Best Japanese Kitchen Knives of 2022 – Reviews & Guides

Your regular kitchen knife isn’t meeting your requirements? The knife work is not intricate enough for you? Then I have the perfect collection for you. I have made a list of the finest Japanese kitchen knife sets out there on the market.

Japanese knives have their origin from the days of the samurais. They are well known for their classic design and unique skills. They increase a chef’s skill through intricate knife work. These knives are sharpened correctly to achieve mastery in cutlery.

If you are in search of the top Japanese kitchen knife, then read this article. I assure you that after reading this, you won’t need to look further.

Shun DM0706 Classic 8″ Kitchen Knife


The Shun Classic Chef Knife has some unique and extraordinary features. It has become popular among chefs for its blade quality and overall appearance.

Features and benefits

  • Great Quality Metal

People throughout the world know about the quality of Damascus steel. It provides top-quality metal for cutting. This Classic Chef Knife consists of Damascus steel on both sides.

This steel ensures the smoothness and accuracy of the cut. It is the greatest quality metal found in any kitchen knife discovered in the market.

  • Comfort Guaranteed

This knife comes with a comfortable and safe handle. The handle material carries PakkaWood. That is the finest quality wood for any kitchen knife out there in the market.

Moreover, the handle is resin-coated which enables it to stay in place. You won’t have to worry about the knife slipping off of your hand all the time.

  • Smoothness of Cut

Lastly, this chef knife provides incredible smoothness of cut. The metal of the blade is corrosion-resistant.

It ensures durability and smoothness of the cut. There are air pockets that are microscopic. These prevent the knife from slipping and friction.


  • The handle of PakkaWood provides a very safe and comfortable handling facility.
  • A microscopic air pocket prevents friction in a great way.
  • Damascus wood ensures the smoothest cutting facility.


  • Not so appropriate for cutting hard bone.

The smoothly cutting facility provides fantastic benefits while you are going to slice plane meat and fruits. In this case, you can easily depend on this Shun Classic Chef Knife.

Yoshihiro VG10 8.25″ Kitchen Knife

With a smooth and curved blade, the Yoshihiro Gyuto Knife is well known for its flexibility in chopping and state-of-the-art features. It has a traditional design with altered options for better use.

Features and benefits

  • Quick and Smooth Chopping

This kitchen comes with the feature of quick chopping. It provides fantastic quality and the greatest smoothness of cut you can get.

It has an excellent tip opening that helps the users to blend it in their style.

  • Sharp and Durable

This knife has incredible sharpness. The two sides of the blade carry Damascus steel. It ensures the sharpness and durability of the knife.

That means it will cut better and be durable.

  • Handcrafted Handle

The wood used in the handle of this kitchen knife is of great quality. The Mahogany wood and its design are handcrafted. The woodwork is perfectly balanced for the highest comfort.


  • Brings stylish and aristocratic looks to your kitchen.
  • You can use it on both sides of Damascus steel for a quick slice.
  • Extremely sharp and durable.


  • Not so hard for cutting bones.

If you want to bring a bit aristocratic and antique look to your kitchen, the Yoshihiro Gyuto knife will be a perfect choice. Also, you can ensure a smooth and quick chopping facility by using it.


Shun TDM0706 Premier 8″ Kitchen Knife


With the beauty and complexity of hand-forged knives, the Shun Premier Chef Knife has the strongest and most fantastic build. It has become popular because of its complex and unique features.

Features and benefits

  • Incredible Cutting Capacity

This knife has an amazing ability in cutting and slicing. This knife has the same principle as samurai swords. So, the sharpness of the knife is best in the market. There are air holes and a hammered finish.

These factors ensure that there is no slipping during a cut.

  • Comfortable in the Hand

The Shun Premier knife provides safety and gives comfort to the hand. There is no slipping during the cut. The knife just perfectly balances in your hand and stays like that. It comes from the finest quality wood. So, don’t to worry about it hurting your hand.

  • Hard as a Rock

The metal by which this knife carries is extra hard. There is a hardness test called the Rockwell hardness. It rates out metals according to their category. This knife’s metal has a rating of 60 to 62.

That means its metal is incredibly hard and durable.


  • Fantastic durability will ensure its service for a long time in your kitchen.
  • Appropriate for cutting all types of hard and solid bones.
  • It’ll provide you with an excellent balancing facility for both slicing and cutting.


  • Smoother slicing and chopping of solid meat can’t be possible all the time.

If you have intense to cut hard bones, then you need a knife which is also very hard and durable. Then you can rely on this product.


Shun Cutlery Classic 7-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

The Shun Classic 7-Piece Block Set with Bamboo Block is probably the top set of kitchen knives money can buy. The set has an excellent design. Elegance with quality is the central theme of the producers of this product. The collection carries seven different pieces in a wooden box. The primary and special features of the set are shortly in the below.

Features and benefits

  • High-Quality Steel

The set contains knives with high-quality steel. They are all made of Damascus steel, the legendary quality steel of ancient times.

Moreover, the steel is not prone to corrosion. So, you won’t have to worry about anything.

  • Smart Appearance

The set comes in a wooden frame. The structure contains holes and carriers for each of the seven different knives and scissors. The frame is enough to hold the knives safely.

It keeps the blades out of the touch of children.

  • Elegant and Comfortable

These knives of the set are known for their elegance and comfort in use. The design of both the blades and the handles is quite delicate. Moreover, the wood used in making the handle is of the highest quality.

Do you want a knife set that can equally provide top-quality service as well as a nice-looking view? If yes, Japanese kitchen knife sets will place at the top rank in your list, no doubt.


How Can You Choose the Best Japanese Kitchen Knife


Finding out the finest product for yourself or someone else is the toughest work. You need to spend hours and hours to know more and more about the products. But luckily, I am here to save some of your valuable time. I have used one of these top Japanese kitchen knife sets personally. So, I know what you need to know before buying one. Here I have pointed some of them out. Just give a glance at it once, and you will be able to know it all.

Features and Benefits

  • Blade Quality

Be sure which type of blade you want in your kitchen knife. There are several types of blades found nowadays. Between all of them, I have found the Damascus steel-made blade best in quality. These steel blades are corrosion-free and have smooth cutting. They deliver what they promise.

  • Comfort

You have to know if the knife you are going to buy is going to be comfortable or not. The grip carries a smooth and high-quality wooden material. Moreover, the handle should not have slipping tendencies. You should have the freedom to slice and cut as you like.

  • Cutting Edges

The knife should have a proper smoothness of cut. It has to cut your desired piece entirely and to your desire. You should have the ability to take the knife and cut as you go. The blades should have the flexibility you require.

Do you want to have a nice knife set ensuring the top quality of blade in your kitchen? Then, you should rely on a Japanese kitchen knife. For this, you need to know the process of choosing a Japanese kitchen knife.

Final Verdict

Through this article, I have discussed some of the finest Japanese kitchen knives sets out there on the market. So, I would suggest you look for the best options that fulfill your requirements. Find out which one just does the work you want to do and comes in style! Keeping this little much in mind would be enough for you to choose from the four individual products. Happy shopping and happy cutting!


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