The Best Outdoor Misting Fans in 2022 – [Buying Guide]

If you find that the scorching heat and dry air are taking away from the pleasure of spending time preparing your favorite food on your grill and smoker, then you may want to consider buying a misting fan.

Misting fans are affordable and can be highly efficient in cooling down the temperature outdoors without getting you or your patio furniture wet.

They work with the help of a fan and a water pump which blows out fine droplets of mist capable of cooling the temperature down by 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here is our selection of the best outdoor misting fans for 2022, along with their key features and pros and cons.

The top outdoor misting fans on the market for 2022

Best Overall

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

The Lasko 7050 Misto is an excellent option if you want to buy a light and portable cooling device, which you can move from your grilling area to the pool, patio or take it camping with you.

The size of this compact outdoor misting fan is only 16.25 x 14.85 x 12.3 inches, and it weighs about 16 lbs.

It is designed and made to be UV, rust, and ETL listed as weather-resistant and can lower the ambient temperature down by 25 degrees.

Lasko’s portable outdoor misting fan has three speeds and a 90-degree pivot technology that can spread the flow of cool mist over a large area.

The misting fan works with electricity and has a 3-prong grounded plug that will switch off the power supply if an electrical hazard is detected. The fan needs to be attached to a garden hose and is very easy to set up, move and clean without any tools required.


  • Portable size of 16.25 x 12.3 x 14.85 inches and a weight of 16.1 lbs. it has a small footprint and is very easy to move
  • Reduces the outdoor temperature by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A unique 90-degree pivot function for a larger cooling area
  • Three speeds
  • Easy to set up with a standard garden hose and an electrical plug
  • The plug and cord are GFCI certified for safety
  • The device is ETL listed, weather, rust, and UV resistant


  • Your patio floor and you may get wet if you turn the misting fan on the highest speed on a humid day

Best for Small Spaces

Mistcooling High Velocity Outdoor Mist Fan

Maybe you have a small outdoor space or are looking for a more permanent solution for staying cool while grilling those delicious burgers in the summer? With this powerful wall mountable fan, you can save space and stay cool.

The Mistcooling high-velocity fan comes with a bracket for mounting it on any wall and angling it horizontally or vertically.

It has 18-inch industrial-grade aluminum blades, a stainless steel misting ring, and 4 nozzles. The entire fan has a corrosion-resistant coating, and its motor is sealed and safe for use outdoors. It has overload protection and will shut off in case of overheating.

The motor and fan have 6300CFM and a rotation of up to 1570RPM and 1/7HP.

The 9-foot power cord is heavy-duty wrapped and protected, and the fan has UL507 certification for electrical fan safety and quality.

You can easily adjust the fan speed via the pull chain. The fan is pretty quiet and can be used both indoors and outside in homes and for commercial and industrial use.


  • It can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or other, with the help of the included mounting bracket, and will not take up floor space
  • It is safe and certified for use both indoors and outside
  • The fan has a speed of up to 1570 RPM, and the misting speed can be adjusted to 3 options via the speed pull chain
  • It comes with four misting nozzles and works with water pumps from 160 to 1000 psi
  • The fan is UL507 certified and rated for outdoor and wet use
  • The motor is protected from weather elements, and the entire fan is corrosion resistant
  • The large blades are 18 inches and made of industrial-grade aluminum


  • You will need to purchase or use a separate water pump for the misting feature

Best Wall-Mounted Misting Fan

Ecojet by Joape Hurricane 660 Wall Mount Misting Fan

This outdoor misting fan is among the best options you can find on the market if you want a highly efficient, low-maintenance outdoor misting fan that can be mounted on any wall.

This innovative outdoor misting fan works without nozzles and instead has a spinning disk that produces the fine cooling mist. This makes the fan easier to keep clean and prevents dealing with clogged nozzles.

The Ecojet wall-mounted misting fan can lower the ambient temperature of areas of up to 1,500 square feet by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The device is powered by a 110-volt motor and is connected to a power outlet via a regular plus. The water can be connected to a water tap for continuous water flow, with the help of a ¾-inch hose, which needs to be purchased separately.


  • The innovative misting function of using a spinning disk instead of nozzles makes the maintenance of this fan easier and also saves water
  • The fan produces an ultra-fine mist, which will not get you or your furniture wet, even if you are standing close to it
  • It can cool the air in large areas of up to 1,500 square feet
  • It is wall-mountable, which means that it will save space on the floor or ground
  • The mist level can be adjusted from low to high
  • You can connect the fan directly to a tap or water line
  • It is relatively quiet with a maximum sound level of 67dB


  • The fan doesn’t come with the ¾-inch hose for connecting it to a tap

Best Oscillating Misting Fan

NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan, 600 Square Foot Effective Range

This oscillating cool misting fan can lower the temperatures by 15 degrees Fahrenheit in outdoor areas of up to 600 square feet, located in the states and zones that are hot and with low humidity, and are suitable for misting fans.

It is a pedestal stand misting fan that has an adjustable angle and height of up to 55.91-inches, and a wide oscillating angle.

The fan has 3 speeds and sturdy metal blades and overall construction that will endure the sun, rain, and all other weather conditions.

The stand misting fan is fitted with a safe GFCI plug and can be used as a dry and as cool misting fan with the help of a standard garden hose.


  • An elegant design and a beautiful bronze finish
  • The height and angle of the fan can be adjusted
  • It can be used as a wet and as a misting fan
  • It works with a standard garden hose
  • The 18-inch blades are made of durable metal
  • The fan can reduce the temperature by 15 degrees Fahrenheit and cool outdoor areas of up to 600 square feet
  • It oscillates at a wide angle but can be fixed to one position for a more powerful and directed cooling
  • It has 3 adjustable speeds
  • It has a slim design and integrated safety features, certified for outdoor use
  • The fan is portable


  • Since it is a stand misting fan, it will take up some of your floor space

Portable/Battery Powerd

Geek Aire Battery Operated Fan, Rechargeable Outdoor Misting Fan

With this outdoor misting fan by Geek Aire, you will not be restricted to use it near a power outlet. This is a completely portable and battery-powered outdoor cool misting fan that you can take with you just about anywhere.

It is available in 12 and 16-inch sizes and comes with a detachable and rechargeable battery which will ensure 2 to 10 hours of power. If you need to, you can easily attach 2 or more additional batteries and increase the fan time to up to 40 hours and more. And even more so, you can use these batteries to charge your mobile phones when camping, fishing, or enjoying another outdoor activity.

The portable and battery-powered outdoor misting fan has an airflow of up to 2,300CFM and can spray and spread cool and fine mist at a distance of up to 11.5 feet from the unit.

It can be pivoted and adjusted at an angle of up to 360 degrees for maximum comfort.

It is made of resilient and yet lightweight ABS, which will withstand outdoor use, and traveling.


  • It is powered by a rechargeable and removable battery, which makes it completely portable
  • It also can work at 24 volts DC
  • The fan is made of lightweight but weather-resistant ABS
  • You can buy it in two sizes of either 12 or 16 inches
  • The fan will produce a powerful airflow and produce mist which will reach up to a distance of 11.5 feet
  • It can be adjusted to 360 degrees up and down
  • You can use it as a misting fan, a battery fan, and as a floor fan inside and out


  • The additional or replacement batteries for this fan can be difficult to find

The benefits of using an outdoor misting fan

If you reside in an area with hot, dry weather, outdoor misting fans are great options for cooling off outside spaces like patios, backyards, and others.

They are also a far more ecologically friendly and power-efficient alternative than utilizing an air conditioner.

Misting fans are useful for ordinary outdoor activities as well as for cooling off indoor and outdoor industrial and commercial workstations and sites, humidifying plants in greenhouses, and other things.

They need little upkeep and are very simple to set up and utilize.

The different types of outdoor misting fans

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As you can see from our list, the outdoor misting fans vary in type, size, and features. Here are the main types of outdoor misting fans:

Portable outdoor misting fans

These fans like the battery-operated Geek Aire or the compact Lasko 7050 Misto are convenient if you want a cooling system that is easy to move around, travel with, and store. They are perfect for camping, traveling, picnics, sports events, and others.

Wall-mounted outdoor misting fans

The wall-mounted misting fans like the Ecojet Hurricane and the Mistcooling High-Velocity fans are convenient for those of you who have limited space and want a fan that can be mounted to a wall. They are a more permanent solution and can easily be mounted so that no cables and hoses are getting in the way.

Stand outdoor misting fans

The pedestal fans like the NewAir AF-600 are more like the traditional fans we are used to. They are portable and can be adjusted in direction and height, and most of them are oscillating.

These fans can usually be used with or without the misting function, making them suitable for outdoor and for indoor use.

Oscillating outdoor misting fans

Most of the fans on our list have an oscillating function, which means that they can automatically swing from one direction to the other, allowing for better coverage of an outdoor area. You can adjust them and stop the oscillation function when you want the cool mist to be directed to one specific zone.

Final Words

Outdoor misting fans are inexpensive, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible ways to remain cool while spending time outside in hot, dry weather.

Your time spent outside by the grill, while working in your lawn, or while relaxing will be much more pleasurable because to the fine mist they generate, which may help decrease the ambient temperature by up to 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure the model you have chosen is appropriate for your unique demands before making your decision on the finest outdoor misting fan.

Additionally, bear in mind that these fans are ineffective in areas with high humidity levels and that they perform best in hot, dry environments.

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