Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser in 2022

Do you wish that you could make yourself a nice cup of tea in an instant without waiting for the kettle, microwave, or stove to heat up and boil the water?

A good quality instant hot water dispenser will provide you with near-boiling or hot water whenever you need it, without the wait, and without the need to use other electrical appliances.

We have chosen the best under-the-sink instant hot water dispensers, as well as the top-rated countertop units so that you can select the most suitable one for your needs.

Read on to find out more about the instant hot water dispensers for 2022, as well as what the advantages of owning such an appliance are.

Best overall

InSinkErator HOT150 Instant Hot Water Dispenser


The InSinkErator HOT150 is an elegant-looking and highly efficient instant hot water dispenser.

It has sleek housing with a satin nickel finish and comes with a spout with a height of 6.25 inches. The designer faucet is very elegant and is available in 5 different styles and in 15 different finishes, as well as in options for hot only or hot and cold water.

This appliance has a 2/3 gallon hot water tank made of stainless steel and can produce up to 60 cups of hot water per hour.

The InSinkErator can deliver water, which is near to boiling temperature, but you can easily adjust the thermostat to suit your needs, thanks to the dial on the front of the unit.

You can adjust the temperature of the water from 160 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

This high-quality hot water dispenser is very easy to install and connect and has dry-start protection, so you can start using it without the need for special tools.

The faucet has a turn-and-hold safety feature to avoid accidental burning with running near-boiling water.

You will need a 3-hole sink or drill a 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch diameter hole for the faucet, as well as a T-fitting, a control valve, and a compression fitting too.

It is 5.38 x 2.75 x 6.25 inches in size and weighs 7 lbs.

The dispenser is made of metal and plastic.

The InSinkErator HOT150 is an excellent appliance to have if you prepare hot beverages like tea or coffee, instant soups, for warming your baby bottles, washing dishes, thawing frozen foods, cooking, and many others.

This hot water dispenser is sold with an exclusive 1-year warranty, during which the manufacturer promises complete service, including visiting your home for any needed repairs and replacements.

The runner-up

InSinkErator View H-View-SN Instant Hot Water Dispenser System


This is a higher-end version of the previous dispenser, which will provide you with safe and instant access to hot to near-boiling water whenever you need it.

The InSinkErator View has a 2/3 gallon stainless steel hot water tank with a power of 750 watts. It also has a dial on the front so that you can adjust the temperature of the water with a simple turn. The temperature can be set from 160 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes with a designer faucet which can be for hot only or for cold and hot water. You can choose between the different faucet styles and the over 15 finishes.

It can be installed easily if you have a three-hole sink or can drill an additional hole for the faucet by yourself. It comes with a start protect feature for peace of mind. Everything else needed for the installation is included in the package.

Also, the faucet is designed to let the water flow only when you hold it up for safety reasons. The premium quality hot water dispenser has a built-in hot lever and a self-closing valve, which will protect you from burning yourself accidentally.

The size of the appliance is 14.6 x 10 x 8.4 inches, weighs 3.8 lbs., and is made of durable and safe nickel. The finish is satin nickel.

This useful dispenser will help you boil your food faster, steam veggies, wash dishes and utensils without the use of detergents, as well as allow you to prepare tea, coffee, instant soups, oatmeal, or any other hot beverages and meals when you want to – instantly and easily.

It can make up to 60 cups of hot or near-boiling water per hour.

Also, the InSinkErator View is sold with a 3-year “we come to you in-home” complete warranty, so you can rest assured that you will get expert help if something goes wrong with the unit.

Best budget-friendly option

Hamilton Beach 40515R  45 Cup Coffee Urn and Hot Beverage Dispenser, Silver


If you are not willing to pay hundreds of dollars but still want a good quality instant hot water dispenser, then we recommend the Hamilton Beach 40515R. This is the best budget-friendly option for 2022 and will cost you less than $45.

The countertop hot water dispenser operates quickly, as it heats up each cup for less than a minute and alerts you via an indicator light when it is ready.

The portable hot water dispenser can make up to 45 cups of hot water before it needs refilling.

This dispenser has a compact footprint and doesn’t require any complicated installations, hole drilling, or expensive plumbing services.

You can use it in two dispensing modes – for one cup only or in continuous mode for more cups or larger quantities of hot water.

Thanks to the level markings on the urn, you can keep an eye on the water level in the dispenser, and so you will know exactly how much water you need to add when filling it.

Its lid and the brew basket are easy to remove and dishwasher safe.

This portable hot water dispense is a superb choice for parties and other gatherings and events, for buffet-style meals, business meetings, and for home use as well.

It has convenient, heat-resistant handles and lid locks for safety and to prevent spills.

This hot water dispenser by Hamilton Beach has a glossy aluminum finish with black accents and will look great in any kitchen, office, or elsewhere.

It is 11.5 x 11.5 x 18.6 inches and weighs 4 lbs.

The dispenser is offered at a very reasonable price and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

The rest of the best instant hot water dispensers for 2022

InSinkErator H-Wave-C Involve Series Wave Hot Water Dispenser


This is yet another instant hot water dispensing system offered by InSinkErator, which is definitely worth investing in if you want a reliable, safe, and easy to use appliance which will give you access to unlimited quantities of hot water at any given time, without the need to wait.

It has a stainless steel tank with a 2/3 gallon capacity.

The under the sink hot water dispenser has a thermostat that you can adjust easily from 160 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. This will give you access to near-boiling hot water suitable for tea, coffee, and for various other needs, as well as water, which is not steaming hot if you require warm water.

It is sold with a stylish faucet, which can be for hot water only or for hot and cold water.

The automatic hot water lever will shut off automatically for safety reasons.

It is easy to install but will need a 1/25-1.5 inch hole on the sink, countertop, or other surfaces for the faucet.

The InSinkErator will not take up valuable countertop space.

It will enable you to wash your dishes, have hot water for cooking, washing, heating, and various other uses instantly available, without the need to turn on any other water heating appliances.

It comes with a beautiful polished chrome finish and is sold with a 3-year full warranty, which includes free house calls.

Ready Hot RH-200-F570-BN Stainless Steel Hot Water Dispenser System


The Ready Hot RH-200-F570-BN is another excellent under-sink instant hot water dispenser, which will give you unlimited access to hot water whenever you need it.

It comes with a 2/3 gallon hot water tank and can produce 60 and more cups of hot water per hour.

The temperature of the water can be adjusted from 140 to 200 degrees via the manual or the digital dial (depending on your preferences for the model).

You can choose the faucet which comes with the dispenser. One option is a hot water faucet only, and the other is a hot and cold water faucet. The finishes available are chrome and brushed nickel.

You can also purchase the hot water tank separately if you already have an open vented faucet to connect it to.

The tank is 1,300 watts and is made of stainless steel, including the heating element and all other parts such as the outlet and inlet tubes. The housing of the unit is also constructed from durable stainless steel.

The instant hot water dispenser has a thermal fuse that will prevent damage caused to the tank from an accidental dry startup.

It has quick connectors for easy installation and needs a hole with a 1 3/8 inch diameter on the countertop or sink where it will be installed.

The size of the Ready Hot dispenser is 11.53 x 7.79 x 8.85 inches.

It is a handy appliance to add to any kitchen, office, or other space and can be used for making tea, coffee, oatmeal, instant soup, cocoa, opening stubborn jar lids, removing labels from bottles, and for efficient cleaning of greasy pans and pots.

The dispenser is also a much quicker and more convenient option than having to boil water on the stovetop, in the microwave, or in an electric kettle.

Zojirushi America Corporation CV-DCC40XT Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer


The Zojirushi is a very elegant 4-liter countertop instant hot water dispenser, which will look great on your table, kitchen, office, or anywhere you need access to hot water for coffee, tea, or other foods, beverages, and needs.

This Vacuum Electric hybrid appliance will not only heat up the water but can also keep it warm at four different temperature settings, including 160, 175, 195, and 208 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit has a stainless steel double insulation wall with a vacuum insulation layer to keep the water hot at the temperature you want it by using minimal electrical power.

This means that you will have instant access to a cup or more of hot water whenever you need it, without waiting, and without having to use another appliance for heating it up or boiling it.

It has a built-in micro computerized temperature control system for precise temperature control.

The Zojirushi Hybrid Water Boiler also has a beep or melody indicator, which you can turn off if you prefer, and use only when needed.

This unit has a power of 840 watts and has a nifty energy-saving timer function, which you can set for 6 to 10 hours. You can also choose among the regular and the quick temperature options, depending on your needs.

The boiler has a steam reducing feature to limit the amount of steam from the appliance released during the boiling.

This premium quality countertop hot water boiler and warmer is 8.8 x 11.1 x 13.9 inches in size only and weighs 7 lbs. which makes it portable, and it takes up very little space.

It has a nonstick interior that is easy to clean, and its body is made of clear-coated stainless steel. The lid is detachable for easy filling and washing.

Its swivel base makes it easy to serve.

With this energy-saving, high-capacity, and versatile hot water dispenser, you will have access to hot or near-boiling water whenever you need it and at a minimal price for heating and keeping warm.

InSinkErator Contour Instant Hot Water Dispenser System – Faucet & Tank


The InSinkErator Contour is an instant hot water dispenser system sold at a reasonable price and is easy to install under the sink or counter. The only thing you need is a hole on the sink or surface and an electric power outlet.

The dispenser includes a 2/3 gallon tank made of durable stainless steel and a chrome faucet with a twist top handle for easy and yet safe use.

You can set the temperature of the water in the tank to up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit with a simple turn of the dial on the front of the device.

With this appliance, you will have access to hot or near-boiling water on demand, without having to wait, and without having to use a microwave, a kettle, or a stovetop.

The hot water dispenser can produce up to 60 cups of hot water every hour and will allow you to make yourself a cup of tea, a bowl of oatmeal or soup, or to wash your dishes and pans whenever you need to, instantly and easily.

The size of the dispenser is 6 x 3.7 x 5.6 inches, and it weighs 7.4 lbs.

The dispenser, like the higher-end models offered by InSinkErator, comes with a three-year full warranty, which includes house visits if help or repair is needed.

How do instant hot water dispensers work?


There are different types of instant hot water dispensers that you can choose from. The most common ones are the under-sink hot water dispensers and the countertop standalone ones.

The under-sink units need to be connected to the cold water supply line and have their own faucet, which will provide you with instant access to hot or near-boiling water.

They have hot water tanks and heating elements which heat up the water to the temperature you have set and maintain it at that temperature.

Once you start using the hot water, the device will automatically add more water to the tank, which will be heated.

These units have thermostats and are very convenient because you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up, and you can have access to the hot water you need at any time.

The negatives are that they require that your sink or countertop has a hole for the faucet and can be more expensive than the countertop ones.

The countertop instant hot water dispensers are standalone appliances that do not need to be connected to a water source and can be placed anywhere.

They have different capacities and will heat up the water and maintain its temperature a tad slower than the under sink ones, but they are a perfect choice if you don’t want to drill holes on your kitchen countertop or sink or if you want a more portable and affordable solution for your home, office or other space.

These standalone hot water dispensers do need to be refilled manually.

What are the benefits of owning an instant hot water dispenser?

You may think that buying an instant hot water dispenser could be a bit of an overkill, but the truth is, there are many advantages of owning such an appliance, some of which you may not be aware of.

Here are some of the benefits of owning an instant hot water dispenser:

It saves energy and thus saves money

Even though some of the premium quality instant hot water dispensers are pretty expensive, in the long run, they can actually help you save money for electric power bills.

If you tend to use an electric kettle, microwave, or an electric stovetop to boil water for your tea, coffee, or other needs, you are probably using quite a lot of electricity.

Instant hot water dispensers are energy efficient and will use up minimal electricity to heat up and maintain the temperature of the water.

Plus, you won’t have to turn on the kettle or stove for every single cup of tea you are making with one of these dispensers in your home or office.

You will have near-boiling water at any given moment

This is a serious advantage, especially if you live or work in an environment where there are a lot of people drinking tea, coffee, making soups, oatmeal, or other beverages and meals.

With an instant hot water dispenser, you can make a steaming hot cup of tea at any moment, without having to wait for it to heat up and boil and without switching on a kettle or stove.

You can use the hot water from the dispenser for numerous purposes

Apart from preparing hot beverages and instant soups and breakfast, you will find that the near-boiling hot water can come in handy for various other purposes, including:

  • Soaking and washing greasy pans, trays, and utensils without using harsh detergents
  • Heating up the water to the desired temperature with precision
  • Warming your baby bottles
  • Opening stuck jar lids
  • Removing stickers and labels from bottles, jars, and others
  • Cleaning and disinfecting your home
  • Washing food products
  • Help kick start your cooking and food prep by using the hot water for boiling, steaming, and cooking

It can help you stay properly hydrated

If you find it tiresome to start the kettle every time you want a cup of tea with an instant hot water dispenser, you will not have this problem anymore.

This can help you drink more tea or other hot beverages and thus stay hydrated throughout the day.

It has a large capacity

If you are entertaining guests, or working in a large office, or have a big family, you may find that the electric kettle is not sufficient to prepare hot beverages for everybody per one filling of the kettle.

With an under-sink instant hot water dispenser, which is connected directly to your cold water line, the tank will be topped-off immediately when you use some water so that you will have access to sufficient quantities of hot water at all times.

It can save space

If you choose to buy an under-sink unit, you will save a lot of countertop space in your kitchen or office.

This is good news for those of you with limited space and for those looking for ways to minimize the clutter in your kitchen.

Features to look for when buying an instant hot water dispenser


If you are still not sure how to choose the most suitable instant hot water dispenser for your specific needs, here are the main features and the factors to keep in mind to make the right choice:

The material of the water tank

The material used for the tank, as well as for the heating elements and other essential parts of the dispenser, is crucial for several reasons. The first is your safety, and the second is for financial reasons.

Even though hot water dispensers with stainless steel tanks and elements are more expensive than those with rubber tanks, they are much more durable and will serve you for longer.

Also, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, and also is food safe, so you don’t have to worry about your water being contaminated with harmful metals, chemicals, and other pollutants.

The power and capacity of the dispenser

Nearly all instant hot water dispensers have tank capacities of 1/3 to 2/3 gallons of water. And their power is from 500 up to 1,300 watts.

The more the power of the dispenser, the more cups of hot water per hour it can produce.

Choosing the appropriate power and size of the dispenser depends on your hot water usage.

If your household is small and you will not be using the dispenser excessively, you may want to save money and buy a smaller capacity and less powerful unit.

On the other hand, for large homes and for offices, it makes sense to invest in a more powerful unit with a larger capacity, which will be able to satisfy your needs for hot water.

The ease of use and ease of installation

If you want the easiest to install a hot water dispenser, then you may want to opt for a countertop unit. These do not require any plumbing or drilling, but they do need to be refilled manually.

As for the under-sink units, we have picked the ones which are the easiest to install and easiest to set. Most of them come with everything you will need for connecting them to your cold water line.’

Also, they are easy to use and have user-friendly dials and controls for setting the thermostat.

The spouts or faucets

If you are planning on buying an under-sink instant hot water dispenser, you should consider the design and type of faucet or sink top spout it comes with.

Some units come with faucets for hot and for cold water, and others come with just hot water.

Keep in mind, that you will have to drill a hole on the countertop or sink in order to install the faucet. If you have a 3-hole sink, then you can install it without the drilling needed.

The safety

Having instant access to near boiling hot water can be dangerous, especially if you have children, or tend to be a little clumsy. This is why it is important to choose a hot water dispenser that has safety features, like a faucet that locks, or needs to be lifted, pressed, or held when in use.

Some of the instant hot water dispensers have safety valves, as well as automatic shut-off functions that switch them off if the tank is empty.

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