The 5 Best Skillets For Eggs in 2022

Whether you are a professional chef, an enthusiast home cook, or an absolute newbie in the culinary world, you will need a perfect pan for eggs if you want to master the essentials of cooking – making gorgeous sunny-side-up eggs, scrambled eggs, or omelets.

But choosing a pan for eggs is not an easy task, given the wide variety of options on the market.

Here is a list of the finest pans for eggs for this year, as well as all the pros and cons of the top-rated products.


Best Pan For Eggs

Best overall

Cuisinart 6422-20 Contour Hard-Anodized 8-Inch Open Skillet

This 8-inch pan by Cuisinart is a well-built, easy to use, and clean pan which you can use to perfect your egg and omelet-making skills.

The affordable pan for eggs has hard-anodized aluminum construction for even heat transfer and durability.

Its interior is coated with high quality and a completely safe non-stick coating.

Thanks to the non-stick surface, your eggs, and other food will come out perfect, and the washing of the pan will be a breeze.

The handle is riveted and designed to provide a steady and comfortable grip.

This 8-inch pan can safely be used on a stovetop, under the broiler, or in the oven at temperatures up to 500F degrees.

It is also freezer-safe, so you can store the leftover food in your freezer without worrying about damaging it.

The pan has tapered rims, so you can slide your ready eggs right into the dish without breaking them.

Its size is 2.9 x 8.8 x 15 inches, and it weighs 1.1 lbs.

It comes with a glass lid.


  • Its price is very affordable for the quality provided
  • The non-stick surface is very durable, easy to wash, and food safe
  • You can safely stick the pan in the oven or in the freezer when needed
  • Perfect for making all kinds of eggs


  • It is not dishwasher safe

Viking Professional 5-Ply Stainless Steel Nonstick Fry Pan, 10 Inch with Lid

The Viking Professional 5-Ply Stainless Steel nonstick pan is as good as it gets when it comes to pans for eggs.

This premium quality, professional pan is a versatile and beautiful kitchen utensil. Made of 5-ply stainless steel and featuring a completely safe, PFOE, and PFOA-free Eterna non-stick surface, it is the greatest pan you can use for making a delicate and mouthwatering omelet or eggs, as well as for preparing fish and other foods.

The 10-inch non-stick pan allows for cooking eggs with minimal amounts of oil and fat, but you can still use it for searing and cooking as a regular pan.

The layers of this amazing pan for eggs include the top Eterna non-stick on, followed by a magnetic stainless steel ply, which makes the utensil suitable for induction cooking. Following that, there is a medium layer made of 3004 aluminum. After it, there is an aluminum alloy layer that is bonded to the 18/10 premium stainless steel in the pan.

These five layers combine each other impeccably and work together to provide a quick and even heat transfer through the bottom and the sides of this pan.

The handle is ergonomic and makes using this pan easy and effortless, even when you need to flip that gorgeous omelet.

While the handle is designed to be able to be placed in an oven, it has a keep cool feature for added safety.

This high-end pro range pan for eggs can be used in an oven, on a stove, or on a grill at a temperature of up to 500F. It is also dishwasher safe.

The pan is 20 x 4.52 x 10.66 inches in size and weighs 5 lbs.

It also comes with a lid and is sold with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

It is made by Viking Culinary in the USA.


  • You can make 4 eggs at once in it
  • You can put it in the oven to cook the food in it safely
  • There is a useful lid
  • It is comfortable and safe to hold and use
  • Sold with a lifetime warranty


  • Being a professional pan, it is more expensive than most other commercially available pans for eggs

The budget-friendly option

T-fal E93897 Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan


If you are not ready to break the bank for our top-rated pans for eggs, then you may want to opt for this excellent reasonably priced professional 10-inch pan by T-fal.

The non-stick interior of the pan is made of Prometal Pro material, which is scratch resistant, and you can safely use metal utensils when preparing your eggs or any other food.

Also, the guesswork is eliminated when it comes to the pan reaching the perfect heat for frying an egg thanks to the nifty T-fal Thermo spot, which will show you when the utensil has reached the optimal pre-heated temperature for cooking.

The pan itself is made of hard-anodized aluminum with added titanium for extra strength. You can use it for frying, browning, and sautéing.

It is even oven safe to temperatures up to 400F degrees.

The pan has an ergonomic silicone riveted handle allowing for a safe and comfortable grip during cooking.

You can use this reasonably priced pan for eggs with all types of heat sources, induction included.

You can easily wash the pan, as it is dishwasher safe.

The size of this egg pan is 12.3 x 19 x 12 inches, weighs 5.11 lbs. and it comes with a glass lid.


  • It is very affordable for a professional pan with high-quality features
  • You can fry and prepare up to four eggs at the same time in it
  • It has a safe non-stick PFOA-free, Lead-free, and Cadmium-free surface, which will not be scratched even if you use a metal spatula or other metal utensil
  • It can be used on any type of stovetop and in an oven to up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Its non-stick coating is not as durable as some of the stainless steel pans on the market

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The rest of the best pans for eggs

Swiss Diamond – 10.25″ Plett Pan – Egg Pan

With a premium quality egg pan like this one by Swiss Diamond, you can say goodbye to those leaky egg rings and hello to the perfect round fried eggs, hamburger sliders or silver dollar pancakes.

The 10.25-inch egg pan is actually designed and made for traditional Swiss pancakes but is a perfect option if you want a dedicated, long-lasting, and never-sticking egg pan.

It is made with Swiss quality, in an eco-friendly process, out of heavy-duty, durable cast aluminum. It is designed and made in a way that will allow you to use it for years and decades, without the pan warping, spinning, or tipping while using it.

Also, the cast aluminum body of the pan allows for even heating at all times, to ensure that all your eggs or pancakes are perfectly cooked every time.

The pan is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used on electric and gas cooktops.

The non-stick coating is safe and durable, as it is reinforced with real diamond crystals. It is PFOA-free, so you will be able to cook healthy and safe food for yourself and your family and friends with it.

It has an ergonomic and stay-cool handle.

With this Plett Pan, you will be able to make four perfectly round eggs every time without even having to use oil or fat.

The pan is very easy to wash with soapy water and is also dishwasher safe.

The size of this premium quality egg pan is 10.2 x 1 x 18.1 inches, and it weighs 3.8 lbs.


  • It is made of top quality, durable materials
  • The non-stick coating will last longer than others thanks to its added diamond crystals
  • You can use it on an electric or gas stovetop or in an oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It can be used for making the perfect eggs, silver dollar pancakes, heating up English muffins, making sliders, and more


  • Given its specific design and form, it is not as versatile as the other pans for eggs on this list

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All-Clad 4709 NS R2 18/10 Stainless Steel Nonstick Egg Perfect Fry Pan Skillet


This is another highly functional, pro-range kitchen utensil that happens to be one of the leading pans for eggs on the market right now.

It looks absolutely stunning but is also a superb pan to have in any kitchen – home or professional.

The 9-inch pan is made of three plies, including a 10/18 stainless steel interior, followed by an aluminum core in the middle, and with a stainless steel bottom suitable for induction cooking and stoves.

Thanks to its stainless steel interior, and the safe non-stick coating, the pan remains perfectly polished and perfectly safe for cooking any type of food, eggs included. There is no risk of the food sticking on it or getting odors and tastes transferred from other meals that have been previously cooked in it.

The ergonomic handle is connected via permanently secured stainless steel rivets.

The cooking surface has a shiny, non-stick starbust finish.

The capacity of this versatile kitchen utensil is etched on its base.

The 9-inch pan can comfortably accommodate from one to three eggs. It has sloped walls, so you will be able to delicately slip your spatula underneath the eggs when you are flipping them.

Also, thanks to its special flared pouring edge rim, you can serve the ready omelet or eggs directly from the pan into the dish without breaking the eggs by sliding them out like a real professional chef.

The versatile pan can be used with induction, electric, gas, ceramic, and halogen heat sources. It can also be placed safely in the oven at a heat of up to 500F.

It is also dishwasher safe.

The pan is 17.6 x 10.1 x 4 inches in size and weighs 15.2-oz.

The pan is made entirely in the USA. Plus, it is sold with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


  • It is a completely safe non-stick pan for eggs
  • Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • It has a pouring edge so you can slide the ready omelet into the dish
  • The pan is perfect for use on all kinds of stovetops and in ovens
  • It is sold with a lifetime warranty


  • It is on the pricy side
  • Some users complain that the non-stick surface becomes flaky overtime

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Do you need to buy a special pan for frying eggs?

You may be contemplating whether it is worth investing in a special pan for making eggs. When making up your mind, keep in mind the following:

  • Not all pans and skillets are suitable for frying eggs and making omelets
  • Pans for eggs are completely flat and heat up evenly
  • There are some pans that have specially molded slots for the separate eggs too
  • You can usually cook some bacon or veggies along with the eggs to save time and energy
  • Pans for eggs are usually smaller, and easier to hold, handle and wash
  • Most good egg pans have rims that allow for easy sliding of the eggs out into the dish

Features to look for when shopping for a pan for eggs


If you want to buy the perfect pan to make the finest eggs ever, you will need to look for the following features:

The material

Egg pans come in different materials. Stainless steel pans are hardy, long-lasting, and lighter. Plus, they do not react to the ingredients added and cooked in them. Some of the recommended skillets are made of several plies of metal with high conductive aluminum in the middle for even heating.

Some chefs swear on using cast iron pans. They do offer even heating and perfect searing when used at the appropriate heat level. These pans, though need to be seasoned or enameled.

Choosing the material of your pan depends on the type of cooktop you are planning on using, as well as whether you want to be able to use it in an oven as well.

The Brand

It makes sense to spend your hard-earned money on a utensil made by a manufacturer or brand you know and trust.

As you can see from our list, we have picked world-famous brands, most of which offer very generous warranties for their products.

Non-stick surface

It is essential for making perfect eggs that the pan has a non-stick coating. This will keep the eggs intact, easy to flip, or slide out of it without leaving behind have of the product stuck and burnt on the interior.

Look for an egg pan that has a durable and food-safe, chemical-free non-stick surface if you want to avoid making unhealthy food or ending up with a pan with a flaky interior.



A good quality pan for eggs should be able to last for years and stay warp-free, scratch-free, and still be used for making eggs for as long as possible.

This is why it is a good idea to invest in a higher quality pan made from premium materials and by a reputable manufacturer.


By choosing a versatile kitchen utensil that can be used for preparing not only eggs but other meals, and which can be used on a cooktop of any kind or in the oven, you will be saving money from having to buy separate cookware. Plus, you will be saving space and time for having to store various pans and pots, and for using multiple utensils to prepare one meal.

Ease of cleaning

Washing up and cleaning is part of the cooking process, like it or not. This is why you should opt for an egg pan that is easy to clean, and which can be washed easily without scrubbing and damaging the nonstick surface.

Most of our top picks are dishwasher safe as well. But if you want to ensure the longevity of your premium pan for eggs, we suggest you clean it as gently as possible.

The price

Of course, you should stick to the budget you have set for a pan for eggs, but make sure you pick the one which offers the best value for the money you are ready to spend for a utensil like this.

The size

Choosing the appropriate size of your pan for eggs depends on what types of eggs you want to prepare, and how many eggs at a time you plan on cooking.

A 10-inch pan can comfortably fit up to 5 eggs, a 7-9 inch pan is sufficient for making up to 3 perfect eggs, and so on.

Remember that using a pan that is too small or too big can cause you to fail when you are making that sunny side up, flip over eggs or omelets.


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