Best Gas Cooktop Reviews 2022: Top 5+ Recommended

Best Gas Cooktops

There’s nothing quite like cooking with gas! This is, by far, my favorite kind of cooktops, and I believe that many others will agree with me.

There are many reasons to support my claim (and I will get to them later), but for me, gas cooking is more sentimental than anything else because it takes me back to my mother’s kitchen and my first attempts at preparing food.

When I finally decided to acquire a gas cooktop for myself, I was breaking my head about which model to buy because I had no idea what to look for.

So, with a bit of research and persistence, I learned more and decided to do a few reviews of my favorite models on the market today.

Why Are Gas Cooktops So Great?

  1. First of all, instant heat control cannot be replaced by any other cooktop type. This characteristic is so important, especially when I cook foods with many spices (like Indian or Chinese) because it enables me to capture all the flavors adequately.
  2. Second, they look great and give my kitchen sort of a professional feel, which motivates me to spend more time cooking and improving my food preparation skills.
  3. Last but not least, they provide me with more freedom in terms of space. I can put it wherever I feel, right on the bench, and not worry about making room for the entire stove underneath it.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Gas Cooktop

As with any other kitchen appliance, there are some crucial things to know here before jumping into a purchase and regretting it afterward (I speak from experience!).

There are plenty of gas cooktops available today, and a lot of choices bring a whole set of problems to think about.

To simplify your purchasing process, I have compiled a list of all the essential characteristics you need to inspect before buying your first gas cooktop.


Well, I guess this is a very obvious feature, but still, some folks tend to overlook it.

I first measured the bench surface that I had available and then saw which cooktop I can fit in there.

The sizes vary from about 22 to 37 inches. Also, another thing to consider is the size of your range hood and make sure that it is bigger than the cooktop.


This part is crucial when it comes to cleaning, and make sure to look for a surface with little to no ‘dirt traps’ because this will save you a ton of scrubbing time.

Since spills are a regular occurrence when cooking, it would be good to look for a cooktop with spill catchment areas.

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Number And Output Of Burners

Gas cooktops come with different numbers of burners, which usually have different heat outputs.

The heat given off by a burner is measured in BTU’s (British Thermal Units).

If you want to get all scientific – one BTU raises the temperature of a pound of water for one degree Fahrenheit.

Burners have varying numbers of BTUs, and they can range anywhere from 3.000 to 20.000.

Sealed Or Open Burners

There are two different types of burners open and sealed.

  • Open burners have all of their components exposed, and their flames are directly heating up the pot that stands on the grates above it.
  • Sealed burners have a seal between the burning parts and the grate, deflecting the flames.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so saying which type is better is merely a matter of preference.

For me, sealed burners are the way to go.


The importance of control knobs is often neglected, but I’m here to remind you to take a good look at them.

Make sure that they are built of metal or other quality material for maximum durability.

A crossbar knob is probably the best choice because it is easy to grip. Another important factor is a clear pointer, and it would be ideal if it is etched because the color might fade over time.


Since a kitchen is a hectic place and anything might happen, please check the warranty length for the product you are about to buy.

Gas cooktops generally come with a one-year warranty for parts and labor.

This will also cover any manufacturer defects in materials as well as workmanship.

If your cooktop doesn’t have any visible damages or deformities when brand new, then it should serve you for a long time without any troubles.


For those who don’t know, grates are the metal bars that hold the pans, and they are placed over the burners, often covering a large portion of the cooktop.

They can be in one or two larger pieces or several smaller ones for each burner. The latter is preferable in my case because it allows me to slide the pans across the cooktop more easily.

Grates are normally made from cast iron, stainless steel, or enamel. The first two options tend to stain and are harder to clean, so if you can choose, go for enamel.

Most Recommended Gas Cooktops – 2022 Reviews

Bosch NGM5655UC500 36″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

Bosch presents us with a pretty versatile and durable cooktop that contains many useful features.

When it comes to the size, this model’s width is 37″ overall, and the cutout width is around 34″, which places it among larger cooktops in my list of reviews.

This product has five sealed burners with an average Btu of 12.000, which is a lot since many other cooktops of the same type usually range between 7.000 and 9.000. The smallest burner’s Btu is around 5.500, and the central, and the most powerful one has an output of 16.000 Btu’s.

The biggest disappointment here was the low power of all burners except for the central one when I tried them out.

The knobs on this model are heavy duty and made out of metal which should guarantee durability and a long lifespan.

Grates are made out of cast iron and are continuous, which allows users to move the pans around the cooktop easily since they are able to slide across the grates’ surface. The downside here is that cast iron might be a hassle to clean, but luckily you can remove the grates and pop them in the dishwasher to do the work for you.

The warranty for this cooktop is one year which is a pretty standard deal. If any problems, defects, or such appear during this time period, the company will repair it or replace the product for free.

What I Liked

  • Sleek surface, easy to clean
  • The central burner has good heat output (16.000 Btu’s)
  • Five burners
  • Good knobs

What I Didn’t Like

  • Cast iron grates are hard to clean
  • Smaller burners are pretty weak in practice
  • Not great for cooking tasks that require very high temperature

Empava 30″ Gas Stove Cooktop with 5 Italy Sabaf Sealed Burners NG/LPG Convertible in Stainless Steel


The Empava gas cooktop is suitable for smaller kitchens and spaces, as it is only 30 inches wide and can fit a cutout size of 28.55 x 18.7 inches. It is compatible with installing over a 24/3o Empava under the counter oven.

The gas stove cooktop has an intricate and eye-catching design, which will easily become the accent of your kitchen.

It is designed and made in the USA and is tested to double the industry standards for quality.

This gorgeous and premium quality gas cooktop can work with both LPG and NG and comes with the two nozzles you will need to attach to your preferred fuel source, as well as an LPG conversion kit.

The Empava cooktop does not use any electricity so it can be used in RVs and even outdoors off the grid.

At the same time, it will deliver the same BTU power as standard natural gas and propane cooktops.

While it is smaller than some of the other standard-sized gas burners on this list, the Empava 30 inch gas stovetop has five burners for cooking multiple meals at the same time. All of the burners are SABAF and are made in Italy.

The burners come in different sizes and heat output capacities, so there is one suitable for any meal and pot. There is a dual ring of 12,000 BTU, a 10,000 BTU, and a double 6,500 BTU burner.

They come with an auto shut-off function of the latest flame failure thermo capsule type to keep you safe from dangerous and potentially deadly gas leaks.

The stovetop comes with encapsulated burners, which will help prevent food leaks and spills in them, make cleanup easy, and keep the stainless steel surface of the appliance in pristine and stain-free condition even with daily use.

It has durable knobs on the top and edge-to-edge laser-cut cast-iron grates, which you can safely wash in a dishwasher.

The dimensions of this premium quality gas cooktop are 29.92 (L) x 20.07 (W) x 4.52 (D) inches.

Things I liked:

  • A beautiful design
  • A compact size, suitable for small spaces, RVs, and others
  • Top-quality stainless steel surface
  • 5 different Italian made burners
  • The stovetop can work with LPG and NG and comes with a conversion kit and nozzles for both.
  • It doesn’t use electricity, so it can be used off the grid
  • It has a safety shut off to prevent accidental gas leaks
  • The iron grates are beautiful and can be washed in a dishwasher
  • It is easy to clean, and no food will leak down into the sealed burners

Things I didn’t like:

  • The etched stainless steel surface may be a hassle to clean from streaks that can appear from wiping it.

Frigidaire FGGC3047QS 30″ Gas Cooktop, Stainless Steel

This product comes to us from Frigidaire and, in my opinion, it is visually stunning with a very interesting design (very cool-looking grates!).

This model is a bit smaller than those I previously reviewed today. The cutout width is 28 1/2″, and the cutout depth is 19 3/4″, which is pretty news for folks who have a cramped up, small kitchen.

The stylish design is also quite practical when it comes to cleaning since there are no spots for stains to hide in. However, the surface tends to scratch easily, so be careful when scrubbing it.

Similar to other cooktops from our list, this one has five burners as well. The Btu’s range from 7.500 on some of the smaller burners to an incredible 18.000 on the big, center one. This is a very good score when it comes to heat output.

The knobs are sturdy and metal, but one downside is that I noticed is the paint which started to chip off after less than a year of use. If you want to wash them, you can take them off the cooktop.

The grates have a very interesting design, they are made of cast iron, and the surface is connected, so moving pans across them is not a problem. They come in three parts, two on the sides and one in the middle.

The manufacturer includes a one-year limited warranty. Again, this is pretty standard.

What I Liked

  • Beautiful design
  • The surface is easy to clean
  • The central burner has a great heat output (18.000 Btu’s)
  • It has five burners

What I Didn’t Like

  • The surface is easy to scratch when cleaning
  • Paint from the knobs started to chip off after less than a year
  • Cast-iron grates are hard to clean

Bosch NGM8055UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop



Here is another Bosch cooktop, because this company is very good at manufacturing these things. It is fairly similar to its ‘cousin’ from today’s list, but it has a few key differences.

This model is slightly smaller than the other Bosch cooktop we mentioned, and it has a cutout width of 28″ and a cutout depth of 21 1/4″. Because of this, it might be a good choice for Bosch fans with small cooking spaces.

Because of this, it might be a good choice for Bosch fans with small cooking spaces.

The surface is sleek, simple, and easy to wipe off any stains that might occur.

There are five burners here, and this is where NMG8055UC shines. Two burners have an output of 5.500 Btu’s, the other two 10.000, and the center burner can go up to 18.000. The problem here is that only the most powerful burner works properly; the others are quite weak.

Similar to the previous model from the same company, the knobs are metal, heavy-duty, removable, and easy to clean. They are all centralized and neatly organized for easier handling.

The grates are cast-iron and are composed out of three separate parts. They connect nicely for good functionality.

A one-year limited warranty on parts and labor is a standard deal when it comes to these types of products. Any defects will be covered by the manufacturer free of charge.

What I Liked

  • Simple design
  • The surface is easy to clean
  • The central burner has a great heat output (18.000 Btu’s)
  • It has five burners
  • Good quality knobs

What I Didn’t Like

  • Only one burner (central) heats properly
  • Not great for cooking tasks that require very high temperature
  • Cast-iron grates are hard to clean

GE JGP329SETSS 30″ Wide 4 Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel


This is a simple and lower-power cooktop compared with other products from this review, but it still packs plenty of practical features.

The cutout width of this model is 28 3/4″ and the cutout depth 19″. These dimensions place this cooktop among smaller ones out of all those that I reviewed today. It might be a good solution for a tiny cooking space yearning for a professional feel.

The deep-recessed surface catches spills effectively and makes cleaning a breeze. This characteristic is a big time and effort saver.

This cooktop has only four burners. The ones on the left side have a Btu of 9.500, the right rear one packs 5.000, and the right front one is the most powerful with 11.000. As you can see, this is significantly less than other cooktops we looked at today.

The control knobs are placed on the right side of the product. The downside here is that they are plastic, which is not as durable as metal, of course. However, they are brushed stainless and are dishwasher safe.

The grates come in two parts, are made from medium-cast, and connect well, making it simple to move pans around.

Parts and labor warranty is one year long, which again is nothing new for gas cooktops.

What I Liked

  • Easy to clean
  • Good design
  • Lightweight

What I Didn’t Like

  • Knobs are plastic
  • Less powerful than most other cooktops
  • Only four burners

And Now The Time Has Come For Me To Announce The Winner Of Today’s List Of Reviews

Although all of these gas cooktops are premium quality products, my personal favorite one is the Empava 30 inch Gas Stove Cooktop.

This is a beautifully designed and well-built gas cooktop with sealed burners. It can be used with both LPG and NG and comes with the nozzles and conversion kit necessary.

The cooktop has 5 Italian-made burners of different sizes and varying heat outputs, which is essential if you want an efficient cooking appliance for preparing all types of meals and beverages.

It is easy to clean and is among the greatest gas stove cooktops for smaller-sized kitchens.


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