Best Smoker Boxes for Gas Grills

Do you already own a gas grill but want a smoker to cook your favorite slow and low smoked meat?

By purchasing a proper smoker box rather than a separate smoker, you may save a ton of money and space.

You can quickly and simply turn your natural or propane gas barbecue into a smoker by investing in a small, affordable smoker box.

These containers are used to store the wood chips and produce the smoke that gives meat and other foods that smoky taste. They are positioned on top of the burners, in between the grill’s grates and deflectors, and contain openings so that smoke may readily exit.

These straightforward yet clever tools will enable anyone to convert their gas grill into a fully functional smoker at a reasonable price without having to buy a big and pricey separate smoker.

Here are the best smoker boxes for gas grills for 2022.

Cave Tools Smoker Box for BBQ Grill

Cave Tools is a reputable company that has been making top-quality grilling equipment for years. This smoker box is a top-rated product and is another reason why we trust Cave Tools.

It is an affordable smoker box sized 9 x 3 x 1.5 inches and can hold up to two cups of the wood chips of your choice. This quantity is sufficient for turning your propane or natural gas grill into a smoker.

Even if you run out of wood during the low and slow smoking, you can easily add more wood chips in the box thanks to its easy-to-open hinged lid.

Plus, its compact size makes it suitable for just about any grill, as it will fit in between the grates or flavorizer bars of most gas grills. The top-recommended smoker box can also be used in some charcoal grills.

With this bestselling smoker box by Cave Tools, you can expect to have smoke produced after only about 10 minutes of use.

With this excellent smoker box, you will receive a useful mobile app with smoking recipes, tips, step-by-step guides for use, and videos for using it to prepare delicious smoked food.

Cave Tools Smoker Box Maximum Wood Chip Capacity

The runner-up on our list is another smoker box made by Cave Tools. This one is 9 x 5.1 x 1.3 inches in size and is made of thick steel, which won’t warp from the heat over time.

It is more sizeable than our top pick, as it is 2 inches wider than it. With this size, the Maximum Wood Chip Capacity smoker box can fit up to 3 cups of wood chips, so you won’t need to keep replenishing it so frequently. Its wide and large lid will help boost the smoke output for even better results.

Even if you need to add more wood chips during the smoking, you don’t need to worry because this box has a nifty hinged lid for easy access.

The wide but shallow smoker box will also help keep the heat distributed from the burners even and thus reduce the risk of hot or cold spots in your meat or other food.

But being wider than most other smoker boxes makes this one unsuitable for all gas grills. So, make sure you measure your grill before purchasing this extra-wide smoker box by Cave Tools.

If it can fit, then we strongly recommend that you buy this efficient and affordable smoker.

Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box

This is a bestselling smoker box by Char-Broil made of highly durable cast iron. The cast iron also helps retain the heat better and for longer and will not warp from the high temperatures of the grill.

It has a separate removable cast iron lid with wide holes for letting large amounts of smoke directly to the food without allowing the wood chips inside to catch fire during the cooking. Instead, they will keep smoldering and producing richly flavored smoke throughout the smoking process.

It is 8.12 x 5.13 x 1.38 inches in size and weighs 4.2 lbs.

GrillPro 00150 Cast Iron Smoker Box

This GrillPro cast iron smoker box is another excellent option if you want to make sure that you are investing your hard-earned money into a tool that will last for years.

It is a sturdy smoker box with a simple and yet sleek design.

It is made of almost indestructible cast iron and has large holes for ventilation, ensuring that the smoke will flow through them freely and reach every part of the meat or other food you are planning on smoking.

It is easy to use, durable and will help turn your gas grill into a smoker in a matter of minutes.

Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V-Shape Smoker Box

This V-shaped smoker for gas grills is made of resilient stainless steel. It has a cleverly designed V-shape, which allows it to fit and stay in place in between the flame deflector bars and grill grates of just about any gas grill.

This V-shaped box offered by Charcoal Companion is 4.21 x 13.78 x 2 inches, so it is relatively larger than many of the other smoker boxes on our list. Its width allows for better and more even heat distribution during the smoking and more considerable smoke output.

However, this size can be a problem for people who have smaller gas grills.

This is why you should measure the grids and inside of your gas grill before purchasing this superb smoker box.

The lid is hinged for easy access for refilling, and the ashes from the wood chips remain inside the box during the smoking for easier cleanup.

Weber 7576 Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box

We cannot leave out one of the leading grilling equipment makers, Weber, from this list.

The Weber 7576 Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box is designed to fit the Weber Q 200/2000 and larger gas grills, but it can be used in any other gas grill as long as it can fit inside it.

Its size is 9.7 x 4.7 x 2 inches.

The premium quality smoker box is made of durable but lightweight stainless steel.

There are wide holes on the lid for a powerful smoke output. The lid is hinged and has a convenient tab, making it easier to open and add the wood chips during use, even with the thickest grill gloves.

The box keeps all of the ashes from the burnt wood chips in its base during the smoking to make the cleanup easier and mess-free afterward.

Grillaholics Smoker Box

If you have a smaller and narrower gas grill and have trouble fitting the larger smoker boxes on the market, then you may want to try out this one by Grillaholics.

It is 8.75 inches wide, 3.75 inches deep, and 1.625 inches high, making it suitable for just about any gas grill.

The smoker box is made of stainless steel and has holes on the lid and on the side for more smoke produced during use.

It is an excellent choice if you want your meat to be infused with that rich and smoky flavor at the end of the smoking session.

It has a hinged lid for easy opening and refilling during use.

The premium quality smoker box comes with a risk-free satisfaction guarantee by Grillaholics and is among the most suitable smoker boxes to replicate the delicious results of slow and low cooking in a real smoker with a standard gas grill.

How does a smoker box work?

These metal boxes may look pretty simple, but the fact is they are an ingenious way to transform a regular natural or propane gas grill into a completely functional smoker.

They are affordable and easy-to-use tools suitable for beginner smoking enthusiasts as well as for those who already own a gas grill and want to upgrade it into a more versatile appliance.

The smoker box is made of steel or cast iron and has a lid with holes that work as air vents.

The box is filled with the wood chips of your choice, and they are lit until they start to smoke. Once the wood begins smoldering, the lid can be closed and the box placed on the grate in the middle of the chamber.

This will allow the smoke to start filling the chamber of the grill and to begin the smoking and flavoring of the food which is being cooked.

They can work with almost all types of gas grills, and some can be used in charcoal grills as well.

They are a much more affordable and space-saving alternative to buying a separate smoker.

Features to look for when choosing the most suitable smoker box


Most smoker boxes for gas grills are quite similar, but you will need to keep several features in mind in order to ensure that you are buying the best one for your needs.

First of all, you are advised to measure the distance between the grill grates and the burners of your grill, and then choose a box that can easily fit in that space.

Then, you must decide whether you want a flat box or a v-shaped one. The v-shaped smokers are more likely to fit into the slot between the burners of most grills, while the flat ones differ in width and depth and may not be suitable for all grill types and sizes.

On the other hand, larger boxes can fit more wood chips which means that you won’t need to keep adding more and more wood to the box during a long, low, and slow cook.

After you have decided on the shape and size of your smoker box, you should consider what type of material you prefer.

The best options that can withstand high temperatures without warping and hold the heat for longer are cast iron and stainless steel.

Buying a smoker box made of cheap metal may lead to quick warping, rusting, and destruction of the box.

Last but not least, consider the type of lid you want.

The lids with hinges are easier to access, open and close, which is crucial when the box is scorching hot, and you are working with thick grill gloves.

Using the smoker box with a gas grill

Like with any other type of cooking, the results depend on the proper preparation of the ingredients and tools.

In order to get the best results when using a smoker box, it is recommended that you pre-soak the wood chips which you will be using. This should be done about half an hour before smoking. The pre-soaking not only helps the generating of more smoke but will also prevent the wood chips from burning out very quickly.

As for the wood chips you should use – this depends on your personal preferences and on the recipe and meat you are smoking.

A rule of thumb is that hickory and oak are more suitable for red meats, while mesquite is a better choice for smoking fish.

Once you have selected the wood chips and have pre-soaked them, you can add them to the smoker box.

Fill the box up to just over the halfway line. Place it in the center of the grill chamber in between the grill grates and deflector bars.

Turn on the grill to a high temperature to preheat the smoker box. Once the smoke starts coming out of the vent holes on the lid, you can turn down the temperature to the desired level and start smoking.

It would be best if you refrained from opening the door or lid of the grill unless it is absolutely necessary. This will help keep the heat and smoke inside and at consistent levels.

Then proceed with the smoking according to the specific recipe for meat smoking you have selected.

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