Top 10 Best Outdoor Gas Griddles for 2022 – [Buying Guide]

Gas griddles are one of the most spectacular instruments for use while cooking outdoors. They particularly make frying foods an extraordinary experience. This is because they can fry eggs, meat, bacon, pancakes, vegetables among many other foods, at the same time.

A gas griddle is superior than a standard gas grill in a number of ways. First off, unlike gas grills, which are mostly restricted to items that may be smoked or grilled, gas griddles can be used to cook or fry a wide variety of dishes. Second, because they are smaller in size, gas griddles are lighter. Because of their portability and ease of fitting, they may be placed anywhere in a kitchen, including on top of a standard gas grill.

Last but not least, because they feature a flat surface without any holes, they offer better protection from burns when cooking. Additionally, this characteristic makes cleaning them much simpler. To remove debris from their surface, abrasive brushes are not necessary.

You may be looking to get top-tier gas griddles for outdoor cooking for these and other reasons. A list of outdoor gas griddles to avoid is provided below. Their comprehensive assessments are provided, along with things to think about before making a purchase. They were chosen based on a number of favorable evaluations from prior customers, their functioning, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Summary of Finest Outdoor Gas Griddles


  1. Pit Boss 4 Burner Gas Griddle
  2. Blackstone 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle
  3. Royal Gourmet Regal 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo
  4. Blackstone 17 Inch Portable Table Top Gas Griddle
  5. Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Two Burner Gas Griddle
  6. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill and Griddle, Restaurant Grade
  7. Little Griddle GQ230 100% Stainless Steel Professional Quality Griddle with Cross Bracing
  8. Lodge LPG13 Pro-Grid Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle Pan
  9. Char-Broil 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Griddle
  10. Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Griddle for BBQ Grills

Top of The List

Blackstone 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle

The Blackstone is the mammoth winner of all griddles holding its good reputation in the industry since 2005. All of its products are manufactured in the United States.

It’s a griddle you’ll come across in several restaurants, resorts, and poolsides. It has good durability and comes with four stainless steel burners each having a 15,000 BTU heat capacity. This means its entire heating capacity measures 60,000 BTU. It has a cold-rolled cooktop that comes with a black steel frame.

Its large 750 square inches surface area makes it convenient for cooking a variety of foods. This means you can prepare food for more than 20 people using one griddle. This mega griddle utilizes propane gas fuel and has an igniter powered by an in-built battery.

Furthermore, this smart Blackstone 36-inch griddle has sufficient storage space, shelves, and built-in holders for paper towels and trash bags. It’s also accompanied by side shelves that can be used as cutting surfaces as well as a tray for serving meals. It also has wheels that enhance its mobility. You can move it outdoors and later return it indoors after finishing.

Its cold-rolled thick 7-gauge cooking surface provides a perfect platform for heat retention. The heat coming from its burners is also well distributed throughout the cooking surface.

The Blackstone series also has a smaller version measuring 28 inches, 470 square inches of surface area, and a heating capacity of 30,000 BTU. Its features are similar to that of the 36-inch Blackstone griddle.


  • Exterior material: Painted Steel
  • Cooking grate material: Steel
  • Number of burners: 4
  • Surface BTUs: 60,000
  • Main grilling area: 720 square inches
  • Size: 40 x 25 x 14.5 inches


  • Has a large surface area for cooking a variety of foods for many people (720 square inches).
  • Has a good heat capacity of 60,000 BTU with separate burners each having 15,000 BTU.
  • The heat controls are adjustable.
  • Has an igniter that can be powered both electronically and by a battery making it convenient for use outdoors.
  • It is accompanied by side shelves and trays creating enough storage space for spices, utensils, and items to be used while cooking.
  • Assembling the griddle is simple
  • Highly durable
  • Made of stainless steel making it is rust-resistant.


  • The customer service is not up to the task when you need help.
  • Has a short warranty of only 90 days.

Second Runner’s Up

The Pit Boss 4 Burner Gas Griddle

The Pit Boss doesn’t just match up with the market’s best Blackstone, it is an affordable 4-burner gas griddle with a whole range of cheaper pellet grills and good gas griddle specifications.

Its cooking surface measures 748 square inches making it big enough to cook about 36 burgers all at once. You can adjust its heat intensity using its independent stainless steel burner knobs which are four in number. It emits about 62,000 BTUs of heat.

There’s even a better version of the pit boss gas griddle that comes with 5 burners. It has a larger cooking surface of about 750 square inches. This is also a great option to consider if you’d like a bigger cooking surface for your burgers, fried rice, eggs, bacon, and veggies.

The pit boss 4-burner gas griddle surface is 4.7mm thick and made out of cast iron material. This superb material makes it good in distributing heat evenly throughout the griddle surface.  It also maintains heat to a required temperature for a considerable amount of time.


  • Grilling Area: 748 square inches
  • Heat capacity: 62,000 BTUs
  • No. of burners: 4
  • Size: 77 x 24 x 35 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • It effectively maintains distributed heat. It has the capacity to maintain high temperatures even while cooking a lot of food.
  • It is portable due to in-built foldable legs and side trays that make it easy to carry. This makes it convenient for use in camping and tailgating.
  • Has a Good warranty. Manufacturers have provided customers with a five-year warranty. This makes it a perfect choice for customers seeking better security for their griddles in case of unexpected faults and damages.
  • Its cooking surface comes pre-seasoned thus saving on your cooking time.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.


  • It loses heat through gaps in between burners and the top part of the griddle.
  • It doesn’t have a side handle thus making it cumbersome to hold or carry around.

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Third Runner’s-Up

Royal Gourmet Regal 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

The Royal Gourmet Regal is a powerful gas grill and griddle combo with four burners each having 12,000 BTU heat power and thus amounting to a total of 48,000 BTU.

It also has an in-built automatic igniter and fold-down legs that create space for storage. This storage is made up of shelves where you can place your food seasonings and hooks to hold up utensils you may need as you cook. Some even come with a bottle opener that comes in handy in events such as big parties and family gatherings.

Its fold-down legs have lockable wheels that hold it in place while you’re cooking. This means that if you want to move the griddle grill, you simply unlock the wheels and transport it wherever you wish. The best part is, that you can fold its legs after 15 minutes of using it and move it when need be.

It has a surface area of 584 square inches of which half serves as a griddle surface while the other half is a grill. This cooking area is wide enough to prepare meals that can serve up to six people. For anyone who may be torn between buying a grill or griddle, this is a perfect choice.

A grease channel is also incorporated in this grill and griddle to allow for the redirection of free-flowing oil back into the pan. This eases its cleaning process as you can just take it apart and wash it after use.

The gas griddle is made up of cast iron while the grill is all stainless steel. You may need to pay careful attention while seasoning its layer to avoid rusting and corrosion. Cast-iron is rust-prone but is a good conductor of heat and allows for an even distribution of heat throughout the griddle surface.


  • Exterior material: Cast Iron
  • Cooking grate material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of burners: 4
  • Surface BTUs: 48,000
  • Main grilling area: 584 square inches
  • Size: 66.1 x 21.8 x 43.7 inches


  • Simple storage design
  • Has a removable grease drip cup for easy clean-up
  • Has an inbuilt automatic ignition system
  • Portable
  • Has a griddle cover


  • Assembling the entire grill and griddle may be tedious due to the many components accompanying it.
  • It is relatively heavy. Even though it has wheels to enhance its mobility, moving it is not as pleasant as the experience of using it. It’s not a good option if you’d like to grill while camping.

Top-Notch Tabletop Gas Griddle

Blackstone 17 Inch Portable Table Top Gas Griddle

The Blackstone portable tabletop is a gas griddle equipped with a 260-square-inch cooking area and weighs 21 pounds. It’s part of the Blackstone series but a much smaller version suitable for smaller families and gatherings, fewer people, and camping.

For fuel, this particular gas griddle utilizes one-pound propane bottles filled with gasoline. It’s also fitted with an electric igniter that makes lighting the griddle very simple.

It’s all made up of stainless steel material and has a single 12,000 BTU burner that’s easy to operate. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Its top surface is made up of a ⅛ inch thick cold-rolled steel with an H-shaped burner at its center. The burner is H-shaped to allow for uniform heat distribution and is controlled by a temperature control knob calibrated from low to high.

It also has rubber supports that make it stable on the surface on which it is placed.


  • Material: Rolled Carbon Steel
  • BTU: 12,000 BTU
  • Cooking area: 260 square inches
  • Fuel capacity: 1 lb. Propane bottle (exclusive) or a 20lb Propane tank with the Propane Adapter Hose
  • Size: 17.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches


  • Its portability is convenient for use in camping.
  • Has a good heat output of 12,000 BTU
  • It is durable and rust-resistant due to its black powder coating.
  • This all-steel model makes it easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.
  • Piezo ignition is easy to use and doesn’t require matches for it to start
  • The griddle surface can be flipped over for safe transportation and storage


  • Has a smaller cooking surface thus limiting the amount of food that can be cooked on the griddle
  • It has no space for the preparation of food.

Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Two Burner Gas Griddle

The Cruisinast CGC-501 Gourmet Two Burner Gas Griddle model is another portable flat top grill featuring two burners that enhances uniform heat distribution. Its heat output adds up to 20,000 BTUs meaning your steak, stir-fried veggies, or whatever you cook, will reach the required temperature within minutes.

It has a 285 square inches cooking surface, weighs 25 pounds, and measures 21 x 20.5 x 9 inches. This means you can easily carry it to the balcony of your house, or patio, or even your RV while on the road.

However, this model has an attached hose fit for a 20-pound propane cylinder thus may cancel out the convenience of using it for camping.

Its installation mechanism is simple, with only four separate parts to assemble. The four legs which you connect to the base of the painted steel body, then the cold-rolled steel griddle plate which you place on top of the body. It also comes with side handles which make it simpler to carry.

It also has a sizable dip tray that slides in and out, next to burner controls located at the front fascia.


  • Material: Steel
  • BTU: 20,000 BTU
  • Cooking area: 285 square inches
  • Size: 21 x 20.5 x 9 inches


  • Heats up within minutes due to the powerful heat output, 20,000 BTU.
  • The two separate burners are controlled independently offering more versatility
  • Its ignition system uses a twist and turns mechanism, that is easy to operate.
  • The cooking plate is easily removable thus easy to clean
  • It is durable and comes with a three-year warranty.


  • The burner knobs are not calibrated thus you cannot track its temperature accurately.
  • It more often than not gets too hot, mostly giving good results at temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Its hose is only 4 feet long (quite short) due to its attachment to a 20-pound cylinder.

This portable gas griddle can turn your outdoor cooking into an extraordinary experience. However, it may require time to master its use as it easily heats up and can get too hot. Despite its easy use, you’ll need to practice setting up the griddle at the right temperature to avoid burning while cooking.

Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle and Grill, Restaurant Grade

The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600 is another reputable model in the industry that comes at an affordable price, has restaurant-grade functionality, and is versatile. It measures 62.5 x 27 x 22 inches and weighs 142 pounds.

Its 604 square inch cooking surface is big enough to accommodate large meals for more than five people. This flat-top gas griddle can also double up as a 501 square-inch grilling grate once you remove the interchangeable top. This means you can easily switch between your preferred cooking mechanism, from grill grate to griddle top, while preparing meals.

For several products that double up as flat-top griddles and grills, it’s not always recommended to use them as a grill. This is because their burners mostly don’t provide protection from dripping grease and juices which can clog, malfunction, or even flare up and cause serious burns. However, this is not the case for the camp chef flat top griddle and grill, because it’s designed specifically to serve the two purposes.

It features four stainless steel burners each having a 12,000 BTU heat output summing up to a total of 48,000 BTU total power. This means your burner will heat up within a short span of time. You can also easily regulate the temperatures within its heating zone. This gives you an easy time to customize the temperatures required to suit the needs of the food you’re cooking.

Due to its versatility, this camp chef top griddle can give you an amazing restaurant-grade cooking experience. This is due to its design that can be customized to uniformly spread out heat throughout the cooking surface.

This camp chef flat top grill 600 can also provide you with sufficient storage space if you’re having a simultaneous bunch of food prep while cooking. It comes with two sizable side shelves that can be folded up and down depending on your cooking needs. The flat-top griddle also has a bucket mounted on a side bracket to ease grease collection.

Its fuel requirements are a 20 lb propane gas cylinder connected to it with of course a hose pipe.

For ease of transportation, it has two wheels that aid its movement if you want to take it back to a safe storage area after using it.

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  • You can switch from the flat-top griddle to a traditional grill while using the product.
  • Has a large cooking area sufficient for preparing larger meals and a variety of foods.
  • Has in-built foldable side shelves that can provide extra storage or food prep space when needed
  • The four burners make it easier to control the temperature of the griddle.
  • The ignition system of the burner is top-notch
  • The knobs are also calibrated meaning you can track the temperature of the griddle while cooking.
  • Its height can be adjusted accordingly to provide a free flow of grease into a drip cup or collection bucket.


  • Assembling the entire product after shipping is complex and tedious. It’s always shipped in separate parts placed in more than one box.
  • The flat-top griddle at times doesn’t heat up uniformly. The grill grates below it often absorb heat.
  • Two wheels may make it difficult for it to move and can slightly wobble while in use.
  • Cleaning up the product after use is particularly difficult. This is because both the top griddle and the grill grate require equal attention.

Once shipping is done, ensure you have all parts delivered since they always come in several boxes. Use a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench to effectively assemble the entire package.

Before placing the grates, make sure you station its deflector hoods over the burners. Afterward, you can place the top griddle surface and enjoy your restaurant-grade camp chef top griddle and grill.

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Lodge LPG13 Pro-Grid Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle Pan

The Lodge LPG13 is a unique griddle that comes with a reversible grill/griddle system in which you can switch from griddle-style surface to grill-style surface and vice versa depending on your desirability.

Each side has the capacity to efficiently retain heat and uniformly distribute it across the cooking area. They can also fit atop two stovetop burners.

This reversible grill/griddle pan can easily fit on top of traditional grills of different types. You can also use it indoors in your local kitchen to prepare whatever meal you like.

The pan’s material is made out of iron. This means greater diligence in terms of cleaning and oiling it regularly to prevent corrosion and rusting and also to increase its durability. Besides, its iron surface enhances flavoring while you’re cooking. The more you use it, the more it becomes flavored and seasoned. So on the upper hand, this lodge LPG13 griddle pan is a great pick for you if you enjoy a variety of flavors and seasonings in the kitchen.

Char-Broil 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Griddle

The Char-Broil 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Griddle is a highly durable griddle best used for outdoor cooking activities and can serve both small and huge gatherings. It has four separate burners that provide a total of 40,000 BTU heat output and can allow for simultaneous cooking of a wide variety of foods. Each burner is encased with stainless steel and is lighted by a super-fast ignition system that makes cooking an exuberant experience.

It has a heavy-duty rolled steel, pre-seasoned griddle surface that evenly distributes heat to provide an optimum cooking performance. The pre-seasoning also provides protection against corrosion in the long run. It also comes with a grease collection system stationed at its front to enhance the cleaning process after the removal of the grease cup.

Its durability is unmatched since its thick stainless steel surface has been designed to increase its adaptability to varying conditions.

Its entire structure is generally strong and the in-built side shelves are foldable so you can use them if need be. It also has adjustable screws installed at the corners of the griddle top for leveling purposes and lockable wheels to provide mobility and stability.

Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Griddle for BBQ Grills

Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Griddle is also a quality griddle customized to fit on existing grills such as barbeque grills. Its manufacturer, Onlyfire, is well known to produce top-notch grills that have received many positive reviews from several users.

This particular griddle weighs 8.7 pounds and measures 18” x 12.5” x 23”. Its sister version is 23-inches long. It has a 200 square inches cooking surface that will fit in almost all gas grills.

It resembles the Little Griddle Professional Series in many ways. For example, their handles are removable and come with a wrench to secure the handles in place. It also has an attached vented cross brace system that secures its strength and ensures uniform heat distribution over the cooking surface. It’s a great alternative if none of the Little Griddle series fits your grill.


  • The griddle surface is easy to clean even while on top of the grill
  • Its stainless steel surface is non-stick and easy to cook on
  • The height of the sidewalls provides an easy surface on the griddle to flip and turn foods while cooking
  • The in-built cross brace enhances the strength, stability, and even distribution of heat on the griddle surface


  • Joints welded at the back of the plate can easily wear out with time.
  • For this series, only two sizes are available in the market.
  • It doesn’t have an installed grease drainage system. This may make cleaning up the griddle after use quite messy.

Little Griddle GQ230 100% Stainless Steel Professional Quality Griddle

This griddle features a stainless steel top that can be placed over a grill. Its appearance is customized to look like the griddles in cafes and restaurants. It measures 23.5 by 16 inches and has a side wall measuring 4 inches with 2 inches elevated above the griddle’s cooking area. Its entire cooking area measures 368 square inches.

This product made out of 100% stainless steel can cover most gas grill surfaces and leave some free space and perhaps a burner when placed in larger grill models. Smaller models of the Little Griddle GQ230 series are also available in case you have smaller-sized grills. The fact that it’s smaller doesn’t make it less superior. In fact, its properties are equally similar to larger models of the series.

Some smaller models include the 12.5” by 16” Little Griddle GQ120 that is about half the size of the GQ230 series. There’s also the 18” by 13” Little Griddle SQ180 in the series. The latter, however, doesn’t come with removable handles.

The Little GQ230 stainless steel griddle also comes with a grease collection bucket located at its front which makes it easy to clean. It also prevents the grease from entering the grill. Its handles are removable thus easing its transportation when the need arises.

It also has a cross-bracing located at the bottom to help distribute the heat coming from the grill evenly.

On the upside, this griddle is of high quality and has good durability, but is very costly. It’s more economical to purchase a griddle shirt for the grill if you own one rather than buying the entire standalone griddle system.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Gas Griddle

Before investing in a gas griddle for your outdoor cooking experience, it’s important to review the characteristics of different products. This will help you decide on the product that will suit your kitchen needs. Moreover, to make your outdoor cooking an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Below are some factors to consider when purchasing your outdoor gas griddle.


This may not seem important at first but it’s essential for you to pick the right size of gas griddle especially if you own a grill. For example, a smaller griddle means you’ll spend more time cooking if you have a variety of meals to prepare. This can easily frustrate you while using the griddle.

A bigger one is also a good option but if you buy one that doesn’t fit in your grill, that’s a total waste of money on your side.

Therefore, always assess your kitchen needs before purchasing a gas griddle. For example, if you frequently prepare meals during huge gatherings and parties, you can buy a 500 square inch gas griddle. This will make preparing larger meals for the event much simpler.

If you use your grill to prepare meals for only your family,  if it is small, a 300-square-inch gas griddle is sufficient. It will save you tons of unnecessary expenses.

Number of Burners

Various models of gas griddles come with different numbers of burners that heat up the cooking surface. It’s important to consider the number of burners for your gas griddle since they determine the heat distribution across the griddle surface.

The size of the cooking area will also help you know how many burners a gas grill has. A good griddle will have burners that will efficiently spread out heat throughout your cooking surface.

If the burners are not enough, that means a section of the surface will have a higher cooking temperature. Consequently, the food you’ll be cooking on the griddle will be half-cooked while the other may be charred. That’s not something you’d want.

Be sure to select a gas griddle that has sufficient burners, to provide even heat distribution.

Structure of the Griddle and Material

It’s good to select a gas griddle with a sturdy structure stable enough to give you minimum trouble while cooking.

One of the finest materials known to have good strength is chrome stainless steel. It’s highly durable, resistant to rust and corrosion, and is easy to clean. Its shiny surface also gives it a stunning appearance. The buying cost may be higher but the long-term benefits will override this factor.

Other considerable materials in the market include aluminum and normal steel. These may be cheaper than stainless steel but may require extra care and effort in maintaining them.

Ample Storage Space

If you’re the type that loves cooking a variety of foods simultaneously, a gas griddle with a large storage area would fit you. This means you’ll need to look if the gas griddle has expandable shelves to place extra foods and spices, as well as hooks for storing extra utensils.


As much as you’d like to have your dream outdoor gas griddle, always make sure you stick to your budget. Work within your means. If you’re a cooking fanatic, it may be tempting to go binge-buying all sorts of grilling products offered in the market, some of which you don’t need. You may find yourself going overboard, overspending, and eventually neglecting your present needs.

Always research for the gas griddles out there that can suit your needs. Budget and start saving for it if it’s way above your means. You’ll be thrilled once you buy it and would be grateful that you were patient.

Final Thoughts

Having a gas griddle can give you amazing cooking adventures. You can fry steak, cook pancakes, stir-fry vegetables, prepare burgers, and many other foods in ways you never imagined.

Outdoor gas griddles not only serve to give you tasty meals prepared within your backyard but also save on fuel and provide a healthy way to prepare your meals.

Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best outdoor gas griddle that will suit your cooking needs.

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