Best Kitchen Knife in 2022 – Expert’s Guide Reviews

From a very early age, we are used to using different types of tools to prepare food. Eventually, in the modern age, those tools have turned into technologies. On that note, one of the most obvious kitchen kits is the kitchen knife.

Nowadays this is one of the most necessary tools in the kitchen. To cut the vegetable in a suitable and proper shape, a kitchen knife is the best solution for most cooks.

Moreover, to accomplish a lot of other types of household chores, various knives are used on a regular basis. Chopping meat, slicing fruits and vegetables, slicing ice pieces, and many other jobs can’t be even imagined to do without a high-quality kitchen knife.

Since, this is one of the most necessary tools, after researching the market, we think it’s important that you find the right kitchen knife that can serve your purpose entirely. Therefore, in this review, we have researched our top 10 kitchen knives of today’s market and sorted them out in an ascending manner.

Shun DM0706 Classic 8” Kitchen Knife


This 8-inches kitchen is so sharp that will provide you a comfortable and efficient work. With this kitchen knife, you can cut or slice any hard material.  Moreover, this product is also durable. To know the other features other this kitchen knife read below.

Features & Benefits

  • 8-inches Shun Classic knife is suitable for any slicing, chopping, and dicing, and the blade is also made with high-quality steel.
  • This stainless steel is made of 32 layers of high carbon which makes the blade sharper. Moreover, A D-shaped handle is available with this knife.
  • For any kind of household chores, this lightweight kitchen knife is very suitable. Moreover, the blade is very sharp easy to chop any product.


  • Suitable for slicing, chopping, and dicing
  • 32 layer high carbon blade available.
  • Comfortable handle with D-shape.
  • Limited warranty.


  • The finger guard is not found.
  • A Little bit of hard while meets chopping.

Talking about this particular knife, we think that it’s got some specialty with chopping harder veggies or fruits with ease. So, if you need to cut hard material this kitchen knife is for you.

Wusthof 4582/20 Classic 8 Inch Kitchen Knife


The Wusthof Classic kitchen knife is at the very top of our kitchen knife review. If you ask about the specialty of this tool, I would like to draw its attention to its special safety features. As long as safety is one of your first concerns while using a kitchen knife, we are pretty sure that you will like this knife too much.

Features & Benefits

  • 8-inches thick, sharp blade of this knife is suitable for chopping and any other cutting purposes.
  • A guard is attached at the bottom side of the handle which works as a safety tool for this special Wusthof chef knife. So when you in a hurry, this guard will protect your finger.
  • A black color synthetic handle is at the bottom of the knife which has an unyielding grip that is suitable for chopping.


  • Good balance system
  • 8-inches stainless steel
  • Firm grip
  • A guard available at the bottom side


  • Not suitable for the hard product
  • The blade becomes bent

Now I believe, each and every one of the housemakers and cooks should be looking at both the quality and safety concerns of a kitchen knife. Therefore, this kitchen knife has all of the features that you required.

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Zwilling J.A. Henckels 8” Kitchen Knife

Henckels chef kitchen knife is famous for its benefits of professional use. The size and shape of the blade are suitable for any professional purpose. Hence, if you are a chef at a motel, we think you will find all you need in this knife. Have a look at the detailed features-

Features & Benefits

  • With this 8 inches blade, any element such as vegetable, meat, fruit can be chopped in a suitable size with a safety tool.
  • If you want to cut ice, Henckels chef knife is suitable for you. With this 32 layers high carbon stainless steel, you can slice the ice.
  • This chef knife can be used as dishwater and had a polypropylene handle which makes the knife easy to use.


  • Suitable for ice slice.
  • Safety tools protect your finger.
  • 32 layer high carbon stainless steel blade.
  • For comfortable use a handle is available


  • The blade of it is not so smooth.
  • Not easy to chopping meet.

We know everyone doesn’t want a kitchen knife to be a showpiece of the random display. So if you are one of those professionals who want a knife just for frequent and efficient uses, you should consider buying it.

Victorinox 45520 Fibrox Pro 8” Kitchen Knife


The fourth of our top 10 rated kitchen knives, we have got Victirinox 40520. The knife is a bit angled shaped very suitable for chopping meat and also suitable for slicing hard ice. So If you are a juice lover, and fond of taking cold juice, then I suggest you take this kitchen knife.

Features & Benefits

  • The angled shape blade of Victorinox 45520 kitchen knife is suitable to hold the sharp edge longer and efficient chopping for its razor shape blade.
  • The non-slip black handle worked as a durable handle with an excellent grip. Moreover, this gripe makes it comfortable to use this knife.
  • The shape of this kitchen knife is very much suitable for chopping meat. So if you are a chef in a restaurant, then, this knife can help you most.


  • Razor shape knife.
  • Non-slip handle.
  • The blade is efficiently angled which is suitable for chopping.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • Need to shape soon.
  • Heavyweight knife.

At the end of the review, I strongly recommend this knife who is supposed to do heavyweight duties in the kitchen. In addition, the user’s comfort is what this knife is familiar for among its users.

Shun Classic DM0701 6” Kitchen Knife


Now I will introduce you to another of the leading kitchen knife list. It’s Shun Classico DM0701 kitchen knife at the vital reason for choosing this product in the list is its wide range of usage. Frankly speaking, most of the users choose this one for its multipurpose use. So, if you are one of those user’s we think you will be interested enough in this product.

Features & Benefits

  • Shun Classic DM0701 Knife has a 6 inches blade which is ideal for chopping, peeling, and also slicing with its razor shape blade.
  • Because of 16 layers of stainless steel, this blade becomes a rust-free Damascus look.
  • For the D-shape handle, this knife has a comfortable grip and work becomes easier.
  • If you need to use your kitchen knife for multiple purposes, then this small knife is highly recommended for you.


  • 6-inches blade for ideal chopping.
  • 16 layer stainless steel.
  • D-shape handles for comfortable use.
  • High carbon stainless steel.


  • Not efficient for meat chopping.
  • The grip is a little bit of slippery.

We found it not so great for chopping harder foods like meat. But therefore, there are a whole lot of other tasks for a kitchen knife and we think it will overdo those jobs.

Kai Pure Komachi KS5085 kitchen knife


Komachi kitchen knife is a kitchen knife of a slightly different shape. The hollow system of the bellow part is suitable for chopping and slicing. Moreover, it has got an excellent grip. Let’s dig deeper into its features and benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • Komachi kitchen knife is a different shape kitchen knife that has hollow in the lower portion. This kind of shape, reduces friction and makes the knife more efficient.
  • This 6½ stainless steel knife has a lightweight, comfortable grip which is an essential thing for using a knife.
  • Komachi kitchen knife has non-stick performance and is bright, and most people use this for slicing the fruit.


  • High-carbon stainless-steel blade.
  • Hollow in the lower portion of the handle.
  • Non-stick performance.
  • Suitable for slicing fruit.


  • Need to use carefully.
  • It is not so durable.

I believe this kitchen knife is one of the greatest knives that you are searching as long as non-stick performance is concerned. In addition, chopping fruits and veggies is something that this knife is an expert in.

ZYLISS 7.25” with Sheath Cover Kitchen Knife

We are at the 7th review of the top 10 mentions. What excites us about this Zyliss kitchen knife is- the blade of this carbon is made with a high carbon layer which is become a sharpen knife. In addition, it’s also quite protective of its users.

Features & Benefits

  • The blade of the kitchen knife is made of high-carbon stainless steel which increases the durability of this kitchen knife.
  • Some people use a particular knife for slicing fruits, vegetables such as light items. This kind of knife is suitable for this purpose. Moreover, a rubber grip makes the work easier.
  • A cover is available which protects the stainless steel of this kitchen knife and works as a germ shield.


  • Suitable for slicing fruit.
  • Stainless steel blade.
  • In the handle, the rudder is attached to a suitable grip.
  • Durable kitchen knife.
  • Blade cover for protecting the blade.


  • An awful knife
  • Cutting harder vegetables using this knife is painful.

As you know, there is no unmixed product on market. Therefore, if safety and security in the kitchen are your first priority, you can go for this product without hesitation.

Victorinox 8” Swiss Classic Kitchen Knife


We are almost at the bottom of our top ten rated kitchen knife reviews. But still, the Swiss traditional chef is one of the smooth kitchen knives in today’s market. Its razor shape blade can provide you with high performance. I recommend you to take this one. But before buying read some features of this kitchen knife below-

Features & Benefits

  • The blade of the knife is tapered, an angled edge that is suitable for the chopping of meat and hard vegetables such as carrots and other.
  • The razor shape knife ensured high performance and longtime durability with its high carbon layer blade.
  • A small guard is available at the bottom side of the blade which provides you safety when chopping hard material such as carrot, meat, etc.
  • A contemporary handle is one of the main attractions of this kitchen knife because this handle works as slip resistance when you are chopping meat.


  • The handle is suitable for the size of the blade.
  • The tapered angle is suitable for chopping.
  • High carbon layer blade.
  • Slip resistance grip.


  • Bled need to sharpen soon.
  • Not suitable for professional use.

If this knife can fulfill your requirement of home-usage. But as it’s a bit over-priced than its features, we had to keep it at the 8th position. Therefore, I would still suggest you buy this knife.

Henckels 31161-201 CLASSIC 8” Kitchen Knife

In number 9, we have Henckels Chef Kitchen Knife. Henckels chef kitchen knife is an international kitchen knife. Most users, choose this one for its high quality of performance in multiple tasks. No matter how much thin your food is, it will cut it with a smoothness to your hand.

Features & Benefits

  • 8-inches blade is of this Henckels chef kitchen knife is very much suitable for dicing, slicing, and also chopping meat.
  • The blade of this kitchen knife is made with High carbon German stainless steel. That’s why the edge becomes sharper, and the knife becomes more durable.
  • Its full tang triple-rivet handle has a comfortable grip and suitable shape for chopping meat.


  • High carbon stainless steel blade.
  • 8-inches blade.
  • Triple rivet handle.
  • Used as a dishwasher.


  • Burred at the top edge.
  • Weak balance.
  • Not durable.

While reviewing the user’s feedback on Amazon, we found out that it’s complained to be not so durable for long-term usage. But you can still go for it if you are looking for an occasional kitchen tool. To get more of this product, check the link below.

OXO 1064648 Professional 8” Kitchen Knife

We are at the very bottom of our reviews. Over here, OXO good kitchen knife is what we have got. It’s on my list because of having a comfortable gripping system. The smoothness you will feel while using this product is awesome!

Features & Benefits

  • OXO good grips have kitchen knife famous to the user for its nice and comfortable gripping system.
  • Full stainless steel makes the blade sharper and durable and the 8-inches blade is suitable for slicing and chopping fruit and meat.
  • The black ergonomic handle has a rubber grip which works as a slip resistance moreover, you can use this kitchen knife as a safe dishwasher.


  • Full stainless steel blade.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • 8-inches blade.


  • Need to sharpen the blade soon.
  • Not suitable for chopping the meat.

The product is not made of that much strong steel. Therefore, sharpening the knife on a frequent basis is one hassle that the user has to suffer. Otherwise, if you set your mind to buy this one, check below.

Things to Consider to buy the Kitchen Knife


A kitchen knife has different kinds of uses. And all tasks are not suitable with one knife and one knife can’t do all of them well. Keeping that in mind, here are our exclusive buying guide that helps to reach your necessary kitchen knife with ease:

  • The shape of the Blade

The cutting purpose with a knife is entirely dependent upon the blade.  The blade is not suitable for chopping meat; it is quite difficult to chop with this one. So first of all, you need to consider for which purpose you will use this knife. Right after that, check the blade-shaped of the knife to be sure if it’s a perfect fit for your task or not.

  • Grip of the Knife

A comfortable grip is a necessary thing for working properly with a knife in hand. Otherwise, your job will become less efficient. Usually, rubber or latex is what manufacturers use to make the handle of a knife smoother. This system is working as slip resistance.

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Knife?

A kitchen knife is one of the most necessary tools that a homemaker needs. Both of our food preparation and nutrition partially depend on the right selection of a kitchen knife.

Here are some quick tips on choosing the top-rated kitchen knife for your kitchen-

  • A sharp blade is very necessary to make my work efficient and also easy. Check this before buying.
  • An excellent and comfortable grip is a critical need of knife users. You must keep this thing in your consideration
  • There is a lot of products on the market. From these we choose the top 10 rated kitchen knife here for you, I can ensure you that you can become benefited from these. Before buying a product, you should check the opinion of this user. Because they are the only ones who can describe them better than any other.

Final Verdict

We have been so careful while choosing the 10 finest kitchen knives in this review. We have considered customer reviews, expert analysis reports, and the price-quality ratio of the products while sorting out the best products. As people have different choice and each knife are used for a different purpose, we tried to maintain 10 different kitchen knife for various types of uses. Hope you will find the right product that meets your requirements and will come back again to thank us.

Best of luck!

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