Best Over Range Microwave Reviews 2022: Top 5+ Recommended

Best Over Range Microwave

Are you lacking space in your kitchen? Do you need to speed up your cooking too? I have the solution to both problems – Over Range Microwaves!

Although not the healthiest option, microwave cooking is a must for all of us busy moms.

Microwaves are also a necessity when it comes to reheating or defrosting meals, and we moms do that a lot too. Therefore, since you already have to own one, at least make sure that you buy the very best microwave you possibly can.

I have a microwave that sits on my countertop, and I am quite satisfied with it, but as you already know, I own so many kitchen gadgets and appliances that I almost ran out of the space available to prepare the meals for my family and guests.

If you are anything like me or lack counter space for any other reason, over-the-range microwaves are the invention you were waiting for. I have searched for the greatest over-the-range microwave, and, as always, I am going to share the experience with you.

So, if you want to invest your money wisely and at the same time learn all you need to know about the leading over-the-range microwaves, make sure you stay tuned all the way to the end of this article.f

What to Consider When Buying Your Over the Range Microwave?


Ask yourself the following questions:

How much are you willing to spend?

Over the range, microwaves usually cost more than countertop models and can reach mind-blowing figures if you aim for the top quality and design. However, mid-priced over-the-range microwaves, or OTRs, can be the right choice for an average family if you choose wisely.

Check the online reviews, ask around about the customer service support and warranty conditions, and you will be less prone to making a mistake.

Where do you plan to install the over-the-range microwave you buy?


Always carefully inspect the dimensions that are most often found on the model page of each microwave. Measure the space you want to install your new microwave in and make sure that it will fit like a glove. Since you are already spending the extra money to buy over a range model, you want it to at least fit right and blend in with the rest of your kitchen.

Make sure that the microwave comes with everything you need to install it, or otherwise, you are in for surprise costs. If you want to avoid a charge of a handyman, you must consider the ease of installation, too, although it is rarely an issue.

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How easy and safe is the microwave to operate with?

My boys use microwaves more than I do. Therefore, it is highly important to me that the microwave I buy is easy to use and safe. When it comes to operating a microwave, there are a few things that can make your life a lot easier, such as quick adjustment buttons and shortcut keys.

Quick keys most often include a 30 second or one minute button for quick adjustment of cooking time, while the shortcut keys allow you to prepare popular food such as popcorns (just a reminder! – don’t forget to choose a popcorn kernel), tasty frozen pizzas, or vegetables, potatoes and so on, without having to adjust the settings. These buttons with preprogrammed settings are especially helpful for youngsters who are still getting used to using the kitchen appliances since they take the guesswork out of preparing their favorite snacks.

If you are going to allow your kids to use the microwave you have to make sure you educate them well on the hazards that can lead to their injury. If you do not want to allow your children to use the microwave, make sure that it has a child lock feature, as that is the only thing that is going to keep them safe. Young children must not use the microwave unsupervised!

What is the wattage of the microwave you are considering buying?

First of all, you need to find the answer to the following question: How much wattage do I need? It once again comes down to our personal needs, but I think that a 1,000-watt microwave is both quick and efficient enough for in-home use.

Professional microwaves will have a higher wattage, of course, but if you use the microwave rarely, you can buy even the lower wattage one, too (700 watts or less). Be warned, though, that such microwaves can be slow or cook your food unevenly.

In essence, the higher the wattage you buy, the faster you will be able to cook!

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Is the over the range microwave functional, and will it satisfy your needs?

Microwave functionality is determined by several factors. First, examine it inside – is there a turntable or a rectangular tray. The former rotates food, while the later slides from side to side and is more appropriate for large dishes such as platters and casseroles.

The racks can be a useful addition as well because they allow you to cook more than one dish at a time and thus speed up your cooking even more. However, make sure that the racks are removable, or you might end up having serious problems when you try to fit in a mug or a glass.

Check for additional functions such as convection cooking, browning, and grilling as they will make the microwave more functional as well as more similar to the traditional oven. Do not get your hopes up though, as the microwave will never produce the same results as a regular oven.

The size matters too – as always! If you have a family as I do, you need to purchase a large over-the-range microwave of at least 1.2 cubic feet. If you are single and plan to stay that for some time, you can go rather small – there are microwaves as tiny as 5 cubic feet for you to heat up a bowl of soup or a cup of milk only. Choose the size that works perfectly for you and your personal needs.

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The Best Over the Range Microwave Currently on The market: My Honest Reviews 2022

LG LMV2031ST Stainless Steel, Over-the-Range Microwave

There are two sizes to choose from, and I have opted to review a bigger one with a capacity of two cubic feet as it is big enough to feed my entire family when needed.

The exterior dimensions of this microwave are 29 15/16″ x 16 7/16″ x 15 7/8″ and the interior (W x H x D) 21 3/4″ x 10 5/8″ x 14 5/8″(W x H x D). The wattage is 1000 watts which is more than sufficient for in-home use.

The inside is a grey color, and the glass doors are quite heavily tinted so I had a serious problem whenever I wanted to check the food cooking inside. The dim light inside the unit only made my problem worse. Of course, I could always open the door and look inside, but that is hardly the point, isn’t it? Therefore, I consider this a serious design flaw.

Otherwise, the microwave is easy to install and operate, with quite enough pre-programmed buttons and quick keys to make your life a bit easier. The turntable and a removable rack provide plenty of cooking options too. It cooks food fast and evenly.


  • Stainless steel exterior and handle
  • Appropriate wattage
  • A range of useful one-touch buttons
  • Great ventilation


  • The light inside the unit is very weak
  • It makes a bit of noise

GE JVM7195SKSS 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

GE JVM7195SKSS 30″ over the range microwave oven is another mid-range priced unit well worth exploring, so I did it for you. The exterior dimensions of the unit are 15 x 29.8 x 16.5 inches, the capacity 1.9 cubic feet and the wattage 1000 watts- all quite in accordance with the needs of an average modern family.

The ventilation can be set to recirculating or a vertical or horizontal outside exhaust. It features many practical quick buttons, but I especially appreciated the Sensor cooking controls which adjust the cooking time and power automatically for the greatest possible results without too much second-guessing.

The Melt option and automatic defrost program are quite interesting as well. The unit is equipped with an odor-removing charcoal filter, and you will need to change it in a timely manner or when the light indicates it.

On the downside, the unit does not include a rack. The other thing I did not appreciate is the dark interior which once again makes it difficult for me to monitor the cooking process. On the bright side, you do not have to clean it as often as the white enamel!


  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Easy to install
  • Sensor cooking
  • Reasonable price
  • Melt option


  • Dark interior
  • No manual included

Sharp R-1214 Over-the-Counter Microwave

Sharp R-1214 over-the-counter microwave is somewhat pricier than the two previous units but also offers more for the price you pay. First of all the power of the unit is 1100 watts. Secondly, the unit appears very elegant and well made. It measures 23.88 x 15.56 x 14.06 (W x D x H) inches and has 1 3/4 cubic feet capacity.

Smart & Easy keys allow you to cook the 11 most popular microwave foods which are very convenient for my boys and they liked it immediately. The controls are logically distributed and highly responsive too. The food heats quickly and evenly. Controls are logical and responsive. Signal tones are not obnoxious and don’t repeat ad infinitum.

I was wowed by the interactive cooking system that helps you through the cooking process.

There are three languages to choose from too – English, Spanish, or French. Keep warm option is also great, especially considering how my hubby’s “I’ll be home in five minutes” tends to be quite long in the end. The only complaint I have is the noise the unit makes – it is not intolerable though!


  • Defrost Center with automatically set defrosting times
  • Keep Warm Plus, Popcorn Sensor, and Hot Water features
  • Elegant and well-made stainless steel design


  • Noisy
  • Dim lights both inside the unit and over the counter

GE JNM3163DJBB 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, Black

The GE JNM316DJBB over-the-range microwave is a sleek and modern-looking appliance that will look great in your kitchen and will help you cook all kinds of meals, without taking up any countertop space.

The oven has a 1.6 cubic foot capacity and can fit cabinets, which are at least 30 inches wide.

The exterior dimensions of the unit are 29 7/8 (W) x 16 7/16 (H) x 15 7/8 (D) inches.

It has a built-in, highly efficient two-speed, and 300 CFM venting system, which will replace your oven hood and will help absorb the cooking smells, steam, and smoke from the oven, stovetop, and from microwave itself.

The gorgeously designed microwave has a turntable, which can be switched on or off, depending on your cooking needs and the size of your cooking utensils.

It has a power of up to 950 watts and is one of the most beautifully designed over-the-range microwaves on the market.


  • Modern, all-black, and sleek design
  • A capacity of 1.6 cubic feet and a turntable that can be switched off
  • Easy to access, see, and understand one-touch controls
  • A large display with a clock and kitchen timer
  • Built-in cooking settings for the most common foods and meals
  • Auto defrost function
  • An add 30 seconds function
  • 950 watts of power
  • A 2-speed powerful venting system of 300 CFM on the bottom of the unit
  • Added lights with two brightness settings on the bottom for lighting the stovetop
  • Fits cabinets that are 30 inches
  • It comes with all the parts and hardware you need for mounting it
  • A weight of 56 lbs.


  • It may be a tad too noisy for some sensitive people

Hotpoint RVM5160DHBB 1.6 cu. ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Hotpoint

Hotpoint RVM5160DHBB over the range microwave is perhaps the greatest-looking microwave I have reviewed here. It is black and shiny, and if you have other appliances to go with it, it is sure to make your kitchen appear both modern and elegant. It has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet and it is 16.5″ high, 29.875″ wide, and 15.25″ long. The wattage is 900 watts.

Unfortunately, there are no racks inside only a turntable, but it heats the food evenly and fast. It is easy to install and ventilates well as well. The controls are easy to use and there are convenience cooking buttons for speedy preparation of popcorns, potatoes, or your favorite beverage.

Express cook buttons are also very practical, but I was most impressed with the defrost option which automatically sets the time and power needed to defrost food according to its weight.

There are other useful features such as a delay start and timer. For all of you with young kids, there is a child lockout feature that will keep them safe. The dark interior once again makes it hard to monitor the cooking process, although the light is not as dim as with some other models.


  • Ultra Modern design
  • Easy to use controls
  • All the quick buttons you could ever need
  • Child lockout feature


  • Wattage is under 1000 watts
  • Dark interior

And the winner is…

GE JVM7195SKSS 30″ is the top over the range microwave, at least in my opinion, since I installed it in my kitchen!

I liked the stainless steel exterior, easy-to-use controls, and some useful extra features such as a charcoal filter.

Whatever over the range microwave you choose, you are sure to save up some valuable counter space and speed up your cooking which will leave you more time to spend with your loved ones!

What else could you wish for? 🙂


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