The Best Grill Lights for Outdoor Cooking

Do you want to add more lighting to your grill, so you can prepare your favorite meals safely and properly even when the sun goes down?

Any reliable grill light will work. You can acquire the necessary lighting for your outdoor cooking area without utilizing an extension cable since grill lights are reasonably priced, brilliant, and typically battery-powered.

Here are the best grill lights you can find on the market in 2022.

Best overall

KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light Magnetic Base

The KOSIN BBQ Grill Lights come in packs of two LED lamps. Thanks to their magnetic bases, you can easily and securely attach them to the frame, hood, or any other metal surface above the cooking space. Thanks to their gooseneck design, you can twist and point the lights in any direction you want.


  • They come in packs of two at a very affordable price
  • Each lamp is fitted with 9 powerful LEDs for a wide and bright beam
  • The base of each light has a very strong magnet for easy attaching and detaching without tools
  • The 4.5-inch gooseneck design of the lamps allows for twisting and adjusting the beam to 360 degrees
  • They have 3 levels of brightness – 100%, 50%, and a flashlight mode
  • The touch sensor button for the lighting control is waterproof
  • The body of each lamp is made of heatproof and waterproof aluminum alloy
  • Each of the lamps is powered by 3 AAA batteries with a battery life of up to 20 hours
  • The batteries are included in the package


  • Some types of stainless steel and alloys are not magnetic, so if your grill has such a hood, you cannot attach these lamps

The runner-up

Weber Handle Grill ‘N Go

The Grill’ N Go grill light by Weber has a very clever design. It attaches securely and easily to the grill handle. The light switches on automatically and the beam spreads all over the cooking surface when the lid is opened.

It is designed to fit all of Weber’s Summit, Spirit, and Genesis series grills but will work with grills from other manufacturers as well.


  • A clever ring design allows for easy and secure attachment to the grill’s lid handle
  • A motion sensor will detect when the lid is open and when it is closed for automatic switching on and off
  • The bright light will illuminate the entire cooking surface
  • It works with all Weber Genesis, Spirit, and Summit grills
  • It is easy to detach whenever you need some extra light
  • It is compact and sleek and comes in stainless steel color
  • It works with 3 AAA batteries with a long battery life thanks to the auto switch off and on
  • The lamp is waterproof


  • It may not fit all grills

Top budget pick

IMAGE Magnetic Ultra-Bright Barbecue Grill Light

This is a budget-friendly package of two magnetic base gooseneck grill lights. They will help you grill your food safely even when it is pitch dark outside.

They are affordable, easy to attach and adjust, and will withstand the elements outdoors.


  • The lights are sold in pairs of two at a very affordable price
  • Their flexible 5-inch gooseneck design allows for easy adjustment of the beam to the exact spot and angle you need it
  • The lamps attach to the grill’s lid, frame, or other metal items via strong magnets at the base
  • The lights are very bright thanks to the powerful LED and added optical lens
  • You can set the light to 50% or 100% brightness
  • The switch button for adjusting the light setting is waterproof
  • Each light is powered by 3 AAA batteries with a battery life of 48 hours
  • They in a hard protective case that can be used for traveling and safe storage
  • Thanks to their cordless and magnetic base design, you can use them just about anywhere when you need some extra light


  • Some stainless steel and alloys are not magnetic, so make sure you check the material of your grill’s hood or frame

Best rechargeable

YOUYOUTE 2Pack Rechargeable LED Light

If you don’t want to worry about running out of replacement batteries for your grill light, or you want to save money for buying them, then you should check out this 2-pack of rechargeable grill lights.


  • The pack includes two bright lights
  • The LED lights use a chip technology which increases the lumens for the floodlights
  • The head rotates to 360 degrees
  • There are 5 different light modes
  • They have powered via rechargeable Li-ion batteries with a battery life of up to 3 hours of continuous use each
  • They come with USB charging cables
  • The lights have magnet bases and swivel hooks, allowing for different types of attachment
  • There are 5 working modes you can choose from – high, medium, front light, red warning, and Strobe red


  • The magnets on their bases are not as strong as those on other similar grill lights

Leading weather and heat-resistant

Zeust Sirius Barbecue Grill Light

If you want to leave your grill light outdoors in all weather conditions and seasons and not worry about it melting when you are using it over the grill, you may want to opt for the Zeust Sirius Barbecue Grill Light.

It is a powerful light made of durable weatherproof and heatproof materials and is one of the most reliable grill lights on this list.


  • It is made of premium nylon glass fiber. It is highly durable and utilizes the Melt Guard technology, which will protect the light from the extreme heat of the grill and prevent melting
  • The light will withstand temperature from subzero up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The light has 10 LEDs with a brightness of 105 lumens which is more than most grill lights on the market
  • There is a SmartTouch feature with an auto shut off feature for battery saving and for turning the light on even if your hands are full or greasy
  • It works with all kinds of grills and is so bright that it can cover the entire surface of the largest grills
  • The light attaches easily and securely to the grill handle without the need for tools via a zinc alloy C-clamp
  • It is sold with a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty
  • You will receive a “101 Grilling Tips from the Pros” book, batteries, and a waterproof case with the purchase of this premium quality grill light


  • It can run through batteries quicker than other grill lights

Top expanding one

Cuisinart Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill Light

This Cuisinart Grilluminate Expanding grill light fits on any round grill handle and is designed to provide a bright extendable light that can illuminate even the largest cooking areas.


  • The design of the grill light allows for extending one or both sides to cover large grilling areas and side burners and tables
  • It has 9 bright LED lights with a LED life of up to 10,000 hours
  • Thanks to the clamp’s design, the light can be attached to just about any round grill handle
  • It is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are easy to replace


  • It is not waterproof, so you will need to remove it when it is raining and be careful when cleaning it

Best Headlight

Energizer Rechargeable LED Headlamp

A reliable and bright headlight is an excellent alternative to a grill light that is mounted on the grill itself.

This rechargeable LED headlamp by Energizer is a top-rated product that will allow you to see what you are cooking and doing on the grill and anywhere else you happen to be in dark conditions.


  • No need to mount and dismount it, all you need to do is place it on your head
  • It will illuminate any spot or area you are looking at, making it a versatile lamp for all types of needs and uses
  • With the wide focus mode, you can expand the angle of the beam and get a clear view of the entire cooking area
  • It has 400 lumens bright LED light, and the beam can reach up to 80 meters
  • There are 6 light modes – high, flood, low, red, green, and flashing red
  • The headlamp is USB rechargeable, so you will save money and time for having to buy replacement batteries
  • The rechargeable alkaline battery can run continuously for up to 4 hours per charge
  • Its strap and the lamp itself are ergonomic and lightweight
  • It is IPX4 splash resistant and drops resistant from 1 meter


  • The rechargeable battery can run out fast when used in high mode

The rest of our picks

BRIGHT EYES – Magnetic Barbecue BBQ Light

If you prefer to have your grill handle free and easy to access when needed during the cooking, you may want to try out this magnetic light set by Bright Eyes. It will work on all grills except for the non-magnetic stainless steel or aluminum ones.


  • The set includes two bright LED lights and 6 AAA batteries in a sturdy carry and storage box
  • The lights are made of durable steel
  • Each light is 150 Lumens
  • The flexible gooseneck allows for easy adjustment of the direction of the beam
  • You can use them anywhere in the house, garage, or outdoors when you need more light


  • Your grill needs to be made of a magnetic material to use thee lights because some stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys are not magnetic
  • They are rated to withstand a temperature of only up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit

LED Concepts 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck

These two grill lights by LED Concepts are another excellent pair of battery-powered lights that you can attach to any magnetic surface and which provide 200 Lumens of illumination each. With these lights, you will be able to see your entire grilling surface when cooking and entertaining in the late hours.


  • An affordable set of two grill lights
  • There are no clamps that need to be attached – you just need to stick the lights on the lid of the grill
  • You can adjust the flexible goosenecks of each of the lamps to 360 degrees
  • Each lamp has powerful 200 Lumens LEDs
  • They are IP44 waterproof and heat resistant
  • The lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries


  • Like the other magnetic base grill lights, these will work only on grills with lids that are made of magnetic metal

Char-Broil LED Grill Handle Light

This is a powerful floodlight that can be attached to a round grill handle and will light up the grill, or if you prefer, you can stick it on any metal cooking surface for a clear view of your food in dark conditions.


  • It offers amble light thanks to the 10 bright LED lamps
  • It can be tilted up and down and swiveled to the sides for a clear view of any part of the grill
  • It will attach to any grill handle thanks to the adjustable clamp
  • It has a finger sensor for easy switching on and off
  • It is powered by 2 AA batteries


  • It is not weatherproof

How to choose the perfect grill light for your needs


Single or pack of two

Grill lights often are sold in packs of two, which is handy if you want to have a light source on each side of your grill. But some single lights can be expanded and have wide beams and floodlights that will offer excellent coverage of the grilling surface too.

If you have side burners, side tables, or a very wide grill, then you will probably be happier with a set of 2 lights instead of 1.

Lumens vs. watts

The lumens measure the brightness of the light. The more lumens – the brighter the light will be.

Wattage measures the electricity which is used by a bulb per hour, but it is not always related to the brightness of a light or bulb.

Light Color

The light color of the grill lights can be from cold white to warm yellow. This color is measured in Kelvins. The cold white light is more suitable for a clear vision of objects in the dark, which is why it is recommended for nighttime grilling and for task lighting.

Some of the grill lights on our list also feature red, strobe red, and green lights.

Bulb type

Grill lights typically rely on LED for the lighting. LEDs are long-lasting and energy-efficient and can be much brighter than regular light bulbs.

Attachment Methods

Grill lights usually come with magnetic bases or with clamps. The former can be stuck on any magnetic metal surface, including the lid, frame, or other, and the clamps are attached to the handle of the lid.

If you prefer the convenience of magnetic lights, check how magnetic the material of your lid is. Keep in mind that some alloys, stainless steel, and aluminum are not magnetic.

The clamp design is convenient as well, but the lights may get in your way when you are opening and closing the lid of your grill. Some grill lights will light up automatically when an upward movement of the lid is detected and will shut off when the lid is closed.

One great alternative is using a headlamp as a grill light.

Weatherproof option

Since your grill is most likely outdoors and exposed to weather elements, you may want to look for a grill light that is weatherproof as well. Some of the grill lights on this list are splash-proof, others are waterproof, and some need to be removed and stored indoors when not in use.

You should also check whether the grill light of your choice is heatproof if you are planning on using it close to the flames


The majority of grill lights may be adjusted to focus the light where it is needed. Some have extensible goosenecks, some have 360-degree adjustable goosenecks, yet others can tilt up and down and swivel side to side. Choose a grill that has a floodlight beam wide enough to illuminate the whole cooking area if you don’t want to worry about adjusting the light while grilling.

Power Supply

Most grill lights are cordless and battery-powered. They work with either AAA or AA type batteries or have li-ion or alkaline rechargeable ones.

Rechargeable ones are more convenient if you want to save time and money for having to buy replacements.


Grill lights are a great way to ensure that you can enjoy grilling in the evening without burning yourself or the food, and the best news is that they are very affordable.

Even the higher-end ones with all the bells and whistles will not cost you more than $30 – $40.

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