+ Recommended

Do you want to prepare homemade sushi? If so, you will need the best sushi knife, and I will help you find it!

Best Sushi Knife

Being a single guy, I often eat out. Therefore, I have been to quite a few sushi bars and picked up an array of great recipes and tricks.

As I am now full of sushi-making knowledge, all I need is the right equipment, and I can start wowing my friends, family, and hopefully pretty girls with tasteful homemade sushi.

The key to a successful sushi preparation is owning the perfect sushi knife. Most people fail at cutting sushi, and that is why the right kind of knife is essential.

How to find one? Well, read what follows, and you’ll find everything you need to know!

Why Make Sushi at Home?

Besides the already mentioned WOW factor, making sushi at home will save you some money too. Sushi prices are generally high, and I do not criticize that because not only is the seafood expensive, but it also takes a lot of time and effort to prepare it.

Simply check the list of ingredients and consider the fact that everything needs to be super fresh, and you will know that I am right.

At home, you can feed a couple of friends with the money you would otherwise pay for a single serving of sushi at a restaurant. That alone is a reason enough to start cooking homemade sushi but believe it or not, there is more!

When you make sushi at home, you can make sure that all your ingredients come from sustainable vendors and ensure that they are of the highest quality and pesticide-free as well. That will require some research, but it is definitely doable. Choosing environmentally safe products will help preserve the environment too.

Finally, the main reason why I have opted for preparing sushi at home is the fun I have while doing it! I generally enjoy cooking, but making perfect little sushi rolls is almost like creating art. You can even think of your own recipes!

Let me warn you, though – it will not be easy, nor will it be quick. Quite the opposite, preparing sushi takes a lot of hand work, time, and effort. However, in time, and with a bit of practice, you are sure to become better at it and far more efficient. In my opinion, it is worth a try!

Before you start fantasizing about a themed sushi party, make sure you not only know the needed techniques and have all the required ingredients but also that you own all the right equipment. That brings us back to the topic of the day: the good sushi knife.

Sushi Knife Defined

Bryan Sekine, a 27-year-old, half-Japanese sushi chef with a passion for teaching and a creator of Secrets of Sushi, has laid out a ton of useful information about sushi knives, including their history.

Sekine has discovered that Sushi knives originated in the 14th century. It goes without saying that they were invented in Japan, but you might not have known the fact that the first sushi knife was made in the great city of Sakai, the capital of samurai sword manufacturing.

In the 19th century carrying samurai swords became illegal, the sword makers had to reinvent themselves, and as a result, sushi knife crafting became a hit. As you can see, the tradition behind these high-quality blades is quite a long one.

So, how are the sushi knives made?

The best sushi knives are made from high-carbon steel with a single-angle bevel. One side has a super sharp edge, while the other remains flat so that you can make straight cuts when preparing sushi, and no food sticks to your knife.

The high-carbon steel allows for the extreme sharpness of the sushi knives, but at the same time causes its greatest fault. Namely, this type of steel tends to rust easily and much quicker than stainless steel; this is why sushi knives require special care.

The handle of the sushi knife is quite unique, as well. It traditionally features a “D” cross-section, which allows for a more comfortable grip during prolonged use. Most sushi knife handles are made from wood and have a bone cap on the top.

The final unique trait of sushi knives is the Tang. It is the metal portion of the handle that goes down the length of it. You can find a full tang sushi knife that will have a tang that runs the entire length of the handle, or a partial (half, 2/3) tang sushi knife.

What is the difference between sushi and sashimi knives?

As I have already stated, making sushi will require you to cut quite a few ingredients. Besides fish, you will need to at least cut vegetables of your choice too. The hardest part though is to cut through the roll itself.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, the main difference between the sushi and sashimi knives is that sushi knives can serve to cut through all the ingredients plus the actual sushi rolls, while sashimi ones are crafted to cut only fish. Therefore, if you are an amateur cook, owning a sushi knife pays off far more than having sashimi.

Interesting fact:

Most sushi knives are right-handed because Japanese people believe it is better to cut fish with your right hand and shellfish with your left one. Therefore, if you want a left-handed sushi knife, you will most probably have to have it custom-made and pay a high price for it.

How to Buy the Best Sushi Knife

Now that you too have developed an enormous desire to make sushi at home, all you need to do is find a good sushi recipe and buy the leading sushi knife on the market. That is why this section is dedicated to the Do’s and Don’ts of buying a sushi knife.

First of all, do not fool yourself that a good sushi knife will be cheap. High quality means high price, period. Being aware that you get what you pay for, consider the following things as well:


  • I highly recommend avoiding stainless steel knives. Besides being untraditional, they can cause more harm than good. Easy maintenance sounds great, but stainless steel sushi knife just isn’t as efficient as the high carbon steel one!

The way a sushi knife has been crafted

  • There are so-called Honyaki (true forged) sushi knives made from a single piece of high-grade steel, and Kasumi (mist) knives made from two types of high-grade metal (most often they feature a hard, iron center lined with softer high carbon steel). Both perform well, but Honyaki, the more expensive alternative, is considered to be of higher quality and more durable.

Most Recommended Sushi Knives: Detailed Reviews 2022

Kitchen + Home Non-Stick Sushi Knife

The Kitchen + Home Non-Stick Sushi Knife is a budget-friendly option, and that means you will have to make a few compromises. First of all this 8-inch knife is made from stainless steel, not high carbon steel as the true traditional Japanese sushi knives.

On the bright side, the stainless steel makes it easier to care for, and you can even wash this knife in the dishwasher (However, I do not recommend it as handwashing is sure to keep the blade sharper for longer). The “Teflon” nonstick coating guarantees that no food will stick to its surface and cause unwanted problems while you are creating perfect sushi rolls. There are additional “vents” too which also contribute to the non-stick properties and performance, but also make the knife lighter.

The handle is ergonomically shaped and makes the sushi-making process even easier. This is a great choice for beginners who do not want to invest a lot of money but still need a sharp multipurpose knife they can use to make their favorite sushi as well.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Versatile
  • Non-Stick PFOA free coating
  • Easy to care for / Dishwasher safe
  • Rust resistant
  • 30 day 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee plus a Lifetime warranty


  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic handle
  • Thin tang

Culina 8-Inch Nonstick Carbon Steel Sushi Knife

If you remember what I have said about the quality and price, you should not expect a lot from this cheap Culina Carbon Steel Sushi knife. On the other hand, it performs quite well for occasional sushi makers and thus deserves a place on this list.

This Culina knife is razor-sharp and beveled on both sides making it suitable for both right and left-handed cooks. The blade is 8-inch long and comes with a black protective sheath. This might not be the traditional sushi knife a professional would own, but it will cut through any fish, meat or vegetable with ease and is made from durable, high-quality carbon steel. Nonstick coating ensures that your sushi rolls will separate without any complications.

The ergonomic handle offers a firm and comfortable grip, but it is unfortunately made from cheap plastic and glued to the blade which might present a problem in the long run. Durability might be questionable, but for the price, it is not that big of a deal.


  • Protective sheath for safe storage
  • Food-grade, nonstick coating
  • 100% Culina Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Light-weighted
  • Razor-sharp


  • Thin blade
  • Plastic handle glued to the blade

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TATARA Professional Gyuto VG10 Damascus Japanese Sushi Knife

The TATARA Professional Gyuto VG10 Damascus Japanese Sushi knife is the most expensive one on my review list, but it justifies the high price with even higher quality.

It might not be made in Japan, but this knife is definitely the closest you will come to the authentic Japanese sushi knife without spending a couple of hundreds of dollars. It is made of VG10 high carbon steel imported from Japan, and it is ultra-sharp. The 67 Damascus layers and a 62+ Rockwell Hardness core provide exquisite performance and durability.

The 8-12° degree cutting edge will cut clean through any sushi roll leaving you with perfect bites to wow your guests. All you need is gravity, as cutting with this knife is truly effortless. The blade is eight inches long, a single bevel. The full tang allows for increased force and the fact that it is triple riveted and nitrogen cooled guarantees flexibility as well.

The G-10 handle is military grade but also ergonomically shaped. It feels comfortable to operate with and provides a secure grip. It comes in an elegant wooden box and has a 100% Money Back Guarantee. It does feel a bit heavy though, especially if you have used only stainless steel knives before.


  • 67 layer Damascus
  • The highest quality VG10 steel
  • Elegant look and packaging
  • Free polishing cloth
  • Good balance
  • Comfortable grip
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • exclamation-triangleHigher-end price
  • exclamation-triangleHeaviness

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Sashimi Sushi Knife Japanese 10.5 inch Yanagiba Knife

If you buy the Soufull Japanese Yanagiba Sashimi Sushi Knife, you’ll cut through raw fish and sushi rolls like a breeze as the blade is extremely sharp, and you do not need to apply any additional pressure at all. Considering its flawless performance, this knife is a real bargain. It even comes in a gift box, and I think it’s a gift no one would frown upon.

First off, the blade is crafted from premium-quality Japanese white high carbon steel. It is single beveled, right-handed, and 10.5 inches long. The knife is 12.8 inches long in total, well balanced, and easy to control. The ergonomically D-shaped wooden handle contributes to comfortable and safe use.

Partial, strong tang, well-mounted handle, and super sharp blade recommend this knife to all sorts of users. Moreover, I think this is the first knife on my list that even professionals would not shy from. I have a hard time finding any faults to this knife – it might feel a bit heavy, and surely there are sushi knives even sharper than this one – but at this price, it has no competition.


  • Super sharp blade
  • Comfortable ergonomic D shaped handle
  • Suitable for amateurs and advanced users alike
  • Strong tang
  • Responsive customer service
  • Balanced price and quality


  • Feels a bit heavy

Soufull Professional Sashimi Sushi Knife

The Soufull Sashimi and Sushi knife is double the price of the previously reviewed knives, and that is evident at the first glimpse of its luxurious packaging. However, this is still not the 100% authentic sushi knife as it is made from Japanese surgical-grade stainless steel. But hey, that at least makes it rustproof and easy to care for.

Like two previous models, this knife has an 8 inches long blade. It is single-edged and suitable for right-handed people. This Soufull knife has no problem cutting through raw fish, sushi, or sashimi and provides excellent control for perfectly shaped sushi rolls.

The handle is ergonomic, D-shaped, double-riveted, and made from wood and leather. 2/3 tang provides firmness and guarantees durability. The knife is well balanced and neither too heavy nor too light. On the downside, this knife will not be suitable for chopping, so if you need to do that prepare an additional knife.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Impressive packaging/gift suitable
  • HRC( Rockwell Hardness Scale) of 59-61
  • Rust resistant
  • Razor-sharp single beveled
  • Wooden D shape handle
  • Great customer service


  • Made from surgical stainless steel so not a 100% authentic sushi knife
  • Protruding rivets

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The Winner is…

As you can notice, I have done my best to include sushi knives from all price categories so that you can choose the one that fits your budget and personal needs. One thing is certain; all these knives will come in very handy when you throw a sushi-themed party at your home.

However, there is always the top one even in the finest selection such as this. In this case, it is undoubtedly the Soufull Japanese Yanagiba Sashimi Sushi Knife.

I really had a hard time finding any faults to it – it performs well, looks even better, and comes at a reasonable price. What else could a sushi-making amateur wish for? 🙂

If you have something to add, feel free to comment!


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