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Best Shelf Liner

I remember visiting my granny when I was little. She had a spare room for me and always kept it clean and tidy. Whenever I came, clean towels and sheets waited for me, and I can still remember their beautiful scent.

The details in the room made it more inviting (as it was quite basic in reality) and showed off my granny’s love for me.

This is why there was always a vase with some beautiful and colorful flowers carefully placed on the nightstand, but I especially liked the fact that the white cabinet shelves were lined with pink shelf liners and had little lavender bags with red ribbons on them in the corners.

My mom also lined all her cabinets and drawers, so I, too, continued the tradition with delight. Shelf liners might not be as popular today, but believe me, they can be not only practical but also decorative addition.

I change my shelf liners once a year, and that time is approaching…this is why this article is dedicated to finding the right shelf liners. Join me!

Why Buy the Shelf Liners In the First Place?

Using shelf liners will not significantly extend the life of your cabinets, but liners will definitely help when it comes to keeping the shelves clean and good-looking.

So, here is why you should buy the high-rated shelf liners:

  • Your shelves will be more sanitary (you do need to keep them that way, though; shelf liners are not magical and will not clean themselves! 🙂 )
  • Your shelves and drawers will be safe from accidental spills, staining, and unsightly surface damage caused by wet dishes or food stored on them.
  • Your shelves will look much better if you use decorative liners – they can show off your color preference or personal style!

How to Buy the Top Shelf Liners + Useful Tips to Get the Best Out of your Shelf Liners

In order to buy the finest shelf liners out there, and use them to their best possibilities, read the answers to the following questions:

1. Should You Buy Adhesive or Non-Adhesive Shelf Liners?

In my opinion, it is better to opt for the non-adhesive alternative. Why? Well, the sticky shelf liners tend to stick too damn hard! Believe me, I am very passionately against the adhesive shelf liners for a good reason – my personal struggle to remove them from my shelves.

If the main role of the shelf liners is to protect the shelves from damage, I do not see how scraping them off can be so difficult! That is actually a sure way to wreak havoc on the shelf surface creating permanent scratches or even dents!

In short: choose non-adhesive liners that stay in place but can be removed and cleaned (or washed) when needed too.

2. Should Shelf Liners Be Cleaned?

Shelf liners will make your cabinets and drawers more sanitary only if you clean them regularly as well. What does this mean? Well, it means that you should wipe any spills, crumbs, or dust and take the shelf liners out and clean them thoroughly at least once a year.

In order for this annual ritual to be less troublesome, you should opt for not only non-adhesive liners but also for the ones that can be washed, dried, and reused too. This will save your budget as well since there will be no need to buy new shelf liners every year.

To sum up: choose the shelf liner that can be wiped and cleaned easily!

3. Should You Spend Some More and Go with the Padded Versions?

I say yes. Why? I prefer my home to be a quiet, peaceful place. I, therefore, already invested in the quiet cabinet and door hinges and appreciate how the padded liners muffle the unpleasant sounds dishes make when they hit the bare shelf.

Padded shelf liners can prevent your glassware and kitchenware from getting scratched or damaged as well!

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the color of the shelf liners you buy is permanent because if it bleeds easily, you’ll end up with a big, colorful problem!

The Best Shelf Liners in 2022: A little Something for Every Taste

Since I have quite a few shelves to cover, I have ordered a few different shelf liners that caught my eye. They were all praised by previous customers, but I wanted to find the outstanding shelf liner out there.

Here is my selection:

Duck Brand Soft Surface Shelf Liner – Machine washable classy design

I have really liked the pattern on this liner, and that was the main reason I have included it in my top five list. I was already satisfied with the Duck Brand Solid Surface Shelf Liner too. This liner also has a non-slip, cushioned surface and measures 12 inches by 10 feet.

It firmly grips onto any surface but does not leave any residue. I have used it to line my bathroom shelves that are opened concept, and it not only gave my bathroom a classy vibe but also solved the problem of my shampoo and shower gel bottles constantly sliding and falling off the wet surface.

The color is quite permanent and has not bled, and the top surface is very soft and smooth. It is super easy to clean as well and can even be washed in your machine. The pattern stays put. I have tried it! The material is PVC coated polyester scrim and seems durable. The only complaint I have is the grid pattern on the backside – it is not lined up ideally and makes cutting straight lines a bit difficult!


  • Good value
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • Permanent colors that do not fade or bleed
  • Firm grip


  • The grid pattern on reverse is not lined up properly.

Rainforest Shelf and Drawer Liner – Non-adhesive and non-slip


The Rainforest shelf liner is a great product that serves its purpose quite well but can be used for numerous other things around the house as well due to its cushioning and anti-slip properties. I have used small pieces of it in-between precious porcelain plates I own to prevent them from scratching. I guess I could do the same with all my cookware.

It measures at 12-Inch x 20-Feet and has quite a reasonable price tag. It comes only in taupe color, but since it is quite neutral, you can use it with almost all kinds of shelves, and it will blend in perfectly. However, if you hoped for a pop of color in your kitchen, this is not your thing! The color has not bled since I have started using it, and it does not seem it ever will.

The Rainforest shelf liner is easy to cut to any size or shape you need. It is easy to wipe and can be washed too. On the downside, it is a little bit thin and thus tends to move around, especially when you lift or reposition the dishes or other items stored on the shelves.


  • Easy to cut to the needed size
  • Good cushioning effect; protects all surfaces.
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not bleed color.


  • A bit thin
  • Moves around

Duck Brand Solid Surface Shelf Liner – Non-Adhesive Easy Liner in three colors and three sizes

Duck Brand Shelf liners come in three different colors, but do not hope that they will brighten up your kitchen much – they are black, white, and taupe. There are three sizes to choose from, too, which is great as you can buy as much as you need and do not waste either your money or the actual liner (12-inch x 7 feet, 20-inch x 4 feet, and 20-inch x 22 feet).

Easy shelf liner is solid and cushioned and features a non-slip surface that will keep your glasses safe and sound. Not even the smallest objects such as crumbs can fall through. The bottom grips well to the shelf even though it is non-adhesive, and the top surface is smooth but keeps any items you put on it in place so that they cannot shift or slide.

The material is food-safe and PVC-free but also incredibly lightweight and thin. It cleans easily and is even machine washable (I have even washed it in my dishwasher, and it came out as good as new). Once positioned, it does not move, but unfortunately, it has a plastic-like odor that sticks for quite some time. It has no marks on the back that would help you when cutting it to the desired size.


  • Easier to clean than the mesh-style shelf liners
  • Machine washable
  • Good value for money
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Different size and color options


  • Unpleasant smell
  • Not ideal for wired shelves

Shelf Liner for Wire Shelves – Locking tabs included


A roll of Shelf Liner for wire shelves is 10 feet long and 16 inches wide. Although it is designed as an ideal solution for lining wire shelves, it can also be used for any other kind of shelves or drawers too. When you use this liner on your wire shelves, they become more stable and practical. Not even the smallest items will be able to slip through the gaps.

As a bonus, this shelf liner has locking tabs that lock it securely in one place, so there is no risk of it moving and tipping over the things you have placed on your shelves. The translucent plastic it is made of is easy to wipe and clean but seems very durable as well. Integrated locking tabs hold shelf liners in place on wire shelves.

As I haven’t had wire shelves at my home, I have used this liner to line the wire racks in my mom’s fridge. I had to cut them (it is not hard at all), but they still did the job quite well and held their place. The flat surface it provides is much more practical! The only thing that annoyed me is the fact that this liner needed quite some time to “curl out,” and the tabs were not lined up ideally.


  • Flattens out the wire surface
  • Durable plastic
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit expensive
  • Residual rolling
  • The locking tab spacing is not consistent

Con-Tact Brand Zip-N-Fit Solid Grip Shelf Liner – Three colors choice plus a clear ribbed option

Con-Tact Brand Zip-N-Fit Solid Grip Shelf Liner is another non-adhesive option (sorry, but I just couldn’t bring myself to include an adhesive liner as well). It measures at 18-Inches X 4-Feet and comes in three different colors (almond, black, and taupe) and a ribbed clear option that I have chosen for myself.

The most interesting thing about this liner is the fact that it features a perforated seam every Вј. This means that you do not need any scissors to cut the liner- you can simply pull it apart. Be careful, though, and pull the liner slowly, or you might tear it. I opted for the clear version as I used it to line the glass shelves in my fridge. The frosted texture allows for the light to pass through and does not compromise the lighting in my fridge. It is easy to wipe off too.

The clear version is plastic and can be washed as well. Unfortunately, it has a rather strong, unpleasant odor when you unpack it. It does fade away in time, but I was not very pleased I have to put it near my food. The other issue is that it does not immediately lie totally flat, but this resolves itself in time too. The price is a bit high as well.


  • Good grip
  • It can be used for wired shelves as well
  • Perforated – no cutting tools needed!
  • It has a clear version as well!


  • Strong odor
  • Pricey

And the Winner is…

Definitely, Duck Brand Soft Surface Shelf Liner!

I have really struggled to find something wrong with this product. It is reasonably priced, serves its function to perfection, and has a great classy design – and that is why it has earned the title of the best shelf liner on the market today.

If you are not into patterns though, you can pick any of the other shelf liners I have reviewed – they all do what they are supposed to!

For me shelf liners are a must – they are decorative, easy to clean and protect my shelves and drawers, plus they are a family tradition.

What is your take on this subject? Do you think shelf liners are practical too? Do you have a favorite brand to recommend? Share and write! 🙂

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